Maou no Hajimekata Volume 1 Extra Chapter 7


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Extra Chapter 7: Memory of Amber

It might’ve been just a coincidence, but it might’ve as well been fate.

Or perhaps it was this person’s destiny all along.

That he was found by that woman, Radix Fruman, when she was stuck with the development of the new weapon.
She needed a change of pace, so she went to the city’s market, and saw him sitting there in the corner of the road with a hollow expression.

An expressionless face and tattered clothes, he looked just like an orphan.

This country, Pretie, was currently engaged I a war with the neighboring kingdom of Figlia, and the tide of the conflict was visibly shifting in Figlia’s favour. Even with the development of the new weapon, Pretie’s forces were weakening with each passing day. People were suffering from hunger and poverty, morale was hitting rock bottom, and orphans and victims of war were flooding the streets.

She took notice of him due to the color of his hair. They were amber-colored, same as hers. It was not unusual to see golden or red hair, but the brownish hair, a middle ground between the two, were somewhat of a rarity. What was even rarer, however, was the magical power leaking from every inch of his body.

Its quantity was not a big deal, as it was mediocre at best. But the color was just too similar to Radix’s magic power. It is often the case that the color of one’s magic power influences the hair color. It was not always the case, but happened pretty often.

But, just as there are no two people with identical voices, there are no two people with exactly the same hair color. And yet, in spite of all of the above, the color of his magic power was identical to that of the genius Raz.

「Hello there.」

It was not like she needed him for something. It was simply a whim. Or something might be wrong with her head. In any case, she stood before him and called out, so that he would notice her presence.

「Will you become mine?」

The boy looked at Raz absentmindedly, and slowly, so very slowly nodded his head.

「Take off your clothes first, and put them in the basket over there.」

He did as he was told and stood in front of Raz, naked.

「You know how to use the bathroom?」

Answering her question, the boy shook his head. Speaking of bathrooms, in this country steamed baths were commonplace, and Raz’s bath, which was used by filling it with hot water, was something of a curiosity that only the richest could afford. That’s probably why the boy did not know how to use one.

「Well, whatever. I’ll teach you how to use it, so make sure to memorize it at once.」

According to her estimations, the boy was seven, maybe eight years old at best. That’s why Raz decided not to care about their gender difference, and also got undressed.

「First things first, scoop the water with your hands and pour it onto your body.」

Raz scooped some hot water from the bath and poured it over the boy’s head.

「Next, smear yourself with the bath oil.」

Raz took the nice-smelling oil from the small bottle and smeared it all over the boy’s body. When she reached his crotch, his childish thing slowly rose due to the sensations of being touched by a woman’s hand.


Raz pretended that she saw nothing and simply continued, wiping his body with a dry towel.

「Now try doing this yourself.」

The boy simply nodded, and tried to do what Raz did by imitating her movements. Although sometimes he looked like he was in pain, he wiped himself clean.

「Now that the dirt is gone, you can finally enter the bath.」

Heeding another order, the boy walked towards the bathtub, trying to stay as much out of Raz’s field of vision as possible.

Interesting. Feeling as if some switch inside her chest got flipped, she started to apply oil onto her body in theatrical, overly erotic motions, as if she wanted to attract the boy’s attention, showing her body to him. At first he tried to pretend that he didn’t saw it, but in just a short while he was sneaking glances at her more and more often. Raz wondered whether or not he really thought that she didn’t realized what he was doing. But she had to admit, such a pure and honest desire… she considered it to be quite cute.

「That reminds me, I still don’t know your name.」

After finishing the bath, Raz said after she handled some of her clothes to the boy. It should be obvious, but she didn’t have any man’s or children’s clothing for him to spare. And his old rags were awfully smelly, so she threw them away on the spot.

「My name is Radix, but you can just call me Raz. What about you?」


「That is a good name.」

Hearing his voice for the first time, Raz was genuinely surprised, as it sounded much lower than she expected. Looks like the voice change has already begun.

「Then, Theo, how old are you, exactly?」

「I don’t know. Thirteen, maybe fourteen.」

That gave Raz even more of a shock. So he was actually twice as old as she thought. Poor nutritional condition must’ve hampered his growth.

「Let’s discard that old name of yours. Since you are to be my disciple, from now on you’ll be… let’s see…」

Raz thought for a minute and then said:

「From now on, your name shall be Ain. Ain Soph Aur. You’ll be my disciple and study magic under me and follow my every order, and in exchange I shall provide you with delicious meals and a place for you to belong, understand?」


Ain nods and answers.

「Ah it seems we have to start by teaching you some basic vocabulary. It’s {Understood}.」

Raz sighted.

「A…. about earlier…」


Raz listened to Ain, who tried to ask about something with unexpectedly polite words.

「Will we be having… hot water baths every day?」

「Of course we will. Not taking a bath every day is barbaric and unsanitary.」

Raz was almost one hundred percent sure he was trying to ask whether or not they will be bathing together like today.

And it turned out that her hunch was half-correct. You see, Ain never requested it personally, but he refused to take a bath if it was not together with Raz.

Ultimately she chose to go along with it. After all, mentally Ain was still a child, lost and unsure of what to do with himself.

Besides, there was no way that he would try to do anything weird to her with that feeble body of his. Actually he never even tried to do anything to her; he was just staring, admiring her body with an intense blush on his face.
And he never once called her a witch or showed any sign of fearing her as a woman. It was a fact that as a sorcerer she helped to protect the country from harm, but even so, those with immense power were always feared by the masses. But in Ain’s eyes, she saw only adoration, innocence and immature passion. His gazes made her feel that she was first and foremost a woman, not a weapon, and filled her chest with warmth.

Ain’s body was in aggravating condition, but he had a nice head on his shoulders. It took him no time to learn all of the household chores and how to take care of Raz’s belongings. Raz immersed herself in her research, leaving all the work around the house to him.

Before she met him, Raz had that bad habit of hers where she could not clean even if her life depended on it, yet she still detested it when things got dirty. That is why once every month, she had one day in her schedule free to thoroughly clean around her house. Often to mixed results.

Cleaning her tower was undoubtedly a tremendous amount of work for someone like Ain, but he also learned his way around that quickly. Raz was greatly pleased with all his help, and as thanks, she passed onto him everything that she knew. He absorbed everything that she taught him like a sponge, and after half a year, he was able to work as her personal assistant. Raz began to like him more and more, and without even realizing it herself, came to depend on him.

「It’s finished!」

「Thank you for all your hard work, master.」

About two years after Ain became Raz’s disciple.

Raz slowly stretched her back and breathed a sigh of relief. She was finally able to finish the blueprints for the new weapon she’s been developing for the last few months. According to her estimates, the new design should be able to increase the efficiency by approximately thirty percent!

「Ain, a bath, if you would.」

「It’s already prepared.」

「Ah, as expected of my disciple.」

After she praised her disciple, the two of them headed towards the bathroom, where they quickly took off their clothes and prepared to enter the bathtub. She wanted to feel the blissful embrace of the hot water as soon as possible, but there was no option to omit cleansing themselves of dirt, that was absolutely a must.

「Ah, so tired~~! Ain, wash me up please!」

Without any innuendos, Raz asked Ain to wash her up. This was the result of them always bathing together.

「You want me… to do it?」

「Yup, just make sure not to hurt me, you hear?」

Usually it was a slave’s job to wash his master and handle all matters related to the upkeep of the bathroom. Raz didn’t have any slaves because the idea itself was not to her fancy, and besides, just like today, she could just ask Ain to do it instead. Ain is not her slave, but he obediently follows any order she gives him, therefore there was nothing unnatural about their current situation.

「W-well then, please excuse me…」

Ain took the bath oils and began to smear them all over Raz’s body with awkward movements. Feeling the roughness of his hands, Raz’s couldn’t help it but to notice that he grew up sufficiently for a young man of his age.

Maybe it was because she got used to him and they were practically inseparable from each other for quite some time, but she didn’t even realized when the malnutritioned boy she took from the streets grew up into a splendid young man. His arms grew thicker, and hi magic knowledge was not on par with Raz, but sufficient enough. If he tried to force himself on her and push her down, she didn’t know whether or not she would be able to resist him. And strangely enough, she didn’t even knew if she’d try to resist his advances at all.

As Ain reached her more sensitive areas, his movements became gentler and more careful.

「Thank you, that is enough.」

He suddenly felt embarrassed, as Raz pushed herself onto him. He tried to avert his gaze, but he didn’t know where he was supposed to look, and it certainly didn’t help that his member got all stiff and hard, standing up all the way to his belly button.

「Watching my naked body… got you excited like that?」
Raz felt her heart was beating like a bell.

「I’m sorry!」

Ashamed of his reaction, Ain covered apologetically.

「You’re such a bad boy, lusting after your teacher like that.」

Raz provoked him, trapping one of his arms between her breasts. It occurred to her that this is what she always wanted. She wanted this boy to go down on her.


Ain had a troubled, confused expression.

「Do you want to embrace me?」
After a short while, he nodded, and she put her arms around him.

「No need to be shy, your master will show you everything. But we need to clean ourselves first. Can you hold up until then?」

She asked in a seductive, low voice.


And just like that, with the tension so high that it could be cut with a knife, the two of them took a bath just like they always did. Glancing at Ain’s naked body, Raz was excited about what was about to happen. His muscles had become clearly visible and sturdy, and his meaty spear was standing proudly without the slightest intention of hiding itself. Thinking that such a thing will soon be inside her made Raz feel nervous, but also aroused, as she has yet to know the man’s taste. She was still a virgin.

After they took their bath, they headed towards Raz’s bedroom, but before that, Raz took a bottle of perfume oil with her and concealed it in her night gown.

「Now Ain… com here.」

Raz smeared herself with the oil, lay down on the bed and invited her disciple to join her.


Ain jumped on her and sealed her lips with his own.

「There’s no need to panic.」

Calming her disciple down, Raz kissed him back with tongue. He responded with awkward movements of his own tongue.

「Now, come.」

Gulping his saliva down, Ain tried to insert himself into Raz’s secret place.


Gently helping him to position himself in the right place, Raz’s body trembled with excitement and expectation, and just the slightest bit of fear. Ain thrusted his hips forward, putting all of his strength into it.

「Ain…. ah, woman’s body is delicate, you need to…. You need to be gentler.」

His further movements did not hurt her as much due to all the oil acting as a lubricant, but the pain of having her hymen pierced still reverberated through her womb. It was the pain of losing her virginity, of her becoming a woman, but Ain mistakenly thought that he had hurt her due to his lack of proper technique.

「I, I’m sorry.」

「You don’t have to. Just… take things slowly, okay?」

From that point onward, Ain made a conscious effort to move at a slower pace. With his every move, a pleasant sensation numbed his groin and send shocks of pleasure throughout his entire body. He struggled desperately both for himself and for his master, because he wanted this special moment to last as long as it could.

「Mmmmmmn, you can…. Move a little faster now.」

Raz entangled her arms around Ain’s neck, and breathed sweetly into his ear. Pain gradually faded away, making way for the waved of paralyzing pleasure that send chills down her spine. Ain was thrusting faster now, but it was clear that he was approaching his limit.

「Master…. I, I’m…..」

He embraced Raz tightly and cried out in a loud voice.

「Ainnnn! Good, don’t hold back, Cum for me! Spill all of your cum inside me! I’ll accept everything, I’ll drink it all up!」

And then she felt Ain’s thing twitching strongly inside of her a few times as he filled her womb with his semen over and over again.

After that day, their lives changed completely. They had sex practically every day, everywhere. In the bedroom, in the bathroom, kitchen, laboratory, they did every time there was an occasion. Because Ain was now Raz’s lover as well as her beloved disciple, and for Ain, Raz became something of an irreplaceable existence.


「Why don’t you call me Raz from now on?」

She said that to him one time after they just finished having sex. When it came to social standing she was his superior, but on the field of love she totally lost to him. That is why she wanted to drop the honorifics and all that, and just call each other by their first names.

「Then, Raz, shouldn’t we get to work soon?」

「Hmm, I suppose it’s high time for that, huh?」

Shifting her thought process from lover mode to work mode, she thought about the work on a new design that has been delayed lately.

「Once the improvements to the newest type of cannon will be finished its efficiency should jump up to fifty percent, so it should be enough to last for quite a while.」

「You keep mentioning this efficiency thing, but what is it, exactly?」

It was a simple question from her disciple. Range, power, development costs, he knew those concepts, but he never asked about this 「efficiency」 that his master mentioned from time to time. I was because that word was derived from a very complicated formula that cannot be fully comprehended without possessing special knowledge.

「To put it in understandable terms, it is…」

She hesitated. “Efficiency” meant “the capacity to kill people”. Personnel needed to operate it, magic power required to use it, and cost of production. She was pursuing the means to minimalize all of those aspects and maximize the kill count while increasing the safety of the user.


Ain called out to her, snapping her out of her daydream.

「Nothing, it’s nothing. It’s really hard to put it in simple words, so let’s just end this topic right here, and go back to enjoying ourselves.」

「Okay, got it.」

After that, she never mentioned that topic again.

She devoted her whole life to research and rarely contacted other people, so she never realized the thing which she discovered now that she found herself a lover, someone who was dear to her. She never realized, that the weapons she helped to create were used to kill people who had their own lives and loved ones, people who didn’t want to die.

With each new invention, she was sure that the pile of corpses grew bigger for both their enemies and allies alike. Maybe Ain’s parents were even there in one of those piles? Such a thought occurred to her.

After that day and the conversation she had with Ain, she refused to create other weapons. Her client, kingdom of Pretie, protested against it violently. Regardless of that, Raz continued to refuse working on creating weapons. She could not bring herself to do it anymore. When she thought that her creations were used to hurt others and that because of that the tragedy could one day befall Ain her arms trembled and her fingers couldn’t move, and ideas stopped coming to her altogether.

Unfortunately for her, the kingdom took that as an act of rebellion. And the fact that Ain was an orphan certainly did not help. He was suspected of leaking information to the Kingdom of Figlia.

「I’m sorry for dragging you into this mess, Ain.」

「You have nothing to apologize for.」

Outside of the tower, the soldiers were lined up. It was a common practice, to get rid of the traitors before they could leak the information to the enemy. Looking at the situation, Raz realized that this country had written them off the list of usefulness.

「I won’t let you die today. Up until now, my creations caused deaths of numerous people, so it might be a fitting punishment… but you have nothing to do with it.」

「But I am your disciple, Raz. If you’ll be branded as evil, then I shall gladly be branded as evil alongside you.」

Ain then pulled Raz by the hand and said:

「Let’s run away. Run away and live alone, just the two of us, in some distant country far away from here.」

But Raz only shook her head.

「It’s impossible to escape now. The whole place is surrounded.」

The soldiers outside were armed in weapons that Raz helped to develop, so she understood better than anyone that they couldn’t escape even if they flied into the sky. And dislocation magic was still at research level, and it was impossible to put it to practical use yet.

「I understand.」

Knowing that there was no way for them to escape, Ain took a deep breath.

「I don’t mind dying. After all, it’s my fault that the knights are suspecting you.」

「I’m sorry, Ain.」

A tear flowed down Raz’s cheek.

「You saved my life, so if I can sacrifice it to protect you, there’s no greater joy for me than that.」

But Raz only shook her head to the sides.

「 Ain Soph Aur I command you as your master, cut off my head and present it to the soldiers outside.」


Bound by a spell, Ain’s body moved on its own as it picked up the sword lying nearby.

「Raz, what is the meaning of this?! Why….?! No, stop this! I don’t want to live in this world if it’s to be without you!」

「I’m sorry.」

Raz muttered as her chest was squeezed by sadness and regret. She also did not want to live in a world without Ain, and that’s why it had to be done.

「No…. stop! STOP THIS!!!!!」

Ain resisted with all his might, but the body bounded by its true name refused to listen to him as it pulled the sword out of its sheath.

Raz came closer to him and relaxed her muscles, so that he could do the deed without any problems and grant her a swift and painless death. She closed her eyes and prayed. Let him live, let him find happiness one day.
For that reason alone, I don’t mind sending my soul to the purgatory.

He shook the sword in his hand, raised it into the air, and swung it down. Up until her very last moment, Raz was smiling at him.

Ain did as he was told, and tossed Raz’s head to the soldiers. He was caught and interrogated, but when they learned that he was unable to create weapons similar to Raz’s, but they kept him and forced him to create weapons for them.

Several months after that weapon created by Ain went out of control during the battle, causing Pretie to lose the war with Figlia and had its name erased from the maps.

「Lilu, there’s something I want to ask you… what’s with this room?」

Aur frowned at the state of the room. Weapon blueprints were scattered around the whole room, and its owner was just rolling around on the bed, reading a book.

「You should clean up this mess a little. How do you expect to get any work done like that?」

Amazed, Aur picked the things from the floor and started organizing them.

「Are you trying to imitate Raz?」

「That’s right. Her home was always so neatly cleaned, but only when you cleaned it, Aur.」

「Raz wasn’t like this.」

「Don’t give me that crap, I know because I studied her memories!」

Lilu shouted at Aur who started laughing.

「Thanks to you, he is now happy. Thank you, my future incarnation.」




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