Maou no Hajimekata Volume 1 Final Chapter Part 4


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist


Final Chapter: Let’s show them the willpower of those who crawl on the ground Part 4


A group of individuals clad in white was walking down the path in the dark labyrinth.

They were the elites of the angels, The Five Heroic Spirits: 『 Lead 』, 『The Dragon Killer』and 『The Immortal』were the vanguard, and the spear wielding 『Unknown』 and『 Magic Bullet』 with a bow were situated in the back. They were the best of the best that angels had to offer, their absolute trump cards, and they had only one goal: conquer the dungeon which swallowed so many of their comrades.

「We will take the shortest route possible. 『Unknown』 , you lead the way.」

『Unknown』 nodded silently to 『Immortal’s』 request. No matter how deep the dungeon was or how many traps were placed inside of it, it mattered little to the one whose sight reached 1000 miles forward. He has already saw through all the paths of the labyrinth and secured the shortest route to the dungeon’s core.

「It’s no use. The shortest route is unavailable.」

Hearing『Unknown’s』 words, 『The Immortal』tilted his head, puzzled. They were the five of the strongest angels in heaven, there was no one who could have possibly stood in their way. And yet, there must have been some reason for 『Unknown』 to react like that. He silently indicated forward, past the various traps and demons obstructing their way.


『Lead」 and 『Dragon Killer』 swung their weapons at the monsters who rushed at them. They were all instantly obliterated.

「What about them?」

There really should not be anything for them to worry about if they were just simple goblins. 『Unknown』 said only one word to 『The immortal』 who was frowning suspiciously.

「They’re coming.」

The moment he said that, hundreds of goblins rushed them like a flood.

「What the hell is this?!」

Surprised, 『The immortal』shouted. There wasn’t just ten or twenty of them. They were literally flooding the whole corridor, running as if they were fueled by the sheer force of hatred and anger themselves.

「No, wait! Wait a minute, I said!」

『The Immortal』 drew his sword in a hurry, but even if he cut down many goblins, their bodies did not disappeared like the bodies of demons of angels. He kicked them back in order to make some ground for maneuvering, but even when their corpses piled up, the rest of them were just pressing forward with the force of a tsunami.


「This is bad!」

Said the『Dragon Killer』 as the goblins started to slowly but steadily overwhelm them. But that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was that which lurked behind all the goblins.

It was a giant mucus-like creature filling the entire corridor with its watery body – Slime. It was swallowing goblins into itself as it drew closer the five Spirits with aggravating speed.

『Dragon Killer』 slashed at it with his sword, and 『Magic Bullet』released his arrows. They tore the Slime in half and made countless holes in it, but each of its wounds was mended seconds after it was made.

「If we destroy the walls, we might be able to take it down!」

Shouted『 Dragon Killer』 with a heavy, but somewhat playful voice.

「This is no time for tasteless jokes you idiot! If we were to do it, we’ll just end up buried alive alongside it! 『Unknown』, find us a way out of this mess!」


That is why everyone found him so hard to deal with. Complaining, 『The immortal 』run past the『Unknown』. All he’s ever done was to shout orders at them. And even if he tried to help them and attack the enemy, 『Lead』 and『Dragon Killer』 were much better at it than him.

As he tried to run further, a part of the ceiling crushed onto him from above. And although his ability allowed him to escape death, he got separated from the others as a result.

「Hey 『Unknown』! Have you confirmed that trap being here before? What the hell are you…?!」

「This is not a trap, the labyrinth is…!」

The rest of 『Unknown’s』 voice became totally inaudible due to some strange vibrations.

「Is it coming from the enemy’s stomach?」

『The Immortal』 bit down his tongue. This dungeon could be considered to be the Demon Lord Aur himself, so of course he’d be able to manipulate its shape to some extent.

「Very well, it’ll be easier to do it that way!」

Misunderstanding, 『The Immortal』 took one step further into the dark depths of the dungeon.

「We’ve been separated.」

Said the 『Dragon Killer』 as he looked up and down the stone wall.

『The immortal 』preferred to work alone, everyone knew that much. Every single one of the Spirits was powerful in one way or another, so it’s not like they were all heavily dependent on one another, but now that he was at the other side of the wall, he will no longer have the advantage of 『Unknown’s 』ability, and that might come back to bite him in the backside later, as he without a doubt headed straight for the Demon Lord himself.

And it really wouldn’t be fun if he got to him only to get himself killed.

「Then again, he’s not that weak to go down without putting up a fight if he needed to. 」

Consoling himself with those words, the『Unknown』 scanned ahead in search of their leader’s presence, and followed after it accordingly while eliminating every demon who stood in his way. At the other side of the wall, 『Dragon Killer』followed his own way.

Wolfe has earned his name by killing Metus, the strongest dragon who ever lived. And what was merely a fact before became a 『Natural Law』of the world. He, the 『Dragon Killer』, was able to slay even the mightiest of dragons with a single strike while the dragons were unable to land even a scratch on him. This law could take effect regardless of the number, size and power of the dragon; as long as he was able to see it, he was able to kill it.

And being stronger than the strongest of creatures on earth automatically made him the strongest creature in the world. He earned that title rightfully as someone who could take such beasts down with just the strength of his own limbs.

However, even for him there was an opponent who could be called an exception.

「…..Oh? 」

He raised a pleasant voice after he saw the shape that emerged from the soil in front of him.

「Even in death you still want to fight me? Well, if you insist!」

Raising his sword and charging forward, 『Dragon Killer』 Wolfe grinned at the carcass of Metus, his fated enemy.

Rex, the 『Magic Bullet』 was running down another corridor, following the orders that he received: head for the deepest part of the dungeon while following the reversed flow of magical power, and shoot on sight if you spot an enemy. Maintaining the highest possible speed, he calmly and coldly ran forward, his eyes focused solely on the target.

That is why he did not cared at all when one of the rooms in front of him turned out to be covered in trees, just like a forest. He stepped into it without a second thought.

As soon as he did that, countless arrows flew at him, but he managed to shot down every single one of them. In the corner of his eye he spotted an enemy, and entered his battle stance.

「So we meet at last, 『Magic Bullet』.」

The voice seemingly came out of nowhere. 『Magic Bullet』 scanned his surroundings to pinpoint its exact location. But when it came to Alvs, even the Holy Spirit would have trouble finding them if they hid in the forest, just like now.

「The pain and frustration from that day… allow me to pay you back for them a hundredfold!」

Among the darkness of the trees, Ellen declared so.

「Hello there, Mister General. You possess an Ego, don’t you?」

After he got separated from the others, 『Lead』 came upon a man who called out to him in a flirtatious voice.
It was a figure he was familiar with. The arrogant smile he bore on his face did not match, but there could be no doubt, that man was Zaitreed himself.

「So you’ve become a demon, huh?」

Zaitreed threw away his sword and readied both his fists.

「What would father said if he saw you now?」

Mimicking his movements, Logan also prepared his fists. Red and White. Standing before one another, they stared into each other’s eyes.

「My body, I will get it back.」

「If you’re willing to exchange it for 100 young girls, then I might be willing to consider it.」

「Inferior life form.」

Zaitreed spit on Logan to provoke him, and immediately after that, they crashed into each other.

『Unknown 』was making his way down the shortest path to the center of the labyrinth. Sometimes its structure changed here and there, but is seemed like it wasn’t possible everywhere, and most certainly it was impossible to seal off the center completely.

It looked like everyone was fighting their own enemies. It was a clever move, aiming to defeat the while they were divided. His enemies also appeared before him. They were four girls. It was more than likely that they thought that if they ganged up on him, they will have bigger chances of winning. He prepared his spear and entered the room where the enemies were waiting for him.

He didn’t sensed traps or any kind of enemy reinforcements. He deflected a magical arrow which was shot at him, and launched a kick against a sword that came down upon him. Due to the force of the impact, the female swordsman’s sword flew into the air, and she herself rolled on the ground. He then targeted a priestess who tried to cast defensive spells, and a thief who was hiding behind some rocks. First kill the defenses, then the swordsman, and then the magician, that was his plan. His enhanced eyesight wasn’t just good for scouting purposes. It also allowed him to trace the enemy movements in complete darkness as if it was a normal sunny day.

And that is exactly why he was so shocked.

He was confused for a moment when he felt a sword ripping through his chest and a smell so sweet that it made his body feel like it was on fire. This attack was released from the area which he could not perceive at all.

There was only one explanation for this phenomenon. The darkness of this place, it wasn’t just a normal darkness.

「Three warriors, thief, priest and a magician, now that’s an unorthodox party… but how about 2 out of 6 of them being ghosts, Mr. Angel?」

Faro emerged from the darkness, accompanied by the Dullahan and the ghost of the 『Teacher』.





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