Maou no Hajimekata Volume 1 Final Chapter Part 3



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Final Chapter: Let’s show them the willpower of those who crawl on the ground Part 3

Final Chapter: Let’s show them the willpower of those who crawl on the ground, Part 3

When the Dullahan disappeared, the three girls retreated in order to avoid the army of angels that rushed on their location, thus capturing Aur’s dungeon up to the third floor.

When they were trying to forcefully open the heavy door leading into the next level, a young girl appeared before them. It was Faro, the Halfling thief.

「 Are you one of the Demon Lord’s fingers?」

One of the angels pointed his sword at her, while she appeared to have been unarmed. But it didn’t faze her, she just smiled, as if she was watching a very fun spectacle.

「 You knave, are you making fun of…」

The angel who tried to grab Faro fell onto the ground with a loud thud, his body so full of holes that he looked like Swiss cheese. He turned into a myriad of light particles and disappeared.

「 It’s the enemy!」

Everyone readied their weapons in an instant. It was now clear that she was an enemy, but they had absolutely no idea how in the hell did she managed to kill one of them so easily. If she used something similar to an invisible arrow, then not only the angel should be full of holes, but the wall behind him also should be full of those. But there was no signs of anything hitting the wall behind him. It was an impossible attack.

「 How dare you?!」

An angel equipped with a spear rushed at Faro.

「 Stupid, careless…」

That angel soon stopped in his tracks, and his arm was sent flying.

「 Wh- ouuuuuuaaaahhhhh??!!!!!」

Because they manifested themselves in the mortal world, all the angels were able to feel pain in the same way humans do. That’s why that angel cried and screamed as he pressed the arm which was severed from the elbow to his chest. In the next moment, his head was mercilessly cut off from his shoulders, and rolled on the ground at his feet.

「 It’s a trap.」

The leader of the group of angels finally realized what all of those attacks were.

「 This whole corridor is riddled with traps, and she can set them off freely!」

To get wind of her whole setup with just a quick glance, this guys has some good eyes on him. It was just as he said, this passageway had numerous traps installed in it. For example, if you focused your eyes on the place where the first angel died, you’d notice that there was a wire made out of magical energy sprawled on the ground. Once he walked through it and it snapped, it activated the mechanism which ejected hundreds of bullets from the nearby wall.

「 Focus on the defenses and don’t lose her out of your sight! Kill her as soon as possible!」

An angel carrying a huge shield walked forward, stopping the bullets shooting out of the wall. The second one was cleaved in half by a large sword coming from the ceiling at high speed. The third one managed to sneak by through the side, and swung his sword at Faro… only to be turned into a humanoid needle pillow by the countless arrows coming at him from every direction. He could have protected one of his sides from damage with a shield, bu it was impossible to guard against an omnidirectional attack.

「 Keep fighting! And protect each other!」

Chasing after Faro, the angels tried to move in a group. The girl stepped on a slightly protruding floor switch and threw herself into the pitfall in front of their eyes. Did she realized that she could not escape and committed suicide? But then, they heard a sinister sound, as if something huge began to move.

「 RUN!!!」

A gigantic iron ball was rolling straight at them with incredible speed. It rolled over the hole in which Faro hid herself and crushed all the angels who failed to get away from it. Those who did managed to get away from it were soon robbed of their lives by the other traps present in the passageway.

「 You’ve got to be sh*****g me!」

The iron ball finally stopped and broke into thousand small pieces, which filled the angelic leader with fury.

「 I will have your head for this you b**ch!」

Angered, he coated his whole body with power and jumped at Faro. He did not mind receiving some damage. With his speed and technique he managed to avoid most of it anyway. Avoiding his fierce attacks by the skin of her teeth, Faro pushed a switch with her heel. At that moment a part of the floor was lifted diagonally with a spring, and the angel’s body bounced back. While he was still in the air, the walls came crushing down on him from all sides, trapping him in a closed space which was completely flooded with concentrated sulfuric acid.

「 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」

With a voice that could no longer be heard, he still tried to move his legs about even as he was dying, but his feet got tangled in a rope that was stretched slightly above the floor, and a circular saw ended his life by cutting off his head.

While the rest of the angels was at a loss for words and too frightened to move, Faro headed deeper into the labyrinth, but suddenly…

「 That’s enough.」

The angels surrounded her both from the front and the back.

「 …….!!!!」

The remaining ones smiled wickedly. While the others were chasing Faro, some of them already confirmed that the road ahead was a simple dead end without any traps.
She had nowhere to escape. She was trapped with her back against the wall on one side, and the enemies pointing at her with their swords, spears and bows at the other.

「 ……. On.」

Faro opened her mouth and said so. That one word does not make much sense in and out of itself. It is just a passage of a spell. The last passage of a summoning spell that was nearly completed. She herself had little magical power, but the dungeon itself was practically overflowing with it. Because of that, all she had to do was to memorize the rest of it!

「 What-!」

Everyone was at a loss for words. Out of the many summoning circles that appeared on the ground came various types of demons. They were not the low-tier ones that were largely dependent on the skills of their summoner, and they did not have any spells restricting their actions placed upon them either. They were free to act however they liked, and there was only one enemy in front of them… the unfortunate angels.

With no unnecessary words being spoken, a fierce battle began. If they were given no specific instructions on how to act, there was always a possibility that they could have just turned against their summoner if they deemed him weaker than them, but if they faced angels, it was another story entirely. They were polar opposites, natural born enemies, and hence, they never missed a chance for tearing the angels apart and sucking out their souls. Anger and hatred roared, flames swirled, swords danced, lightning bolts struck, the arrows fluttered. After some time, when the sounds of battle died down, Faro emerged from the shadow of a hidden door, but nor the angels or devils were nowhere to be seen.

They were like two sides of the same coin. They were of equal power, meant to slay one another. The trap in this room was made with that exact reason in mind. To annihilate the angels at all costs. With light and fast movements, Faro faded into the corridor leading further into the dungeon.

Around the same time, on the surface… no, it would be better to describe the situation in the sky. In Aur Town, the angels and adventurers were entwined with one another in a fierce brawl. Contrary to angels, who had a clear class and leadership systems, adventurers were just a gathering of rouges not skilled at organized warfare. Yet despite that, they were putting up quite a fight against the enemy who had an overwhelming numbers advantage. They were getting cheered on by the shopkeepers and merchant, the largest part of the population of Aur Town.


Dalt Ox, the owner of Ox’s tavern wielded his great axe while roaring like a wild beast. Every time he swung it, large numbers of angels were dying and disappearing in the particles of light.

Martha Morris, the proprietor of the lodging houses was hiding her presence as she was murmuring a spell.

「 Huehuehuehue, congrats on yer death’s day!」

When she finished the chant, a black smoke sprung from her dried up, branch-like fingers and covered the angels, who then fell apart as if they were made out of straw.

「 Whispers on your lips.」

Maddy Kant, the church nun, was waving her hammer left and right while reciting prayers.

「 Songs in your chests…」

Despite her being a servant of God, there was no doubt or hesitation in her strikes as she felled her Lord’s loyal servants.

「 Prayers in your hearts.」

That’s because there is only one God she believes in. Money.

「 May they lead you to salvation and Kingdom Come, AMEN!」

When she finished reciting the passage from the scripture, all the enemies that stood before her turned to ash and disappeared.

「 Oi missy, that’s one helluva powerful magic attack! Just how strong are you, exactly?!」

Surprised, Ox shouted at Maddy.

「 And what might you be talking about, good sir. This is but a simple resurrection magic, meant to help the stray sheep to find their way back before the face of the creator.」

She replied with a smile on her face. But there was something clearly malicious behind that smile.

「 Oh, is that so? I get it, I get it…」

Ox vowed to himself that he will never allow her to use that 「 resurrection magic」 on him, even if he died.

A little bit away from them gnome girl was waving her cane’s around. She had two of them, which she was swinging both horizontally and vertically. As she waved them around, fireballs were shooting from their tips, burning the angels to death as they came into contact with them. This fire-shooting cane was one of her absolutely favorite items. And best of all, she obtained it for a dirt-cheap price of just one gold coin. As she continued to decimate more enemies, she could not help it but to imagine just how much gold Aur would offer her as a reward for such a great job.

But then one of the more shiny angels rose his staff to the air and made her flame bullets disappear, after which he took out his sword and charged at her with unparalleled speed.

Not enough time.

She had no time to evade his attack. She closed her eyes, ready for death.

But when she opened them again, she saw that the angel’s head was severed from his neck.

「 Your strength has not gone down, 『Silent Keith.』」

She recognized the silhouette of a man who stood before the angel who faded into particles of light as he offered his last praise. She then breathed a sigh of relief. For now, it would seem that all the angels have been annihilated.

「 I’m not going by that name anymore, so stop calling me that, idiot.」

Keith looked at the disappearing light particles as if they were something he scraped off his shoe.

『Silent Keith. 』

Everyone has some sort of dark past, but there is no one in this world who would not trembled in fear after he’s heard that name. He was an assassin before, one who moved without a sound, and killed without making a sound. A personification of silence. Gnome girl was aware of at least that much.

「 A word that sounds like silence, what a tasteless and senseless pun. And don’t even get me started on how bad it is for assassins to have such fame sticking unto them. But that is all in the past. Now I’m just Keith, an adventurer and a proud resident of Aur Town.」

He tossed that life away for a reason he did not want to share with anybody, and gnome girl understood and respected that. After all, she had similar circumstances.

And it was not limited to just the two of them. In Aur Town, the city with the worst residents in the entire world, everyone had a reason or two like that. Maybe that is why they loved this town so much.

Squinting his eyes, Keith turned his sight to the town’s main gate. Outside, there were many more angels gathering, but beside them was one peculiar white shadow that seemed to be different from all the others.

「 It would seem that they finally decided to get serious.」

「 Their big guns are about to show up! As planned, I’m going to hit them with all I’ve got!」

Keith shouted, heading towards the gate.


The others answered his shout vigorously.

「 Everyone…….. Get Awaaaaaaaaaaay!」





  1. Like I said last chapter, the person you refer to as “gnome girl” is not a gnome girl, but a woman, a merchant, named Noumu/Nohmu/Nômu was the first to stablish a business at the doors of the dungeon and who sold her body to Aur. Last time I checked, she was human.

  2. Thanks for the chapter

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