Chapter 8 Side Story 2: Let’s have Intercourse with the Subordinates


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of Maou no Hajimekata contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

「Ahh! Ahh! Ahhhhhhhh!」

Almost like it was some sort of death cry, the vaginas of the exhausted elves were pumped with his seed. When Aur pulled out his penis, just like the four other elves her womb was filled with cloudy fluids that dripped out of her crotch area, she was leaning against the edge of the bath. These five women already lost their strength after experiencing only one orgasm. Perhaps it was because the elves bodies had a really deep orgasm?

While thinking about such things, Aur turns around to face the other way.


Mio gasped when she saw that between Aur’s groins, his cock had not lost any vitality and was still standing tall.

「…..Did you start comforting yourself?」

Seeing such a scene before her probably made her aroused. While embracing Marie with her left arm, Mio’s right arm was placed in between her crotch area. Mio panicked and quickly placed her hand behind her back as if to cover her actions.

「You don’t need to hide it. Although I did not plan to embrace you……. I will take it as the price of paying you for taking care of the livestock. Let’s assume that this is your reward」

As if she was trying to escape Aur who was gradually sloshing past the hot water towards her, Mio stepped back little by little but there was not much room to retreat as she had already been sitting near the edge of the bath.

「Marie, you should get out of the bath first. Make sure to properly wipe your body and put on your clothes. Do you think you can do that?」


Cheerfully nodding her head, Marie went to the corner of the room where a set of clean clothes were located and she got dressed, Aur then proceeded to grab hold of Mio with both of his hands.

「Ah, excuse me, Aur-san, I’m not as beautiful as the elves over there, that is…. I mean…」

Saying this herself, she was making herself feel depressed. Yeah, for him it was a simple matter of wanting to try out different kinds of girls Because he was so used to eating such an expensive high-class meal, he thought that occasionally it would be pretty good as well if he were to eat at a homely cheap restaurant, it was that kind of feeling.

「Don’t belittle yourself. While it is true that you cannot be called a beautiful girl, you are not ugly either」

Because she was having such thoughts, Aur’s words really pierced the wedge in the depths of her heart. Aur holds on to Mio’s chin and looked straight into her eyes at point-blank range.

「Your appearance is not bad at all. If you polish it, I’m sure that it will shine. ……What do you think, shall I polish it for you?」

Aur’s deep brown eyes peered into Mio. Those eyes were capable of even seeing the depth of another’s soul.

I can’t. I must not nod. In Mio’s mind the sound of alarm bells was ringing as if warning her. If I nod now, I can’t come back. I will never be able to meet my family again, I will never be able to return to being the carefree girl that didn’t know anything about the world. Instinctively Mio had realized it.

She realized that from the bottom of her heart, the man in front of her who just yesterday was 『A hard to please magician-san but at the same time was really quite friendly』actually had this fire burning inside of him, and that he was an existence even more wicked than the devils themselves.



Gulp, Mio nods her head. The proposal made was just so sweet and enticing, and she was not able to fight against the attraction. It does not mean that she wanted to become beautiful. Neither did she want to be praised.

It was just that the man in front of her caught her attention, and he was also interested in her, it was a simple thing and this caused Mio to go against the warning signals her brain was sending out and made her move her body based on her instincts alone.


Aur embraces Mio who nodded her head and kissed her. The kiss was neither tender nor gentle. This was just the way he treated his 『things』, mercilessly and impudently Aur ravished her inner mouth as he pleased.

「Nnn, mu, uuu!!」

With that alone Mio reaches a light orgasm and her body trembles.

Aur placed his hands under her armpits, he lifted her up from the bath and made her sit on the edge of the hot spring. And grabbing both of her legs, he spread her apart.

「I’m going to put it in just like this」

Before Mio could even respond, Aur had already taken her virginity. Her special area was clearly already wet with a different type of fluid from the water in the hot spring because she had been watching the lewd act between Aur and the Dark Elves whilst touching herself.


The feeling of having the interior of her inexperienced womb be violated brought her intense pain and at the same time a more pleasurable feeling than she had ever felt in her life, just like that she came a second time, Byuu, byuu the sound of her cumming and releasing her low tide resounded.

Her soul had already completely fallen into Aur’s hands, and even though he brought her pain, he also brought her joy. If she was ordered to stick out her neck, she would probably stick out her throat towards the blade without any questions. She was just an ordinary village girl, and now this wicked and powerful magician completely and utterly possessed her.

「Fuaah, Fuu, Fuaaah, Ahhh, Fuahhh!」

The more that she had the deepest parts of her poked by Aur, she felt like lightning was running along her whole body with waves of pleasure and climax. Other than crying in a high pitched voice, there was nothing else Mio could do. Her thoughts had already long ago flown out of her head, the more that Aur came in and out of her vagina, something that was important to her previously kept on spilling out.

「…….That seems to be very fun. I wonder if you will let me join in?」

Finally, Ellen and the elve’s strength seemed to have recovered and before anyone noticed they were already twining their bodies against Aur’s.

「Although I don’t like human beings, in order to receive Aur-dono’s affections, it is an exception…..」

Ellen clings to Aur as she sucks on his lips, the other elf crawls her tongue along the nape of his neck.

The remaining three elves started to suck on both of Mio’s breasts and also her lips.

「Nnn, Nnnnnnnn!!」

Having her mouth plugged she couldn’t even let out her voice, Mio was experiencing too many orgasms that her field of vision was becoming pure white bliss, she even felt that her mind was becoming blank and empty. The memories of her parents, the memories of the livestock, all of these memories felt very distant right now as if they had flown far away. The person known as Mio was becoming lost and even the pleasure was not reaching her brain anymore. She was just in a state of vague consciousness buoyantly existing as a lump of meat to be infringed upon.

「Here I come…..!」

In such an empty vessel, Aur poured his seed into her. Bachin, suddenly the image of a rich and dense spark scatters and her consciousness is revived. At the same time, an unprecedented and terrific amount of pleasure attacked her body. This pleasure surged out to every corner of her body and filled it to the brim.

Her existence was lost and in its stead everything was filled up with the existence known as Aur.

Finally a single drop of tear streamed down Mio’s cheeks.

「Are these Hellhounds…..?」

Aur brought back five black dogs and Mio was staring at them in wonder.

「Yeah. Whilst these maybe a type of demonic dogs, the way you care for them shouldn’t be any different from a regular dog.

While they may have big bodies, they will not attack you, therefore you can feel relieved」

「I understand. I will try my hardest to take care of them!」

Whilst patting the huge dogs that were as large as a bull, Mio showed a light-hearted smile just like she used to before. However, there was this new type of sex appeal in her look that didn’t exist in it before, she was also full of confidence.

Her soul had fallen to darkness, and even the toxic miasma that demons exuded no longer affected her in a negative way. On the contrary, the miasma was making her physical condition even better.

「Then I will rely on you」

「Yes. As long as Aur-sama instructs me to do something, I will be willing to do anything!」

The Mio right now, even if Aur ordered her to, she would gladly send these pack of hounds against her own parents. In normal circumstances, after embracing the sacrificial girls and or using their blood for magic, he would return them to the village, however by Aur’s whim, and because she was so good at taking care of the livestock, Aur decided that Mio would be taken prisoner by the darkness for her whole life and serve him.

Which choice would have made Mio happier? This was something that we will never find out. (Light Novel Illustration: Mio and Ellen)



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