Chapter 8: Lets gather all the Evil Henchman Part 4


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of Maou no Hajimekata contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

「How are you feeling?」

When Aur called out to her, Spina was zealously carving out a wooden tree with a small knife.

Wood Golem. Among the living dolls that one could create, this was the most basic of the golems, and that was what she was trying to make.

「It will be complete in just a little while」

She briefly glanced at Aur who had entered her room and then immediately returned to work again. She had already finished carving out the hands and feet, including the body of the wood golem. Right now she was carving out a small round pattern, it was the head of the golem.

「Fumu, You’ve done pretty well」

Aur picked up the hand part to examine it and check its quality. Although it was something that could still be improved, it was not as bad to the point that the golem wouldn’t be able to move. For her first try, it was a job well-done.

「I’ve done exactly as instructed by revered teacher, I have also tried making the Slime」

Suddenly, Spina’s gazed turned to the depths of the room. In the deep corner section of the room there was a line-up of flasks and beakers holding various concoctions and it was totally unfitting of what one would expect a woman to have in her room.

To make a living magical creature, there was two ways to approach it. The first method was, gather the raw ingredients, such as the skeleton bones of a human or wood, earth etc for a golem, then the magician would infuse temporary life and sentience to the material enchanting their bodies to move according to the will of the magician.

The other method was, to create the material itself from scratch with the use of various chemicals with secret arts, this process doesn’t require the use of magic and the life form is purely created by Alchemy, it is also known as a “Fake Life”.

The monster known as a slime is something that comes out when there is a failure to create an artificial life with the use of alchemy, it was one of the lowest forms of artificial life. They had a gelatinous flabby gel like body, and it was capable of digesting anything and growing larger as a result. If it grows large enough to a certain extent, it will be able to split into two and multiply, it was an eerie living thing.

Its movements were very slow, and because it didn’t really have any intelligence to it, you couldn’t really consider it as a war potential. However, if you left it to its own devices it would slowly search for corpses to digest and to some degree, it acted like a cleansing agent in the dungeon, things like swords or spears are useless against it, as it will just get stuck in the gel or go through it, so it was also relatively useful as a blockade.

In any case, I had previously ordered Spina to create some. Whilst you may think that it is useless to create a failed life form like slime, if you purposefully tried to create a unique slime, you could potentially create a “Metal eating slime, capable of killing knights” or a “Magic eating slime, capable of digest magicians”, there were various types that you could make and when it reaches that level of sophistication, you would inevitably improve your skills as a magician, and it would become practice for when you started making artificial life forms, such as the homunculus.

「It would seem that I have failed, and it doesn’t eat any living beings」

Spina’s gaze was on the flask which had some sort of pink liquid which wriggled inside of the flask.

「Well, failure is a stepping-stone to success. You have just begun your initiation as a magician, and only a month has passed. Don’t let it get to you」


Spina nods obediently. Because her expression doesn’t really change much, I can’t really tell what she was thinking just from looking at her face.


While carving out the head of the golem, Spina casually started speaking.

「You seem to have had quite a bit of fun with Yunis yesterday, and before that, it was Lilu, right?」

“Muu” Aur groans. Although there was no change in Spina’s expression, added to the fact that she was his apprentice, he shouldn’t really feel bad, but as male Aur felt a discomforting feeling when Spina suddenly talked about his relationship with the other women like she just did.

「Am I not worthy of receiving your favour?」

Spina blatantly asked him. She has already used her mouth, hands and even chest to service him, but Aur has yet to embrace Spina, and she was still a pure chaste virgin.

「As a sorceress practicing magic, it is better to retain your chastity. Being a virgin has various advantages to it」

Being beautiful and being pure with those things alone, there will be various advantages to magic. In spite of the fact that it is easy to become corrupted, the longer you are able preserve that chastity the more power you will be able to obtain.

For a maiden, just being a virgin, especially if you are a beautiful maiden, that in itself will give you power. The reason that Aur required virgin girls, was also for this specific purpose. It is possible to use them as sacrifices for demons, or even use them as a medium for the magician, lastly they are also useful to embrace and savour for yourself, there is really no disadvantage in them.

「……Is that so?」

「Are you upset ?」


Spina shakes her head. As per usual her expression doesn’t change.

「I will abide by whatever my revered teacher has told me and do as you will. There is no reason for me to feel any dissatisfaction」

He truly did not know if she was saying that seriously or sarcastically, and it troubled him. After making her into his apprentice, she was a woman that he could not predict or read at all. She was reliable as a candidate to become his successor; however it doesn’t change the fact that she was difficult to deal with.

「…….I’ve finished」

Suddenly she blew on the remnants dust off the wooden carving, and raised the golem’s head up.

「Umu, then let me see you try and move it」


Spina lined up the parts together so that it would form a human shape, and then she gently took a breath in and chanted an incantation. A jet black magical power that was darker than the shadows emerged from her body and engraved itself on the body of the wooden golem, just like a patterned ink, it pervaded its body.

The eye sockets which was carved out on the golem glittered with an eerie light. It was a black light, the black light was connected to the various gaps within the golems body, attaching itself to its various joints.

It was moving awkwardly as it stood up, and it was almost like a marionette that was being handled by an unskilful clown. However, just as it was about to stand up straight, it staggers in place and fell towards Spina.

Getting hit by her own golem, Spina fell down and head of her small golem also came apart.

「Are you alright?」

It was a doll made from a dry tree. Therefore it wasn’t supposed to be that heavy, and it seems like Spina got out unharmed. However, there was a sound of crashing glass. *Parin* When I looked at what made the sound, the flask that was supposed to contain the pink slime had crashed towards the floor and was creeping towards Spina.

「Tsk, Spina, what is this fellows weak point!」

If Aur touched the slime recklessly, it may even be able digest him. The easiest method to deal with a slime in normal circumstances would be to use fire magic to burn it, however there was also slimes with the ability to eat fire, thereby being flame proof. If he were to burn that kind of slime with fire, it would only absorb the flame and grow even bigger.

「It’s alright, this child doesn’t eat the living」

The slime that stuck to Spina’s arm slowly wriggled itself towards her elbow. Indeed, there wasn’t a single wound on her skin, however, it seems that the slime is gradually growing larger. This was proof that it was digesting something.

「This child eats things like: metal, certain kinds of plants and the skin of dead animals…… In other words, it only eats clothes」

After moving across Spina’s dress which had a long sleeve, it started to completely digest the material and make it disappear. The transparent slime was moving across her body and slowly attaching itself to her white skin. It ate her clothes, and the slime that was supposed to be only a fist in size, was now enveloping the whole of Spina’s body.

「By the way, I also added an aphrodisiac effect to it, so when it wraps around a person’s body like this, it will have the effect of making that person go into heat 」

「Just what exactly have you made here!? 」

Aur shouted out reflexively. The fact that what was happening was not an accident or by chance was something Aur was beginning to understand.

「Nn, Nnn…..It is even trying to…. enter my body」

The slime crawls towards Spina’s abdominal region. Her clothes were barely apparent, and her sexy voluptuous body was getting exposed.

「How could you have the nerve to make such a thing……Oi, is this thing going to try attacking me as well?」

Spina’s face was flushing as part of the side effect of the aphrodisiac and she shook her head.

「It hates males so, if you touch it, it should try to flee. especially if you paste your semen over it」

「Was this all planned? Are you a genius or….!?」

Aur was at wits end. This apprentice was extremely troublesome. What a tremendous amount of talent she had, for her to be able to make something so splendid on her first try… Did she actually plan for the golem to stagger and fall on to her like it did?

「Umm, if you don’t hurry, my first partner will become a slime」

「I understand, stop pushing me! …….good grief」

He felt a slight apprehension to the brilliance of his disciple, as he began to embrace her. Perhaps it was because of the effects of the aphrodisiac, or maybe it was some other factor involved, but the fact of the matter was that her sacred place was already dripping wet.

As if the slime disliked Aur’s skin touching it, the pink slime wriggles away and falls apart.

「If you don’t hold me really closely, the slime won’t come off」

「You sure have a lot of demands don’t you?」

Aur glued himself closely to her skin, closing his mouth and moving his hands towards her back. When he started rubbing her whole body and patting it, the slime completely withdraws from Spina’s body. At this point in time, all the clothes on her body had already melted and fell.

「It’s completely off you now」

When he tried to separate his body, Spina’s arms and legs wrapped around him as she let out a sweet moan.

「This won’t do…..If you don’t embrace me, the effects of the aphrodisiac will make me go crazy」

「Just from how far back have you planned this!?」

Spina probably didn’t need to explain that the effects of the aphrodisiac would make her crazy, because at the present state, Aur had no intention of pulling back anyways.  The act of trying to separate a moment ago was just him keeping up appearances.

「….If you wanted me to hold you, you could have just told me from the start. Even if you don’t go about it in such a roundabout manner, I would of embraced you as many times as you wanted」

「…..I-I can’t say something like that」

Averting her glance, Spina’s cheeks blushed. This blush was probably not the result of the love potion…

While thinking about how troublesome of a woman she was, Aur began to perform his pelvic thrusts. No matter how elaborate her plan was to employ this level of stratagem against him, in the end, she only wanted him to embrace her, and when Aur thought about it in this manner, he couldn’t help but to think of how cute Spina was.


Being pierced by Aur, Spina leaked out her voice from her nose. Normally her face would not change in the slightest, but right now she was being melted by the pleasure and as if she was feeling an ache, her eyebrows tightened.

Her features were as shapely as a doll, and she shut her eyes as if trying to desperately endure the feelings surging from her body. Looking at her like this, it fuelled Aur’s sadistic side.

「How do you feel? I’m wriggling it inside of you. You wanted to be violated by this right? How is it, the feeling of having your virginity deprived?」


She desperately chewed on her lips, and tried to keep her voice down. When he slowly poked the interior of her vagina, her body pulsated and trembled.

「This place here is called the clit…….it is a very sensitive place. Did you know? this place has no use whatsoever. Do you know why it exists on a woman’s body?」

Whilst grinding out his hips, he used his finger to touch her precious clit, and Spina profusely shook her head.

「The answer is “to provide a woman with sexual pleasure”」


When he stroked that spot, as expected, Spina leaked out her voice.

「Do you understand now? There is absolutely no other use for it, it only exists for a woman to obtain pleasure. Don’t you feel like it is a vulgar and shameless thing?」

「Ahh, Ahh, Hii, Ahhhnn!」

The moment the dam was breached, she could no longer hold out her moans. One after another, the stimulus that was boiling inside of her began to well up as she was being toyed with by Aur. Spina could not help but to raise her voice.

「Nnnn~, Nn, Fuu, Ah, Hiii!」

Her mouth was being violated by his tongue, her clit was being rubbed by his fingers, and her vagina was being pierced by his meat stick. Each of those things separately made Spina moan, and her body vibrate with pleasure.

Her body was effected by the aphrodisiac but she also longed for her master dearly and this raised the sensitivity of her body to the maximum levels, even the mere touch of his palm against her skin would provide her with a rapturing stimulus. She had already reached her climax many times now, and her head was going blank as she just lay there in absolute acceptance of Aur existence.

「Here I go……Accept it, Spina!」

「Hyaaaaaaaa! Ahhhhhh, Ah, Ah Fuaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!」

Doku Doku, Aur puts out all his semen into her vaginal walls, and Spina burned that wonderful sensation into her mind. Her mouth was slovenly spilling out drool, and her crotch was spurting out her tide, and her eyes were watery with her tears.

The whites of her eyes were showing as Spina reached her orgasm, When he saw her expression like this, Aur even started to think that her words of “going crazy” if he didn’t embrace her may have been true. For a virgin like Spina to feel so good and go crazy with lust and desire….. Just what kind of aphrodisiac did she mix into that slime?!

In actual fact, it wasn’t just about the aphrodisiac, the fact is Spina was also crazy about Aur and was deeply in love with him, however Aur was oblivious to the matter.

If the intruder was a woman, he could probably start using this slime as a way to repel the enemy, or even use it as a form of torture……. is what Aur considered in his mind. That’s when he realized that the slime had completely disappeared from the room…

After a few minutes, he felt like he heard Yunis’s scream from a distance, but considering that Spina had lost consciousness with a really happy look on her face as she tightly embraced Aur, even if he wanted to run towards Yunis to save her, it would probably be too late. (Light Novel Illustration: Spina Covered in Slime)



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