Maou no Hajimekata Volume 1 Final Chapter Part 7


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist


Final Chapter: Let’s show them the willpower of those who crawl on the ground Part 7



Shouting like a monster, 『Immortal』 run through the labyrinth. Numerous monsters tried to prevent him from pushing forward, but he ignored them all.

Countless blades, fangs and swords cut through and penetrated his body, but all those wounds regenerated instantly, allowing him to run towards the deepest part of the dungeon as if nothing had happened.

Even if he was effectively immortal, this was still a brutal method of breaking through.

He stopped only when he entered on the fourth floor.

From the third floor he went down the long staircase to find the Demon Lord Aur waiting for him in a small room. 『Immortal』 readied his sword, knowing that only using magic would be careless.

「I know that you’re not the real Demon Lord. After all, this is not the chamber with the Dungeon Core. Out of my way!」

He charged at Aur with the speed of the wind. It was on par with Yunis, and seemed to surpass even that of Zaitreed. With unstoppable force, 『Immortal』 swung down his sword.

However, even if he was as fast as the wind, he was not the wind itself. In order to strike, he had to place his feet firmly on the ground.


And before he could reach the Demon Lord, he was stopped by imps who assaulted him with their high-pitched screams. Then, the trap was triggered.

Right under the 『Immortal’s』 feet, a large pitfall filled with razor sharp spears appeared. Even if it won’t kill him instantly, the spears should at least immobilize him and seal his further movements.

Aur stopped the labyrinth’s movements and confirmed that the other Heroic Spirits have been dealt with. That way, it should be possible for them to ravage and plunder Lafanis, the capital of the angels, and destroy the grand temple. Then again, that would cause Melisand to fall back in order to recover. And that would spell trouble to Aur and his men.

As long as she was alive, she would be able to resurrect her Heroic Spirits as many times as she needed. She shouldn’t be able to do it right from the get-go, but they don’t have the luxury to wait. Now that the dungeon has been separated from the ground, prolonging the fight would only work to their disadvantage.

「Is everything ready?」

Yunis, Spina and Lilu nodded to their master’s question.

「Then let us go… To Melizand’s Temple!」

In the deepest part of Melizand’s Temple.

「Shouldn’t we really run away, boss?」

『Immortal』 asked Melizand that question again.

「That’s absolutely unacceptable.」

However, his question met with stark denial no matter how many times he asked it.

「There is no way, and no reason for us to escape. And even if we did, the enemy would still hunt after us.」

「Well, I understand that, but…」

『Immortal』 scratched the back of his head and sighted.

「All evil is to be purged from this world. Running away from it is not an option.」


He just couldn’t find the words that would be enough to rebuke Melizand’s strong declaration.

All of their remaining forces were stationed at the temple, expecting intruders to arrive at any moment.

「Well, I’ll be off to welcome our guests.」


Melizand nodded, and the *Immortal* took off with his sword in hand to welcome the guests, who were just entering through the temple’s main gate.

「You bastard… why are you here?!」

Aur asked 『Immortal』. Little to no time has passed since he dumped him into the spear pit.

「Putting that aside, there’s something I want to say to you, demon.」

He put up his sword, and smiled fearlessly.

「You. Shall not. Pass.」

Suddenly Yunis appeared before him, but he parried her blow with minimal movements.

「How dare you talk like that, you piece of filth!」

At the same time, his head was blown off by the fireball shot by Lilu.

「Well aren’t you courageous, attacking one after another.」

With just its lower half remaining, he shouted at them. By the time he finished his sentence, his head was already fully healed.

「Do not underestimate Heroic Spirits, damn it!」

Yunis teleported behind him and aimed for his blind spot, but as if he anticipated it, 『Immortal』 dashed forward and slashed from the top, only to have his sword stopped by the defensive barriers surrounding Aur.

Using this opening, Yunis thrusted her sword at him from the side, and from the other side, Lilu threw another fireball. But 『Immortal』 caught it with his hand and threw it back at her. Spina jumped in front of Lilu and accepted the blow in her stead without suffering any damage.

「Thanks, that was a close one.」

Yunis said, distancing herself from the enemy.

「It’s irresponsible to throw magic around you know?」

Lilu evaluated the strength of the opponent. As expected, there was a big difference in their magic power.

「But even so… this is still a bit frightening, but…」

Lilu reached towards Aur’s magical power that was stored within her womb.

「If life throws lemons at you… throw them back at it!」

Ice, fire, lightning, wind. All kinds of elemental attacks crushed into the 『Immortal』, but he received them all and kept pushing forward.

「If you think you’ll stop me with something like that, think again!」

Although some of them reached and hurt him, he regenerates instantly, and slashes the rest of Lilu’s attacks away. Spina stood in front of Aur, acting as a human shield from the sword aimed at his heart.

When 『Immortal’s』 sword dug into her, Spina’s body got distorted. She changed into her slime form and entangled herself around his body.


He tried to get her off of himself, but with each of his movements he only got more entangled. Just a few centimeters away from him, Aur released the spell he was chanting. A sleeping spell.

When he was struck by it, the 『Immortal』 collapsed on the ground. The sleeping magic was also effective on beings such as Heroic Spirits, as proven by Aur’s experiments on Yunis.

「That was an unexpected interruption, but let us move forward. Spina, keep him restrained here.」

Spina nodded, and split herself up into two, leaving her clone to restrain 『Immortal』.

Uninterrupted, Aur and his three companions moved further into the back of the temple.

「So you’ve finally came here, Demon Lord Aur.」

Melizand said seriously. When they saw her, Spina’s eyes shot wide open, Lilu drew her breath, and Aur was at a loss for words.

Yunis told him that she was young, but…

「Just who are you…?」

Aur asked with a trembling voice. The reason for it was unknown only to Yunis.

「The Great Saint, Melizand… but I assume that’s not what you are asking about.」

She replied, laughing in a self-deprecating manner.

「A saint? Stop screwing with me. This is… could a saint really receive such a disgusting curse?」

It was something that every mage could see, but something that remained unseen by Heroic Spirits such as Yunis.

It was a vicious curse that swirled and danced around her.

Compared to this curse, all the curses cast by Aur seemed to be a child’s play.

Aur knew only one person who would be capable of casting such a terrible curse. But it just couldn’t be.

「The Sorcerer… King.」

Hearing Aur murmuring those words, Melizand smiled. It was the name of the king of all devils who lived thousands of years ago and possessed an infinite amount of magical power which he supposedly used to destroy even God himself.

「A perfect sacrifice to the devil that will not age, will not die, and cannot be defiled… that is what I am.」
When she was smiling like that, she looked really lonely.

「I have been living alone for thousands of years, waiting, and accumulating my knowledge and strength, all for the purpose of defeating him.」

Melizand Stared at Aur with dazzling eyes.

「You bastards! I won’t let you get in our way…..!」


「You really don’t know when to quit, do you?」

「I didn’t want to use this power because I didn’t want to overkill it, but you left me with no choice!」

Saying that, 『Immortal』 cut off his arms, and growing out of them, another 『Immortal』 appeared. In this way, he became four people and four people became eight. His copies were even growing out of the blood which was spilled on the ground, and in the span of a few seconds, the room was filled with countless copies of him.

「Even if all that is left of me is a drop of blood or a strand of hair, I’d still be able to regenerate out of it, just like that!」

He snapped his fingers and laughed frivolously.

「Now here’s a million gold coins question for you, Demon Lord! How many drops of blood do you think I left back at your rotting cave, huh?!」

In the next second, Aur’s chest was assaulted by a sensation that the Dungeon Core was being attacked.





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