Chapter 6: Let’s train the Pitiful Prisoner Part 1


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of Maou no Hajimekata contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

When Yunis woke up she was already in a dark room surrounded by stone walls. She was desperately trying to clear her head and get a grasp of the situation. When she tried to move her body, the chains tied to her right arm made a clanging sound.

It wasn’t just her right arm. Both her hands and feet were tied with chains and attached to the wall, and it was hardly possible for her to move in any big way. In addition to this, her body was being restrained to the bed by a circular steel lock type mechanism.

All her weapons and equipment that she had in her possession was removed and it was nowhere to be seen. She was basically in a room with a faint light coming out of a lamp, where she was stuck to the bed being restrained in chains. That was everything that was in the room right now. There wasn’t even a door in the entrance, and all she could see was a dark passage that led somewhere into the darkness.

「Have you awoken?」

From the passageway, a man and a woman appeared. He was wearing a grey robe and had golden brown hair, he was medium build and approximately looked to be around 20 years of age. And the other one had bat like wings growing from her back, with raven black hair, she wore clothes which made it more embarrassing to look at her figure (Or more like is that clothes or is that underwear?) she was a very beautiful woman.

Seeing them approach, Yunisu had started to awaken from her cloggy state of mind. The wicked dark magician Aur and his familiar……..These two were the one who defeated her. Though it seems that she was not killed, was it really a lucky thing? Yunisu was feeling overly suspicious at their motives.

「To start will allow me to introduce myself. My esteemed name is Aur. I suppose you have heard of me I am the one they call the『Dark Magician』.This devil here is my assistant, her name is Lilu. ………What is your name?」

Yunisu was desperately thinking of ideas to get out of this situation.  How was she going to get over this dire situation? She didn’t have any weapons, she couldn’t even move freely, the man called Aur had full control of her life within his grasp.

「……Yunisu. I am an adventurer」

She did not give her full name and only introduced her nick name. “When a powerful magician is able to know your true full name they would be able to dominate you and rule over you”, this was something she once heard from a magician that she knew, therefore she chose not to disclose her full name.

「I see. ……..Alright then, Yunisu, there is one thing that I wanted to ask you, which village was the one who requested you to come here?」

「……..Nobody really asked me to come here. I heard rumors of a wicked magician existing around this area, so I merely came to pass judgment」

Although she understood that this was a poor excuse, this is what she came up with. This is because, she didn’t want to cause any trouble to the innocent villagers. Moreover, the first part of it wasn’t necessarily a lie. It was true that she did hear a story about a wicked magician, but she also left out which village requested her to come here.

「Hou……..Then, who was the one who told you about such rumors?」

Guu, Yunisu was at a loss for words. She realized that she had said the wrong thing.



「It was just gossip…..」

Lilu had an amazed expression that came from the depths of her heart. Yunisu truly wanted to take the blame all to herself.

「So it just a passing comment eh……? If that is the case, I have no other choice」

On the contrary, Aur showed a consenting attitude to such an obvious lie.

「Ye-Yeah! I’m not very smart so, I don’t really remember where I heard it from!」


Hearing Yunisu’s reply, for some reason Lilu was flustered. Moreover, Lilu didn’t say those words to Aur but was admonishing Yunisu.

「If you can’t remember who it was, then there is no other choice. ……..I can only burn all the villages」

Hearing Aur’s nonchalant reply to massacre everything, Yunisu’s expression froze.

「Although it will be regrettable to burn the villages who had nothing to do with this, it cannot be helped. Besides, all potential threats must be eliminated–」


Yunisu screams and interrupted Aur’s words.

「The villagers have done nothing wrong! It was all me, I did it! I did everything by myself!

That’s why, I beg of you, please don’t hurt the people in the village….」

The clinkety-clank of the chains echoed in the room as Yunisu pleaded with Aur. With her in such a situation, it was not possible for her to lower her head and bow, nor was it possible to cling to his legs to beg.

「Then, you are trying to tell me that all the blame lies with you?」

「That’s right! The villagers did nothing wrong, it was all my own plan to come and stop you!」

「Then, do you swear to accept all the sin and to receive all the punishments with your body?」

「……..I will swear it. I will swear it so, please don’t lay your hands on the people in the village」

「You say such appalling things」

Aur proceeded to talk in a very easy manner to understand.

「『If you don’t want the villagers to die, than you must listen to my words』— I won’t ever threaten you to do such a thing. I am merely trying to find the true person who is sinful of this crime. Although I proclaim myself to be evil and wicked, I will not stoop so low as to kill those people who are not guilty. The village I destroyed previously had acted out against me pulling out their blades. However, if you tell me that only you are guilty, then there is no reason to punish other people」

「……I understand. The sin lies only with me. That’s why, all the punishment should be given only to me」

Yunisu watches Aur straight in the eyes as she said this. It was the eyes of someone who could anticipate what would happen to them from here on out but still be determined to go through it. Even knowing what lies ahead she did not want to cause any trouble to the villagers. She has an incredibly strong sense of justice, it was the stubborn disposition of the girl who was destined to become a “hero”.

「I understand. In that case, I will mete out the punishment to you」

Aur takes out a dagger from his pocket and pressed it against Yunisu’s chest. She was prepared to feel the sharp pain of a blade sinking into her, as she closed her eyes shut, however on the contrary, the dagger did not cut a single wound into her, and instead it ran along her breast all the way to her waist. As it ran along, her clothes that she wore was cut in two.

This was one of the possibilities that she had anticipated might happen, and it was one of the developments she hoped would not occur. However, contrary to her expectations, the one who approached her exposed naked body was not Aur, it was instead Lilu. Even for Yunisu who is a woman, Lilu’s bewitching smile was captivating to see as she placed her delicate finger tips across Yunisu’s chest.


After letting out this voice, Yunisu herself was astonished that the sweet gasp came from her own mouth.

「Fufu, you’re so cute. And also very sensitive aren’t you…..?」

「Nn, uu……」

Tsuu, Lilu began to seductively slide her fingertips downwards from the chest towards the navel. Although she prepared herself mentally so as not to speak this time, the tingles she was beginning to experience combined with the indescribable shivers that runs through her spine made Yunisu leak out her voice.

The place which Lilu touches begins to heat up and the interior of Yunisu’s body was starting to throb and ache. Yunisu was being made to experience a pleasure she has never felt before, as Lilu toyed around with her body. Although they were of the same gender, a succubus’s ability to seduce and provide pleasure was tremendous, just by touching her gently, Yunisu’s body was steadily approaching its limit.

「It’s about time for me to touch this special place too, isn’t it?」

Quite abruptly, Lilu crawls her fingers between Yunisu’s crotch area.

「Fufu, you are already so wet, aren’t you?」

Lilu she giggled under her breath, and she made lewd sounds with her fingers on purpose as she groped about Yunisu’s genital area. Kuchu Kuchu squelching sounds were made on purpose as Yunisu’s face became dyed red with shame.

「How about if I do this, I wonder?」


Lilu placed her finger and brushed it against the most sensitive part of Yunisu’s body………and Yunisu could not help but to raise her voice quite high.

「That’s a nice reaction. Although you are a virgin, did you properly learn to touch yourself?」

「Th-that kind of thing is….Fuaah!」

Before Yunisu was able to talk back, Lilu pinched her clit making her raise her voice again.

「What were you say〜ing? You love doing it? Of course you do, look at how swollen this has become」

「Fuu-Ahhhhh! Don-t touch it likee Ahh! S-stop, Please I can’t!」

The side of her body was being tickled and her nipples were being licked on top of this her pussy was being stroked and played with. Lilu was in complete control of Yunisu’s body, reading the signs according to the reactions as she cornered Yunisu by attacking all her weak spots. (Light Novel Illustration: Yunis and Lilushana)

「Now then, it’s about time」

In accordance with such words, Lilu spread out Yunisu’s legs suddenly and forcefully giving her a good jolt bringing her senses back. Since a little while ago, it seems that she had lost her consciousness due to the pleasure.

When she started to remember parts of what occurred she realized that Lilu had already been teasing her body for around (two hours?). Being caressed so intensely Yunisu raised her voice over and over, she had begged for a release from the endless hell of pleasure and was already about to go crazy.

The bed was already soaking wet with both her sweat and love juices as lukewarm fluids flowed down her ass and gathered below her like a puddle. The scariest thing about all this was the fact that Lilu’s finger technique did not allow Yunisu to reach her climax even after experiencing such intense tactile sensations.

It was certain that if Lilu wanted to, she could have easily made Yunisu cum with the stroke of a finger that was how aroused and highly turned on Yunisu’s current body condition was. However she left her on the precipice of orgasm yet without being able to experience the release on purpose as she continued to tease and torment Yunisu’s pleasure spots.

Incidentally, “wasn’t I bound in chains? How was she able to spread apart my legs?” Yunisu was thinking such thoughts and….as she was in a daze, she suddenly felt a pierce in the inner depths of her vagina, the sharp sense of pain awakening her from her stupor.

「Uu, Ahhhh!?」

When she turned her gaze towards the painful spot, Aur was already in between her legs as her most intimate place was pierced by his fierce thing.

A feeling of having her internal organs being clutched with someone’s bare hands rushed into her brains as a comparatively heavy onset of pain flooded her senses. At the same time, she felt a helpless sense of loss that she just lost her purity of being a virgin maiden.

Although she did not think that her profession as an adventurer which required her to fight against demons and thieves allowed for the normal love life of a young maiden, she like any other girl often dreamt of having the perfect first encounter and at least sharing her initial experience with someone she thought to be special. And right now, her dreams were being trampled on by a man she barely knew. Knowing this was her reality, tears began to run down her cheeks.

To the crying Yunisu, Aur gently placed his hand on top of her head. When he did this, gradually a warm feeling began to be transmitted from his hand and the pain was quickly disappearing.

「It’s alright. ……You no longer feel any pain, right?」

Yunisu nodded her head. Hearing such gentle voice being whispered into her ears, the sense of loss within her heart began to settle a little as it lessened. In her mind, she understood perfectly that the man in front of her was the one who deprived her of her purity and is the one who has made her dirty. However, that part of her logical reasoning was lost within her heart and she was beginning to feel that the man in front of her was soothing her wounds. She was starting to feel good.

「I’m going to start moving」

Slowly Aur started to swing his hips. His movements were actually very gentle as if he was worried about Yunisu. The pain she felt continued to soften every single time Aur patted her head, instead whenever Aur’s penis pierces the deepest parts of her womb, her body and mind was starting to feel a sweet aching.


Yunisu shut’s clenches her teeth as she desperately endured. This was punishment. This was the natural retribution of someone who has committed a crime. Therefore, it was necessary for Yunisu to endure it.

However, this punishment was abruptly discontinued. Aur stops moving and he was quietly watching Yunisu’s face. Yunisu was also watching him back with a confused expression on her face.

「What’s wrong?」

Aur inquired.  But this was what Yunisu wanted to ask him. “Why did you suddenly stop your movements?”…….she wanted to ask him, but she chose to shut her mouth. “Thinking of asking such a thing, I must have gone crazy”.

「If there is something on your mind, you will feel much better if you let it out」

However, Aur saw through her as he whispered into her ears.

「Saying your thoughts out loud is not a crime. Acting naturally like that, why would something like that be a crime? There is no necessity to endure anything, you only need to accept things as it is. Isn’t that the 『Correct thing』to do?」

Being teased, then being surprised she was constantly bombarded with a change in treatment making her delirious with fever as her ability to reason was slowly being robbed by his sweet whispers, this was causing her to enter into a trance like state. The interval of time where she can remain sane was becoming less and less and Aur’s words continued to gain more presence as his suggestions seeped into the inner depths of her mind.

「…..Do it……」

「What is it?」

Yunisu was subconsciously muttering something out, Aur came closer towards her and asked her this question in a whisper.

「Do it…..Moree…….!」

At last, Yunisu requested for more in a shout.

「Like this?」

「Yeahh! Thatt! That feels so goodd!」

When he pierced into her deeply, Yunisu raised a flirtatious voice as she welcomed the feeling. Her body was being restrained and could hardly move, but she started to shake her hips as much as she could so that she could feel more pleasure even if it was only a little more.

「Good girl. Yunisu, you’re the best…..」

「Nnn, Haaa, Ahn, it feels so good……」

Yunisu’s expression had already melted to the pleasure as there was no longer any light of reason within her eyes. What was left was only her desire for more pleasure, and accepting Aur’s everything with her body. Whilst continuing to drive himself deeply inside of her, Aur loosened a part of the restraints on her.

When this was done, Yunisu instantly holds on to Aur’s neck with her arms, and her she started to move her hips intensely whilst firmly clinging on to him.

「Ahhh, amazing, amazingg! Moree, please do it moree! 」

Whilst Kissing Yunisu, Aur was moving his waist in a circle. At the same time he pinched her clit which was completely soaked in love juices and pulled on it.

「Ahhhhhh! That, that feels good, its so goodd! I…..I’m cum…ingg!」

Just then, Yunisu’s voice shot up an octave higher.

「That’s it, Let go! Cum as hard as you can…..! 」


Yunisu’s body bend’s backwards as her body quivered and vibrated in pleasure. Soon after, Aur released his cloudy fluids deep inside of her.

「『Hero, Shine like a bright star』」

Aur implanted a key word into her mind and he whispered it into her ears during the peak of her pleasure, instantly the expression on her face was lost and her pupils also lost its focus.

「…..Alright, the post-hypnotic suggestions seem like it will be very effective as well」

Aur confirms her trance like state by examining her pupils and touching her body.

「You’ve been doing that since a little while ago but, what are you doing exactly? Is it some kind of brainwashing magical system?」

Aur was holding on to Yunisu in his embrace and Lilu asked him a question as if she had a lot of free time.

「No, this is nothing complex, it is just a hypnotic suggestion. She is experiencing is a condition where her body loses its conscious thought. This is called the Hypnotic Trance state. You were also able to place her in this body condition using your magic and caressing skills, what I implanted on her after was a hypnotic suggestion which will allow her to slip back into this trance like state in an instant」

「Although she is awake….She has a kind of dream like state, is that what you mean?」

「No, actually it is just the opposite. When you have a dream, although you are sleeping you are still conscious. When you enter a hypnotic state, you aren’t conscious at all, therefore, the ability to make judgments and logical reasoning becomes almost zero. Under such a condition, ideas that I implant into her will be accepted considerably obediently and it will sink into her sub-consciousness as part of a hypnotic suggestion. It is also possible to influence certain actions that she will take subconsciously.  Although this was the first time she had sex, adding to the fact that she was violated with force, she fell into a state of confusion and pleasure. This is all thanks to the suggestion I implanted into her a little while ago」

After hearing Aur’s explantion Lilu looks at Yunisu’s face with a lot of interest. Although her eyes were open and it seemed like she was awake, she didn’t seem to be conscious of the fact that Lilu was right in front of her.

「Are you telling me that if you told her to “serve you forever”, then she would just become your slave?」

Aur shook his head in disagreement to Lilu’s questioning.

「No, hypnotism is not something that versatile….Or more like, the things you can do with it are quite limited. You can’t really make someone do something that they hate, and you also can’t forcefully place a suggestion like that on them as it will cause them to reject the idea and cancel the effects. Well this is precisely the reason why I chose to use hypnotism against her who was born under the “Hero’s Star”. If she was forcefully『Compelled』by magic to serve me, it would certainly be rejected by her whole being and cause it to fail. This is because anyone who tries to obstruct a hero’s path, will be destined to fail」

「…….Using this method doesn’t count as an obstruction?」

Lilu pulled out the restraining devices such as the chains and what not as she showed them to Aur.

「Of course it counts as an obstruction. Therefore, if we continue to employ the same method of restriction, sooner or later by some kind of force of nature, she will be able to break free」

A small flame is brought out by Aur’s magic as he made it flicker and blink in front of Yunisu’s eyes. Just by repeating the blinking of a simple light, the hypnotic state that was starting to solve itself actually started to deepen even further instead.

「Now Yunisu, it’s time for you to study. What kind of person do you think is a nice person?」

「A nice person is…..A good person…..」

Yunisu answers his question without any change in her voice intonation.

「What about a person who heal’s other people’s wounds?」

「A person who heals the wounds of others….. Is a good person….」

「Please remember this fact firmly within your mind. You’ve done so well」

Before he had sex with Yunisu, this was the hypnotic suggestion he implanted within her and it was now being consolidated in her sub-consciousness.

「I’ve been thinking this since a while ago but, isn’t the suggestion you implanted something that is clearly obvious to anyone?」

Aur nods at Lilu’s question.

「That’s right. Because it is a natural thing, she will naturally believe in it easily. Making her accept something that isn’t logical or natural is very difficult to accomplish. The advantage of making her believe in something simple is that something that she has accepted within the depths of her heart will be stenciled into her mind unconditionally. Even if the person in front of you is the man who violates you, if he act’s a little “nice” her unconsciousness will think that the man is a “good” person」

This suggestion was embedded successfully into her subconscious, this is the main reason why Yunisu was able to lose herself with me….

「Then every time you put this hint into her, the instant you act “nice” for a single moment she will be willing to embrace you?」

Once again Aur shakes his head.

「It’s not that simple. The reason why it worked so well this time was because of the fact that she lost her ability to reason due to your intense caressing. If she was fully calm and in control of herself, she would over time realize that she was acting weird. Although her good impression of me will not change, her logical mind will consider me her enemy. Well, it is better to use this kind of method with discretion」

Before Aur clapped his hands together to break the trance, Aur muttered into her ears feeding Yunisu with additional suggestions.



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