Maou no Hajimekata Volume 1 Chapter 17.5 Part 1



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist


Chapter 17.5: Dungeon Commentary

This is the dungeon’s state after the end of the seventeenth chapter.
Number of floors: 5 levels
Miasma: 100
Notoriety: 100
Saved Up Magic: 0 (Units: 10,000/day)
Magic consumption: 1000 (Units: 10,000/day)

New Facilities:
☆ Heavenly Rock Giant
A super gigantic golem with a dungeon inside its enormous body. Capable of making arbitrary judgements. Unlike other golems, magic power generated by the Dungeon Core acts as it’s blood stream which Aur is able to manipulate. Aur’s personal mobile fortress.
☆ Dungeon Core LV5
Dungeon Core which grew about the size of 1 tier. Now capable of storing up to a million units of magic power.

New War Potential:
☆ Spina (Half-human, Half-Slime)
War Potential: 6 Mana Consumption: 1.5
Spina who became nigh immortal after fusing herself with the slime of her own creation. Although she has almost no offensive capabilities, magic attack have almost no effect on her due to her magic absorption skill. Physical attacks also prove to be ineffective, as her body consists mostly of liquid. Her weakness is saltwater, as even the smallest amount of it forces her to revert back to her human form, nullifying her magical and physical resistances. Because she is still immature as a magician the amount of her magical power is not that high, however, by splitting herself up she can store it almost inexhaustively.

☆ Lilu (Reincarnated Body)
War Potential: 6 Mana Consumption: 0,1 Maximum Magical Capacity: 20
Lilu after obtaining the full knowledge of Raz. She can use fairly sophisticated magic and possesses a genius-like ability to create magical weapons. In terms of sheer power she is still inferior to Aur, although her womb is capable of storing large amounts of magical energy. However, unlike Spina, even if she were to split herself, the total amount of magical power she can store would not change.

☆ Yunis (Hero)
War Potential: 10 Maximum Magical Capacity: 25
A former hero who died and became a spirit. Her battle capabilities did not dwindle at all, and recently she gained the ability to switch between her spiritual and mortal forms, and the amount of magic power she’s able to store up further increased.

☆ Mio (Monster Use LV30)
War Potential: 0 Maximum Magical Capacity: 0,1
Mio after further leveling her skills outside of the dungeon. Now she’s able to communicate with beings other than monsters, and when it comes to controlling demonic beasts, she can now command up to 30 of them.

☆ 48 Black Alvs
War Potential: 6 Maximum Magical Capacity: 2
The rest of Ellen’s search party, although they are about a rank weaker than her four lieutenants in terms of bow mastery and magic power. There was a total of 52 of them together with Aletto, Betty Chloe and Delfina. It is a setting in which there are two people with names beginning with each letter of the alphabet, but the exact reason for it remains unknown.

Current dungeon situation:
Both morale and infamy are maxed out, and the inside of the dungeon is almost indistinguishable from the Demon World. It reached the level at which it could have functioned properly even without the presence of the Demon Lord. As for the Demon Lord himself, his name is known and feared by everyone even in the most rural of villages, and he is sure to be remembered as a legend.
On the other hand though, now that the dungeon was separated from the magic energy flowing through the ground, its savings of magical energy fell to 0. Every day, a frighteningly big amount of magical energy is needed just for the Heavenly Rock Giant to function properly, and it is estimated that the dungeon can function in this state only for about 5 days.





  1. Why Aur didn’t use demons in battle with angels?

    • Thanks for the chapter

    • logistics.
      He had an underground route which could have been used by the demon but he instead brought along several monster minions but the enemy expected them and massacred the monsters forcing them to blow up the cave and bury the angels effectively cutting off that route.
      He has flying vehicles but he obviously cannot bring an army with them so he just used them as gunships instead.
      Ellen and her elves arrived with dragons but they obviously cannot stop by the dungeon and bring the demons with them,

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