Chapter 7: Let’s receive the sacrificed pure young lady Part 1


In a deep part of the dungeon where no light shone through, it was not easy to know what time it was. Even though if you were to go to the entrance of the dungeon, you would still feel the warmth of sunlight in the air, when you reached deep enough within, there is no such feeling left. Let alone determining the time that has passed, it was impossible to determine the season you were in.

It was not possible to use a sundial here, besides there wasn’t anything like a church bell to ring at a certain point in time. If a huge clock machine was designed, like the one that was normally placed on top of high towers, it might be possible to tell the time, however because this was a narrow dungeon, it was not possible to set something like this up.

Because of this, Lilu had the important work of determining and then informing Aur of the time within the dungeon. For a woman like her who used to live wrapped in the darkness of the devil kingdom, telling the current time was as easy as breathing.

「My Masterrr~! It’s morning right now~!」

Lilu was in a good mood as she pulled away Aur’s blankets. At that moment, the radiant expression on her face became stiff as it turned angry.

「Why are you in here!?」

Underneath the futon, Yunis’s body was entwined with Aur’s body. Not only that, she was also completely naked.

「Nn…..Good morning Lilu…..」

「It’s not a good morning! Haven’t I made preparations for your own room? Why are you sneakily slipping into Aur’s bed!?」

Yunis was rubbing her sleepy eyes whilst Lilu was shouting at her.

Yunis had a blank expression on her face whilst tilting her head to the side, and then she clapped her hands together *clap*.

「Ah, well the dungeon is really chilly at night…. So I wandered around and stumbled on this really warm bed」

「Then how come you are naked if you are so cold!!?」

Lilu was furious, and with a scowl on her face, she was shaking Aur to wake up.

「……It’s so noisy. Just because it’s morning time, you shouldn’t make so much ruckus」

「This is unacceptable~」

Whilst passing Aur’s change of clothes to him, Lilu was grinding her teeth in vexation.

「I have been working my ass off since the morning, preparing a change of clothes, cleaning the rooms, washing the laundry, overseeing the dungeon and managing the demons.  I’ve been so busy you know!? And yet, even though I work all day long, Yunis doesn’t even do a thing, instead she gets to laze around whilst having sex with you all day, what’s the deal with this!?」

「Well I have that sort of contract with you, so I can’t really helped right? Besides even if I left these tasks to Yunis, she wouldn’t be able to do a good job with such a thing」

Aur spoke in a really straightforward manner, and this really pierced Yunis’s heart. For someone like her, who originated as a royal family princess, she had a life free from work and then proceeded to become an adventurer, therefore, Yunis was unable to do even the most basic of chores.

(Well not only that, to be honest with you, it would be a little troublesome if Yunis learnt about the dungeon structure. After all, there is still a chance that she may betray me at one point) (Aur speaking to Lilu telepathically)

(I thought that you told me that when you made the contract with her, her status changed from “Hero’s Star” to the “Fallen Hero”, And also the fact that the spell of compulsion you set on her was not something that could be dissolved?)

(Well, I’m not 100% sure. There is a chance that something big might happen, and she could revert back to her Hero status, Although the chance is very slight. As long such a possibility exists, there is no way that I could ever put my complete trust in Yunis)

Using the contract they had with each other, Aur and Lilu was communicating with each other telepathically. In an indirect way, Aur was basically telling Lilu that he trusted her, and perhaps because of this, Lilu started to smile.

「Uu, Aur , I think that perhaps, I should also help out with the work Lilu is doing」

Yunis was completely unaware of the conversation that just occurred between Aur and Lilu, and she was still feeling guilty about not doing anything so she suggested to help out, however Aur was shaking his head in refusal.

「No, when things go south, as long as you are able to help me with your sword, that will be good enough. Besides, Lilu’s job should be getting easier starting from today」

「Nn? Are you going to make me some golems to help out or something?」

Lilu was inclining her neck, and Aur let out a sigh.

「Have you forgotten? …….For the first time today, we will be receiving a young maiden girl as a sacrifice」



  1. Thank you very much for the chapter

  2. LOL, I have read this in manga before…

  3. Young Maiden, Emphasis on the Young part. Still, it is of no fault of the villagers themselves since Aur failed to think that far ahead. Also incoming animal handler, apprentice, and lolipedo demon.

  4. I don’t know why but I’ve seen the same translation error involving “even though” in many novels.

    “Even though if you were to go to the entrance of the dungeon, you would still feel the warmth of sunlight in the air, when you reached deep enough within, there is no such feeling left.”

    This is wrong because “even though” is exclusively used to describe unexpected situations. Of course you can see sunlight at the dungeon entrance and can not see inside so there’s no reason to use “even though” in this sentence. It’s not bad enough to make the sentence impossible to understand, but it does stand out as an error. This mistake happens a lot though so maybe a bunch of translators are all using the same resource that is leading them astray?

    “If you were to go to the entrance of the dungeon, you would still feel the warmth of sunlight in the air, however when you reached deep enough within, there is no such feeling left.”

    I won’t go so far as to say this is now the sentence should be translated but at least all the words are used correctly.

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