Maou no Hajimekata Volume 1 Extra Chapter 6


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Extra Story 6: Maou no Hajimekata NG

★ Yuniske 1 (During Chapter 14: Let’s give the hero a cruel death part 6)

「Yunis’ treatment in now finished.」

「I see.」

Wolfe replied without showing much interest in the matter.

「Once she wakes up, she’ll surely kill the demon Lord.」

Zaitreed unexpectedly raised his face, staring at Wolfe, who was his father and his king.

「And if she fails to do so, kill her.」

His expression remained unchanged as he said something more befitting of a rancher who ordered his cattle to be slaughtered.


「Even then, you must remember, what is it that truly makes a hero.」

He told his using his sharpest tone of voice.

「Don’t let your mind be clouded by such drivel as who deserves to live and who deserves to die and make sure to aim for the top in battle. If you follow those rules, your life will be a happy one.」

「I’ll make sure to keep that in mind.」

Taking heed of his king’s words, Zaitreed left the room.

When he was left alone, the king stood up and went all the way to the bed.

「Uuuuuuuuuuoooooooooohhh Yunis!!!!!!! Please forgive this failure of a father of yours! Ooooooaaaaaaaaa this is all my fault!!!!!! I shouldn’t have allowed you to go outside!!! To become a Heroic Spirit!!! To go kill the Demon Lord!!!!!!!!!!」

And then he started crying and rolling around in his bed like a little b*tch until his movements came to an abrupt stop as he sat on the bed, looked around to see if no one saw him and poked his cheeks awkwardly.

「Your Majesty, I have a report to make!」

A few seconds later the voice of the Prime Minister Toskan rang out outside his chambers.

「Very well, you may enter.」

★ Yuniske 2 (During Chapter 14: Let’s give the hero a cruel death part 6)

「Yunis. Your life is now in my hands.」

Zaitreed told that to his sister with an emotionless voice.

「Your orders are to slay the Demon Lord Aur.」

「I understand.」

「And if you fail to do that, I will have your head.」


「That is all.」

When Yunis nodded, Zaitreed turned on his heel and left the room.

As he entered the courtyard, he swung his fist into the ground, making a huge hole in it. His arms are not the arms of a mere mortal, they are the supreme weapons stronger than any sword or spear in this world. That is why even the weakest of his blows was able to cause unparalleled destruction.

He covered his mouth with his hands so that no one could hear him, and then shouted:

「That moronic old geezeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!! What was that, trying to impress me by sounding so serious?!!! And Yunis must hate me right noooooooow! Die! Just die! Go and die a hundred times!!!! And hands off of my cute little sisteeeeeeeeer!!!!」

As he cried, he immiediately fixed his posture when one of the soldiers walked past him and glanced at the hole in the ground.

「Forgive me for asking, Your Highness, but… are you feeling alright?」

「Yes, absolutely. And as for that hole, tell the gardener to fix it right this instant.」

Zaitreed ordered the soldier, returning to his usual personality.

★ Yuniske 3 (During Chapter 14: Let’s give the hero a cruel death part 6)

「I think I finally understand what is needed to be a true hero. Lately I had a lot of time to think about it, and I think I got it now.」

Yunis clenched her fist. Now that her predicament has been resolved, she finally knew. But what did Aur think about it?

「Your wounds should heal completely in the next three days. I’ll make sure to settle things by then.」

「May the luck be on your side.」

He could only pray for her safe return.

「Well then princess, make sure to give your body plenty of rest, all right?」

「All right. Thank you, Toskan.」

When she confirmed that Toskan left the room and could not hear her, Yunis started screaming and rolling around on her bed.

「Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh, big brother and father are both such dummies!!!!!!! Ordering me to kill Aur, there’s no way in hell I’m going to do this! Argh, can’t they just learn to take a hint, those blockheads!!!!!!」

「Princess, it is time for you to take your medicine… did you perhaps say something?」

「No, nothing at all, thank you.」

Yunis replied to the female servant who brought her the medicine and moved with elegance befitting of the royal family.

★ Yuniske 4 (During Chapter 14: Let’s give the hero a cruel death part 6)

「I’m back.」

「Welcome home.」

Taking Zaitreed’s cloak and sword, his wife greeted him with her usual smile.

「You seem tired.」

「Yeah, tell me about it.」

Zaitreed was deep in thought as he sat on the sofa. Even though he did not wished to put his little sister in danger by sending her to the enemy territory, there was nothing that he could do, no other way around it. Because they were both heroes.

Hilda said nothing. She just held Zaitreed’s head in her arms softly. She was an ordinary woman who possessed no skill whatsoever when it came to using both swords and magic, and yet her existence alone was enough to heal Zaitreed’s tired heart.

He’s surely worrying too much. Yunis will kill Aur and make a triumphant return. After all, she’s the girl born under the blessing of the hero’s star. There’s no way she’s going to lose to some lowly wizard!
Holding his wife in his arms, he could feel his anxiety disappearing.

「I may have to kill my sister.」

「Little Yuniske?」

「Such is the will of my father, and I accepted it like it was nothing. I don’t want to do it, but I have to. If worst comes to pass, Yunis will die by my sword.」

「You worry too much, darling. If you really care for your little sister that much, there’s no way you’d let such a tragedy to happen.」

Hilda replied to her husband, who seemed to be battling with his thoughts.

「And even if you will be forced to do it, then who said that you have to go through with it? If you don’t want to,
then just don’t. It will all work itself out as long as you refrain from using those weird powers of yours, or whatever it is. Trust me, it will be fine!」

In response to such declaration, Zaitreed could only shed tears.

★ A Saint who knows not of impurity (During the Final Chapter: Let’s show them the willpower of those who crawl on the ground part 8)


The saint stopped him.

「What is it now, boss? Trying to protect the enemy?」

『Immortal』 asked her, clearly displeased.

「No, I just think that simply killing them won’t be enough of a punishment.」

Melizand narrowed her eyes, pointed towards Yunis and said cruelly…

「This girl, I want you to s,s,s,s, smooch her!」

Just saying that word made Melizand’s face crimson red with embarrassment.

「Well, if that’s all you want then it’s fine with me I guess.」

Melizand stares intently through her hands as 『Immortal』 brings his lips closer to Yunis’ lips…
「Indecent! Filthy! Lewd! K-k-k-k-k-k-k kissing her on the lips is too brutal! Do it on her cheek, or forehead, you predator!」

「Ah, this child is hopeless.」

『Immortal』 realized that they have no chances of defeating the Demon Lord.

★ SpiSpi’s magic sense (During the Final Chapter: Let’s show them the willpower of those who crawl on the ground part 8)

「Lilu, what did you say at that time?」

「At that time?」

「When master explained to us…」

And then spina felt that the pieces of the puzzle gradually came together, and shouted while pointing towards the sky:

「I got it! The core is in the place from which we come from, and towards where we’re going our entire lives!」

「And where exactly would that be, huh?」

★ It made me happy (During Chapter 17: Let’s draw our bows towards heaven part 7)

「There are a lot things that I want to ask about, but for now, let’s just eat.」

Saying that, Aur took a dish that looked like a mountain on pasta and placed it on the table.

「Y-You cannot possibly expect me to eat all of this?!」

「Yes you can, and you will.」

Feeling overwhelmed by an unexplainable despair, Aur looked around him and saw his Doppelgangers carrying an absurd amount of dishes with sadistic smiles on their faces.

★ One reason (During Chapter 17: Let’s draw our bows towards heaven part 7)

「Soooo… what’s the deal with this… peculiar helmet?」

One evening during the lively meal Lilu pointed to the full-faced helmet placed in one of the corners of the room. Due to her nature as a succubus she preferred to wear lighter clothing, and wouldn’t even think of covering her beautiful face with such an ugly piece of scrap metal.

「Because it looks cool.」

「Run that by me again?」

「Because it looks cool!」

★ Prologue

「This should be enough for the time being. Now…」

The man chanted a spell to light his lamp and then began chanting a slightly longer spell. Under the light of the lamp, the cave where the man stood right now changed its appearance from a hollow cavern to the room built with bricks. He then bit his nail with his finger and started writing with his blood on the cobblestone floor. When he confirmed that everything was done correctly, he chanted even more spells. And they were even longer and more complex than the previous ones.

The air trembled and the flame in the lamp was quickly wiped out.

And when the flames faded, the darkness that befall the entire place started to take shape, as if it possessed a will of its own, until it gained a definite outline.

And the man exclaimed with a voice that was like two pieces of iron rubbing against one another:

「Welcome, little girl! Your time has finally come!!!」

★ Prologue (Take 2)

And when the flames faded, the darkness that befall the entire place started to take shape, as if it possessed a will of its own, until it gained a definite outline.

And then the shape exclaimed with a lively voice:

「You thought it was a succubus bombshell beauty, but it was actually me, DIO… I mean Yunis!」

「BEGONE, THOT!!!!!!!!」

★ Prologue (Take 3)

And then the shape exclaimed with a shrill voice:

「Hahaha! It is I, the Queen of Demonic Beasts, Mio….!」

「I’m sorry your highness forgive me please don’t turn me into dog food!」

★ The result of the popularity vote (During Chapter 5: Let’s capture the foolish intruders)


Aur’s expression tensed up even further.

The current guarding force of the labyrinth consisted of 4 Hellhounds, 2 Golems and 382 Imps in addition to skeletons and goblins. Imps are not as experienced in battle as the rest, but they should be enough to handle low to middle-tier adventurers.

「And how many strong ones are among them?」

「I believe the village’s chief is the strongest one among them.」

Lilu paled a little when she heard Aur’s words. Even if they were just a group of mid-tier adventurer’s with a (allegedly) strong leader, they still managed to launch a sneak attack on the dungeon. Worst case scenario, they might even pose an actual threat to them.

「Aw! Skeletons are deployed on the battlefield, but… wait a minute…. What is this!?」

Hmm, it was rare for Aur to be so lively and surprised. Unfortunately Lili was unable to see what he saw, and so was left guessing as to the source of his unnatural behavior.

「Wh, What happened?」

「One skeleton defeated ten adventurers… with a single blow…」

「Um, you sure you’re right? You mean ten skeletons defeated them with a single blow, right?」

「I know what I said.」

★ Do something about it quickly (During Chapter 9: Let’s invade the town part 1)

「Finally, we can advance on the town.」

Standing around Aur’s desk and listening carefully to hi words were Lilu, Spina, Yunis, and Ellen.

「Our forces are well prepared, but it won’t be so easy like that time with the village. Do you know what the difference between the village and that town is?」

「The name is different!」

「The spelling is different!」

「The city is way cooler!」

「It’s not as smelly as the countryside!」

Aur sighted when he heard the banter between his subordinates. As things stood, the future battle seemed utterly hopeless.

「This…is my life now. Alright, listen up. The food sold in the towns is much more delicious than in the countryside!」


His subordinates shouted together. This was the starting point of the Demon Lord’s journey towards his journey of culinary extravagance.

★ Their Little World (During Chapter 10: Let’s give despair to the greedy adventurers part 1)

「Now that was some good technique. What are you going to call it? Maybe 『Sword Slashes』?」

Swordswoman Nadja looked at the fallen ogre, feeling satisfied.

「But isn’t such a simple name too shallow?」

The sorceress Wikia, who observed their exchange, gave a sharp comment.

「Wouldn’t something like 『Excalibur, The Sword of Promised Victory』be more fitting?」

「Hmm, you have a point there.」

「Right? And while we’re at it, don’t you think that Minotaurs shouldn’t really be called that, seeing as they are more akin to cows?」

「Say what?」

Listening to the conversation between Wikia and Sharl, Nadja was clearly confused.

「I mean, even their “horn” is actually “a spear”.」

「Two spears, to be exact.」

「And don’t you think that in its origin, the word “adventuring” is awfully close to “travelling”?」

There they go, off to their little world again. Nadja looked at her friends with a slightly lonely expression on her face.

★ Logan the Savior (During The Final Chapter: Let’s show them the willpower of those who crawl on the ground part 6)

From the upper floor, Zaitreed’s figure came charging straight at Logan. This is my own battle, Aur will surely manage on his own. Such a thought occurred in Logan’s head.

「Logan, please win this.」

He heard the whisper of his beloved angel.

「I’ll let you f**k me if you do.」


Putting all of his power into it, Logan thrusted his fist forward. His fist blew Zaitreed in half, penetrated the ceiling of the labyrinth, pierced through the sky and destroyed the Star Core hidden in sun’s shadow.

「I have no regrets…」

「Logan? Logan?」

「Now I can die happy…」

On that day, along with the death of a single demon, peace was once again brought to the world.




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