Maou no Hajimekata Volume 1 Chapter 17 Side Story 3 Part 5



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist


「Finally I can go back to normal! 」

Yunis clung onto Aur joyfully. Thanks to Aur’s help with the preservation of her body, her hair and skin finally turned back from ghostly white to her usual fiery red and tanned brown.

「So… is it really okay for me to be here? 」
Nadja, who kept her distance from them, asked as she was feeling more than a tad bit uncomfortable. Like Yunis, she had red hair and skin tanned the light shade of bronze. It was the most common combination of features for the citizens of the southern continent of Grandiera. That said, if he were to compare the two of them, Yunis’ hair were bright like the flame and her skin only lightly tanned, and Nadja was altogether darker.

「Of course it is! The two of us are going to demonstrate the greatness of Grandiera’s women to Aur! 」

Nadja was an adventurer who does not belong to any country in particular as long as she is on the journey, but Yunis was a natural born princess. One might think that Nadja would try to distance herself from someone like Yunis, but when she smiled and reached her hand out to her, she’s approached them without any major complaints.

「Well, I’ll be going first… or you know what Nadja, you can go first. 」

「Eh? Is that really okay with you? 」

「Oi, you two, just what exactly are you plotting? 」

Aur looked suspiciously at the two girls who whispered something to one another in great secrecy.

「Nothing, we’re not plotting anything. Come on Aur, just lie down already, would you? 」

Yunis kind of forcefully pushed Aur down onto the bed.

「Now then, forgive me for intruding. 」

Nadja got on top of Aur and inserted his manhood into her vagina. It is the so-called 「Woman on Top Position 」.

「Aur, take care of me here please. 」

Saying that, Yunis faced Nadja and sat on Aur’s face. Nadja watched them closely, curious to see how he is going to react.

「Humph, such a thing might not be so bad once in a while. 」

To the girls’ surprise, Aur responded by spreading Yuris’s petals and inserting his tongue inside her. Her pinkish crack looked seductively obscene against the tanned skin.

「Ahhh, nggh, haaaa, good, you’re so good, Aur! 」

Yunis’ expression quickly melted, and her voice got tinged with pleasure.

「And you, what do you think you’re doing? Hurry up and move those hips!]

「Y-Yes Sir! 」

Nadja hurriedly started to jump up and down on Aur’s member. Every time it goes out of her honey pot and returns inside it, it scrapes her insides from all the different angles, making sparks of pleasure run down her entire body through her spine. With every such impulse, Nadja feels like her consciousness was about to fly away.

「Aur, amazing, your tongue is so amazing! Aaaaahhh, it’s going so deep inside me! No, not like that, don’t lick me there like that!!! 」

Yunis’ vaginal opening was getting rubbed by Aur’s tongue without stopping, making her press her butt against Aur’s face even more.

When Aur sees her reacting like that, he adjusts the movement of his tongue, and simultaneously thrusts his waist from below.

「Ahh, nooo, stop… too, sen…sitive! Don’t… lick me there…. so… strong…ly!!! Uwaaahh!!! 」

「Lord Aur! Lord, Aur! Lord…Aur!!! 」

Due to Aur’s fierce offensive, the two girls were nearing their climaxes together. Their breaths become ragged and erratic, and they hug each other to support themselves.

「Well, care to explain to me what were you plotting just now? 」

Aur asked the two as they collapsed on the bed. However, it looked like the only thing Yunis was capable of saying now was 『Cumming, sho good… 』 and was unable to move even a finger.

「Well, now that that’s done, allow me to show you what the women of the Demon clan are capable of, Lord Aur. 」
Aur’s questioning was interrupted by Mio, who playfully shook her finger at him.

「Demon Lord, Demon Lord! 」

「Please grace us with your essence, oh Demon Lord. 」

「Demon Lord, I’m hungry, please feed me! 」

Together with Mio appeared the harpies, flapping their ash-grey wings around. There was also a wolf-girl, a fairy with butterfly wings, a lamia and an Undine, a half transparent water spirit.

「You’ve gathered so many of them. 」

「And all of them will try their hardest to bring you pleasure, Lord Aur. 」

Mio replied to Aur’s praise without any visible changes to her emotions.

「Now, Jessy, Jeri, Jeni, do as I’ve told you. Juanita, be careful not to hurt Lord Aur. Judith, no playing with water in master’s body. Juria, you can do as you like, and as for you, Justinia, no biting allowed, are we clear?」

Mio instructed various demon girls with her bossy attitude.

「I’ve always wondered, why do all their names start with J? 」

「Huh? 」

Mio send Aur the『 I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about』look.

As for the demon girls: Juanita, a lamia, is a beautiful woman in the upper body, and a huge snake from waist down. She gently wrapped around Aur’s body and pressed her plump breasts against his back. An Undine is a water spirit shaped like a human being. It is akin to a ghost, only originally it wasn’t a living being. Also, they were known for taking the appearance of a beautiful girl, and Judith was no exception to that rule: she had long, straight hair and a well balanced body. She floated around Aur’s body, kissing it’s every inch.

When talking about Werewolves, or Lycanthropes, as they are more commonly known, the term describes humans who can turn into wolves on the nights of the full moon or the offspring of a werewolf and a human, and Justinia was the example of the latter. She looks mostly like normal humans, except having sharp nails at the end of her fingers, triangular animal ears on her head, a wagging tail growing between her buttocks and a little bit more bodily hair then your average human being. Truth to be told, she looked more like a dog than a wolf. She clung unto Aur’s neck and licked it lustfully.

The girl called Juria is one of the inhabitants of the fourth dimension. She is about the size of Aur’s palm, but her breasts and buttocks are as firm as those of a normal woman. She flew down Aur’s waist, hugged his manhood and massaged it with her entire body.

Lastly, Jessy, Jeri and Jeni are the harpies who were now licking Aur’s head lustfully. Mio must’ve trained them personally, because their skill were very similar to hers.
「Hmm, this is not bad at all. 」

As lamia’s tongue traced all around Aur’s neck, he felt the pleasure like he has never felt before with any human partner.

「I am glad to hear that. 」
Mio sounded really pleased. So much in fact, that she began touching herself.

「Don’t just sit there pleasuring yourself. Come here! 」

「I was going to do it either way! 」

She went to Aur’s side and tossed her clothes to the ground.

「A. U.R! I have yet to feel you inside me today! That won’t do! 」

Suddenly, a new challenger, namely Yunis, has appeared. But her hair were not the color of a bright flame, they were white. It was Yunis in her spiritual form. Apparently she must have gained the ability to switch between spiritual and material form at will. That way, she was able to eliminate all physical fatigue, and as an added bonus, almost all of her weight was gone too. A handy gimmick, if only a bit unexpected.

「Technically I am like a demon now, so its fine and all, right?! 」

「If you say so yourself… 」

Technically there was a huge difference between a spirit and a demon, but Aur chose to ignore that matter for now. If Lilu or Spina heard that, it might have caused him quite a bit of headaches.

「Well you certainly are persistent. Tch, fine, whatever. Girls, make a little room for me! 」
Heeding the order, harpies placed themselves on Aur’s shoulders, and the fairy moved on top of his head.

「Please excuse me! 」

Mio jumped on Aur and sat on top of him in a reverse cowgirl position. Aur is not able to see her face because of the lamia restraining his movements.

「Nnn, nfu, uaaaah, nghaaaa! 」

What he is able to do though, is to lean forward and grab the demoness’ rich twin hills and fondle the living daylights out of them.

「 It’s fine, Mio. Just sit back and enjoy it. 」

「Y-Yes….! 」

Mio did as she was told, closing her eyes and hugging Aur’s arms tightly.

[Mio, your breasts are as big and soft as ever, I see. 」

Yunis poked Mio’s breasts with her fingers, trying poorly to hide the envy in her voice.

「Hyaaa, no, Yunis… nooooo! 」

Smiling mischievously, Yunis sucked on Mio’s nipples.


At the same time as she climaxed with her breasts, Aur ejaculated inside her as she tightened around his fleshy spear. Mio arched her back and trembled as of she was shaken by a seizure.

「Haaaaaaa….hhnnnnn, Lord… Au…r…. 」

Aur averted his gaze with a somewhat pitiful expression. It seems as though Mio was awfully weak against being teased on her breasts.

「Aur, I want it too. 」

Aur, Yunis and the demon girls all helped to move the now unconscious Mio to the side. When they were finished, Yunis approached Aur and kissed him.

「I want to feel you here too. 」

Bending her waist a bit, Yunis sat on Aur’s penis in such a way so that she could face him. Then she placed her legs on top of his shoulders. It was a position that made deep penetration possible, and a one which Yunis was easily able to do in her current state.

「Nghhhh, what is… this…. so…. amaziiiiiiiing! 」

Yunis was normally tight beyond belief, but now, in a position in which her legs were also tightly squeezed Aur felt as if the tightness had at least doubled.

「Yunis, I can see all of you in this position. 」

「Aaaaaaaah, don’t say that! 」

Yunis covered her beet-red face with both her hands. With her legs raised so high, Aur could easily thrust himself up to the entrance to her womb. When he pointed that out to her, she tightened even more.

「Lord Aur… 」

Raising herself weakly, Mio who just regained consciousness kissed Aur as he was still doing Yunis. To her tongue’s caresses, Aur responded with his own.

「Aaaah, it’s not fair… 」

Yunis also tried to kiss him, but he’s not able to reach her. Nevertheless, she does not give up and keeps bending her body, slowly closing the distance between them.

「Yunis, don’t force yourself too hard. 」

When Aur spoke, the space between their faces got distorted, bringing them closer together.
「Nnn, nnnnnnnnnmuuuu…. 」

Yunis wrapped her arms around Aur and sucked on his lips. By doing so, she tightened so hard that Aur ended up cumming inside her.

「Haaaaa…. 」

Breathless, but satisfied, Yunis slowly fell unto the bedsheets beside Aur. At that moment, the space between them returned to normal.

「Yunis, what do you want to do about this? 」

「Eh? About what? 」

It looked like Yunis failed to realize that she switched back to material form, even when Aur was patting her head. The ability that was unique only to her. For it to be discovered in such a way, it really served as proof that the universe must’ve had a really poor sense of humor.





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