Chapter 4: Let’s Prepare for a Counter Attack


「Haa….That felt good」

Almost like a cat who was relaxingly bathing in the sun whilst taking a nap, Lilu lay flopped on the bed. Her nether regions were filled with Aur’s cloudy fluids as it began to spill over, Although her whole body was covered with even more semen than last time, unlike her first experience, it seemed that her body was still able to move somewhat.

「…..You seem pretty relaxed. Was the magic not effective?」

「That’s not true. Besides, you’ve made me cum over and over……」

Whilst saying this, Lilu switched her posture and slightly murmured “I’ll clean that up for you〜” as she swallowed his member in her mouth.

「It’s just that, when I stopped using so much energy to resist and just accepted it, it felt so much better….Moreover, this time around, we were on top of the bed, so it’s quite nice how I don’t have to keep worrying about my posture」

Even though her tongue was extended towards his penis, Lilu’s words was still able to be clearly transmitted to Aur. It seems that for a Succubus, the tongue and mouth was something that existed purely as a sexual organ.

「Aha, it’s getting big again……Umm, also along with Aur’s energy, you poured a lot of magical power into me, right? Although I haven’t been sucking your life vitality, because it’s stated in our contract that I am not allowed to suck on it without your permission. I’ve sucked a little of your magical power. And because of that, it really helps with restoring my physical strength」

「…….What did you say?」

Aur was surrendering himself to her pleasurable service as he lay down in bed, However when he heard her talk, he couldn’t help but to instinctively prop himself up.

「It–it’s just a little bit!? Because it isn’t stipulated in the contract, I thought it would be fine to take just a little…..」

Lilu was getting flustered as she tried to give Aur an excuse. The fact that she was continuing to pleasure him without taking her mouth away from his groins…As expected of a succubus.

「…….Normally, even for a devil, it isn’t that easy to suck out another person’s magical power. Let me just say this, the “mana” within the atmosphere which is scattered around the ground and the air and comparing that with the “energy” within a living being is completely different. The mana collected within the dungeon core, along with the energy I stored within you, are all for my exclusive use only. For someone other than me to use it, they would need to reconvert the “energy” within to normal “mana” before they would be able to use it. Therefore, you are only supposed to be able to use it if you can convert it to your own “energy”…..」

「Ahh, I understand. It seems that my magical power is really close in attribute to Aur’s so I was able to directly absorb it. Doesn’t this mean, that we are just both really compatible with each other?」

Carelessly saying such words, Lilu moved to finish things up as she swallowed his member deep into her throat and entwined her tongue around it.

「My magical power is golden brown in color, you know? Normally, a demon’s magical power is colored in black or even a violet purple color…..Kuu, I’m about to burst….!」

「Nnn, It tastes so good…..Aur has a really bad personality, but his semen tastes really delicious〜」

*gulp* the sound of semen being swallowed could be heard as it travelled down her throat, on top of that, she continued to increase the suction power like sucking on a straw before she let out a satisfied voice.

「It’s not your concern. …..Well, the fact that we can share our magic, is something that I can use. In regards to the magical power I poured into you, I will allow you to use around 10 percent of it for yourself」

Aur slipped out of his bed which was drenched in sweat, cum and love juices, as he lightly wiped his body with a wet towel before changing his clothes.

「Sooner or later, I need to prepare a bathroom……However, for now, there is a mountain of things that we need to do」

In the same time that Aur was calling Lilu over, he began to draw magical formations with his blood. Although in saying that, what he called Lilu over was not really related to the magical formations, it was actually something simpler.

「For the time being, we have managed to create a dungeon, arrange the furniture, and secure a reliable source of food…..Is there something else that we need to do?」

For now Lilu used the bed sheets as a make do cover up for her naked body as she asked Aur the question.

「Don’t say such a foolish thing, there is still innumerable things we need to do. If this was the extent of what I needed done, then there would be no need for me to summon you here….Come forth, fellow Imps!」

When Aur shouts a thundering roar, several small demons spring forth from the magical formation. They looked to be around the size of a human baby, however their looks were nothing like that of an adorable baby. The whole body is slippery without an inch of hair at all, and bat wings were attached to its back. Its ears were pointy, and its face was ugly and it had an evil looking smile on its face.

It was one of the most lowly ranked devil species, even so, a demon is a demon. It can use simple magical spells, and it has an average level intelligence, so the Imp is often used as a familiar for a magician.

「First off, we need to expand the size of this dungeon. Fellow imp’s, dig a path through this dungeon as shown on the map」

Aur gave the imps a map he prepared beforehand as he ordered them to work. The imps immediately began to work.

「There are two uses in expanding the dungeon. The first is as a means to counteract intruders, and the second is to increase the amount of magic that can be collected」

Aur took away the dirty bed sheets that Lilu was using to cover herself, and instead he gave her a copy of the map whilst continuing his explanation.

「Right now, there is a direct road from the hole I dug from above ground to this room right here. That’s because in order to reach this place I dug a hole in a straight manner. If it remains this way, then an intruder can easily reach and attack this room by simply following the path, this is exceedingly bad. If the dungeon core is destroyed, then everything will end. In order to make it more difficult for them to reach this place, a dungeon should be made like a complex labyrinth」

「…….To start with, why don’t you just enclose this room with a wall to stop intruders from coming in? Won’t that be good enough?」

Aur shook his head when Lilu spoke these naive words.

「The reason I cannot do something like that is connected with the second reason. Although this dungeon exists in the midst of the Dragon Veins, it won’t be able to collect mana by itself if you just place it there. Within the passages and tunnels of the dungeon we also need to inscribe magical runes, and in this way, the magic will be able to flow through freely into the core through the passageways. You can compare it to a plant that extends its roots, and expanding itself gradually to take in more underground nourishment. The more I expand this dungeon, and the bigger that it becomes, the larger the amount of magic that will flow into the core. If the core is isolated behind walls, the energy will not be able to be stored」

「Ahh, I see. So the dungeon itself is a sort of three-dimensional magical formation」

「You seem to understand quickly. “it isn’t sort of”. In reality, the dungeon is a magic formation」

There is a meaning to the dungeon’s figure and pattern and enlarging it means that it will absorb more power. Magicians have to manipulate the patterns of a magic formation in order to use it more effectively. As an example, the “inside and outside” of a “circle” each has their own distinction,

What Aur was trying to create was basically an extraordinarily large magical circle. Digging up walls and tunnels in order to expand the magic square, and then overlooking those tunnels carefully guarding them. Moreover, this was not some simple two dimensional magical formation, it was a three-dimentional magic formation that is constructed underground with various levels.

「Ehh〜……You’ve thought up something that is really intricate haven’t you?」

「Why are you talking like this has nothing to do with you?」

Lilu was admiring the map and the blueprint that he made, and Aur could only sigh in return.

「I didn’t summon you here, just because I needed an outlet for my sexual desire, you know? I will also need your help in order to complete the design on this map」

「Hahh!? Nonononono, definitely not! This is…that thing isn’t it? In order for the mana to not stagnate, we need to dig up tunnels that connect to the core, furthermore, in order so that we can predict when intruders arrive you want me to map out the labyrinth by myself!?」

「By the way, a labyrinth should also consist of defenses and traps, and places where the demons can easily inhabit, There is also a need to pay attention to how many and how big each room will be depending on the species, be mindful of this」

「Why does the difficulty keep going up!? I’m telling you! I definitely won’t be able to do it!」

「You don’t have to be so worried, you should be able to get the gist of things in a short amount of time, besides, I am not expecting you do to everything by yourself. You will be learning by my side, and I will be teaching you about your work gradually」

Looking at the map once more, Lilu squinted her eyes. A demon is different from humans in the fact that they don’t really practice the theory of magic. However, they are still able to understand the basic concepts of a magical formation. When Lilu saw how intricate and complex the designs of the map that Aur made was, even looking at it from her perspective, she could only be amazed.

「To think that you would force me to study the theory of magic…..Well I guess that I will be compelled by my contract, but just don’t expect too much from me, okay?」

「If by seeing this map, you can at least comprehend how difficult it is, there shouldn’t be any problems. In relation to wisdom it is much more important to “realize what you don’t know” then to focus on “what you already know”. If it’s you, I believe that soon enough you will be able to learn it properly」

Seeing how straightforward Aur was when he made this statement, Lilu reflexively averted her eyes from his gaze.

「Well, I will do whatever I can, after all, I am your familiar….」

Aur nods and places both of his hands on Lilu’s shoulders as he broadly smiles at her.

「Well then, to start off, I will get you to do a simple job」

Before Lilu was able to realize the meaning behind his smile….It was already too late.

「Uuu, it smells…..」

Lilu was doing scraping movements with a knife, whilst she had a huge frown on her face. It was an unpleasant slimy feeling, sticky blood and lumps of fat was dirtying her hands, and her whole body was covered in filth. Lilu was in the midst of stripping of the meat and flesh from the undead villagers.

「Don’t damage the bones too much, alright? And make sure to remove the flesh cleanly, if bits and pieces gets stuck it will only become a hindrance later on」

「Can’t we just burn their flesh off them!?」

「We can’t. If we burn their flesh, their bones will become brittle and it won’t be useful anymore. In order to create a high quality skeleton minion, you need to take the meat off by hand」

One of the things Aur made Lilu “Study” was how to make a skeleton minion. As long as there is a supply of the undead corpse, then it can be easily made, however, if they are not made properly their movements will be slow and they won’t be as strong. No matter how complex a dungeon is made to be, if there is nobody defending it, then there is no meaning to it.

After having all their meat and flesh removed, and casting the spell of making the “bones move” it is possible to create the skeleton minions, and whilst they are not that strong, they are still much faster than the undead. Having muscle on a corpse was useless as it did not even function properly, so without removing it, it will only become dead weight attached to the bones. Naturally, the durability of the undead was higher than the skeleton minions due to their flesh acting as a sort of shield, however to begin with the undead’s body had an endless supply of stamina.

Consequently, the fact that the skeleton will be able to match the movement speed of normal human beings will mean that they would not be mere useless meat shields, and they would obviously be better suited to defense then the undead zombies.

「When you finish removing the meat, be sure to carve this magic formation so that the bones can move. Make sure to place the seal in a portion of the body so that mana can flow through. Also don’t forget to add a perception type spell to their eye sockets, If a blind skeleton is made, then it won’t be very good」

The flesh of the corpses is cleanly stripped off until only bones remain, then a magical rune is carved into them, and then she begins working on the next corpse….. Even if the village Aur attacked was a small one, there were still several hundred people in total.

「Alright, I will leave you to it, whilst I do another job. Don’t slack off and keep up the good work」

「Wai, Wait………Why don’t you help me a little bit you stupid Masterrr〜〜〜!」

Lilu’s distressed yell echoed around the dark cave.



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