Maou no Hajimekata Volume 1 Chapter 17 Side Story 3 Part 3



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist


「Who should be next? Oh, right, that might be nice. Aletto, Betty, Chloe, Delfina, show yourselves! 」

When Aur declared who’s going to be servicing him next, the chosen four looked at each other with a mixture of shock and surprise.

「What’s wrong? Why are you so shocked? 」

「I-It’s nothing, my lord. It’s just… I didn’t thought that you’d remember the names of someone as insignificant as us. 」

The girl called Aletto explained shyly.

「Hmm… you are right, this is indeed the first time that I have called you by your names. However, you should not be so surprised about it. As your master, I know the names of all my subordinates. 」

The four girls are the members of the Black Alv clan who came to the dungeon together with Ellen. He heard their names only once when they were introducing themselves, but he made sure to memorize them all the same.
「In that case, allow us to service you, my Lord. 」

The first one to approach Aur was Betty. She had the biggest breasts of the four. She trapped Aur’s thing between them and put the tip of it inside her mouth.

「Come on, Betty, show some restraint. Lord Aur, please forgive her. We might be inferior to Lady Ellen, but our desire to serve you is just as sincere. 」

Aletto, the leader of the four, got on her knees next to Betty, and followed her tongue’s movements with her own.

「Do you find it to your liking, Lord Aur? 」

The one who asked that was the petite Delfina, who was licking Aur’s right chest. Among Ellen’s four subordinates, she was the best when it came to both handling the bow and sexual intercourse.

「Lord Aur, allow me to borrow your mouth. 」

Said the oldest one, Chloe, as she put her hands on Aur’s neck to caress it with her fingers as she joyfully rubs his lips with her own.

Chloe massaged Aur’s tongue, Delfina licked his chest, and Aletto and Betty pleasured his penis, displaying a splendid cooperation. Aletto licked his member from top to bottom, Betty sucked on his tip, Delfina sucked his nipples, and Chloe was going wild with her tongue inside his mouth. They were working together so splendidly as if the four of them were a single entity.

「Now, I want the four of you to declare your loyalty to me! 」

Aur gave the order to Aletto and her comrades. Together with Ellen, they were the members of the forty eight people Black Alv search party that came to the dungeon from the surface. That alone made them a valuable asset to keep around.

And now they have gathered around him, exposing their brown skin.

「Lord Aur, allow us to offer our [True Names] to you, just like Lady Ellen did. 」

Aletto and the others kneeled on one knee, looked Aur straight in the eyes and said in unison:

「My name is Alexia! 」

「My name is Brigitte! 」

「My name is Claudine! 」

「My name is Delphinia! 」

The four of then declared their [True Names] together.

「We offer our bodies and souls and our everything you, Lord Aur! 」

「Very well. And for your loyalty, I promise to hold you dear until the end of time. 」

When girls heard Aur say that, their faces brightened with happiness.

「We are forever in your care then, Lord Aur. 」

「Indeed you are. 」

Aur nodded with a satisfied grin, looking forward to trying out the rest of the Black Alv girls.

「Half of them are still virgins, so please take your time and enjoy yourself, master.」

Betty whispered quietly into his ear.

When compared to the White Alvs, who consider being with their spouse to be a supreme form of love, the Black Alvs’ idea of love and faithfulness can be considered as extremely hedonistic. They do of course have partners with whom they share their lifetime, but for them it is not uncommon to have multiple wives, husbands or mistresses at the same time.

Because of that a virgin Black Alv can be considered as treasure, a precious rarity.

「I am Elaine. Lord Aur, please use my womb as you see fit. 」

「Theodora, at your service. 」

「Galatea, I hope I can be of use to you, my Lord. 」

Aur ordered Betty and Chloe to stand aside and make way for the Black Alv girls who flocked to him, spreading their legs and shaking their peachy buttocks seductively.

In the meantime, Aletto and Delfina went from girl to girl, helping them get wet so that their first times could proceed smoothly. Thanks to those preparations, both virgins and non-virgins were able to satisfy Aur, screaming in ecstasy and waving their hips violently as their wombs were being penetrated by him. And when he is done with them, they lay breathlessly on the bed for a while before switching with the next ones. During those short intervals, Betty and Chloe use their whole bodies to pleasure their master.

Eventually, Aur ended up in quite the peculiar situation in which he was literally buried under the pile of brown skinned beauties who wanted to pleasure him.

He commits to them one at a time, filling their wombs to the brim with his seed as he enjoys the sensation of breasts, hands, lips, tongues and bellies of others rubbing against his skin. It continued for a while: he would grab himself a new girl, had his way with her, ejaculated inside her, and move on to the next one. Among all those girls, however, was one who felt unhappy about not being violated by her master. That girl now made her way to the front of the line of girls who still awaited their turn, and shamelessly stole the first spot.

「Betty! 」

Aletto cried out as she saw her friend forcibly jump in from the queue, grabbing Aur’s thing for herself.


「Allow us to wash you up, Lord Aur. 」

Some time later, Aur headed to take a bath in order to cleanse himself of all the bodily fluids that covered him after his orgy with the Black Alv girls. But he had no intentions of stooping so low as to do it himself. That task was left up to the girls from the village who were offered up to him as sacrifices. They were all gorgeous and had their charms, but ultimately paled in comparison to the women of the Black Alv clan, which consisted only of beauties of the highest grade. These girls understood that perfectly, hence their unprecedented devotion.

「Now if you’ll excuse us… 」

Covering their bodies with soap, the girls surround Aur from both the front and back, and use their slippery breasts to wash him up. They gently slide around every nook and cranny of his body, making sure not to leave any spot unattended.

Feeling the soft, slippery bodies sliding all over him, Aur’s spear rises to the heavens once more.

「Ah… 」

Feeling his hardness touching her abdomen, the girl who washed him in the front blushed furiously, but not because she was embarrassed. It was because she felt happy that her master felt lust towards girls like them even though he was surrounded by such beautiful women on a daily basis.

「Clean my arms next. 」

Sitting on a simple washing chair, Aur spread his arms to the sides so that the girls could wash them.

「As you wish, master. 」

Just like before, the girls covered their bodies with soap and straddled Aur’s arms, sandwiching them between their thighs. Then they began to wash his arms by waving their waists back and forth, using their crotches as scrubbing brushes.

All this time, Aur was looking at their shaking breasts and butts while enjoying the feeling of being rubbed by their juices spilling crotches and thighs. Being rubbed like that was the best thing ever, and seeing all those naughty parts shake was a welcomed addition.

「Let us wash you here as well. 」

The next two girls straddled Aur’s legs and thighs and washed them up with their crotches just like the ones washing up his arms. But this time, the sensations were more intense, because their breasts were jiggling right in front of him.

「Yaaahn, Lord Aur, no! If this keeps up, we won’t be able to wash you properly. 」
Aur reached out with his tongue and licked their cherry-like nipples, making them moan sweetly and shove them right back at him.

All of his limbs were restrained by the soap-covered girls. But the human male has another [limb]. And the girls did not miss that detail.

「We will wash you up here as well, Lord Aur. 」

Fifth person, the petite looking girl put her head between Aur’s legs and swallowed up his manhood all the way to her throat. She was not as beautiful as the other girls and her womb did not contain as much magical power as the others, but nevertheless she tried her best to serve Aur with all that she got, because she was one of the chosen girls, and Aur respected that.

「I’m cumming! 」

The girl’s cheeks swelled up so much because of all the sperm that got pumped into her throat. But even then she did not swallowed it or spit it out. Instead, she opened her filled mouth and showed Aur everything that was stored in it, and then slowly began to gulp it down. And once she drank it all, she put Aur’s thing into her mouth again and cleaned it up with her tongue.

After that, Aur’s body got washed up with hot water, after which the girls prepared to leave the bathroom. After all, their master still had a lot of women to satisfy.

「And where exactly do you think you’re going? 」

Aur asked the girls as he grabbed them by the arms.

「You think you’re any less important than the others? Nonsense. You are all my women, and it is my duty as your master to satisfy all of you. 」

After that, the lustful moans in the bathroom could be heard for hours to come.





  1. Thanks for the chapter

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  2. DarkHeartedAlchemist

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  3. I would kill for his libido and his harem…darn lucky guy. Welp, hardwork pays off and he deserve what he’s got. He’s literally beat his ass for decades just to get there. Unlike most MCs out there who’s got girls falling head over heels for them without even trying just because he showed an ounce of kindness, I feel that this MC deserved every female he’s got and all the pleasures that comes with them. And yes that includes the 3 girls he NTR’ed from that Allan.

    The reason most readers don’t feel bad for him is because Alan reminds us of typical indecisive shonen harem MCs who has girls liking him for some reason. Maybe that’s why it felt good that at least for once, typical harem MC doesn’t win and his former harem members are actually happy and sexually satisfied.

    That said, I’m enjoying this so far. Thank you very much translators! I’m quite good at 4 languages and 7 dialects but sadly Japanese isn’t on of them. If I can read Japanese, I would have loved to help you but all I can do is read your wonderful works. Thank you!

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