Maou no Hajimekata Volume 1 Chapter 17 Side Story 3 Part 4



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When Aur left the baths after cleansing his body, four girls were already waiting for him.

「I have been waiting for you, Lord Aur. Please, release a lot of your wonderful semen inside me and bless my womb with your child. 」

The one to spoke was Figlia’s first princess, Patricia, clutching at her skirt. It should be worth noting that said skirt was dreadfully short, covering only half of her thighs. Of course, she was not wearing any underwear underneath it. The only things to cover her legs and juices dripping secret place were the skirt, white stockings and the garter belt that supported them.

Just the other day she gave birth to Aur’s child even though she was just seventeen years old. When her modest breasts went through pregnancy and childbirth, they grew into splendid fruits reminiscent of those of her mother, Olivia. Childlike innocence was gone from her face as it reached a boundary separating a girl from a young woman.

「Lord Aur, Rishi’s baby bag feels so lonely without your thick, hot penis. Please, fill it with lots and lots of your baby making juice so I can have another child quickly! 」

Says Patricia’s sister, Priscilla, who’s standing next to her sister and is also wearing a skirt. It reaches out all the way to her ankles, but she’s holding its front part pulled up to her chest, allowing Aur to see her private parts. Of course, just like her sister, she’s not wearing any underwear, so her hairless privates, slender belly and alluring navel. She also gave birth to Aur’s child not that long ago, but even so, there were almost no changes to her physique. Maybe it was due to the fact that she was only thirteen years old, so the balance between her chest and behind was a little uneven, but her honey pot was spilling more juices than her sisters’ did, which made her cheeks flare up with embarrassment.

「Lord Aur, I beg of you, please use your magnificent meat rod and fill your slave’s baby bag with your hot stuff, please! 」

Next to the sisters stood one of the White Alvs, Sharl. She had already removed all of her clothes and stood before Aur, spreading her fleshy petals widely.

As a White Alv she should have been of considerable age, but appearance-wise she was similar to Priscilla. As soon as she saw Aur, her somewhat solemn expression brightened, her eyes widened, and cheeks were dyed a pretty shade of pink. She was so wet that her juices trickled down her thighs, and the only sign of her status as a slave was the red leather collar around her neck.

「You can do whatever you want with me. That’s what sex slaves are for. 」

The last one present was Wikia, a friend of Sharl the Wizardress.  She does not avert her gaze from Aur even though she is also completely naked. Or at least that’s how it looked at first glance. She might have a disinterested expression on her face, but one look at her flushed cheeks showed that she was to some extend flustered by this situation. That was to expected, as this was the result of Aur’s training and a peculiar curse which he has placed upon her, the one that made her feel a non-stopping surge of sexual pleasure and made her addicted to Aur. Because she does not have a strong mental resistances, she cannot do anything to oppose it or endure it.

In other words, she’s just trying to put up a front while being just as, if not more, obsessed with sex like pretty much everyone else here.

「Very well, I shall grant your request. Now bring that ass over here! 」

The three of them joyfully fulfilled their master’s order, especially Wikia, who jumped on his bed first and enthusiastically pointed her plumb butt towards him.

「Ahhh, Lord Aur, you can see everything… 」

Patricia muttered sweetly, crushed by embarrassment. Even though she was wearing clothes, in this position she cannot hide any of her indecent holes from Aur’s eyes.

「Aaaahh, it’s going in, it’s going in, it’s going in! Lord Aur’s hard thing is going inside me! Good, it feels so good! 」

Being penetrated from behind, Patricia raises a loud voice.

「Lord Auuuur, Rishi wants your hard thing too!!! 」

Unable to hold back any longer, Priscilla also points her butt towards Aur. Now, he could alternate between sisters with each of his thrusts.

「Haaaaaahnnnn, so big, Lord Aur, I can feel you all the way inside my stomach! 」

Priscilla’s insides were tight and narrow as always. Aur grabs her immature butt with both hands, enjoying the taste of that immature fruit to its fullest.

「Lord Aur, please do me too. Take that hot, sturdy rod of yours and make a sloppy mess of my nasty hole! 」

Sharl begged him with a teary expression. When he pulled out of Priscilla and inserted himself into her, she tightened around him so much as if she wanted to tell him to never let her go.

「AAAAAAHHHHHH, this, this is what I wanted! Penis, Lord Aur’s penis feels so good!!!!! 」

「Sharl screamed loudly and began to shake her hips like mad.

Me too, Lord Aur, me too! 」

Patricia also threw her butt at him. He was now dealing with three of them at the same time, making them feel so good that they were soon out of breath.

「Don’t leave me hanging, please! 」

Wikia cried out pathetically. Ever since Aur took on the other three, she was waiting for him on all fours, untouched, feeling humiliated.

「Wikia, this won’t do, this won’t do at all. If you want it, you have to beg for it properly. 」

Sharl said to Wikia as she reached out her hands to her and embraced her arm with a lusty expression.

「She’s right. With that attitude, Lord Aur will think not even think of you as an insect to be crushed beneath the sole of his shoe. 」

Patricia restrained Wikia’s other arm.

「Rishi, her legs, if you would. 」


Priscilla obediently followed her sister’s instructions and grabbed both of Wikia’s legs. Then, the three of them put her in front of Aur in a position that would make the penetration as easy as possible, and forcibly spread her legs as wide as they could. All this time, Wikia was panting frantically. She was not wearing anything, so all her embarrassing and dirty places were clearly seen by Aur.

「Now then, Wikia. Beg for Lord Aur’s thing with your whole heart. 」

「E-Even if you say that… hyyyyyaan! 」

Putting some strength into it, Sharl pinched Wikia’s nipples.

「If you’re still so afraid and reluctant, then how are you going to explain the fact that you’re so wet down here that you’re making a mess out of bedsheets? 」

「Yaaah, w-wait, where do you think you’re touching…. uhyaaaaahaaa! 」

Patricia traced her fingers along Wikia’s slit while biting her ears.

「 My oh my, if you won’t hurry up and speak honestly, Rishi’s going to take Lord Aur all for herself you know? 」

Meanwhile, Priscilla was smiling happily while still being boned by Aur.

「………. it to me. 」

Wikia muttered in a barely audible voice.

「We cannot hear you, Wikia. You have to say it louder. 」

Sharl whispered into Wikia’s ear while still bullying her breasts.

「Please give it to me! Lord Aur’s…. penis… I want it in my…. inside my dirty… hole! 」

With her face dyed crimson from shame, Wikia turned on her back and exposed herself to Aur. The crest on her stomach, the symbol of her enslavement, was shining brightly with magical power.

「Well, since you’re begging so nicely I guess I’ll give you a reward and forgive your rude behavior! 」

Seeing his mistresses being shy and obedient was nice and all, but such a rebellious attitude was also a nice change of pace. But of course Aur had to keep that thought to himself as he pierced Wikia with his manhood in one go.

「 Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! 」

Finally getting what she wanted, Wikia’s body shook viciously as it accepted Aur into itself, and juices gushed out of her like a stream.

「Ah, aah, aaahh, aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! 」

Wikia was screaming with her tongue out every time Aur hit one of her weak spots.

「You wanted me inside of you that much? 」

Without any trouble, Aur stood up, lifting Wikia Along with him, continuing their intercourse like that. That way, with each thrust he felt like was hitting Wikia with his pelvic bone directly. If it continues like that, she will surely become pregnant when he will finally ejaculate inside her.

「No, not inside, you can’t cum inside! 」

「If you don’t want that, then you should leave! I will allow it this time. 」

Hearing Aur’s words, Wikia wanted to leave. However, her limbs refused to listen to her. The realization that her body wanted it on its own, no forced to it by any spell, hit her like a hammer to the head, shattering her sense of reason.

「Inside me, please, Lord Aur! Pour your white stuff inside me! 」

「Couldn’t have said it better myself! 」

Aur gently stroked her head and caressed her lips as she grabbed her butt cheeks and pushed it all down on his meat rod. Her eyes widened with tears and she was foaming at the mouth, but she did not stop. Seeing that, Sharl fell to her knees, speechless.

When Aur finished drowning Wikia’s womb in his seed, he let go of her, and she fell on the bed, clothing the sheets. She was barely conscious, but it seemed like she was unable to move for even an inch.

「Um, Lord Aur? 」

Patricia spoke while rubbing her wet thighs together.

「If you don’t mind, I’d also would like you to… to kiss me and bless me with lots of your love… 」

She looked at Aur with puppy eyes.

「Rishi too… I want you to be all loving and caring with me too, Lord Aur. 」

It would seem that his affair with Wikia started some kind of boom for 「loving and caring」

「Please, Lord Aur, I want you to violate my mouth, my p***y and ass. If it pleases you, treat me like your own personal toilet! 」

Sharl begged him while drooling profusely. It seemed that this strange boom had no effect on her.

「Very well. If that is your honest desire, then I shall fulfill it. 」

Aur pulled Sharl towards him and sealed her lips with his own. And so the high class banquet of lust continued on.





  1. So….did Wikia got pregnant? Don’t recall reading that in later chapters. I know Yunis had a child.

    Would be nice if Wikia got more development and become like Yunis and Lira, with more deredere and sweet moments…although considering the genre and she is only a side character….damn, Wikia needs more love. S*x-slave gets old really fast.

  2. What? Yunis had a child???
    If that’s the case, she would go to Aur dungeon after her curse erased at the kingdom arc without much talk, but she got killed by her brother instead

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