Maou no Hajimekata Volume 1 Chapter 17 Side Story 3 Part 6



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist


「 Ahh, aaaa, aaaaaaaa, haaaaaaaaa!!! 」

「 Ah, Lord Aur, good, it feels so good! 」

「 Deeper, go even deeper inside! 」

The joyful voices of a large number of women reverberate throughout the spacious room. All of them are leaning against the wall and sticking their butts out as Aur has his way with them one after the other. They are mainly White Alvs and the denizens of their forest. Their hands are being restrained above their heads by heavy chains, rendering them unable to escape or sit down. However, it was not due to Aur’s order, but rather their own will. They were the ones who wanted to be treated in such a way.

Through careful training combined with brainwashing, Aur turned them into his playthings that loved to be treated as slaves. Now they were like livestock waiting to be slaughtered, waving their buttocks in front of their master, craving nothing more than to be penetrated by his thing. Those who have not yet been raped have spit trickling down from the corners of their mouths and love juices running down their thighs, and those who have already been raped were hanging by their hands, drained of all their strength, with a mixture of juices and semen gushing out of their slits like fountains. At the other end of the hall, Aur is just finishing making a mess of another womb with his powerful thrusts. Feeling her master’s meat rod piercing into her, all she could do was to squeal with delight. When he finished cumming inside her, he casually returned to the other end of the room and started raping them again. This continued until he has made three such laps.

「 The preparations here are finished as well, my master. 」

Spina told Aur as she undid the restraints on the girls’ wrists. Many succubi bound by slime tentacles were waiting in an orderly line behind her. Every one of them had her legs spread widely, displaying their most important places in front of Aur. They were dripping juices, their faces were flushed, and eyes moist. They were truly the incarnations of lust itself.

「 You brought so many of them, what exactly are you planning, Spina? 」

Aur asked Spina when all the other girls finally left.

「 As you are well aware, there is only so much magical power that you can absorb through skin-to-skin contact. That is why, with their help, I tried to create a slime able to channel its summoner’s power, and has the composition of a female womb. 」

Now that he looked more closely, the place where Spina was touching one of the succubi was not the color of a normal skin, but rather that of a translucent mucus. And he could also see some of the slime pour out of succubi’s vaginas. It reminded Aur of what he once did to Lilu.

「 Have you tested it on Lilu? 」

「 At least I tried to, but I failed due to her superior magic control. 」

Spina replied, looking dejected. He recalled from one of Raz’s memories that Lilu’s potential with magic was vastly superior to Spina’s. Her abilities as a sorceress were still amazing, but the difference was just too clear, which made Aur feel a little sorry for her. Some of her research might have been a tad controversial or radical, like a prank made by mischievous child, but it was her own way of gaining Aur’s favor, and he respected her for that.

「 Stoooop… no moreeeee….! 」

As Aur got closer to the succubi, they started shaking and throwing their heads around without hesitation. But the tentacles made it impossible for them to escape, and with each movement, the slimes in their crotches made them melt with unbelievable pleasure.

「 What are you suddenly getting afraid of? You are the succubi, so just do what you always do. 」
Aur grabbed one of the succubi and positioned himself in front of her entrance, ready to violate her. And just to clarify, usually it is the other way around.

「 No, aaaaah… haaaaaaaaahhhnnn! 」

With the wet, obscene sound, Aur’s meaty spear penetrated the succubus. It must’ve been her first time tasting such a pleasure, because she moaned in an unusually loud voice. Up until now she must have courted, slept with, and corrupted a lot of men, but this one move was enough for her to know that this time she’s going to end up getting corrupted.

「 Ahhhhh, n-noooooo! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! 」

She felt as if she was being transformed from the inside by the overwhelming pleasure. It was a feeling that was too strong to resist, and more deadly than even the worst poison. Somewhere in the corner of her melting mind was a thought that this man, Aur, was unlike any men she had until now.

「 Aaaaaaah, hhhaaaaaaaaa, fuaaaaaaaaaaaa! 」

She began to drool uncontrollably when she felt Aur’s magic energy pouring inside her womb together with his sperm. And when all was said and done, she was released from the slime’s clutches, only to fall on the ground, unconscious.

「 Go and wash her up. 」

「 As you wish, master. 」

The next succubus sucked on his thing with a fascinated expression. Even as Aur was shoving himself all the way down her throat, the pain of it was gradually turning into pleasure that made her womb pound with excitement. She was sucking him off without stopping, and her desire to be penetrated only increased. To her, the mixture of spit and semen tasted like the sweetest morning dew. Seeing her enchanted expression, the fear in other succubi only grew. It was no joke, the demons who were supposed to be dragging humans down the path to the abyss were legitimately frozen with fear.

「 It looks like you are still unwilling to cooperate. Let this be the opportunity to change your minds. 」

「 Cooperate… with such a demon, hic…. what else did you, hic, expect?! 」

「 Oh, so that’s what you are worried about? Do not worry then, that way of thinking will change soon. Oh so very soon. 」

Sealing the mouth of the succubus who tried to talk back with his member, Aur’s face was warped by a devilish grin truly worthy to be called that of a Demon Lord.

「 Truly a splendid work, my lord. 」

「 But as expected, it was quite tiring. 」

Even if he’s not feeling physically exhausted, there is still a matter of spiritual exhaustion. Even after finishing with the succubi, he continued to pour his seed into other women. Now, lying down, tired, Aur rested while admiring the fruits of his labor.

「 Here, master. 」

「 Ahhh, just what I needed. 」

Aur took the cup that Spina handed to him, and drank the orange liquid inside of it. His throat was filled with refreshing acidity and moderate sweetness.

「 I have to say, this is delicious. What is it? Fruit juice? 」

「 No, master. An aphrodisiac. 」

「 …………………………………….. 」

Aur spit the contents of the cup out of his mouth.

「 Wow, that was rather unrefined, Aur. 」

Yunis gave him a sassy remark while wiping away the liquid that he spilled. The aphrodisiac’s effect appeared almost immediately. Aur’s member was already rock hard and so swollen that it reached all the way to his belly button.

「 It’s something that I prepared in my spare time. How is it? Painfully effective, as far as I can tell from looking. 」

「 And look what I just happened to have with me~~」

Grinning from ear to ear, Lilu took out two dildos that closely resembled Aur’s member.

「 And I’ll have you know that those are equipped with magic circles that transfer semen from Aur’s testicles right into it! Pretty neat, right? 」

「 Do not explain! I don’t want to hear anything more! Not. Another. Word! 」
Aur hurriedly took the abominations away from Lilu. He felt that his sexual desire was beginning to grow out of his control.

「 Aur can also control his body with magical power, but right now, it looks like he has trouble doing even that.」

「 Please forgive me, master. All we wanted to do was to make sure that you’ll enjoy yourself. 」

Lilu and Spina. The two of them can be said to be geniuses in their respective fields of magic. And what was the result of that? An aphrodisiac and a pair of dildos.

「 Ah, for f***s sake, enough of this b******t! Just open your legs already!!!! 」

Aur cried out like a mad beast. And honestly, can you blame him? He’s but a man, and every man is bound to succumb to lust sooner or later. Especially if you have three beautiful girls ready to have sex anytime, any place in front of you.

「 With pleasure. 」

「 Please help yourself. 」

「 As you command, master. 」

The three of them answered happily, got on the bed and spread their legs, inviting Aur inside of them. Spina was in the middle, Yunis on the left, and Lilu on the right side. Unable to decide who to do first, Aur decided to take all three of them on at the same time.

「 Aaaaaaaaaaaa! 」

The three girls gladly accepted angered Aur’s penis. The aphrodisiac has made him into a berserk beast who lost all self control, and due to that, he cums as soon as he puts his thing inside them. Normally it would’ve been humiliating, but right now it can be forgiven. He is but a simple carnivore now, looking only to satisfy his own lust.

And with all that cumming, his thing remains as hard as a rock as he continues to ravage the three vaginas. At some point, he sprayed his cum all over Spina’s face, as if he wanted to insult her that way. Yunis and Lilu reached out their tongues and licked it off of her, and then the three of them entwined their tongues with Aur’s. While doing so Aur reached out with his hands and fondled their breasts, after which he took the abominable dildos and shoved them right into Yunis and Lilu. And here’s the real kicker: the blasted things are synchronized with Aur’s movements and move on their own, so he doesn’t even need to use hands. And everything about them is just like him: shape, size, hardness, everything. The only difference is that there’s no body attached to it, but that’s a given, seeing as it is fundamentally a sex toy. Lilu closed her legs and clenched up her vagina muscles in order to feel it even strongly. It was a tightness that she could have not achieved during normal sex with Aur. He can feel it as if it was he himself ramming Lilu’s womb.

After a while, Aur began to feel exhausted. Nevertheless he continued to make a sloppy mess out of the three vaginas, whom he pumped to the brim with his seed so much that it was now spilling onto the ground. His hands, acting on their own, bullied the nipples of Lilu and Yunis.

「 Aaaaah! Cumming, I’m cumming!!!!! 」

「 Aur, so good, right there, Aur, Auuuur!!!! 」

「 Master, ma…. mashhhhh…. there!!!!!!! 」

Three of them screamed in unison. At the same time, Aur felt the need to cum again.

「 「 「 I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! 」」」

Feeling him squirt inside them again, the girls were unable to hold back their voices.

「 Haaa… Haaaaa… Haaaaa… 」

Calming down at last, Aur collapsed onto Spina. He wanted to move, but his body refused to listen to him, and that won’t do, because such a nasty prank cannot go unpunished.

「 Oh, by the way… 」

His thought process, however, was interrupted by Lilu, who took out three more things out of nowhere.

「 I have spares for days! 」

And the girls licked and sucked them until their jaws could not move anymore.
That pleasure was something else entirely. The feeling of being licked while inserting yourself into a woman’s womb was simply out of this world. But…

「 You three, wait, I…. 」

「 Master, this was the first time when you cummed so hard inside of me, I want more! 」

Spina smiled, looking unusually happy. It was a different expression than her usual one, but it was beautiful all the same. She took Aur’s member into her mouth and sucked it so strongly that her cheeks were sucked in.

「 All of us will serve you with our all, Aur. 」

Yunis (in mortal form again) said while getting up. There was something ominous in her words, and when Aur looked up…

All three of them made clones of themselves, all of which were equipped with those infernal dildos!

That night marked the day when Aur felt the biggest despair in his current life.

After that, Aur gave up on counting exactly how many times he came. He did it so many times in their cracks, butts, on ther breasts, faces and into their mouths that any normal man would have ended up dead from all the cumming. With each climax the amount of sperm he released was growing smaller, but it wasn’t such a big deal for him. He just continued having his way with the clones and the other girls until he was all exhausted. It was truly an orgy for the ages. Pretty much everyone had their fill: White Alvs, Black Alvs, girls from the village, peasants and royalty, demons and succubi.

Everyone became one, forgetting their origins, social status, tribe and all the other nonsenses. The only things that mattered were the pleasure and wombs filled with magical power.

「 Now all the preparations are complete. 」

And the next morning after that night filled with debauchery…

Aur gathered everyone in front of him and said…

「 We have lost this battle. 」

They lost because they didn’t have enough Heroic Spirits. Even with Yunis on their side, they would have needed at least two more to have a chance at winning. And since it was not possible at the moment, Aur concluded that it was their loss.

「 But that loss is nothing to us! 」

Lilu, who was standing beside Aur nodded. From now on, in order to win, sacrifices would have to be made. Casualties would have to be suffered. That’s why Aur made such a decision.

「 Now we will aim… to win the future for ourselves! 」

When Aur gave the signal, the magic sigils around the dungeon’s core were being rewritten. Right now they were sucking the magic from the dungeon and the labyrinth that surrounded it.

「 In this very moment, I will reverse it. 」

The flow of magic in the entire dungeon was reversed. Filling up the entire maze, separating it from the ground in which it was planted.


The whole place shook and trembled.

This was Aur’s ultimate trump card.

The dungeon was floating up.





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