Chapter 8.5: Dungeon Commentary


This is the dungeon’s state after the end of the eighth chapter.

Number of floors: 3 Dungeon Floors

Miasma: 4

Notoriety: 2

Saved up Magic: 20 (Units: 10,000/day)

Magic Consumption: 7 Units (10,000/day)

New Facilities:

☆ Door LV 2

This is the strong door made by the Dwarven race. Some magic is used at the time it was made, it was endowed with both anti-physical damage and anti-magical damage therefore it is sturdy in its own way.

☆ Door LV 3

This is a firm door made by the Dwarven race, Aur also applied his own magic when it was being made. It was a door that was placed at the intersection between the dungeon floors, and it was not something anybody could easily destroy. In order to get through this door, it is necessary to defeat the boss of each of individual dungeon floor, however at the end of the eighth chapter boss type characters have not yet been implemented in each floor.

☆ Treasure Chest

This is a treasure chest that is actually a trap. It is exceedingly heavy, and it is not possible to bring the chest home easily. When someone tries to forcibly open it or destroy it the trap would immediately activate, the contents of the treasure chest will disappear, and punish the impudent person.

As a matter of fact, there was a simple transportation formation inserted in the box, therefore as long as the box is not destroyed Aur can freely change the type of trap and treasure within the box.

☆ Workshop

This is the workshop of the Dwarven race. Ranging from weapons to armor to furniture, it is a place where anything can be made. The treasure and armaments used as bait for the treasure chest, or the furniture that the dwellers of the Dungeon needed for their rooms, these types of things could be requested and made by the Dwarven race in exchange for food and alcohol.

☆ Room for the Elves

The room beside the bathroom was hastily redecorated and prepared for the Elves usage. There was five rooms in total, but only Ellen’s room was one size larger than the others.

☆ Livestock room

This was a room used to breed cows, pigs and chicken. In the beginning the animals weren’t classified and were just shoved into one room, moreover, all the food was just scattered and spread across the ground, but this changed completely and was renovated once the demand was made by Mio. The size was around 3.5 times larger than the bathroom and the domesticated animals were divided by fences, in order to properly take care of the animals various types of equipment were put in place. In addition, it reached the point that even demonic animals and even the speciality imps were being taken care of in this room. With each passing day the number of subordinates that were given a room in the livestock room increased and it will become necessary to make the room larger and larger.

☆ Bathroom – Revision

Because the magical energy from the dragon veins was forcibly used to create a geothermal heat, the rocks that were burned to create the heat would be perpetually hot so that warm water is always available. The ground was also refitted with mosaic tiles, the drainage system was improved, and at the corner of the bathroom there is a dressing room where clean clothing is readily available.

Mixed bathing area. (※ Excluding male demons that is)

New War Potential:

☆ Kobold

War potential: 2

This monster is born when a sprite who lives in the mine becomes corrupted. They have the ability to corrode iron. They weren’t that strong in battle but, just based on this ability alone, soldiers hated their guts. Considering that they were previously creatures that lived in a mine, they were especially good at digging, strengthening and expanding the tunnels.

☆ Ellen (Black Elf race)

War Potential: 8     Maximum Magical Capacity: 4

They are known as Elven fairies of the forest; she is one of the leaders of the black tribe controlling the dark aspects of the forest. Even amongst her own Elven brethren she is especially outstanding in terms of strength, and she was always able to hit the bulls-eye with her bow, she even had an excellent knowledge of magical arts. She is also able to store quite a considerable amount of magical energy.

☆ Black Elves

War Potential: 7 Maximum Magical Capacity: 3

These were the subordinates of Ellen, a part of the black elf tribe. Though they were one step inferior in comparison to Ellen, they were still trained very well They were the best of the elite. The four of them combined would have about the same amount of fighting power that Yunis possessed. By the way, their names are: Aletto, Betty, Kuroe and Delfina.

☆ Dwarfs

War Potential: 6

Superior blacksmithing skills and an ugly appearance. They are classified as sprites of both fire and earth, also sprites of the forest. They have a bad relationship with the Elves. Although they are also known as black dwarfs, unlike the Elves who were divided amongst their own race, the Dwarves were a race that “Would do anything in return for the right price” That’s the kind of meaning it took. Even if they are known for their blacksmithing skills, their individual skills in the battle field cannot be underestimated; they are first-class warriors.

☆ Giant Fly

War Potential: 1

A huge fly. In saying this, it’s only about 30 cm in size and there is little fighting power. It’s about the same as a goblin. It’s an existence that is normally used to open up a fight. However, when not in the battlefield, they mainly just fly around in the dark dungeon.

One thing noteworthy about them is that they are quite mobile creatures, whenever there is an intruder they will be the first to know and they will be able to inform the others of the danger by using an alarm like sound. Furthermore, whenever they get preyed on by the giant spiders they would also release this alarming sound so within the dungeon this type of development was quite normal.

☆ Orge

War Potential: 5

They are called man eating demons and their height exceeds 3 m. Not limited to just humans, as long as it moves and as long as it isn’t a demon, it will kill and eat the prey. They don’t form groups; they are a selfish bunch. It may be difficult to gather them together as a group, but their strength is considerably strong in comparison to other creatures. As a very durable race, they are a promising war potential. Inside of Aur’s dungeon their main source of food is the goblins.

☆ Aphrodisiac Slime

War Potential: 0

It doesn’t do any damage to living things, instead it can only digest their clothes, furthermore, once it comes into contact with the skin, it will have an effect similar to a love potion whereby the target’s urge to breed and arousal is amplified. It was like it’s existence was made just for the purpose of being in an erotic novel. Well amongst the ero fantasy stories, their existence is quite well known.

When someone wanted to make this kind of slime for real, they don’t need to be able to use magic but, their alchemy skills, talent and creativity must be at a genius level. In any case, after it was made, Aur retrieved it and placed a seal on it for the time being.

☆ Mio

War Potential: 0 Maximum Magical Capacity: 0.1

She was once a normal village girl, but Aur corrupted her soul with darkness, and she was reborn as Dark Mio. Originally she had the skill “Domestic animal handler” but then it was replaced with a skill called “Understanding of Beasts”. This ability allows her to understand the demonic beasts and to a certain extent it also allows her to communicate with them, however, she herself doesn’t have any sort of fighting potential to speak of, but if she were nearby one of Aur’s subordinate beasts she would be able to easily control them.

☆ Logan (Lesser Demon)

War potential: 9 Consumption of Mana: 3

While he may be a lesser demon, on the contrary, his combat efficiency is actually about the same as Yunis, he known as the boastful mighty demon however, he is a lolicon.

What does Lesser mean? One of the meanings is that they are the lowest class demons to have rebelled against the gods in the ancient era, In terms of dealing with the humans, the lesser demons are regarded as extremely effective.

However, he is a lolicon.

Moreover, he is a lolicon.

Current Dungeon Situation

Both domains that are ruled by him and those that are not ruled by him directly have both been enhanced, in regards to the dwarves and kobolds; they cooperated and have increased the defensive capabilities of the dungeon. The dungeon is now able to repel beginner to intermediate level adventurers even without Aur’s direct supervision.

Furthermore, the groundwork has been laid and preparations to draw many adventures to the dungeon is now complete. (Chapter 8.5 Dungeon Commentary Illustration)



  1. By the way, their names are: Aletto, Betty, Kuroe and Delfina. <- The third one should be "Chloe", and most likely the first one "Alette", to fit the pattern (Western names following the ABC): A(lette), B(etty), C(hloe), D(elfina) and E(llis).

    Orge <- Ogre (オーガ or オーガー)

  2. more importantly, he is a lolicon.
    aside from that, he is a lolicon.

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