Chapter 7: Let’s receive the sacrificed pure young lady Part 2


「…..Then, I will begin」

At the present time, Aur was in the deepest interior room within the dungeon.

For convenience sake the room itself was 10 m by 10 m and it had only one door, it was a place in which he would receive his tribute from the villagers. A complex magic formation is carved directly on the ground.

For the most part, Aur’s dungeon had anti-movement magic squares place in them to prevent intruders from freely trespassing into his dungeon. It was a counter measure to not only protect his bedroom from suddenly being invaded whilst he was asleep, but to also protect them from just teleporting to the dungeon core, if anyone tried to use a movement type magic within his dungeon, they would just be repelled back to their original position. Because this barrier like mechanism in the dungeon was a sort of fundamental truth, no matter who tried to perform movement type magic in the dungeon, they would be unable to overturn the barrier.

In any case, because this barrier also applied to Aur himself, whenever he wanted to send something outside or when he wanted to receive something, it becomes very troublesome to do so. In order for Aur to avoid such a predicament, there was one place in the deepest portion of the dungeon that had a “gap” in the barrier, this place was known as the “Summoning Place”.

Only this room allowed for objects and people to be transported from the outside. Naturally, the coordinates of this room was top secret in addition, Aur, Lilu and Yunis had spells to protect them from magic that tried to steal their memories or information out of them.

Although she hasn’t pulled her sword out from her waist, Yunis had a strained look on her face, similarly Lilu was watching the magic formation with a serious expression making sure to check left and right for anything amiss, Aur was uttering out his incantation slowly.

The air in the room was swirling around, and the magic formation begins to glow a faint light. The spell begins to surge in power, Aur weaves his finger drawing up a rune that shines over the magic formation.The whirling air around the room soon turned into a raging gust of wind, it continued to grow in power and a roaring sound similar to a tornado reverberated the room.

「…….Come forth!」

The moment Aur yelled out, the tornado intensifies even further, and everyone’s eyes started to burn as a strong luminescent light came from the rune markings.


Aur raises a stupid voice reflexively.

After the tornado subsided and the light calmed down, what appeared within the magic formation was: five chickens, two pigs, one cow and…… On top of that was a young girl who seemed to be sleeping soundly.

「It’s….A kid?」

Yunis was muttering out of puzzlement.

Her age was around 5 or 6 perhaps? She had thin golden hair and considering the fact that she came from a humble village, it seems that they dressed her up with the best clothing they could muster. Although it was a simple piece of clothing designed from cotton, it was still quite the lovely dress with frills wrapped around her body.

Such a girl was hugging the cow and clinging to its back as she was asleep. The cow would sometimes shakes its tail with a *pitter patter*, and it wasn’t really bothered by the girl sleeping on top of it.

「…..Girl, wake up」

Aur called out towards the girl, but she doesn’t show any signs of waking up.

Although he wanted to shake her out of bed, the moment he stepped into the magic formation, the formation would lose its effects. The opposite was also true, the moment the girl stepped out of the magic formation, the formation would cease and no more objects or people could be sent through.

Obviously Aur was being very careful and he predicted the possibility of the villagers training up soldiers in secret and then sending them to kill him via this summoning circle. As a result, he put strict counter measures on how this summoning formation worked, and it would not be funny if he was the one who ruined his own summoning. Without any carelessness, Aur called out to the girl one more time.

「Wake up. Who are you?」

The second attempt also doesn’t have any signs of reaching the girls ears. She was actually able to toss and turn about the cow quite dexterously without falling, and she even turned her face away from Aur.

「She’s really sleeping like a log, isn’t she……」

Lilu had an expression on her face that was between amazement and admiration as she muttered out. For Lilu who was a succubus that could manipulate the dream of others, she could perceive that the little girl was sleeping completely soundly.

『Get up!』

Aur was getting slightly irritated and his voice roared like thunder in the room. It was an angry voice that was used in combination with magic, indeed when he did this, the girl’s body was startled awake and she tumbled down from the cow’s back.

「Fu, fue…..?」

Perhaps there wasn’t any fall damage or something? But as soon as she woke up the girl looked around the vicinity with a puzzled expression.

「….Little girl. Who are you?」

Aur was asking the girl in a low deep voice as if it came from hell itself, and the girl’s body started to tremble, and with a shaking voice she started to do a self-introduction.

「Eh, Ah, uu…….I-It’s nice to meet you Aur-sama, M-my name, is, Marybelle. Umm, from hereafter, please allow me to be your servant…..err and…..」

It was obvious that she was taught by the villager’s to say these words, and the girl who named herself as Marybelle was having difficulty reciting the full phrase.

「……She hardly has any magic on her. At the very least, I can tell you that she isn’t some adult using magic to disguise herself as a child. Just like her appearance she is without a doubt a child」

「It also doesn’t seem like she will be able to use a weapon. Isn’t it just an ordinary child?」

Both Lilu and Yunis were giving their analysis of the girl called Marybelle. Aur’s opinion of the girl was also the same as the other two.

「Although I did tell them to send a pure young girl, but…..」

No matter how you think about it, she’s way too young. Aur breathed out a sigh, and after lightly brushing off his hands, the magic formation was broken.

「I’m going to the village. Yunis, accompany me. Lilu please look after the girl」

「Am I staying at the house again? Not only that I’m babysitting~?」

「I will be protecting Aur kay~?」

Lilu had an expression of dissatisfaction whilst Yunis was happily clinging on to Aur’s arms.

I wonder how I managed to obtain such faithful subordinates? Whilst being troubled by the girls reactions, Aur started to prepare his movement type magic.



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