Chapter 8: Lets gather all the Evil Henchman Part 1


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of Maou no Hajimekata contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

「Yes….. Mary will go over here」

「I’ll be here…. 」

「Ah, I can fly above him so….」

「Then, I’ll take this spot….」

For some reason Aur heard whispering and when he opened his eyes he saw a pair of white legs in front of him. When he followed the white leg to its source, there was a gathering of four faces at his crotch area.

「……What are you guys doing?」

「Ah, Master good morning~」(Lilu Speaking)

「Good morning, Venerable Teacher 」(TL: Spina calls him Oshishou-sama which means Teacher or Master)

「Morning Aur~!」(Yunis Speaking)

「Good, morning, Aur-sama」(TL: Marybelle actually mispronounces his name as Ouru-sama)

When he asked them in a low groan, four different kinds of greetings were returned. The four of them were stark naked, and each of them were licking a part of Aur’s member.

Mary’s small head was in between Aur’s legs and she was earnestly licking the frenulum of his penis.

Yunis was nestled on to his left side and she was affectionately using her long tongue to gently lick his balls.

Spina was at his right side, she tilted her head to the side and was lightly blowing on his cock like a flute.

And lastly, Lilu spread her wings to stabilise her position and was floating above of Aur, she used her skilful tongue to crawl over the glans of his penis.

Because Lilu was floating right above him, he could see her plump thighs and female genitalia right in front of him, even Lilu’s ample bossom including her nipples, everything was in full view.

「Aha, It’s getting bigger. As expected when you are conscious your reactions are much better. What do you think, Master? Your four beloved concubines are giving you a wake up fera service」

This kind of wake up service was something that any man would be envious of, however getting pleasured by four people simultaneously was not really as good as it looked. Contrary to the meaning of giving oral service, a big part of the pleasure actually comes from the movement of the hands, and obviously when there is four people, it becomes impossible for them to all use their hands to provide the stimulus.

However, this concept only applies to normal women. For a Succubus like Lilu who has learnt a multitude of sexual techniques and possesses an abundance of obscene knowledge, this kind of party was child’s play for her to control.

Along with the shaking of her tail and butt, the movements of the four people were being perfectly managed by Lilu and it was as if they were a single living being. The four girls were using their lips and tongue to stroke his cock, licking it, sucking it and devouring it greedily.

「Kuu…..Ahh, continue what you are doing」

Aur extends his hands and began to grab on to both Yunis and Spina’s breasts. The two girls were moving into a position so that it was easier for Aur to grope their beasts and as this occurred Lilu intensified her commands and immediately went on the offensive.

The four tongues were acting like fingers as they moved in unison, they were interposed between Aur’s rod and stroked it.

It was truly devilish, or more like it really was a demoness using an otherworldly technique, in no time at all, Aur was being guided towards his climax.

Without holding back, he let out his white desires and dirtied the faces of the four girls.

「….And so can you tell me why this happened?」

「Ummm, Everyone wanted to be the one to wake Aur up….」(Yunis Speaking)

「Master hasn’t chosen who will be the one to wake him up right?」(Lilu Speaking)

「Everyone claimed and insisted that it should be them, and so Lilu suggested that we all come together」(Spina Speaking)

「Everyone, came, to wake you up!」(Marybelle Speaking)

Since when did these girls get along with each other? In response to Aur’s question, the four girls answered unanimously.

Haa, Aur let out a sigh.

「Then, shall I assign the work for each of you today?」

「For the time being, the pressing matter is securing enough war potential」

Everyone washed their faces, and after eating the breakfast that Spina cooked, Aur and the rest of the girls gathered together.

Remembering the time that Aur used to work as a lecturer in the Magician’s Society, Aur was now writing characters on a blackboard with chalk.

「The foundations of our livelihood is dependent on the amount of manpower we can obtain. It is necessary to secure war potential in order to expand our territory」

Previously when Yunis invaded the dungeon, she obliterated the majority of undead skeletons and goblins in the dungeon, moreover a huge amount of magical power was expended, therefore the things that Aur can consider as ‘war potential’ within his dungeon is practically non-existent.

In terms of his protection, if Yunis was acting as his personal guard there is little problems that can arise, however if this is about invaders in his dungeon, then the circumstances are completely different.

「There are roughly four separate kinds of methods that can be used in order to secure additional war potential:

  1. Natural Spawning.
  2. Contract Employment.
  3. Magical Creations.
  4. Demonic Summoning.

….I will start explaining in detail now」

Mary was already beginning to doze off to sleep and he disregarded this fact as he continued his explanation. Or more like, why is Mary even here?

「First of all I will talk about Natural Spawning. I already briefly explained this concept to Lilu before but basically evil spirits and demon type monsters will gather in the dungeon as long as a suitable area is provided to them. Their nests are often found in the entrance of the dungeon, The Goblin race is a prime example of this occurring. These guys are not really our enemies but they aren’t our allies either. If you carelessly approach their den they will try to attack you. We have a barrier against monsters in our living quarters therefore they wouldn’t be able to enter, but just be careful not to enter their nest by mistake………Especially, for Mary, don’t let her wander around as she may get lost, keep an eye on her for me, Spina」


Having her name called out, Mary became startled and she woke up, she then looked restlessly around her surroundings.

「The one who will have the responsibility to manage demons who naturally arrive and spawn within the dungeon will be Lilu. This is because the monsters won’t attack a devil type creature. The reason is that they instinctively understand that she is basically a lump of magical energy, and even if they try to eat her, she won’t provide any meat or nutrition to them. When a new monster comes to build their nest in the dungeon, I want you to report it directly to me」


I’m not sure why she’s suddenly so motivated but she was raising her hands as she replied to me.

「The primary factor for monsters to come inside and create their nests is a mixture of Miasma, depth of dungeon and the shape of the room. The thicker and darker the Miasma, and the deeper the depth of the dungeon the stronger the monsters will become. Because different monsters like different type of rooms, please be sure to make a variety of rooms to suit their needs. There are monsters that like small rooms, there are monsters that also like larger rooms, there are some that like high ceilings, Some that like to live in water, there is a whole variety of them」

「What is this thing called Miasma and Depth?」

When Aur reached a point in his explanation where came to a pause, Spina raises her hands and asks a question. Aur was feeling admiration for how keen his new apprentice was in learning and he gladly explained further.

「Miasma basically means, the gathering of demonic air and the thickness of this atmosphere. Living things will die when exposed to this evil air, and demons and monsters who stay within this evil mist will become darker and stronger. When this miasma grows dense enough, it may even be possible for evil spirits to be born within the fog and this is also a form of Natural Spawning. Depth is exactly as it sounds, it is the depth of the dungeon. If the dungeon is shallow, then there is a limit to how thick the miasma will become. The deeper the dungeon, the thicker the Miasma becomes. This dungeon currently has 3 levels to it……….and I still have plans to make it even deeper」

Spina was nodding her head in understanding, while Yunis seemed to have a frown on her face. In some way or another it seems that Yunis was slowly digesting the information that Aur had spoken. Even though she was probably barely able to absorb the information, Aur had already proceeded to the next set of explanations.

「The second type is called Contract Employment, and this one is relatively easy to understand」

Or more like if they weren’t able to understand this, then it would be a problem.

「Out of the demons and monsters that come to the dungeon out of Natural Spawning, depending on the condition and circumstances some of them may be willing to cooperate with us. Well, they probably need to have a certain amount of intelligence otherwise it wouldn’t work but… Those types of monsters can be enlisted as allies if they are given food or money or something of value to their race. Because most of their needs can be bought if we had the money, it’s essentially cash that we need. This is what Contract Employment is about」

「Ohh, that’s easy to understand」

This time around she easily understood my explanation and raised her voice.

Well, in a certain sense, this is kind of similar to her own circumstances with me right now. The compensation she obtains from me is my oath of “never betraying her”.

「Although I will be in charge of this matter in general, I also want Yunis to help me out with this one. After all, if I don’t bring a person with enough war potential to seal the contract, then they may try to take advantage of me. I will do the negotiating and as long as you stand by my side and glare at them a little, that will be perfect」

「Roger that!」

Yunis answered cheerfully. Up until now she hasn’t had anything to do so I guess she must be happy.

「Depending on the species of the monsters, they may be incompatible with each other and fights may break out. When this occurs, I will also leave the suppression and enforcement work to Yunis. Your job is maintenance of public order so to speak. Lilu, if you spot a commotion like that, please inform both me and Yunis immediately」

「Nn, I understand」

「I’m really good at that kind of stuff so, leave it to me!」

Nodding at the two people in satisfaction, Aur continues his explanation.

「Magical Creation is something I will leave to Spina, this will be your work. This is about making pseudo lifeforms such as golems and skeletons come to life with the use of magic. Frankly speaking, magical creatures made in this way are normally not that great in battle. They aren’t very strong,  their ability to make prudent judgements are also very miniscule. …….However, they are absolutely faithful to their creators and they feel no tiredness, therefore, for simple work and miscellaneous affairs, they are perfect for such a role. They don’t even need to be fed, so unlike creating an Employment Contract, there is no upkeep cost」

Spina nods and bows her head. Just looking at her attitude when she’s listening to the explanations, Aur could tell that she is considerably intelligent.

Aur estimated that if Spina was assigned to creating magical beings, in a month’s time she would be able to create a moderate amount of constructs and as one or two years went by she would be able to become a full-fledged magician.

「The last method is Demonic Summoning, well since the real thing is actually standing next to us, I’m sure you guys will understand. Because I will be the one summoning and undertaking this task, there is no need to completely understand the concept behind it, but since we are already here, I may as well explain it」

Aur continued his explanation as he looked towards Lilu.

「Demonic Summoning is… just like it’s written, summoning a demon from the underworld and employing them for work. It takes a huge amount of time and preparation, moreover calling a demon and maintaining them in this world can eat up a large amount of magical energy. Out of the three other methods of obtaining war potential, this is by far the most expensive method. …….However, the abilities of the war potential are also guaranteed to be of high quality. Lilu is a succubus and so her fighting capabilities aren’t very high, nevertheless, in comparison to the regular demons and average evil spirits around, she is incomparably much stronger than them. This method of obtaining war potential can be considered a trump card, and it should probably be used as a last resort」

「I seeー」(Yunis Speaking)

“Well the real trump card here is actually you, Yunis” Aur was looking at Yunis as he thought this to himself. The memory of her easily cutting the intermediate level hell hound with the tip of her sword was still fresh in his mind.

「I will sum this up. There is no cost involved in Natural Spawning, but the strength of the war potential is inconsistent. The person in charge of this will be Lilu.

Although we can expect a solid war potential coming out of Contract Employment, we need money to fund them. The person in charge of this will be Yunis.

Using a little bit of magic, it is possible to create servants and constructs, however the war potential of such beings is not very useful for combat. The person in charge of this will be Spina.

Demonic Summoning requires a huge amount of Magical energy however their war potential is first-rate. I will be in charge of this task」

「Yes~. Alright then, I’m going to be making my rounds around the dungeon okay~」(Lilu Speaking)

「…….Nn, I kind of get it!」(Yunis Speaking)

「As you wish, venerable teacher. Please teach me the basics of magic」(Spina Speaking)

When the three subordinates of his complies to his instructions, Aur nods his head in satisfaction, and it was at this time that he felt someone pulling on the sleeves of his clothes.

When he looked towards the culprit, Mary was looking at him with gleaming eyes filled with expectation.

「What is, my job?」

As a five-year old what is she hoping for…. Swallowing the rebuke he had in his mind, Aur answered carefully, squeezing out the words.

「……..When it’s time for a meal, come and give me a call」


Mary answered with an extremely bright smile.



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