Maou no Hajimekata Volume 1 Final Chapter Part 2



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Final Chapter: Let’s show them the willpower of those who crawl on the ground Part 2

「 Kamaser’s power has… Disappeared?」

Andel, the angel of Power muttered to himself, feeling that the readings of his comrade’s power faded away. It would seem that the Demon Lord’s dungeon was a lot more dangerous than he initially thought. Many angels of Skill have perished already, and now they were also losing the angels of Power.

That said, Kamaser was too arrogant and prideful, and that might have been his undoing. Slowly and carefully, Andel descended down the vertical hole with his subordinates.

It looked like it was leading further down into the dungeon. Occasionally there were monsters attacking them, but they posed no threat to angels who could dance freely through the air. Slashing through then without even breaking a sweat, they reached the second level of the dungeon.

Kamaser foolishly descended into the dungeon without any preparation, but Andel wasn’t going to make the same mistake. He was planning on skipping all the levels and head straight for the Demon Lord’s lair. At least that was his plan until he saw a red light in front of him.

「 Joe, Jonathan, Joanna, Jonas, Justin, Joseph, Jodi, Joshua, John, Jotaro, Judas, Juanitta, Josuke, Julian, Josephin, Jonas, Juliet, Jorun, Jorin, Joel, Jonny, Jon, Jairo, Jorion, Jastas!」

A young girl’s voice shouting strange things could be heard.

「 Go get them boys!」

Deep inside the hole were other holes leading to the sides. They were full of demons that were preparing to breathe fire from their mouths.

Those demonic flames were the last thing that Andel and his squad saw in the Demon Lord’s dungeon.

No light could be seen anywhere, not even a spec of it. It was a world of perfect darkness. And it wasn’t just a normal darkness either. The further he was trying to get away from it, the more intense it grew. He was also aware of the fact that he probably could not proceed further without finding some way to break through it.

This world of darkness was shaped like a square and he had relatively no problems with moving around it, only it wasn’t all that wide. He was even able to differentiate between an icy mass of darkness, two smaller spheres of darkness that seemed to be slowing his movements, and a big sphere of darkness that was connected to all the other ones. From time to time intruders appeared from outside this dark world. They shined brilliantly, hurting his eyes and making him feel this unpleasant warmth. Each time that happened, he manipulated the darkness in order to snuff out those lights.

Thanks to their light, the intruders probably figured that the medium-sized darkness was actually a neckless horse and the large darkness was the carriage which it dragged with himself, but this revelation did not cause any complicated feelings to occur within him. All that he cares about is protecting this tiny world of darkness. This is his duty as a Dullahan. If he tried, he could recall that his name when he was still alive was Alan. And today, an especially bright and warm light graced his world with its presence.

「 Miserable being, fade away before the light!」

The angels attacked him with such words, but he did not understood any of them. He just fought exactly how his instincts told him to.

Without a sound, the headless horse began to run. The carriage that can achieve tremendous speed crushes into the Ability angels and tears them to pieces with its wheels.

「 There, on top of it! Kill him!」

The headless rider sat atop the carriage, which was almost two meters tall. The angels pointed their spears and bows at him.

「 Be cleansed, you disgusting abomination… huh, dust?!」

The horse-drawn carriage scattered in front of a power angel who was readying his bow and reappeared behind him with a ghastly sound. When he looked back, his face was twisted by the mixture of shock and fear.

「 Impossible. How? HOW?!」

Power angel was blown off into the ceiling, and got swallowed up by the dark space.

This whole room was Dullahan’s domain. Whether it was a ceiling or the floor, he could run through them freely and reappeared wherever he wanted.

「 Have at you!」

Dullahan released the reins of the carriage and pointed his hand at one of the angels holding the bow. Lightning shot out from his palm and struck the angel in an instant.

「 It’s using magic!」

The angels scattered and tried to run away. For them, it was a hopeless situation. If they got close, they would get mauled by the carriage, and if they kept their distance, they would just get shot by magic. Angels should have no problem with disposing an evil spirit like that, but for some bizarre reason, they were unable to get the upper hand.

「 Keep calm! If you look closely his movements are easy to read, just stay calm and keep your distance!」

One of the angels shouted from within the darkness. It was a Dominion angel, the leader of the middle-tier First Squad, one of the highest ranking angels.

Heeding his words, the rest of the group regained their composure and surrounded the Dullahan while keeping his distance from him. The Dominion angel was right. The Dullahan’s fighting strategy was rather simple: get close to the enemy and use your carriage to turn them into minced meat, and if they try to run smite them with magic. Simple, but apparently very effective.

It was a pattern that could have been easily spotted with enough careful observation. But by the time the Dominion angel caught wind of this, many of his comrades already died.

「 Eat this!」

The angelic leader created a chain of light and tossed it at the Dullahan’s coach, wrapping it around its wheels, and the others did the same. Soon, the chains-bound carriage came to a halt and stopped moving.

「 Now! Get him!」

The angels all rushed at the immobilized carriage. Some of them will get killed by the Dullahan, but this will be a sacrifice necessary to take that enemy down. That is what the Dominion angel when he ordered that suicide charge. But fate has decided that their readiness to die will not be rewarded today, as none of the blows aimed at the Dullahan reached its target. They were all stopped by an invisible wall. The next instant, icy arrows pierced the chests of the angels and send them flying into the dark space. At the same time, the chains that restrained the carriage’s movements were cut off. Before anyone could react, three adventurers got onto the carriage and surrounded the Dullahan.

「 You filthy brigands, how dare you get in our way?!」

For a brief moment, the Dominion angel thought that he recognized one of those three.

「 The only thing that I believe in is Lord Aur’s d**k. Anything else is insignificant to me.」

Those outrageous words were spoken by a White Alv priestess, Sharl, who smiled confidently. As per the usual, Wikia and Nadja were grinning awkwardly in reaction to her bold words.

「 And besides.. 」

Gradually her smile dissapeared as she glared sharply at the leader of the angels.

「 He may be a demon, but Alan is still our important companion.」

Hearing those words, Wikia’s eyes opened wide.

「 Sharl, you are…」

Even though Sharl’s and Nadja’s memories were altered, it wasn’t the case with Wikia. Her outlook changed gradually over time. Now, the most important thing to the three of them was Aur and the pleasure which he gave them. However, it does not mean that they no longer cared for their friends. That one thing will never change.

Dullahan tasted that feeling of camaraderie for the first time in his life, and it made him feel confused. Those three new lights that appeared around him were the same as the ones he disliked, blindingly dazzling. But for some reason, the warmth they were emitting was not unpleasant at all. He did not know what to think about it all.

「 Then you shall perish here with me!」

The main angel screamed as he ordered his subordinates. This Dullahan was indeed a fearsome opponent, not to mention those three girls. But he was still convinced that their advantage in numbers would bring them victory. They could still win if they tried to use a surprise attack, from above, for example.

Acting out their commanders orders, the angels attacked the Dullahan in mixed succession. The Power angels threw their spears, and the captains steadied their bows.

They have already saw through the carriage’s patterns, so they could avoid its attacks accordingly. Now, the Alv priestess will probably be the core of their formation, so if they could just kill her, their defenses would surely crumble. They also do not possess the means to stop all of their attacks nor do they have enough firepower to annihilate them all fast enough. That assumption of the Dominion angel was roughly correct. Because he did not fully saw through the carriage’s movements.

「 I-Impossible!」

Dullahan took the reins and manipulated the carriage’s movements in such a way that he evaded all the attacks aimed at him. He blocked the rest of the attacks with magic.

「 And now I give it back!」

Wikia send icy arrows at the angels with bows. Most of them were direct hits, and if someone managed to avoid them, they’d get hit either way by the icy shrapnels and fell unconscious.

「 Wha…?!」

Behind the arrows lurked the swordswoman Nadja. She was kicking and jumping and sending the angels back on the ground with precise and powerful strikes which made them shake in anguish.
Before she even touches the ground she’s picked by the carriage, and if someone tries to attack it, he’s being blocked by the combination of Wikia’s 「 Icy Wall」 that traps the angels, who are then burned by Dullahan’s lightning.

「 This is preposterous! Inconceivable!」

The angels, who are supposed to be superior when it comes to sheer power are getting decimated because they lack the technique. It was incomprehensible enough as it was, but what was even more unbelievable was how well those four could cooperate with each other.

「 This is the ultimate truth: whether you like it or not, you shall perish here!」

The Dominion angel shouted as he took out a small bell. This item contained within itself the power of the Chief Angel. It is said to be a divine creation that revealed the majesty of God himself to all those who were present. If he were to use it in a place like this, filled with magic power and heretical misery, it should be super effective. However, it would come at the cost of the user’s life. He knew this, and still chose to do it, all in order to carve a path to victory for the forces of heaven.

「 Try to block this…!」

The tip of the bell started to emit intense heat. This was the power of the fourth rank angel, leader of the medium-tier First Squad. The strength of this flame could even be compared to that of Logan, the lower-tier devil. When Sharl saw that, the paled. She could not block that attack, there was not enough time. This attack that used the Dominion angel’s life as a power source was going to kill them all at this point!

At that time, Dullahan shook the three of them off the carriage and directed it straight at the angel. The heat shattered the carriage made out of darkness into pieces, and evaporated the headless horse in an instant. Alone, the Dullahan split the sword he was carrying into two and assumed a defensive stance. This way, he protected the girls from harm. The bell’s flame was melting parts of his armor, and he grimaced under his helmet. That holy fire burned all of his mind away, leaving only overwhelming despair and hatred.

But among that burning mass of emotion there was still one pure thought that remained intact.

This time… I was able to protect……. I am………. glad.

「 I’m sorry.」

His words, the words of the dead, could no longer reach the living. He fell to the ground, leaving behind only his jet black helmet, feeling satisfied and fulfilled right to the very end.

The Dominion angel also turned to ash and dissapeared. After it was all over, Wikia breathed a sigh of relief.

「 If given enough time, the Dullahan will always revive naturally. Until then, let’s just try to take it easy and not overexert ourselves.」

「 Right.」

Nadja said with a strangely shaky voice. When Wikia turned to face her, she asked:

「 Hey, Wikia, I wonder just what is this… although I don’t feel sad, I can’t… I can’t stop the tears from flowing…..!」

「 H-How should I know…?!」

Sharl and Wikia hugged Nadja gently and prayed.

Even if it’s for just a little, may he find comfort in the fact that he managed to protect them.





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