Chapter 7: Let’s receive the sacrificed pure young lady Part 3


Aur was accompanied by Yunis as they travelled to Marybelle’s village. The area they teleported to was a little bit away from the village. In regards to this matter, Aur had three predictions.

The first prediction. The villagers set up a trap so that when Aur came to protest, they would use a surprise attack to kill him.

The second prediction. The villagers wanted to draw Aur to come to the village, and whilst he was absent from his dungeon, launch an attack on his undefended dungeon.

If the first prediction was true, considering that he was still outside of the village, in addition to the fact that Yunis was accompanying him, his safety wasn’t an issue. If the second prediction was true, Lilu was staying behind in the dungeon so any intruders will be detected and Aur would be notified immediately.

The problem lied in the third possibility. And the worst thing about all this is that the third possibility is the most likely to occur. As soon as Aur arrived in the village, he saw the villagers were all kneeling before him, and he immediately felt a bad premonition.

「……..So you are saying, that other than Marybell there is no other young woman of a more reasonable age?」

「Yes, that is exactly the case. Right now, in our village, we barely have any young women…..The little of what remains of the young maidens had already married just before Aur-sama graced us with his presence, therefore among the young women who has never been touched by man, Marybell is the oldest one」

As expected it seems that they understood that Aur was not completely satisfied with the sacrifice they provided him. The village chief had already placed his head on to the ground and bowed as low as he could.

Aur’s third prediction was… That although the villagers wanted to sincerely satisfy his requests, this was already the best they could do. This was something truly troublesome. Right now, Aur really needed people to assist him with various things.

If he went by the normal schedule, he should have obtained a tribute two months ago, however, in order to obtain Yunis, Aur sacrifice and burn a whole village to the ground. Even their bones had been burnt to ashes, and Aur could not even turn them into the undead or skeleton minions.

「…..You are not lying to me, are you?」

Aur was giving the village chief a piercing look with eyes as sharp as a bird staring upon its prey. Unable to withstand the pressure Aur was radiating, the village chief answered him whilst trembling.

「Th, that is, we may have one person but….. She is definitely not someone with the features that Aur-sama would be looking for…..」

「It’s fine. Bring her to me」

Since the beginning, Aur never had any high expectations for their external appearances.  After all, in a rural area like this village, he didn’t think that there would be any beautiful women around. The reason he wanted a virgin was also not for a sexual purpose, it was because being a virgin increased their value for magical purposes. (TL: hehehe~ yeah right ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )


「I won’t repeat myself twice」

When the village chief was hesitating, Aur gave him a glare, and the chief immediately got up and dashed out of the residence as if he was running away. When he was wondering the reason as to why the village chief was so hesitant to bring him the girl, his doubts melted away after seeing the appearance of the village girl.

She had fair skin with long black hair, a well-balanced figure and good features. However, there was a horrendously ugly scar which ruined the left half of her face.

Aur could sense that Yunis who was next to him gulped her breath slightly when she saw the disfigured face.

「I understand, she is indeed ugly」

Aur spoke frankly to the village chief.

It was likely that she experienced serious burns when she was young. The fact that half her face remained beautiful and yet the other half was completely burnt, only increased her repulsiveness even more. The girl was wearing lengthy sleeves, and when one looked at the tip of her fingers which were showing out of the sleeves, you could tell that it was not only her face that experienced the severe burns but the whole left side of her body. There is surely no man in existence which would ever think to make love to this kind of woman.

「Yes, therefore, I did not dare to bring her in front of Aur-sama, and I removed her from the list of prospective candidates….」

After hearing Aur agree with him, the village chief became slightly more relieved and the amount of tension on his face reduced.

「Girl. What is your name」

「I am Sofia」

On the other hand, the village girl didn’t seem intimidated in the slightest by Aur as she answered with clarity. Even when Aur mentioned how ugly she was, she did not even bat an eyelid. Her eyes were as cold as ice, and her feelings cannot be read through her expressionless face.


Aur floated a smirk.

Even though his appearance was rejuvenated to look very young, after all, Aur was in fact an old and very skilled magician. People who received his intimidating gaze head on and could take it without a single change in their expressions were rare to say the least.

「Village chief. I’ve taken a liking to this girl. I will bring her with me」

「Y-yes, I have no objections to that but…..what about, Mary….?」

Even though the village chief was surprised at Aur’s interest in Sofia, he did not dare to decline Aur and he could only weakly ask about what would happen with Marybelle.

「…….I’m afraid that the girl named Marybelle cannot be returned to you」

Even if it was only a small fragment of the things within his dungeon, if it already belonged to him, he had no intention of handing it back to someone else.

「However, in return I can alter the present contract of handing me a village girl every single year. Because it would not do for me to break the contract so indiscriminately……10 years. For a period of 10 years from now, you may discontinue providing me with a village daughter」

「Th….Thank you so much!」

More so than just Marybelle, the village chief was probably more worried about the fact that he would have to continually present a village girl each year.

After Aur relieved him of his duties, the village chief blatantly showed an expression of satisfaction. Well even for Aur, if by next year he was presented with a baby girl as the tribute, it would be very troublesome for him as well.

「This should be sufficient. However, even if you do not need to give me a village girl, you must not forget to provide the crops every month」

After leaving that message, Aur grabs on to both Yunis and Sofia and recites the magical incantation for high speed teleportation.

After the evil magician Aur disappears, the village chief took a deep breath and sat down on the long bench. Having a magician who was exuding a tremendous amount of pressure and a village girl who everyone loathed finally leave the village, the chief felt truly relieved from the bottom of his heart. (Light Novel Illustration: Sofia the Village Girl)



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