Maou no Hajimekata Volume 1 Extra Chapter 5


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Extra Story 5: Before the Demon Lord

– 70 years

In the depths of the earth, where no light could reach. It was a place where no ordinary man could thread, lest he wanted to throw his life away. In such a place reminiscent of the demon world, a bright, flame-like light appeared.
The light of that flame was strong and it pulsated just like a heart with a beautiful, amber glow. It is the shine of the soul. It drifted in midair, absorbing the magical power from its surroundings.

Then it started to expand and extend into a humanoid form, starting from that of a fetus.

Eventually the pulsating light darkened, and then changed its shape into a girl of stunningly beautiful proportions with bat-like wings and goat-like horns on her head.

「Where am I…? Who am I…?」

The demoness looked around, feeling confused.

She understood that she was a succubus, a demon, one of the bad guys. But other than that, her other memories seemed to be missing. But that was to be expected. After all, she was born just now.

This newborn demoness will later be called Lilu.

– 60 years

「… In other words, no matter how much magic we’ll use, it will never be truly gone from this world. This is called the Law of Conservation of Magical Power. The used up magic will eventually dissipate and be absorbed into the earth, rain, et cetera. That way it continues to circulate together with the dragon pulse of the earth, and gets transferred to the plants eaten by animals. And when those animals will die, the magic power stored within them will repeat the whole process once again, thus circulating around the world in an endless cycle.」

Ain explained while writing all over the blackboard. And when he finished, the loud ringing of the bell signaled the end of the class. Just as he expected, he once again managed to fully utilize the time of the lecture to the last second.

「That’s it for today’s lecture, if you have any questions, come to my laboratory.」

He announced and left the auditorium, fluttering his robe about.

「Professor Ain!」

A female student followed after him.

「Well, the thing is, there are some things that I did not understood from the lecture…」

When Ain stared at her coldly, she blushed and her voice became shaky.

「Very well then, come with me to my room.」


「Nnnn, aaaaa, aaaaaaahhhhhh!」

With his last powerful thrust, Ain released himself into the girl’s womb. Exhausted, she fell onto Ain’s chest and puffed out her cheeks happily.

「To think that I’ll be able to be together with professor Ain like that… hehe, I’m so happy.」

She gave Ain a kiss on the cheek and whispered into his ear.

「I love you, professor. I wouldn’t mind dying if I could spend the rest of my life with you.」

Hearing that, Ain raised an eyebrow.

「Is that so? Then…」

He took the knife from the shelf beside the bed, unsheathed it and handed it to the girl.

「If you have no regrets, then let’s die.」

「This is a joke, isn’t it?」

The student asked with a worried smile on her face. Ain smiled back and nodded.

「Of course I am joking.」

Relieved, she caressed his chest.

「But I truly want you… to kill me.」

「Are you serious?!」

When she asked again, Ain shook his head to the sides.

「No, I’m not kidding. If you really love me, then kill me. If you can’t do it, I’ll kill you.」

「P-please excuse me!」

The girl threw the knife away, hurriedly put her clothes on and stormed out of his room while shedding tears.

「What the hell am I doing?」

Why did he got his hopes up? Did he really thought she’s going to do it?

A young sorcerer who’s later going to become the Demon Lord, sighted and sat on the bed.

– 50 years

「Did it…」

The kid’s voice still sounded very young. Furos looked at the wooden sword lying on the ground, then at his son who managed to throw that sword off his hands, and then at the sword again.

「I did it! I did it!」

Of course, he was still a very young kid, but he was doing fine. Unfortunately, fine was not enough when one lived along mercenaries and hoped to make a name for himself someday. But he still had so much room for growth that everyone was astounded at the speed of his progress.

「Our kid is such a genius! Surely he’ll become a great warrior capable of felling giants, dragons, and one day leading the country!

He laughed heartily like an idiot, and all the surrounding mercenaries followed suit.

「It’s good that you can laugh in such a situation, but you must not become complacent. Become strong, stronger than anyone else, Wolfedear!」


The red haired boy smiled innocently and nodded.

– 35 years

「A gargoyle?」

「Yeah, it’s a worthy purchase, wouldn’t you agree?」

The village chief looked at the peddler with suspicious eyes. It was a statue of a demon that was brought to the village by carriage by one of the peddler’s men.

「It certainly is impressive.」

The chief’s son opened his eyes widely. The statue was so detailed as if it was alive!

「I’m sure it will protect you against all manner of beasts such as goblins and wolves, and maybe even a plague!」

Apart from the smiling merchant, the chief’s son was completely absorbed by the statue. He wanted to fight such a terrifying creature with a magical sword. His head was filled with such obsessive ideas.

「But, our village does not fare so well when it comes to money…」

「I’m aware of that, and I do not mind it. You see, I have so many other goods, and this statue is made of solid rock, which makes it hard for my horses to carry it. That is why I would gladly dispose of it if I could.」

「Ohhh, I see.」

When the adults and the chief continued the negotiations, Georg, the chief’s son touched the statue, completely enchanted by it. For a moment he could have even sworn that the gargoyle flapped its fantasy wings! In three months, he’s going to leave the village to become an adventurer. And in twenty years, he will return to the village to become its next chief.

– 32 years

「Here I come, Toskan!」

「Ah, why must you always be so reckless, Wolfedear!?」

Toskan fixed his hat and prepared to unleash his magic at the monster in front of them.

「Eat this!」

Wolfe jumped into the air, targeting the arm of the giant who held a beautiful girl in it, while Toskan impaled his feet to the ground with his 「Ice Needles」. Wolfe used them as a foothold and jumped again, severing the monster’s arm. The impact was so strong that his blade was shattered into tiny pieces.

「Aw man, I did it again! And here I thought I got a little better at holding my strength back!」

「Where in the hell did that come from?!」

Toskan cried out as he caught the girl in midair.

「Alright, my bad, my ba…. Whoa!」

The giant attacked Wolfe with his other hand without any warning. Wolfe tackled his attack head on.

「Hehe, good… I don’t dislike this kind of thing!」

Wolfe punched the giant who’s several times his size back, and began a fist fight with him.


The girl’s eyes opened widely as she witnessed this unusual spectacle.

「A-Aren’t you going to help him?!」

「And be dragged into his shenanigans? No thank you.」


Wolfe gets covered in blood, but continues to trade blows with the giant. It lasted for several minutes, but in the end Wolfe was the one who emerged victorious.

「Are you mad or what?!」

Those were the first words the beauty threw his way when he finally finished his opponent off. She then tore off the piece of her dress to wipe the blood off Wolfe with it and treat his wounds.

「You sure you finished it off properly at least?」

「I would hardly call that a win! When the hero charges in to save the princess, shouldn’t he go about it more smartly in order to impress her?」

「That’s why I keep telling him, but the idiot never listens.」

Toskan told that to the lady, Yudora. This was the day when the three of them had their fated meeting. And two years from that day, she and Wolfe, the hero who dashed forward like a wind without looking back, would become bonded in holy matrimony.

– 16 years


「You don’t have to be so loud, I can hear you just fine, geez!」

Wolfe squeezed his wife’s hands and stared at her pale face.

「Our child… is our child safe?!」

「Yes. She’s the spitting image of Zait: a red haired, green eyed healthy baby girl.」

「…I see.」

Yudora smiled gently.

「Once you get better, let’s go on an adventure again. Me, you, Toskan… we can even take Zait with us, he’s more than capable enough to protect himself. And once our daughter grows up, we can all go together!」

「Sounds like so much fun. If only it was possible for me…」

「It will be, you’ll see. You just have to get plenty of rest.」

Wolfe strengthened the grasp on Yudora’s hand, and stared directly into her eyes. She smiled back at him, mustering all of her strength to do so.

「Have you thought about a name for her?」


Wolfe could feel that the light of life in her was slowly fading away.

「Yunisfinia… that is… our daughter’s name… Thanks to you, my life was filled with happiness, but there was little freedom in it. That’s why… please… give our little girl… freedom…」

「I will.」

Witnessing his wife’s last wish, Wolfe clenched his hand into a fist.

– 6 years

「She poured boiling oil over herself…」

「She’s insane.」

「Cursed child.」

Carrying a bucket filled with water, Sophia tried to ignore the venomous whispers around her. She opened the door to their house and approached her mother.

「Mother, I’ve brought water.」

「I don’t… want anything… touched by you… I refuse…」

「But you’ll die if you don’t drink anything!」

Because Sophia brought and boiled the water, her mother did not want to drink it. That’s why she had to force her to do so.

「Disgusting… spawn of the devil… why did God punished me with a daughter like you…」

Sophia stood silently beside her mother’s bed and listened to her sobbing without saying a single word.

Spawn of the devil, devil’s child… everyone kept saying that she must be a demon’s bastard and the source of all the evil in the world. She heard it so often that even Sofia herself began to believe in it. She really must be the spawn of the devil. And if that’s the case, she wished for the devil to come and take her away.

Losing herself in such dark thoughts, she took another cup and handed it to her mother.

– 2 years

「Father, you big, big dummy!」

Wolfe sighted as his daughter stormed out of the room, screaming.

「Are you sure about that?」

「Yeah, just let her do whatever she wants.」

From the corridor, the sound of the wall being destroyed could be clearly heard.

「Are you sure about that?」

「Just go fix the blasted wall.」

Facepalming, Wolfe gave an order to the Prime Minister Toskan.

– 1 year

「Sofi, Sofiiii!」

「Don’t go any closer to me, Mari.」

「Here, a dumpling, eat it.」

She looked at the muddy dumpling with cold eyes.

「This is mud, I cannot eat it.」

Mari looked troubled for a second, and then she applied some sand to her culinary creation.

「I told you, I cannot eat it. Even if you apply sand to it, mud is still mud.」

Mari appeared to be genuinely shocked, and even though her expression was genuinely cute, it still ticked Sofia off. Because even though she lost her parents at such an early age, she was still loved by the people of her village.

「No matter how you try to disguise it, mud is still mud. Black, white, transparent, it really does not matter.」

She hated her so much. She was jealous of her. Jealous of the fact that she is loved and beautiful. She hated her so much that she wanted to spill boiling oil on her. But even so she will not change. Because she is not like mud.

「Hey, don’t come any closer.」

「But Sofii, I love you so much!」

「And I still hate you.」

Sofia turned around and began to walk away. Mari could not keep up with her due to the difference in their height and walking speed, but nevertheless she tried to catch up to her at all cost.

Because she loved Sofia just as much as Sofia claimed to hate her.

– 1 minute

「What is this?」

Lilu burst into laughter when she saw a strong light pouring out of the sky. It was a light that indicated that a
human magician was trying to summon a demon. The succubi knew that light like the back of their own hands. This time, however, the light was too strong to have been used to summon just your any ordinary demon. There was obviously something suspicious about it.

If no one decides to answer its call, it will remain in the sky forever. Lilu felt that something was drawing her near that light. It was not a memory of something, but rather a peculiar nostalgic feeling.

「Well, I guess making fun of humans is not all that bad once in a while.」

With her hand, she reached towards the light. And with the feeling of being filled with energy, she materialized in the realm of humans.

「Are you the one who summoned me?」

She asked the man standing in front of her.

At this moment, their story began to move.



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