Maou no Hajimekata Volume 1 Final Chapter Part 1



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist


Final Chapter: Let’s show them the willpower of those who crawl on the ground, Part 1

The trembling of the earth sounded just like the roar of a mighty beast. The earthquake continued for a few minutes, all the while increasing in strength.

「You’ve got to be kidding me. 」

Seeing the report, 『Immortal』 grabbed his head with both his hands.

Just as it described, a giant that towered against the sky was walking towards their location. He was still relatively far, but his figure could have been seen clearly. The calculations were saying that he was approximately 1800 yards in size… in other words, its height was close to 1 mile.

That huge entity appeared to have been a golem. The surface of its body was made of thick rocks that nor the spear or bow could penetrate through. As it walked forward, the buildings which were in its way were crumbling as if they were made out of paper. Even the most seasoned warriors were unable to put so much as a scratch on it.
Its movements were slow, but not as slow as one might have expected from its enormous size.

It also didn’t show any signs of hostility. It just ignored any attacks aimed its way and continued to walk forward in a steady manner.

The real problem though, was the ground which was quaking with the golem’s every step. This enemy was at the level of a natural disaster, and show me the hero who would challenge a natural disaster and emerged victorious. That’s right, no such hero existed.

「To think that something like that even existed… 」

Taken aback, Melisand simply stared at the giant. Due to the 『Unknown’s』 Clairvoyance he already knew that the 『Bouncing Piece』 has betrayed them and that Aur was inside the giant, controlling its movements.

「This truly looks to be troublesome. 」

Melisand glanced at 『Lead』, but his expression remained unchanged, so he was forced to summon a spirit by himself, having only a brief knowledge of two of its abilities.

Needless to say, 『Lead’s』 Ego’s ability to cancel any magic could have been very helpful here, but Melisand knew all too well why he was so reluctant to act. It’s because『Bouncing Piece』 was his sister. So right now using that was out of the question. Instead of relying on Egos they had to depend on their own strength. But there was still one thing that he did not understand. Regardless of whether you had an Ego or not, it shouldn’t be possible for those affiliated with heaven to hurt or betray others. There was only one thing in the entire world that could have bypass that law.

「Geass. 」

To a hero, his oath is the most sacred of pacts that couldn’t have been broken or reverted even by the power of heaven. But in order a spirit to be under the oath’s effects, it must’ve been sword during the hero’s life and kept until his death. And that was difficult to achieve, contradictory even, some might say. And the heroes who managed to stay true to their oaths were too few and far between. It was far more common for then to lose their lives because they broke their oaths.

He knew that『Bouncing Piece』… that Yunis was together with Aur. What Melisand did not know was that she’s kept her vow to love Aur up to her last dying breath. He did not even want to imagine it. Their opponent is an evil, wicked sorcerer who cares for no one and knows nothing of love… that’s what he was trying convince himself about.
Trying to take his mind off that matter, he switched his gaze back to the giant in the distance.

「Can’t you really do something about it, 『Lead』? 」

「No, what fuels this thing is not magic. 」

If it was fueled by magic, then it could have been stopped with『Lead’s』 ability. Something like that actually being a living thing… the 『Unknown』 still found that as something unbelievable. Magic power acting as blood and a core instead of a heart. In other words, this monster was the Demon Lord Aur himself. And because of that 『Lead’s』 ability would do no good here, as it cannot take the life away from a living being, because『Life』 is not a part of 『Magic』 but rather that of the 『Natural Law』.

「What are we going to do, boss? How can we take this monstrosity down? 」

「…Looks like an all-out assault is our only option after all. 」

Melisand admitted bitterly. The enemy was a humongous weapon that acted as the Demon Lord’s fortress. Taking it down would require something more than just a power of an angel or spirit. But before that, the capital should be swiftly evacuated.

And after that, since Aur is acting as the giant’s heart, their only option was to infiltrate its body and take him down.

「Send every angel available onto the battlefield. We’ll go with an all-out attack.」

「Ahhh~, ooooohhhhhhhh~~~, there’s an awful lot of them! 」

Keith muttered to himself, looking at the swarms of angels flocking together like clouds. He is a leader of a group of bandits who’s headquarters was situated in The Aur Town. The city continued to operate even after the whole dungeon was transformed to fit inside the giant golem, as it was situated on its left shoulder. Its every step shook the earth beneath them, but all the way up here, they could barely even feel them. The Gnomes living in the explained to them that it was just like the Demon Lord intended, and as long as they could move around freely, most of the people did not care about the specifics.

Under the attacks of the flocks of the angels, giant’s shoulders shook slightly. From a distance his movement might have seemed slow, but it was like a walking gigantic wall. When they hit it, some of the angels get crushed and fall to the. Serves them right for thinking they could do anything against him. Keith was having the time of his life watching them getting squashed like flies.

「Now then, I think it’s high time we got ready ourselves, everyone! 」

「「「「「 Oooooooooooooooooo! 」」」」」

Keith shouted to his men from atop the church’s bell tower.
There were dozens of them crowded on the main street. Of course, their numbers could not even compare with how many of them were here previously, but it did not changed the fact that each and every one of them was a seasoned adventurer ready to risk their lives for money.

「Everyone. 」

One of the gnome girls stood in front of everyone on the main square and casually dropped a heavy-looking bag on the ground. A bright golden radiance could be seen inside of it.

「By the grace of our Demon Lord, everyone who survives the fight will be awarded with 100 gold coins! 」


All the adventurer’s were flinging their arms about and screaming with joy. 100 gold coins. It was so much money that whoever got it could afford to kick back and enjoy living in piece for a few years. Gnome girl raised another bag, put it on the ground and said:

「And additionally, I will add another 100 to it! 」


The commotion grew even stronger.

「All right you useless good-for-nothings, the gold can’t do sh*t for the dead, so let’s tear those angels a new one quickly and claim our money! 」

「「「「「HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!! 」」」」」

To Keith’s words, the adventurers raised their voices and swords.




And they were screaming some really disturbing things.

Not all angels headed towards Aur Town. A vast majority of them headed to the golem’s other side and infiltrated the dungeon’s first and second floor.

「Humph, filthy trash, be gone. 」

Kamaser threw insults at orcs and goblins who tried to run away screaming while he was skewering them from behind with his spells. He served as the Captain for the Middle-tier angels Second Division who fought with Diuna’s Mace, a mace infused with sacred angelic power. After the annihilation of the most High-tier angels in the previous war, he could be considered as the second most powerful angel in heaven.

「Just blast through this eyesore of a cave and go straight for the Demon Lord’s head! 」

「Yes Sir! 」

Answered his angelic subordinates. But he felt like something was wrong, so he turned behind.

「… Hey, weren’t there more of you? 」

He could’ve sword that he had five angels here with him, abut only four answered his order.
All of them looked at each other, confused, which made Kamaser click his tongue in displeasure. That’s exactly why the low-ranked trash are so useless.

「We got separated… well, whatever. Listen, no matter what you do, stay as a group. Don’t go anywhere on your own! 」

This place was the heart of the enemy territory riddled with traps and crawling with demons. But even so, angels are not so weak as to get killed by such low leveled trash.

「 Uhm, Lord Kamaser… 」

「What now?! Stop spouting nonsense in my presence! 」

「Well, our numbers… they’re decreasing again. 」

One of the angels said with an uneasy expression. When Kamaser looked around, he noticed that he was left with three angels instead of four.

「I told you not to move alone, you idiots! 」

He looked around, trying to spot the missing one. In the corner of his eye he saw a pair of closing door.

「Over there, huh? I’ll go, you dimwits stay right where you are. 」

Kamaser yelled at the remaining three and went to the door, opening them in a casual manner.

「What are you doing you ruffian?! Get back to the formation! 」

He screamed, but his voice faded into the darkness. There was no one in this room. It was empty, there wasn’t even any other exits.

「Hmmm… 」

Trying to sniff the air and close the doors, a thought hit him.

「Why were the doors closed before if there’s no one here? 」

「 OoooooOOOOOOOoooOOOooooooOo! 」

The moment he thought that, a giant skull began to manifest itself from the wall.

「Wh.. What the hell is this! 」

「Ah… aaaaaAAAAaaaAaaAAaAaaaa…! 」

Wailing nightmarishly, skeletons began to come out of the floor, walls and the ceiling and attacked Kamaser.

「Undead wraiths! You puny trash, you have some nerve to attack me, the great Kamaser! 」
He remarked bravely trying to pull out his weapon, but a large number of wraiths had already clung onto his arm, freezing it in place.

「Wait, no way…! I, the great Kamaser…. by some measly wraiths… Damn you… no, wait, please.. NOOOOOOOO.! 」
One after the other, the wraiths opened their mouths, and dug into the prideful angels flesh, leaving only the bones behind while the sound of chewing echoed throughout the room.

「Foolish angels, you never stood a chance… 」

One of them muttered in a barely audible voice.

When he was alive his name was Georg. He was one of the many people whom Aur had killed, after which he became a ghost wandering around his dungeon. And because of that, no matter how many times he was erased, no matter if his body got purified, the dungeon would always trap his soul and turn it into a ghost again. During his lifetime he was a first rate swordmaster whom many adventurers called 『Teacher』. At first he was ridiculed, but then he has made a name for himself and finally earned his recognition, only to end up like that. Now, after all the time he spent as a ghost he has ascended to a kind of godhood among ghosts. Of course, he was a different kind of God than the one who sits in heaven. He learned to love the dungeon and even befriended Aur, his killer. We wasn’t going to allow some overconfident feathered bastards to destroy it. He was Georg no longer. Now only the ghost of 『The Teacher 』remained.

「Now, my pupils, kill every last one of those blasted angels. Massacre them! Leave no one alive! 」

He gave a shout, and all the other ghosts followed suit.





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