Chapter 4.5: Dungeon Commentary


Dungeon at the end of the fourth chapter.

Number of floors: 1 Dungeon Floor.

Miasma: 1

Notoriety: 1

Saved up Magic: 7(Units: 10,000/day)

Magic Consumption: 2 Units (10,000/day)

New Establishments:

☆ Bedroom LV 1

The bedroom is arranged with the furniture which was taken from the village. Even if you have sex, your body won’t ache as much as before.

☆ Kitchen LV1

A kitchen has been put together from the tableware and cooking utensils that was taken from the village, the person who is does the most cooking is Aur (Main Chef).

☆ A flushable Toilet

Even if he is a wicked magician, whatever he eats will after all come out one way or another. An underground waterfall was discovered, therefore the flushable toilet was able to be made. Rather than saying that its streams water, it’s more like a continuous flow of water. If you fall into the waterfall, your life will probably be in danger.

New war Potential:

☆ Gargoyle

War potential: 5 Magic Consumption: 0.1

It is a demon with a stone like appearance. As a demon it ranks as a lower class to perhaps in intermediate level monster at best,

However, it is much stronger than the average demon. It has a sturdy body with wings that allows it to fly freely in the air. It can fight with its sharp nails. Also Gargoyles cannot use magic.

☆ Corpse that moves: AKA the Undead

War potential: 2

Using the bodies of dead villagers, magic is applied to it and they raise from the dead. When raised as a zombie, the fighting capabilities is cut by at least 10 digits.

You can also call the zombies meat shields.

☆ Imp

War potential: 1 Magic Consumption: 0.01

Amongst demons, Imp’s rank at the lower mid class. Although it can be summoned without much thought into creating an in-depth contract and without much magical consumption. That is it’s only strong point. Whilst it is very easy for a magician to summon an Imp, their use is quite limited, being that they are only useful in making passing humans fall down, Scaring horses and or doing those kinds of mischievous things, they can’t really be counted as a war potential.

Current Dungeon

Though some rooms have been successfully built around the dungeon core, there is little defense mechanisms in place at the moment. The undead are made to guard the vicinity of the dungeon entrance, and the majority of the undeads have been transformed into a skeleton by Lilu’s handiwork. (Light Novel Illustration: Chapter 4.5 Dungeon Commentary)



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