Maou no Hajimekata Volume 1 Final Chapter Dungeon Commentary


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist


Final Chapter Dungeon Commentary

This is the state of the dungeon at the end of the epilogue.

Number of floors: 5+5+1 levels
Miasma: 100
Notoriety: 120
Saved Up Magic: 200 (Units: 10 000/day)
Magic Consumption: 200 (Units: 10 000/day)


New Facilities:

☆ Ground Dungeon:
Aur’s former dungeon that returned to the ground and reconnected itself with the flow of the dragon energy. All 5 of the initial levels. Guarded by demons, devils and demonic beasts from the outside, the inside now houses members of all the races who swore their loyalty to the Demon Lord, although being of [Good Alignment] may cause their power to significantly decrease. The enemies and traps get increasingly more brutal and violent the deeper the dungeon descends; equal to the [Heavenly Dungeon] in terms of threat. Capable of growing even further.


☆ Heavenly Dungeon:
Structurally it’s the same as the Ground Dungeon, but the layout of enemies, traps and teleporters is different, as it would be unwise to make it the same in both dungeons. It’s protected mostly by angels, demons and demonic beasts. Those of [Evil Alignment] may have their power significantly reduced. The enemies and traps get increasingly more brutal and violent the higher the dungeon goes.


☆ Demon Lord’s Castle:
Aur’s castle in the Heavenly Dungeon. It is technically a space designed for daily living, but it has become complicated like a labyrinth similar to the one sprawling in the dungeon. Together with Ground and Heavenly Dungeons, the total number of floors equals 11. It is covered by strong barriers, and entrance is only possible through air. There are no traps as it is mostly a living space for the Demon Lords mistresses. Breaking in is pretty much impossible.


☆ Aur City:
Aur Town developed with resources from the Ground Dungeon, where the residents are mostly adventurers. Its governor is not affiliated with any country in the world and most of its merchants are former adventurers. Because of its nature, large number of criminals tend to be drawn to it, but they’re managing to stay on their good behavior most of the time. Public security and defensive capabilities are not so bad either. Currently the city with the lowest cost of living in the entire world.


☆ Star Core:
Core of the Heavenly Dungeon which, according to Melisand, accumulates cosmic energy instead of magical energy. However, the process itself is interrupted by the sunlight, and saving efficiency is bad compared to magical energy. It cannot be destroyed by attacking it with the energy harnessed from the Dungeon Core, and likewise, its energy cannot be used to destroy the Dungeon Core.


New War Potential:

☆ Mio (Monster Use LV99)
War Potential: 0 Maximum Magical Capacity: 0.1
The World’s strongest demon tamer who attained the title of [Queen of the Demonic Beasts]. She’s able to freely control both the mind and body of any kind of demon or demonic beasts without having to look them in the eyes first. Monsters that fall under her control are able to break the limits of their original strength and receive a bonus of +3 to the strength stat.


☆ Wolfe in Metus
War Potential: 17
A unique case in which the soul of the strongest Spirit transferred to the carcass of the strongest dragon known as [The Fear]. Its body is covered with a specially made iron scales that are impervious to all kinds of magic or physical attacks. If strengthened by Mio, it can spew the toxins within him just as he would breathe fire. An ultimate addition to the dungeon’s defensive systems, although it is not needed at the moment.


☆ Zaitreed
War Potential: 14
The most powerful of the Spirits capable of disabling any kind of magic or natural law, even the ones working directly on himself. At least that’s how it’s supposed to be, but he has difficulties with controlling that power, for which he is deeply sorry.


Current dungeon sitation:
An ultimate dungeon in which devils and angels stand side by side. Nothing is able to stand up to it. Everyone who wanders into it in hopes of conquering it can abandon all hope of getting out alive. So far, no one even dared to invade it. The heavenly dungeon is a floating fortress able to attack from the sky; there are currently no countries able to withstand the might of its angelic hordes. The notoriety level also broke beyond the scale. As of this moment, Demon Lord Aur and his subordinates are believed to be the reincarnations of the Evil Gods who came back to drown the world in their ire.




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