Chapter 9 Let’s Invade the Town – Part 4


「Ah, damn it!」

Ellen suddenly vented out her frustrations and when Aur turned his gaze to look in her direction, she looked at him apologetically.

「That is, I’m sorry My Lord. There was this man standing in the front lines, and he was taking on this very arrogant and cocky pose in the battlefield, so I let my arrow loose」

She apologises in a tone similar to when someone broke a glass cup accidentally. In front of Aur’s eyes, all the people who were gathering in front of the gate wasn’t even worthy of his distinction.

Looking up into the sky, he could see that the sun was approaching its mid-point and was starting to decline towards the west.

「No matter. Their time is about up and judging from their battle formations, they have given us our answer. Well then, shall we begin?」

The number of underlings working under Aur right now was: 200 Goblins, 70 Orcs and 30 Ogres. Moreover, Aur, the Black Elves, Spina and lastly Lilu was also participating. Yunis and Logan were left behind in the dungeon to protect it.

Mio and Marie were not suited for combat to begin with and Whilst Spina was not really considered as part of the fighting force right now, she was brought along so that she could experience and learn from the battle for future reference.

「Elves, your task is to shoot down and kill all the archers stationed on top of the watchtower. When my signal is given, you will attack them immediately. Lilu, Spina, come here」

The Elves nocked up their arrows and started to shoot their arrows one after another. Even though this was supposed to be a watchtower and they were handicapped by the height, the range and reach of their bows were totally different from the bows the archers used in town. even with the added height of being at the watch tower their arrows were not able to reach the Elves. Conversely, this was no issue for the Elves as they began to kill and shoot down the archers one after another.

Their sturdy bow was capable of instantly killing a grizzly bear with a single blow. Even from such a long distance, if a human were to get hit by an arrow launched by an elf, half of their body would be blown off in its entirety just from the resulting impact.

Instantly after, the enemy standing in front of the gates fell into great chaos and confusion.

Aur was being attended upon by Lilu and Spina who was standing to the left and right of him. He began to recite a magical incantation. While the amount of magical energy within Aur’s body was insufficient, because he was able to use Lilu as a medium and suck up the magical energy directly from her body, he was capable of having this explosive amount of mana. If the flow of mana is too excessive, it can actually become poison for the person who cannot contain it.

Therefore, the Lilu who was standing by his side was acting as a means to contain that energy and he was sucking up mana directly from her body to convert it into energy. theoretically, Aur made arrangements and injected the Lilu with large amounts of magical energy and now by retrieving mana from her, Aur should be capable of using even the grandest of magical spells.

「Now then, here I go……」

Adjusting the composition of his magic, Lilu continues to supply mana to Aur by kissing him. Drawing a deep breath, Aur swings his glowing arms down.


A great explosion occurred as the gate of the town was scattered and smashed into pieces.

「What happened!? What the hell is going on!?」

「My arms…… My arms is goneeeee!! Where did it goo arghhhh!?」

「What are the archer corps doing!??」

「Risha….. I really wanted to meet you one last time…」

「Those guys have already been annihilated!」

「Coming, they are coming!」

「Nooo, I don’t want to die, I ain’t staying in a place like this any longer!」

The battlefield was in total mayhem. Including the captain of the soldiers who died by Ellen’s arrow, the archers on top of the watch towers had already been shot down one after another and died. There was a conflict between those who wanted to barricade themselves inside of the town and those who wanted to go out in order to fight and kill the Dark Magician. Because they lost their captain, the group of soldiers without a leader could not decide on an action, instead they were doing the most foolish thing they could, which was to stand around doing nothing.

There was a large explosion at the gate. Even though the gate was made out of wood, it was extremely thick and was an important gate which defended the town. The strength of the gate was considerably high, unless someone used a battering ram or continuously shot magic towards it, it was not a gate that could be broken at a moment’s notice. And yet, this precise gate was completely destroyed into a thousand splinters.

Many soldiers including various adventurers fell prey to the explosion and the enemy did not give them time to recuperate as they began marching towards the city, seeing their approach the city was in a state of panic.

「W-we shall defend the town to the death! You adventurers must struggle to repel the enemy!」

「What did you just say!? Don’t joke around with me, as if I could fight a monster like that!」

「We have payed you money, so at least do your work! In the first place, aren’t you the ones who guaranteed that you would be able to protect us from their magical attacks!? Don’t just talk big and start doing your frickin job!!」

「there is no one in this world that can prevent a magical spell of that magnitude! T-that was an ultra-super-long distance castle sieging spell you know!? That is not a technique a human can pull off! I don’t need your money, you can have it back!」

Just a little while ago they were exchanging a merry conversation with smiles on their faces, but now they were in a heated argument.

『If the need arises, use the adventurers as a meat shield』

This was the orders given directly by the Mayor of the town towards the soldiers. In that situation, the payment will also decrease.

「You shall not! If you try to escape from battle….. then we will treat you as traitors and deal with you first!」

Their eyes becoming bloodshot and crazed, the soldiers began to point their spears towards the adventurers. In front of them a group of monsters was marching forwards, behind them, the soldiers were pointing their spears towards them. The adventurers exchanged looks with each other and steeled themselves.

「….we understand. Let’s fight till our last breath then!」

And like that, they rushed towards the demons.

Looking at the soldiers who entered back into the protection of the town, one of the adventurer’s spits into the ground as he muttered.

「Idiots. There is no gate and no archers to speak of, even if they barricade themselves in the city, what do they think they can do? Aren’t they just going to be massacred along with all the civilians in town?」

Naturally, there is no need to mention that the adventurers had no plans to bravely face their enemies. Instead of charging directly into Aur’s army, the adventurers changed their course and began to run away. The enemy is aiming for the city. If they just stepped to the side a little and let them through, there is no longer any need to fight each other. The adventurers had all chosen to abandon this losing battle and flee.

「Fools. Even if you try to let them pass, they will be standing out there like sitting ducks, as if those monsters will let you get away」

Looking at the actions of the adventurers, one of the soldiers spat out. They have a method of attack to exterminate all the archers. Even if they were to take a detour and try to escape, they would only be pursued and murdered.

However, contrary to their expectations, none of the monsters went for the escaping adventurers and they were actually allowed to safely escape from the battlefield.

「….Is it really alright if we do not shoot them down, My Lord?」


Ellen had already prepped her bow pointing it towards the fleeing adventurers but Aur nodded his head stopping her.

He needed to teach them a clear message in regards to this war.

「The battle seems to have been decided」

Before long, the monsters had begun surging into town. the plan was to stop the goblins before they completely destroyed the town. The orcs were being controlled by Aur, the ogres were being perfectly manipulated by Lilu, but the goblins were not under anyone’s control, they were free. The people of the city were afraid, they did not try to fight the orcs or ogres and just started to flee.

「Still, I think that the humans are foolish. In such a critical moment, they fight with each other and sabotage each other’s plans. What ugly creatures」

Agreeing with Ellen’s words, Spina nodded her head. However, Aur was shaking his head.

「That’s not entirely true. Human beings are creatures with a variety of different faces. It is likely that at the beginning, those human beings were rousing themselves under the pretext of justice thereby stirring up their fighting spirit. That in itself is in no way a falsehood or a lie. However, lurking beneath the shadows, humans are also filled with dark desires and their own self-interest. This is also part of the truth. There is no such thing as a human that doesn’t have both of those aspects. Human beings are creatures that constantly juggle the balance of good and evil within their hearts. This diversity and unpredictable factor can sometimes turn into a formidable weapon, and at other times it becomes the poison that kills one’s self. this time around, getting it to work as a poison turned out well. Nevertheless, if you underestimate human beings and make light of them, they will pull the rug out from under you」

Muu, Ellen groans out before tightening her expression.

Indeed, the destruction of the Black Tribe of Elves was previously caused because the human beings were completely underestimated and disdained

「This time around we managed to secure our victory in this remote county town, this was obviously the natural outcome. Think of this as practice」

In saying this, for the first campaign this was superb. Seeing the monsters trampling down the soldiers, Aur thought to himself within his own mind.

「Well then, shall we go?」

The city was no longer able to fight and Aur pointed his fingers towards it.

『Slavery? Or death?』

Because the town itself was filled with diverse opinions, Aur had not yet decided his intentions for the city and its people. Showing such an overwhelming display of strength, even if there was some outliers and humans that still had a do-or-die attitude, it would probably be drowned out by those who wanted to survive.

That very same day, Aur had obtained a town within his grasp.



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