Chapter 8: Lets gather all the Evil Henchman Part 2


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of Maou no Hajimekata contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

「Master! A Kobold has made their den on the first floor」

「Ohh, At last!」

Listening to Lilu’s report, Aur instinctively lets out a smile.

It was unusual to see him look so delighted, so Lilu inclines her neck.

「I thought that Kobold’s weren’t that strong of a creature? They are only a tad bit stronger than Goblin’s, right? 」

「Yeah, that is exactly the case. ………..However, they are fellows who originally lived in mines, they are also known as earthen spirits. They are weakened by iron and fell into the dark because of it. Nevertheless, they developed an extraordinary talent with handling stone craftsmanship and most importantly that are one of the best tunnel diggers around. Up till now, I have been able to manage forming the dungeon with my amateur skills in conjunction with some of the fellow Imp’s magical reserves in order to expand the dungeon, however with the Kobolds help, we will be able to expand at an accelerated pace」

If I am not mistaken, this place in the dungeon has hardly changed, and it is the place where the Imp’s had fallen. I hardly saw any repairs being done to this part of the dungeon, that’s when I suddenly remembered to warn Lilu.

「Listen up! Don’t you dare let the Kobolds get away. From the amount of food we saved, you can distribute to them about 10 percent. Entertain them, and do whatever you must to drag them in as our allies. I don’t care if you need to use your Charm Magic on them. Also they are natural enemies with the Orcs, make sure their nests are separated, and don’t let those two encounter each other. If a fight breaks out, the Orcs are bound to win. When the necessity arises, prioritize the Kobolds over the Orcs, Even if you have to exterminate all the Orcs, just do it. Protect the Kobolds. You understand me? 」

Aur explains with such zeal and enthusiasm that Lilu was a little overawed, she flinched and nodded her head up and down.

「Also there’s the a group of Aluvu saying that they want to meet you, What do you want to do?

Should we call Yunisu for the time being? 」

「Did you say Aluvu?」

Fumu, Aur was thinking for a while, as he shakes his head.

「No, don’t worry about sending Yunisu. You and I will deal with this」

Aluvu are a species of fairies that live in the forest. Depending on which region you lived in, they have also been referred to as Elves.

Generally both the men and women were very beautiful, they were proficient in handling a bow and using black magic, furthermore they live a very long life so they barely know what it means to age.

Aur was receiving them in the reception room that existed in the Second Floor of the dungeon. Five beautiful women who had dark brown skin appeared in front of him.

They all had dark hair and almond shaped pupils the color of jade.

These women who have dark brown skin was most likely either a race of Black Aluvu, or Dark Aluvu.  Compared to the Ryosu Aluvu who have white skin, the Dark skinned Aluvu is known to be close to the darkness and are more in tune with their wild side.

「For giving us the chance for this interview, We give you our thanks. I am the leader of this Black Clan, my name is Ellen」

The woman who was standing at the front of the others began to talk.

「I am Aur. State your business」

Aur sits deeply in his chair, and answered back with an attitude of arrogance.

「Then please allow me to get straight to the point, I would like you to provide protection for my Clan. Those hateful White Aluvu’s, they have managed to almost wipe us Black Clan off the earth, and those of us who survived have scattered away. The only party which remains here, is one which I have assembled, only us 5 including me. We don’t even know what has happened to the others or what’s become of them」

「…………Did the White Aluvu’s join hands with the humans? 」

When Aur mentioned this, Ellen’s body started to tremble.

「As one would expect, from such a great being, King of this Labyrinth, Aur-dono. Were you able to see through that far…..?」

When compared to the belligerent Black Aluvu, the White Aluvu is supposed to be a race who likes peacefulness and stagnation.

If a fight were to break out, the White Aluvu should have stood no chance.

In other words, it is likely that the Black Aluvu provokes war, and the White Aluvu who was cornered into a situation decided to cooperate with the humans in order to avenge their fallen.

It can’t really be said that the White Aluvu were on friendly terms with the humans, but in comparison to the Black Aluvu who was clearly hostile with the humans, the White Aluvu was in a favorable situation. The Humans also think of the Black Aluvu as some sort of a devil spawn.

「Your race were killed by humans, and yet you come to me who is a human for help?」

What Aur was afraid of was if Ellen had a grudge against humans, would that grudge also extend to Aur who was also a human?

「Aur-dono, is a being who has exceeded the limits of a human. If you will allow your protection to be bestowed upon us, we would never even think of rising our hands against you」

Both people were quietly staring at each other, searching for any lies within their gazes.

「………Very well. What will you give me as compensation? Surely, you aren’t going to tell me that all you will do is not oppose me, right? 」

For the time being, he discerned that they were not lying to him, therefore Aur questioned them further.

「Naturally. Although there are only five of us, each of us here are warriors that could match a thousand men.

Until the day that we are able to subdue those hateful White Aluvu’s, we shall dedicate our everything to Aur-dono」

If they are truly the Elite forces of the Black Aluvu, even though there is only five of them, they will be a war potential to be reckoned with. If they get lucky, perhaps they will even be able to reunite with some of their lost comrades and increase their clan numbers. They didn’t really specify a time limit, however, taking into account how long the Aluvu’s actually lived, a period of 100 years probably meant nothing to them.

「Very well, I am sure you wouldn’t mind if I placed a curse of submission unto your bodies?」

「Of course」

「Also, allow me to change the contents of the contract a little bit. Do not kill the White Aluvu, instead you must try to capture them alive if possible. You may kill all the males, though the women shouldn’t be touched」

「Capturing them…..Alive? 」

Ellen showed her disapproval to my proposal. It is definitely more difficult to capture them alive then it is to just straight up kill them.

This will probably increase the amount of damage they need to take. Above all, Ellen started to doubt whether Aur had the intentions to protect the White Aluvu’s.

「Rather than just killing them, wouldn’t you like to see the White Aluvu’s become tainted and humiliated instead? They will be violated until they go mad, they will be humiliated, I will make them taste  a torture so painful that they would rather die, except they won’t be allowed such a freedom,  Wouldn’t you like to see this happen?」

Aur floated a completely wicked smile, Ellen became a little more relieved and let out a laughter in return.

「Of course, consideration for the amount shall be paid in full. Thou shall be given enchanted bows and arrows, and it shall become thy war potential. I shall also lend you my apparitions and demons. Thou has stated that the five of you are warriors worth a thousand men, in that case, I shall bestow upon you a force of 5000 men. Challenging both the White Aluvu and the Humans which have joined hands with them, will surely be no easy feat to accomplish」

「……..By your will. We accept those conditions, and we shall obey Lord Aur」

All five people including Ellen kneeled before me. Aur nodded approvingly and he turned his gazed towards Lilu who was right by his side.

「Lilu, prepare the room. Is there any good vacant rooms they can stay in? 」

「Let me see, Is it fine if I place them in the Southeast wing of the Second Floor? Next to the Dverugu—」

「Not there」

Aur interrupted Lilu’s words abruptly.

「……We shall place them in the Northeast side of the Third Floor」

「Eh……But it will not be easy for them to go outside from the third floor, besides that will place them too close to the residential quarters, And the fact that there isn’t that many good rooms left in the third floor」

An expression of astonishment floated across Lilu’s face. Did Ellen hear Lilu’s words? Ellen’s ear twitched and her eyebrows puckered up.  Her eyes seemed to answer my question. 『Lord Aur, are you perhaps going to treat us coldly?』

「Do not worry about your accommodations. …….There has been arrangements made for an underground waterway to be built right next to the room thou shall be allotted to. Making use of the terrestrial heat, the bathroom will continuously flow out with hot water」

「Ooh! A Bathroom! 」

Ellen seems to let out an expression of pleasant surprise.

「I cannot treat you beautiful Aluvu maiden’s in the same manner as the other beasts below me. Thou are like a cold and dark gem in a box, I will not let such beauty be ruined or injured. Additionally, thou shall be provided with the same high quality meals that we eat」

「Indeed, we are not the same like the Dverugu they are filthy earthen sprites, who will be pleased to roll around in soil getting covered with mud all day. We are very thankful, for your special consideration」

Ellen bows deeply.

「………..Aur, you are really weak to beautiful women, aren’t cha? 」

Lilu puffs out her cheeks as she complains. Recently she would call him by 『My Master』but she was going back to calling him by Aur.

「How foolish. That was all your fault. Never mention the word Dverugu in front of the Aluvu’s」

Lilu was going to propose the Aluvu to stay in the vacant room, right next to the Dverugu. Ellen sensed such a development that was why she suddenly puckered her eyebrows.

「Whether it’s the White or Dark Aluvu’s, they have a traditionally bad relationship with the Dverugu. If you start to say things like you will prepare them a room next to each other, in the worst case they will both leave this dungeon. That’s just how bad their relationship is with each other. Be sure to remember this」

「Uu….I, I’m sorry」

Aur sigh and grabs unto Lilu’s waist pulling her close.

「Umm…..Are we going to do it here? 」

Though she is perplexed, Lilu adjusts her posture to accommodate to Aur.

「For you succubus, you are able to concentrate the most during sex, right?」

Aur lowers his pants, he also slid off Lilu’s clothing which barely consisted of any undergarments to begin with, and penetrated her immediately.

「I shall drive all the information in regards to Demon’s and their standings with each other, directly into your head. Until you remember every bit of important detail, I will continue to plunge my cock into you」

「Eh, Wai, Wait…….If you are, going to do……such a thing…then… least cut the pleasure signals to my brain!!」

「That cannot be done. …….The first and most important item you need to remember. Do you remember, who is the natural enemy of the Kobolds? 」

Whilst incessantly repeating his intense movements, Aur whispered right into Lilu’s ear.

「Orh…..Orc, Uu! Ah, damee, that’s, iyaaAh! 」

Due to her insides being stirred and hollowed out, Lilu bends her body loosely backwards letting out a high pitched moan. If he was to treat another human maiden as roughly as he did, she would only be able to feel pain, however, to a succubus like Lilu, the only thing she could feel right now is pleasure.

「Then the next question, What is the being that cannot get along with Giant Spiders?」

「Nnn, Eh, umm, oo……..Ah, iyaa, Ahhnn! Ah, is it F, Fly?! The Giant, Fly!」

「Correct answer」

The Giant Spider was a species huge enough to eat a man’s head in one bite, for a Giant Spider, the Giant Fly was its favorite food. Even if the Giant fly was just passing through, the Giant Spider would pursue it relentlessly and make sure to eat it.

「Alright, what about this, who does not get along with Vampires?」

「Ehhh!? Naa, Aahnn, I do, not, knoww, Ohh! Did, they even, have a natural enemy?……Nnn」

「The correct answer is a person with a sacred profession. Holy energy is their weak point」

He relentlessly gouged out her insides, and forced his way deep inside of her.

「AahhhhhAhh! Wh, what is with thatt, that’s not fair……Ahhhhh! Dame, dameee! I’m going to become, wee–irred」

「That is troublesome. There is still plenty of things that I need to teach you. What is the thing incompatible with Fire Drakes? 」

「Dra….ke, Dra, Ahhh, dragon’s, Ahhhnn, da–meee……How could they have a natural enemy? Ahh! I don’t know…..」

「The correct answer is a large amount of Frost Giants. That’s because the Fire Drakes hate the cold and the hibernate during the winter」

「Mouu, you are most definitely just bullyingg mee, you big sadist pervertt——!」

That day, in the corner of the Second Floor of Aur’s Labyrinth, shrieks of pain and pleasure, and of Lilu shouting out abusive words reverberated around the hallways.



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