Chapter 8 Side Story 1: Let’s have Intercourse with the Subordinates


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of Maou no Hajimekata contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

「Iyaa~ Marie is truly cute isn’t she? Even though I am living inside of her shadow, it is still very comfortable ze」

「Don’t raise your voice you pervert」

While Aur was holding on to his own head in displeasure, Marie was walking right next to him. Inside of her shadow, Logan the demon was living within it.

Other than using him for combat purposes Aur did not really know how to use him for anything else, in any case, Aur decided that Logan would be allowed to lie dormant within Marie’s shadow. This wasn’t because Aur was being discriminatory towards Marie or that he favoured Spina and Yunis more, instead it was more of a precaution. This is because Marie is still young and immature, she tends to wander around without knowing where she’s going.

Therefore, having him be her shadow has the advantage of him being her guard and watchdog, another good reason is that Logan would finally stop complaining if he were allowed to stay as her shadow so it was used as a method to shut him up.

「Listen up, other than the weekly quota of blood, you are not allowed to lay your hands on her, you understand?」

「I’m telling you already, I understand Boss. Even for me, I don’t ever want to lose such a fine specimen of a human being. Yes Lolita, No Touch!」

「No, Touch!」

「Don’t copy the stupid way he speaks, Marie」

Unexpectedly his relationship with Marie wasn’t actually that bad, however Aur swore in his heart that the moment Logan finished his purpose, he would immediately turn Logan into cinders and send him back to hell.

「Mio, How are things going?」

「Ah, Aur-san. Yes, I’ve just completed the brushing」

When Aur peered into the domesticated animal room, Mio was using a long brush in one of her hands to brush the back of a cow. She had just finished patting the back of the cow *Pon Pon*.

The animals were meant to become food as livestock, however because of the fact that Aur had been accumulating quite the abundance of food lately, there was no need to immediately cook the livestock, therefore they have been able to live comfortably for now. The person who volunteered to take care of the livestock was Mio.

To begin with she was one of the girls that used to live as a farmer’s daughter, and when she came to see how negligent Aur’s group had been of taking care of the livestock, she raised her eyebrows in anger. Even though she was presented by the village as a sacrifice to him, or even when it would seem that Aur may feed her soul to the devils she didn’t get angry in the slightest, however on this particular matter she was able to suddenly shout and so Aur was quite surprised, however since that time she had been assigned as the brave care taker of the livestock.

Normally Mio herself would eat the amount of her modest servings of food without any complaints, however when she started taking care of the livestock, she would firmly and without reservation demand the required food for the livestock. Thanks to her, the livestock room has grown bigger and broader, facilities and equipment have been built as well. It has become a full-fledged ranch.

「I’m just about to go to the bath right now. Do you also want to come?」

「Ah, Will that be alright? Then in that case, I will accept the kind offer」

Although she doesn’t seem to be the type to care that much about her external appearances, even so because she is a girl Aur still pays attention to her hygiene needs. If a person takes care of the domesticated animals, no matter how one tries to avoid it they will start to smell like the animals, and sweating is inevitable. Because it is awkward for her to be the one to request a bath, when Aur offered her the opportunity she felt quite happy.

「The baths are always heated, therefore you do not need my permission to enter it. Whenever you wish to take a bath, you may do so」


After Mio left the animal shed, her expression turned a little nervous and she gave a curt bow to Aur. When things were not related to taking care of the livestock, Mio turned into a weak natured girl that was timid and very reserved.


When Aur kept walking down the corridor to the baths, Logan suddenly spoke in a muffled voice. Just as he was reaching the next destination, there was this pull and he was torn away from Marie’s shadow as he began to materialize.

「You don’t need to take a shower. Do not break this barrier」

This was the charm against evil beings from entering the bathroom which he previous installed. Even saying this, the fact is that this charm had no effect on Lilu, therefore to be quite frank, this charm was specifically made for Logan.

「Whaa!? Don’t joke around with me, you bastard are you trying to monopolize Marie’s soft skin all to yourself!?」

「Don’t put me in the same category as you」

Having said that Aur has received Lilu’s expert mouth services so many times that he can’t really talk much for himself.

「Ah, excuse me Aur-san, Don’t you think he is a little pitiful……?」

Logan was prevented from entering by the barrier and Mio must have instinctively saw Logan as a sort of poor looking domesticated animal that was about to be taken to the slaughter house and she felt sorry for him and so she spoke out for him.

「Ohh, this old lady says some pretty good things!」

「Never mind, it was only my imagination, let’s go」

However, the moment Logan spoke out Mio instantly turned her heels and walked into the bathroom. Although Mio may pale in comparison to the other very beautiful women living in this dungeon, after all she was in the bloom of her youth at a ripe age of 16. Even Mio had a maiden’s heart and feelings.

「Ohh, I’m sorry to have entered before you my Lord 」

After opening the bathroom doors, along with being surprised Mio was also depressed. The people who were enjoying themselves in the bath was Ellen and her band of black elves. Even when Mio saw the very beautiful Lilu, Yunis and Spina line up together she would feel a sense of inferiority, but when she saw five dark brown skinned beautiful girls lined up and totally nude for all to see, the shock factor was even more impressive.

「Eh, is this a mixed bath!?」

Seeing Aur have no hesitation whatsoever as he took off all his clothes and throwing it into the basket on the side, Mio’s voice instinctively turned inside out.

「It is so. At this point in time however, the only male in this dungeon is me though. Creating this room and making the water boil continuously wastes a lot of magical energy. There would be no point in me creating a separate room just for that right?」

Aur smoothly and naturally disregarded the existence of Logan as a male.

An elaborate calculation of the dungeon’s corridors and pathing system, preparation of the dragon veins to supply energy to this room, being able to transfer the terrestrial heat into this room to heat up the bath everything about this room had been carefully constructed by Aur this room was his pride.

Mosaic tiles were used to decorate the room and there was a natural slant that made the water gather towards the centre of the room. The bathtub was not the kind that you set up above the floor, it was the type where the floor was dug so that hot water would be collected. When it was first built it was necessary to throw in the hot burning stones to heat up the bath, but now even without the stones the bath would be warmed to the right temperature and anyone can enter whenever they felt like it. In other words, this was a man-made hot spring.

「My lord, the bow that you gifted me the last time we met is superb! A single arrow took out a grizzly bear. I shall present to you its fur and meat later」

Ellen was being friendly and making small talk and so Aur responded with a smile. Although she used a very formal way of speaking, it was by no means the cold attitude that she used when she first met him.

The Dwarves were the one who created it and Aur enchanted the bow with his magic to turn it into a very high quality magic bow. The weight of the bow was surprisingly light and yet it’s strength was still more than a crossbow. The arrow would strike wherever you aimed it and if you aimed it into the sky the arrow would fly across the horizon until you couldn’t see it anymore. To top it all off, if you added the skill of the Elves with the bow than it becomes a sure hit bull’s-eye weapon. When all 5 of the dark elves were wielding this bow simultaneously it is like watching a rain of arrows pouring across the battlefield.

「Umu, I’m glad that you like it. It will be good if we find your comrades soon」

Holding Marie under his arms Aur sat himself next to the circle of elves. For the young Marie the hot spring was still a little too deep for her short height, therefore so that she doesn’t drown Aur was holding her up.

「Mio, you should also enter already」

Mio was just standing in the entrance of the bathroom as her face changed from a blush of red to blue she was being restless and fidgety. After being urged by Aur, Mio reluctantly took off her clothes and timidly entered the edge of the bath burying her body in the water. The warmth of the water gradually wrapped around her body, and that good feeling made her unintentionally let out a sigh of comfort.

「The thing is My Lord」

*Cough* clearing her throat Ellen tried to continue the conversation.

「Giving us such a wonderful thing, we would like to prove our loyalty towards my Lord. In that regard, that is….. Rather than just swearing our loyalty we would like to become one with my Lord」

Ellen took a glance at Mio for just an instant.

「Ahh, you don’t have to worry about her. Do you mind it if we do it here?」

「If my Lord wishes for it, any time and place will be fine」

Sliding up towards Ellen Aur pressed against her breasts. If you were to compare it to the slender and slim white elves, the dark elves had a much more sensual body type.

「Mio, Hold her」

Aur was passing Marie towards Mio as if he was passing a baby cat. Ellen placed her hands against the edge of the bath and thrust her hips out towards Aur. Just like that when Aur pierced her from behind, the elven girls stared to approach Aur coquettishly and lean against his body.

「Haaaa………. As expected of Aur-dono, the hardness of this place is amazingg…..」

「Back at your clan, they taught you how to pleasure a man didn’t they? 」

Using both of his hands to alternate fondling the other dark elves, Aur was thrusting into Ellen from behind as he whispered into her ears.

「Ahhh…….Of course, My lord…..」

Ellen tightens the grip of her vagina and her waist was shaken intensely swallowing up Aur’s member. Flesh and flesh colliding against each other creating a *Pan Pan* sound throughout the bathroom, spreading the indecent smell of a woman in heat.

「I see, this is….. Definitely deserving its reputation of being a devil skill. It truly is a devilish pleasure」

「It does not lose even to Lilu-dono’s technique right? Please enjoy it to your heart’s content」

In order to properly use the bow they forged their bodies. Aur’s cock was screwing their soft flesh as he whispered sweet nothings into her long sensitive ears. He was thoroughly enjoying their smooth skin and their moans were raising his arousal.  Although each of the elves embracing him did not use very complicated techniques, their coordination and encirclement did not lose to a succubus, this was truly a melting pleasure circle.

「However, in terms of experience in bed, you still have a long way to go, don’t you?」

Aur grabbed on to her waist as he suddenly and deeply poked inside of her.

「Fu Ahhhh」

Such an overbearing pace cause her breath to be disarranged as Ellen’s spine curved backwards.

In that opening, Aur rubbed his penis against her inner vagina walls and against her belly.

「Fuaaah, Ahhhhhh!」

Trembling and shivering Ellen’s knees were going weak, Aur placed his hands to support her stomach as he grinded his hips. Because they were doing it from behind, it was much easier to go deeper than any other position.

「Ah, Ah, ah, ah, Ahh…….!」

Ellen did not have much room to breathe as her voice climbed higher and higher.

「Th, at, feels too, go, od…..! I’m cu….mming!」

Ellen grips on to the edge of the bathtub firmly, as she tensed up her spine and arched and shook her body. Her vagina became even narrower and it tightened itself on to Aur’s thing.

「Here I come….!」

Aur pulled his waist out and… once, twice, three times he pierced into her interior.

「Ahh, Ahh, Ahhhhhhh!」

And while pressing against her supple waist with a jerk, a large amount of his lust and desires was poured inside of her.


Having the interior of her womb violated, she didn’t let out a single voice, she was unable to even breathe. Ellen reached the peak of her orgasm.

Although the hole was being plugged by his penis, the volume was just so much that it was beginning to flow out. He wrung out the last remaining surges of desire as he breathed out and separated from her. Ellen was also finally able to relax a little and let go of her tense body.

Leaning her staggering and exhausted body against the edge of the bath tub she was out of energy. The pleasure she experienced was just so excessive that her whole body lost its strength and she wasn’t even able to stand.

「To become like that just from one round, you still have a long way to go compared to Lilu」

Showing a wicked smile, Aur’s member was now being licked clean by the two dark elves beside him as they competed to take in his flavour. The other two elves were learning against him as they whispered in his ear.

「There are still four of us remaining. Naturally, we will also be able to experience your affections?」

「Ahh, of course」

Aur embraces the beautiful elf maidens with a grin on his face. Even if they could only last one round against him, there was 5 of them. What was highest record before Lilu was unable to bear it any longer and fainted from the pleasure? Aur was thinking such things as he grasped on to his next target.



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