Maou no Hajimekata Volume 1 Final Chapter Part 5


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Final Chapter: Let’s show them the willpower of those who crawl on the ground Part 5


The sound of clashing blades resonated throughout the dark dungeon.

With his spear, the 『Unknown』deflected Nadja’s sword and cut down the icy arrows shot by Wikia. At the same time, he avoided Faro’s attack and penetrated Nadja’s shoulder, taking advantage of the fact that she wasn’t shielded by Sharl’s defensive barriers.

But then the 『Teacher’s』 sword slipped through his arm and the Dullahan’s blade caught his foot.

They can do it. They can win. Wikia was telling herself that as she kept his attention away from Sharl who was healing Nadja’s injuries.

According to Aur, the 『Unknown』was an irregular amongst angels as his time as a hero was actually not that long, and because of that his physical abilities were not as high-leveled as the other angels. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t a threat, as his speed and precision of his attacks were really dangerous. That said, if they were fighting any of the other four, all of them would’ve been long dead, especially Sharl, as she was handling the healing. But nevertheless Wikia was still amazed that this guy could hold up so well on his own against an overwhelming disadvantage and just keep slashing away at them. He was not on the level of mere adventurers. He was someone whom they could clearly call a monster.

However, he seemed to be puzzled by the ghost enemy he met for the first time. As he is a ghost, it should be impossible for him to both be harmed and inflict physical harm upon others, as was clearly evident by the fact that none of 『Unknown’s』attacks could hurt him, but for some reason he was able to land his blows on 『Unknown’s』body without fail. And as for Allan… the Dullahan, he wasn’t able to clearly see through his darkness, but he was barely able to avoid his high-speed charges and lightning attacks.

Finally, Sharl finished healing Nadja and was able to place another set of protective barriers on Faro and Wikia who were stalling the angel so that Dullahan and 『Teacher』could deal damage to him. All six of them coordinated their attacks in order to bring him down.

After taking some of the blows, the 『Unknown』, who moved flawlessly up to this point, stopped and pointed his spear sideways. Sensing that something was off, Nadja held back with her attack, but 『Teacher』 rushed him head on, taking his actions as an opening he could use to move in for the kill.

「『Teacher』, no!」

Nadja had a bad feeling and shouted. She had nothing to back it up, but something told her that it was dangerous to approach the 『Unknown』 now. And at times like those, her hunches were usually right.

At the moment his sword pierced his breast, the『Unknown’s』 spear disappeared. And in the next instance, the clanking sound of a helmet falling to the ground could be heard.

Even if his movements were dulled, that attack still managed to bypass Dullahan’s darkness and hurt him.
Losing one of their core fighter’s abilities, the rest of the crew quickly fell onto defensive. In this narrow room, Dullahan’s magic was perfect for countering those spear strikes, and now that they lost it, they had no effective method of counterattacking against that deadly spear.

Avoiding being hit in the vital spots, Nadja made peace with the possibility of death. There was no way for them all to escape. If they tried that, they’d be instantly caught and killed.

「All of you, run for it! Allan and I will try and hold him up somehow!」

At least they’ll be able to buy them a few seconds to escape.


Wikia took a step forward.

「Wikia, it’s useless. We have no chance…」

「No, I’ll definitely win.」

Wikia replied to Nadja, who lost the will to fight. But she did not blamed her for it. She knew that Nadja was weak in situations like that. That’s why it was Wikia’s job to assure her friend that everything was going to be fine.
Wikia slowly exhaled and glared down at the 『Unknown』. She calmed her racing heartbeat and allowed the stress to fade into nothingness. She’s faced a much more terrifying enemy before and tasted true despair. She knew that the man in front of her was powerful……

But compared to 『Him』 this seemed almost like a walk in the park.

A fearless smile appeared on Wikia’s face.

Her enemy was a Spirit without his own Ego. That alone should make it easier to come up with a strategy to defeat him. And the helmet that he wore limited his sine of sight to some extent. Besides that, he didn’t seem to have any other defenses in particular.

「Nadja, Sharl, just leave him to me, okay?」

「…… All right.」


Nadja nods after hesitating for a while and Sharl answers her with a warm smile.

「What about you, Faro?」

「Yeah yeah, I’ll help you, no worries.」

Faro prepared her bow and arrows, and Dullahan readied his sword. He didn’t heard them from where he stood, but she was sure that he understood their intentions.

They only had one shot at this. Should their timing be even a little bit off, there will be no second chances.

「We’ll make an opening. Together!」

Dullahan shot a big bolt of lightning in an attempt to blind him, Wikia weaved spell after spell after spell, and Sharl kept a close eye on his reactions, prepared to cast barriers if needed. Faro threw her bow away, took out her dagger, and charged straight at him.

『Unknown』 thrusted his spear, waved his hands and protruded another spear out of thin air. Blocking the hit, Nadja held her sword sideways to prevent herself from letting it go. Finally realizing her intentions, 『Unknown』 pointed his spear at her and released it forward.

As long as he could kill either Wikia or Sharl, there’ll be no problems for him. He watched as the tip of the spear approached Wikia… only to be stopped by a pair of transparent hands. It was one of the ghost under 『Teacher’s』 command. Thanks to him, the spell Wikia prepared was completed.


She shouted as she released it at the same time as Sharl did.

The whole world was enveloped in a bright flash. Amidst the dazzling light, Faro ripped 『Unknown’s』 legs apart and grabbed a hold of his spear, Nadja tore of his helmet and repeatedly stabbed him in the neck, and Dullahan hacked at his arms.

「Won… we’ve won!」

Wikia collapsed on the spot, trembling all over. The 『Unknown’s』 body slowly turned into the particles of light and disappeared.

It was a gamble on her side, but she assumed that if he had such a perfect eyesight, the flash would be many times more effective against him. Now, feeling relieved, she allowed her body to slip onto the stone floor as she let go of her consciousness.

Contrary to the battle with 『Unknown』where flashy attacks flew left and right, the battle between 『Magic Bullet』and Ellen proceeded almost without a sound.

Alvs were naturally able to move through forests without generating a single sound. The same could be said for the arrows fired from their bows. As long as you were just an average opponent, there was no other choice but to resign yourself and die.

Unfortunately, her opponent was not just your average one, and he possessed a ranged weapon and skills far surpassing those on normal bowman.

Paying no mind to the unstable foothold and the direction of the wind,『Magic Bullet』 run around the forest. He wasn’t able to confirm the exact position of his enemy, but he could easily shot down and deflect any arrow which came his way. Not one of them managed to reach his body so far.

Around the whole forest there were a total of 100 enemies, both Black and White Alvs who cooperated with each other to hunt him down. But Ellen knew that『Magic Bullet』 was a monster who was able to defeat even a thousand enemies with just one arrow.

On that day, she saw it with her own eyes. How the arrow he’d shoot would split up into a thousand smaller ones that killed just as many soldiers with unparalleled accuracy. And although Ellen took pride in the fact that she lived for almost a thousand years, she had to admit that alone she was unable to defeat that man. Even now the Alves had to utilize a hit-and-run tactic, and due to that, their battle was dragging into a stalemate.

「Look out Ellen, his movements are strange!」

Ceres whispered to Ellen. And she was right, 『Magic Bullet’s』 movements were certainly strange. All he did was just run around while continuing to avoid their arrows.

「I get it, his aim is… this forest!」

Ellen shouted, noticing a wound inflicted upon one of the trees. This was a 「physical」 wound.

But by the time she noticed it, it was already too late.

Without saying a word, 『Magic Bullet』 shot ten arrows from his bow and released them at the trees, where they split up into a thousand smaller ones, knocking away the trees and exposing the Alvs to his eyes.
He instantly loaded another two arrows which turned into a hundred. All of them pierced the chests of the Alvs without fail, and they fell to the ground.

Slowly, 『Magic Bullet』 walked in their direction.

Suddenly, a tree grew up in his way, pushing him back with its ever growing branches. Another ones started growing from the ground, entangling him in a prison of wood and leaves.

「Well well, is the White Alvs princess alive? And perhaps still worried about that small chest of yours?」

「Stop screwing around with me, they’ll grow soon, you’ll see! And besides, they’re not small!」

The leaders of Black and White clans stood up, bickering with one another and pulling the arrows out of their chests. Although the tips were covered with blood, they failed to reach their hearts. Their subordinates stood up and did the same, revealing the shiny breastplates hidden under their clothes.

「Breastplates made by the Dwarves~~. They’re light, really hard to pierce and easy to wear. I gotta say, I’m going to have to reevaluate my opinion of them.」

Black and White. Just what in the world caused them to become so friendly and cooperative with one another when they were such bitter enemies before? And to even change their outlook on the dwarves? That would explain the top quality of the bows in their hands.

「『Magic Bullet』. I have to admit that your skills as an archer are top notch, but I do have to wander, isn’t that bow of yours just a tad bit too long? You never worried that you might just miss your shots with it? No? That’s a real shame.」

Over half of the forest blown away by 『Magic Bullet’s』arrows grew back by now. They were masters of the nature magic, so they could be doing it over and over in an attempt to obstruct his view. But that does not matter, for it is no longer necessary.

「I wanted to compete with you some more while you were still alive, but…. Oh well.」

That’s right. At the same time he shot those arrows that obliterated the trees, Ellen shot an arrow that pierced right into 『Magic Bullet’s』 forehead.





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