Maou no Hajimekata Volume 1 Bonus Chapter


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist


Bonus Chapter: Let’s Make Love to the Eternal Maidens

It happened in the Demon Lord’s Heavenly Dungeon’s deepest part, in the bedroom of Demon Lord Aur.

It was an impressive bedroom worthy of a king, and the biggest chamber in the entire castle. In the exact middle of the chamber, there is a bed large enough to easily fit up to ten people. Every night, the moans of countless women can be heard from it. But not today. Tonight, there are only three people present in the spacious bedroom: the Demon Lord Aur, and the two holy maidens, Mari and Mary. The time has finally come for them to offer their purity to him.

「Lord Aur, I’ll be the one to serve you first. 」

Mari said while she slowly removed Aur’s clothing and took his manhood out of his pants.

「N …… n mu, chi ~yu…… n, chi ~yu~u……」

She gently kissed, sucked, and licked his thing all over with her tongue.

「Ugh, serves me right for being so backed up…」

Aur groaned unconsciously while the tongue of his young concubine continued to pleasure him.

「Lady Lilu taught me how to do it. Here, Mary, you should service Lord Aur as well. 」

「O-Okay. 」

In contrast to Mari who did so with an honest smile, Mary licked Aur’s thing with a nervous look in her eyes. She was serving Aur since she was six years old, but her skills had not improved at all. That was not her fault, but rather the curse of the King of Sorcerers.

Her body is unable to age, die, or be corrupted. The overwritten curse allowed her body to grow again, but the other effects are still present. That’s why her technique did not improve and she did not get used to the embarrassment.

「Please forgive me, Lord Aur.」

Mary said with an apologetic tone, and continued to lick Aur’s thing. This whole scene reminded her of a similar one that happened a few years ago.

As her owner, Aur thought nothing of it, but Mary seemed to have a different opinion.

「You think that you’re not good enough for Lord Aur, isn’t that right, Mary? 」

Mari asked her with a serious look.

You can say that again, Aur thought. She thought that she wasn’t worthy of him just because she was so small.

「That is why … 」

To Mari’s question, Mary shook her head vigorously with a bright red face.

「N-No way, There’s absolutely no way I’ll do something like that! I’ll die of shame! 」

「You’re immortal so that’s not a big deal. Now, stand and fight! Go give it your best shot! 」

Mari pushed Mary from behind. Now she had Aur’s member directly in front of her face.

「Well then master, please let me make you feel good with my mouth. 」

Saying that, she put it inside her mouth and closed her eyes. She seemed to be able to perform a fellatio just fine. But just to be sure…

「 How is it? Think you’ll be able to do it?」

She nodded, confirming his suspicions. And if that was the case, he grabbed her head with both of his hands and thrusted himself all the way inside her throat. Now he could truly savior the feeling of her warm mouth.

「 N, guu, nmmmmuu, nnnnnn…!」

Seeing how Mary did her best to please Aur, Mari hugged him and assaulted his mouth with hers. Their tongues intertwined with each other as he ruined Mary’s throat with his meat spear. The whole room was filled with two distinctly different sounds.

「 Nnnngh… cumming!」

Feeling the rising wave of pleasure running through his back, Aur stabbed himself as far into Mary’s mouth and released a large amount of semen. Even if she had tears in her eyes, she still tried her best to swallow all of it.

「 Haa… haa… master… was I…. able to make you feel good?」

「 Yes, very good.」

Mary’s expression brightened like an opening flower. It was the first time when she was able to make Aur climax despite her shortcomings.

「 Fufu~~ Let me just clean this up.」

Mari licked semen and saliva out of Aur’s penis.

「 Oh, I’m sorry Mary.」

Only when she licked it squeaky clean she seemed to remember that this was supposed to be done by the two of them.

「 No worries. Shall we proceed with “that”?」

「 Yeah.」

The two girls who looked like mirror images of each other rose to their feet and raised their skirts. They weren’t wearing any underwear beneath, so their secret places, completely free of even the smallest strand of hair, were exposed for Aur to see.

「 「 Please Lord Aur, take our virginities away from us!」」

The two of them shouted loudly.

「 …..Who suggested you to do such a thing?」

Aur asked, feeling that his member was already stiff and ready for another round.

「 Well, let’s see. Sharl, Priscilla and Lady Lilu…」

「 Enough, I understand.」

Hearing those names, Aur sighted in his mind. This is what happens when the sexual education of virgins is left in the hands of sex-obsessed fiends like them. Note to self, Aur thought: When this is done, give those three an earful.

「 Just take your clothes off and lie down on the bed.」

「 O-Okay!」

「 Understood!」

The two of them replied cheerfully, baring their all in front of Aur. Where there was no trace of feminine curves eight years ago, there now was a pleasant plumpness, although they were still modest. Coupled with a tight, unbalanced waists, it was a charm unique to adolescent girls. Mari laid on the bed on her back, and Mary placed herself over her, creating a body sandwich.

「 I’m putting it in.」

「 O-Okay.」

Mari nodded with a nervous expression. Even without fingering themselves, there was enough moisture for Aur to slip inside them without any problems. He should be able to go with it without hurting them too much.

「 N, nnh!」

「 Kuh…!」

Mari and Mary frowned from the pain at the same time. That’s because their bodies are connected; one always feels what the other one is feeling.

「 Are you alright?」

「 Yup.」

Mari nodded. Tears were welling up in the corners of her eyes.

「 Does it hurt? Should I use less magic, or…?」

Mari shook her head vigorously.

「 That’s not it. I’m simply happy… that I finally got to embrace Lord Aur.」

For Mari, Aur was her knight in shining armor. Just how many years has it been since he took her in and shielded her from all the dangers of this world? And now, she was finally able to experience the sexual pleasure granted by him and him alone.

Tears were dropping on her chest one after the other as she cried from happiness. Mary was also crying, but not because their bodies were connected.

「 I’m also happy… because this… is the pain of being a woman.」

She cannot be defiled or corrupted in any way. This is not a figure of speech, but an honest to boot truth, as Aur could not even put his penis near her vagina. But strangely enough, he could put it in her mouth without problems, presumably because she was cursed long ago, in during the time when there was no concept of oral sex.

To live forever while not knowing the pleasure of being a woman, that was her fate. And now it has been broken, even if in a roundabout way.

「 Give it to me more, master. Show me… the pleasure of being a woman!」

「 I will show it to you plenty.」

Aur started to move faster, inserting himself in and out of Mari.

「 Aah, mas…ter… I love you… now… and forever!」

「 I love you, master, I…」

The girl’s voices resonated with one another. They looked like the mirror images of one another, and it only increased their excitement as they blushed and drooled from the corners of their mouths.

「 I’m cumming, Mari, Mary!」

「 Fuaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!」

「 Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!」

They cried out together, feeling the sensation of Aur’s hot stuff being poured into their wombs.

「 And what exactly are you doing here?」

「 Nothing, get lost.」

Lilu laughed when she saw Logan sitting on the roof of the castle against the moonlit night sky.

「 Do you care about Mari?」

「 Well, I guess so.」

Logan admitted, feeling somewhat dejected.

「 I mean, it’s not like I don’t want her to grow up so I could keep protecting her or anything of the sort…」

Logan was muttering to himself while playing with the flames he created in each of his four hands.

「 Oh, but don’t get me wrong! I’m not like you, so… but I gotta say, given the time, those two ducklings will

surely mature into beautiful swans.」

「 Yeah, sure, whatever.」

I was unusual to see a demon being so interested in humans.

「 Ah, why do humans have to live so shortly?」

And besides, things could never work out between them.

「 Heed my words, girl. Human lives are infinitely shorter when compared to the lives of demon’s who can live for thousands of years. But even if they could live as long as us, I’m sure our paths would diverse from each other at some point. Such is a fate of those with a long lifespan.」

The words of a demon who lived for hundreds of years had some real weight to them.

「 Well, I’m sure that Aur will surely manage to do something about that little dilemma of yours.」

Hearing Lilu’s words, Logan clicked his tongue.

「 And there are people like you in this world, Raz, beings that could be called a miracle. A human soul in a demon’s body, connected to your master, yet you’re neither of them. You’re something else entirely.」

「 … I see. Goodness gracious, you really are something else. Well, if my master died, I guess I wouldn’t mind getting destroyed myself.」

「 But hundreds of years are a really long time, as I’m sure that girl will come to understand.」

Logan stood up, and stroked Lilu’s head playfully.

「 If it’s our master, then surely he’ll find a way… oh how I can’t wait to see it… Mari and Mary’s children!」

Logan screamed as blood started gushing out of his nose.

「 So pretty… so cute… With their connected bodies, yes, I’m sure of it! Loli harem of ten year old girls! Hooray for the Lolirem! Hooray! Hooray!」

「 Ahaha, I certainly hope that you’ll never live long enough to see it.」

Thinking about it now, their children would also be Aur’s children. And he will surely have lots of descendants.

Lilu, a demon, is unable to bear offspring on her own, but it might not be such a bad idea to enjoy a long life while taking care of her master’s children.

「 Yes, it might not be so bad after all.」

Lilu quietly whispered to herself.




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