Chapter 7.5: Dungeon Commentary


The dungeon after the end of the seventh chapter.

Number of floors: 2 Dungeon Floors.

Miasma: 2

Notoriety: 2

Saved up Magic: 16 (Units: 10,000/day)

Magic Consumption: 3.5 Units (10,000/day)

New Facilities:

☆ Summoning Area

This room is located in the deepest portion of the dungeon. In the entirety of Aur’s labyrinth, this is the only room capable of transporting objects. Anything that is transferred into this room will be captured within the magical formation, and unless given permission by Aur, the objects or things inside this magic formation will not be able to leave the contraption.

☆ Barrier set up to prevent movement type magic within the dungeon

Aur set up a barrier across the whole dungeon to prevent intruders from teleporting inside. Any being within this barrier will be bound by its laws and restrictions. They will be unable to perform any sort of movement or transportation magic. This type of barrier is frequently set up in major towns or within castles as a barrier against trespassers. It is mainly used to prevent assassins or thieves from sneaking into the building.

☆ Lilu’s Bedroom

This is Lilu’s personal bedroom. Who knows where she brought it from but there were things like flowers and stuffed toys in the room, Unexpectedly the room was quite fancy.

☆ Yunis’s Bedroom

This is Yunis’s personal bedroom. Her room was dull with a minimal amount of decoration and furniture, with some of her armor being set on display.

The owner of this room tends to spend the majority of her time in Aur’s bedroom anyways.

☆ General-purpose Bedroom

This is the room that was planned for any village girls who were given to Aur as sacrifices. 10 rooms have been prepared to accommodate future arrivals. Although he already prepared this much, because of the trouble that Yunis caused, the arrival of the village girls was delayed by approximately two months and it will take longer than expected to fill these rooms up.

New War Potential:

☆ Mary (Child)

War potential: 0

She is 5 years old. It is foolish for anyone to expect her to become a war potential, as of now she is merely a hindrance. To begin with, her temperament and her lovable nature was already strong, but Aur blessed her with a spell of “Growing up Healthily”, Therefore, she will have an extremely lucky fate as she is growing into an adult.

☆ Spina (Magician Apprentice)

War potential: 0

She has become Aur’s apprentice, for now she seems to be learning by way of example and observation, as of yet she is still unable to use any magic. However, she possesses a very daring soul that is unafraid of death. She is a fast learner and will do everything necessary to complete her duties without hesitation. In a certain sense, she is the type of person you don’t want as an enemy.

☆ Giant Spider

War Potential: 3

This huge spider usually nests its lair in places that have thin amounts of miasma floating around, it likes to live in the depths of caves or dark forests. This species has set up a nest in the corner of Aur’s labyrinth. As long as one does not approach its nest the spiders will be harmless, but since the strings are so thin and cannot be found with the naked eye very easily, lost or wandering goblins will frequently get caught in the strings and become food for these spiders.

☆ Orcs

War Potential: 3

This species has quite the large constitution and is approximately 2 meters tall. Compared to the goblins, this species holds quite a bit of promise as war potential. They like to fight and the smell of blood and without a doubt the goblins are often bullied by this warmongering race.

Current Dungeon Situation:

Although the amount of free roaming monsters has increased in Aur’s dungeon, the subordinates with war potential serving for Aur hasn’t increased. Moreover, Aur’s ability to expand the dungeon has reached its limits, and one part of the dungeon collapses and is on an endless loop of restoration and destruction. (Light Novels Illustration: Chapter 7.5 Dungeon Commentary)



  1. Thanks for the chapter, whatdo you mean Mary has 0 war potential? She has loli power it’s the most powerful thing in the universe

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