Maou no Hajimekata Side Story Chapter 3: Let’s Prepare for the Final Battle Part 2



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist


「Ahhh, Lord Aur, Lord Auuuur! There, right there! More, I beg of you! Please, go even deeper inside me!!!」

Olivia’s bountiful breasts trembled along with her entire body as she was getting pierced from behind by an immense pleasure.
At the same time as he was raping her, his right hand fondled Faro’s breasts, while his left hand lightly stroked gnome girl’s butt. A sticky, transparent juices were overflowing from their crotches. Soon after Aur came again, spraying his semen all over the girls, but for Olivia, this was actually the second serving of his cum.
While melting from the pleasure, Olivia’s vagina coils and tightens around Aur’s member, craving every last drop of his seed. Maybe it was due to the succubus’s blood, but lately she’s become a lot more obscene and daring.

「Here it comes! Take it all, Olivia!」

「Aaah, Lord Aur’s semen… there’s so much of it coming out! More, fill me up with more of it, please!」

She was crushing down on his manhood with her plump buttocks so wildly that at some point Aur began to worry that he might actually break her spine. And she did it all just to make sure that not even a drop of her master’s sperm escaped her tight vagina. Thanks to that, everything that Aur released into her went straight to her uterus without fail. And the most frightening thing about it all was the fact that Olivia was doing all of that subconsciously without even realizing it.

「On to the next ones. Ellen, Ceres, come here!」

Finishing the first set of his mistresses, Aur decided to go for the leaders of Black and White Alv next.

「Mou… Why must I go together with her? 」

「Of all the people, why the head of the black clan?」

Theirs was a relationship deeply rooted in mutual hatred. Since they became Aur’s underlings they couldn’t fight with each other anymore, so they did their best to avoid each other. But now their master has called them both to his side, so there was nothing they could have done about it, except for glaring at each other with clouded expressions.

「Do not forget that you are my subordinates. Both of you. And the same goes for your clans. That is why I want you to forget all about those petty squabbles of yours and devote your whole beings to serving me. 」

「Just as you would expect from my master. However, while it is true that I feel nothing but deep love and affection for you, I never swore to give my everything to you. I simply cannot offer my whole life to you.」

Hearing Ellen say that with a cold tone, Ceres laughed at it.

「As I thought, I really cannot stand the members of the black clan.」

「What was that?!」

Ellen’s eyes flared up with a dangerous light, but Ceres simply ignored it and clung onto Aur.

「Lord Aur, unlike that ungrateful harlot, I have decided to love you with my whole being. My whole life in all its longevity is now yours to command. I swear it upon my name of White Celestia.」

Ceres sealed her vow to Aur with a respectful kiss. Aur was pleased with it, seeing as originally the members of White Alv swore their love and loyalty to only one partner in their lives. Knowing that Ceres was now his woman despite her love for Evan made him feel immense satisfaction.

「Wha-! You wench, have you got any idea what this means for White Alv?」

「But of course. But please, Lady Ellen, feel free to think nothing of it. Besides, it’s not like you would be able to do the same for the people of Black Alv, am I right?」

Celes said to Ellen while sending her a radiant yet venomous smile. Ellen answered in kind, giving Ceres a scornful look.

「Such a cheap provocation, but I will let it slide this time. However, do not misunderstand. I have no intention of competing with you. All you have to do is make yourself useful to Master. But know this! No one appreciates Master more than me! And I don’t have to compete with you in order to prove that!」

「Yeah yeah, whatever floats your boat I guess.」

After she lashed out at Ceres, Ellen turned towards Aur and cleared her throat.

「Ekhem. Well, so… that’s how it is with us. Lord Aur, I, Eleonora of the Black Alv hereby swear my loyalty to you upon my name. Incompetent as I may be, I hope you’ll continue to look after me.」

Hearing Ellen’s declaration, Aur nodded with a satisfied smile.

「Now then, why don’t you service me with those splendid breasts of yours to really prove your loyalty?」

Not waiting for their reply, Aur took his thing out of his pants and shoved it in front of the two women’s faces. Seeing it from up close both Ceres’ and Ellen’s faces were stained by a deep shade of red. Pressing their breasts together with their hands, they sandwiched Aur’s member between them.

「In terms of size, I am obviously the winner.」

Ellen snickered and smiled triumphantly. With her dark, soft and springy skin, she emitted a cat-like sense of elegance and dignity. Her voluminous breasts were also smooth to the touch and so elastic, that if you pressed them with a finger they would bounce right back. It surely must have been the same for her vagina.

「Being big is not the only thing that matters. Don’t you think that softness is much more feminine after all?」

Contrary to Ellen, Ceres’ skin was white as snow and silky smooth. Her chest was so moist and soft that is sucked Aur’s fingers into it, and changed its shape with even the smallest of his movements. Fondling them felt like a dream come true.

「It does not matter which of you is superior to the other. What is truly important is that you should combine your strengths and work together.」

Aur spoke thusly while being enveloped in black and white breasts.

「One option can get boring after some time, but with the two options combined, the possibilities are infinite! That is why I ordered you to service me together.」

Aur tried to arrange his words carefully, but he had no guarantee that they will reach them.

「If that is master’s will then I guess it can’t be helped.」

「Took the words right out of my mouth. It’s all for Lord Aur’s sake.」

The leaders of the two clans stretched out their tongues and licked the tip of Aur’s thing while holding the rest of it between their breasts. It was completely covered in sweet, numbing sensations as it was massaged by four breasts and two tongues.

And even though the two of them hated each other with a passion, they also knew more about each other than anyone else, and utilized that knowledge to cooperate with each other. If Ellen licked his head’s opening, Celes took care of the testicles, and if Celes licked the shaft, then Ellen pleasured the glans.

「Kuh….! I’m cumming soon!」

Feeling that his waist began to shake and tremble, the two Alv’s strengthened their attack on Aur’s manhood. Craving his seed, their tongues wrapped themselves and coiled around it.

It didn’t take long for Aur’s penis to give in. Pleasured by the two skillful tongues, he squirted his white liquid all over the Alv’s breasts and faces. Brown skin gets stained white, and the white skin is painted in a darker shade of white. It was an obscenely erotic, yet beautiful sight.

「「 Haaaaaa……. ! 」」

Feeling Aur’s hot essence on their skin, Ellen and Celes both moaned in the same bewitched voice.

「I’m going to fill your wombs next. Lie down.」

Following Aur’s orders, Celes lay on the bed on her back, and Ellen straddled her over as if she wanted to embrace her. They were now in a position in which their most sacred places were rubbing strongly against each other.


Without warning, Aur grabbed Ellen’s butt and pierced it with his thing. She was already so wet that the juices spilling out of her allowed him to move freely without any resistance.


Next, Aur swiftly pulled himself out of Ellen and pierced into Celes. Just like with Ellen, her honey pot was slippery and wet.

「Aaaa, aaah, haa, haaaaah, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhnnn!」

「Haaa, nnnnnn, yaaaaaa, aaaaahhhh!!!」

Every time Aur switched between the girls, his ears were treated to a beautiful symphony of lustful voices and indecent sloppy sounds.

「Aaaah, mas…ter! No more… I’m… I’m at my limit!」

「Please Lord Aur, have mercy!」

Ellen and Celes were screaming at the same time. Even though He was sticking it into them, he immediately pulled out, leaving them unsatisfied. It was an ultimate test of sexual endurance and patience. And they could stand it no longer, as they were shaking their butts and spreading their petals, inviting their master to release himself into them.

「As you wish. Here goes!」

Aur inserted his meaty spear between their bellies and increased the speed of his movements, stimulating their flower buds with his tip.

「 A, a, a, a, aa, aaaa, AaaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!」

「 Ahn, aaaaah, haaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!」

Unable to take it anymore, the two Alvs embraced each other. At that moment, Aur pierced Ellen violently and released himself into her with all his might.


Pumping into her for a few seconds, he pulled out and flooded Ceres’s womb with another serving of his seed.


Celes screamed as loud as Ellen. While filling them up, Aur controlled his breathing and added magical energy into his semen.

When it was all said and done, the leaders of White and Black clans were still embracing each other, tired and out of breath. Aur was looking at them and semen that was still flowing out of them with a satisfied expression, feeling that it was the beginning of a new and lasting alliance.





  1. Was Olivia a Succubus? I thought she was just a normal human.

  2. DarkHeartedAlchemist

    She’s still a normal human, but enhanced with succubus blood for the sake of improving her sexual performance. Other than that, it’s hentai logic at its finest: don’t mind the finer details, just ride along with them.

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