Chapter 7: Let’s receive the sacrificed pure young lady Part 5


Yunis couldn’t believe her eyes that the girl in front of her right now, was mere village girl. Both her arms and the legs barely had any muscle on them. From her bearing as a person, she obviously hasn’t received any martial arts training in the past, she seemed to be an ordinary person. No magical energy could be sensed. Although Yunis’s sensitivity to magic wasn’t as good as Lilu, she was still good enough to be able to figure out if the other person is a magician or not.

In other words, using Yunis’s experience and knowledge she could only conclude that the woman in front of her did not have any combat potential. And if she felt like it, she could use her sword to cut that person down in one slash. The fight wouldn’t even last a second, and it would be the same as if she was cutting a motionless tree in half.

Nevertheless, Yunis felt an inexplicable sense of fear towards Sofia. It was not anything to do with her outer appearance. There was just this boundless and mysterious aura that Sofia exuded, it rang an alarm bell to warn her every fibre of being that Sofia was a dangerous person.

If it was the her before she met Aur, Yunis may have just pulled out her sword and tried to stab Sofia then and there. However, in such a case, the person lying on the ground would not just be her alone. Although, she wouldn’t be defeated by Sofia, she had a feeling that she wouldn’t come out unscathed. That is the kind of premonition she felt whenever Yunis looked at Sofia’s sinister smile, it was the intuition of someone who was born under the hero’s star.

「Yunis, you should return to your room」

Yunis gave a worried glance towards Aur. However, Aur’s gaze determinedly told her that “Everything would be alright”. Yunis obediently bows her head and leaves the room. She has already felt the same kind of intimidating pressure as the one she felt coming out from Sofia right now.

The owner of this presence is none other than Aur.

「You are beautiful」

After Yunis goes out of the room, Aur said these words once again.

「I completely admire Aur-sama’s great insight」

She probably took his compliment as a sarcastic comment. Therefore, Sofia also responded in a polite but sarcastic manner.

「Sofia what I am calling beautiful are those emotions within your heart. The pitch-black heart that hates and detests everything. You hate the people, you hate this world, and you even curse yourself. You have a talent that is rare amongst magicians. You have the makings of becoming an even more superior magician than me. If you were to remain a simple village girl, it would be such a waste」

Aur holds Sofia’s chin and lifts her face upwards. While watching her eyes from a distance so close that their lips could seemingly touch at any moment, Aur spoke in a low and deep voice filled with magical power.

「You shall choose. Will you remain in this decrepit, ugly state and rot away? Or will you devote yourself to the darkness, standing above the corpses, walking along the cursed path stained with blood?」

Aur looked at her with a gaze that could seemingly see through her soul, and Sofia’s body trembled under his eyes.

It was a shiver of delight.

None of them looked away from each other, Aur was not looking at her mere outer appearance, he was staring into the inner depths of her being.

Her heart was many times more hateful and detestable than the burn wounds she possessed, and seeing through this, Aur judged that this pure and raw emotion was beautiful.


Sofia raised a voice filled with pleasure. It wasn’t a voice that reflected her own happiness.  It was the kind of voice that a woman made when she dedicated herself to a man.

「Aur-sama…..The path that I wish to follow is the path you tread. If you walk atop the dead, I shall be the one to kill them. If you are covered in the blood of the cursed, I shall be the one to drink their blood. I swear it by my name Sofilitia 」

「Very well. Then from here forth, you shall become my apprentice. Hereafter, you will throw your name of Sofilitia away, and take on the name of Spina. Neris Bia Spina. This will be your name from today. Now then, Hear my first instructions as your teacher」

Sofia who had her named changed to Spina, was kneeling on the floor in front of Aur and receiving her evil baptism.

The person known as Sofia will die, and will be reborn as a “wicked magician” by the name of Spina.

「Aside from yourself, do not trust in anyone else within this world. Never tell anyone your true name even in passing. Furthermore, everything in this world exists, only to be used by you」

Sofia wondered if these principles that was given by Aur was the same ones that he followed himself.

「I will engrave these words in my heart」

It was not necessary to think. For Aur, Spina was just a pawn that he could use. And Spina herself hoped that she would be his most excellent chess piece. Spina was kneeling on the ground as she deeply lowered her head, she placed her mouth on Aur’s feet and kissed it, pledging her allegiance to him.

「Lilu, are you there……..? Or more like, what are you doing?」

The wooden door opened behind him and Aur was amazed at the scene in front of him.

「What do you mean? I’m just following Aur’s orders of taking care of this little one 」

By Lilu’s side, Mary had a melted expression on her face as she licked a cylindrical object with her tongue. It appears to be something made out of ebony wood, but for some reason or another it’s shape made one think of something entirely different…

「I mean, she’s still so little so if she used her “lip’s” down there it would tear right? Therefore, I thought that it would be prudent to teach her how to use her mouth. Don’t you think this is really well made? It really resembles Aur’s shape~」

Although she was a succubus and this line of thought did make sense for a succubus, “exactly what are you trying to teach this innocent little girl?!” Aur was feeling the onset of a huge headache just thinking about it.

「Rather than training her in such a thing, please teach her how to do the housework around here. …….Bring this one with you as well」

Aur introduced Lilu to the woman behind him. Nodding lightly, Spina advances in front of Lilu and gave a curt bow.

「From today onwards, I will be working under Aur-sama as his apprentice, my name is Spina. Please take care of me」

Lilu stared in wonder as she looked at Spina. It wasn’t because her appearance……looked ugly or anything.

It was because her appearance was too beautiful.

「Eh? What? Where did you find such a girl?」

Aur used his magical energy to erase any scars or wounds on Spina’s body and she was able to flawlessly regain her former beautiful looks. As per usual, her face didn’t contain any expressions, but this only served to accentuate her doll-like appearance and her mystique.

「Does it matter? Anyways for now, I want them to learn the miscellaneous affairs from Lilu. Things like patrolling the dungeon, cleaning the laundry, management of the monsters and traps, corpse disposal, food preparations, Changing the bed sheets and also cooking the food」

「I am finally going to be free from such chores aren’t I?! Woohoo! Your name was Spina was it? Be sure to remember what I am about to teach you kay~」

Lilu was already celebrating and Spina did not have the slightest change in her expression as she answered.

「The only one I obey is my Master. I have no intentions of listening to the orders of a familiar spirit like you, so please don’t misunderstand」

With a snap, Lilu’s smile was frozen in place. And she pointed at Spina while raising a protest towards Aur.

「Aur! This girl’s personality is horrible!」

「That’s right, thus I made her into my apprentice」

「Ahh now I remember, your personality is also just as badd!」

It was almost like she was seeing an optical illusion of two Aur’s standing in front of her, Lilu was at her wit’s end.



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