Chapter 6.5 Dungeon Commentary


The dungeon after the end of the sixth Chapter.

Number of floors: 2 Dungeon floors.

Miasma: 2

Notoriety: 1

Saved up Magic: 15 (Units: 10,000/day)

Magic Consumption: 3 Units (10,000/day)

New Facilities: 

☆ Unruled Area

This is an area in the first floor of the dungeon. Aur doesn’t directly oversee this particular place, and Wild Beasts and monsters have just naturally settled in here. Many of the winding paths resemble the shape of a room, and various demons have started to come. Right now, the goblins were settling in the dungeon.

☆ Labyrinth LV 1

The dungeon has many dead ends and mazes with forks across the trail. If the path taken is not carefully jotted down into a map There is no doubt it would be bad if people got lost.

☆ Bathroom

Water is obtained from the underground water source and turned into a sort of pond. When a burning rock is thrown into it, the pond changes into a hot spring bathtub. In such a chilly dungeon, having such a facility can provide a brief moment of tranquility and peace.

New war potential:

☆  Goblin

War Potential: 1

They are basically small fry. It is a species which has a small body and ugly features. As a war potential, there should be no expectations placed on them, but in terms of their dexterous hands and cunning they will be able to place simple traps around the dungeon at their own convenience. Moreover, their reproductive capabilities are terrifying, if they have a pair of male and female goblins,  within a month their numbers can grow up to ten times the amount. They are actually quite essential to have as food for the more vicious demons and animals.

☆ Skeleton

War Potential: 3

Meat is carefully removed from their once undead bodies, and a magic square in imprinted on their bones in order to raise them as skeletons. After careful removal of their unnecessary meat flesh, their war potential has increased slightly from approximately 2.5 to 3.

However, when Yunis came to the dungeon, most of them were totally destroyed.

☆ Hell Hounds

War potential: 5  Magical Consumption: 0.2

They are hound dogs from hell. Their actions, looks and behaviors are just like a dog, however, for now they will be classified as demonic beings. They are faithful servants who are quick-witted and agile. They possess, sharp fangs and fingernails, additionally, they are able to shoot out flame from their mouths, which boasts a considerable amount of offensive power.

On the other side of the coin though, their defensive capabilities doesn’t really differ much from a regular dog, so when push comes to shove, if people wanted them dead, it wouldn’t be that difficult to accomplish.

Naturally Yunis could easily take care of them without breaking a sweat.

☆ Clay Golem

War Potential: 1

This is a puppet figure that is created from imbuing the earth with my magic. They move really slowly, and because they are made up of soil, they are naturally fragile and easy to break.

They are hardly considered as a war potential. However, their body possesses an immense amount of physical strength due to their weight and in terms of doing physical labor or standing in front of me as a blockade, they are pretty useful.

Yunis didn’t even bother to destroy it when she fought me and she merely ignored it.

☆ Yunis (Hero)

War Potential: 10     Maximum amount of magic saved up: 5

She is a girl who is born under the 『Hero’s Star』. Since she became a『Fallen Hero』her war potential has remained quite high.

Recovery magic, offensive magic and defensive magic, she has a balanced arsenal of abilities at her disposal. Her sword techniques are also first class.

Rather than placing emphasis on strength and taking out the enemy in one blow, her style of fighting revolves more around speed and agility, however that is not to say that her blows are not fierce, she also has a sufficient amount of power within her speedy swings.

Current Dungeon Situation

Using the Clay Golems to perform manual labor, I transferred the dungeon core to the second floor. My main defenses are the goblin’s traps laying around and the hell hounds, it is still an easy labyrinth to conquer.

Well Yunis has easily broken through my dungeon going through it with the shortest amount of time, but this is because she was just too powerful and not really because the traps in the dungeon was bad. (Light Novel Illustration: Chapter 6.5 Dungeon Commentary)



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  2. Shouldn’t Yunis’ maximum amount of magic saved up be 50? I can’t read Japanese but in the attached illustration the numbers displayed below her 16-bit drawing are 10 and 50.

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