Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Chapter 10 Part 1


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Chapter 10: Let’s Challenge the Emperor of Sands , Part 1

With a faint fluttering sound the cards on the table have been turned inside out. A tanned woman with long, slim fingers puts them in order and interprets their meaning with a faint smile on her face.

The pieces of material on her body are too thin to be called clothes, and so most of her skin is exposed. When it comes to the chest area, her attire covers only her neck, shoulders and the upper part of her breasts, making her nipples visible to the naked eye even without the assist of the slightest gusts of wind.

Her neck itself is adorned with a thick collar that does not match the rest of her attire, and the lower half of her face is hidden by the veil.

「Your Majesty, it has come to our attention that the Ice Queen has made contact with the Demon Lord.」


Observing the woman carefully, the man who sat on the throne approached her and embraced her from behind. He slipped his hands under the cloth on her chest, and grabbed her rich and supple fruits without any hesitation. It was evident that he was playing with them as if he owned them.

「So Zana has finally allied herself with that invader from the foreign continent, right, Eldav?」

「That’s right, your majesty.」

The woman called Eldav confirmed the words of the man who was playing with her breasts without batting an eye.

At the man’s feet of the man who had brown skin, black eyes and red hair, tree girls who wore the same attire like her crawled on all fours like dogs. They were all stretching their tongues to pleasure his thing which was protruding out of his pants.

「You seem to be hungry. Well how convienient for you, It just so happens that I want to have some fun now!」

And he grabbed one of the girls by the hair and plunged his c*ck deep into her mouth, flooding it with his semen after just a few thrusts.

「Prepare the soldiers! If that frozen b*tch tries anything funny, we’ll be sure to give her a proper spanking!」

When he finished with the girl he tossed her aside, and she rolled down the stairs to the throne without raising a single voice of complaint, and the other two girls licked the emperor’s penis clean, licking is so passionately as if it was the most delicious thing in the entire world.

「It will be done as you wish, Your Majesty.」

Eldav replied, with her face still unchanged.

「Ugh, what is this, my waist still hurts!」

「Are you all right?」


Zana screamed at Aur as she tried to make a few steps while holding onto her waist.

「I am not all right, and it is all your fault! I told you it was my first time and that you should be gentle, but no, you had to go and behave like a mindless animal! AND WE EVEN DID THAT FIVE MORE TIMES! WHAT IN THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!」

Zana yelled at him at the top of her lungs, piercing him with a gruesome gaze.

Aur did not understood what she was displeased about. If anyone had the right to be displeased, then it was him. After all, they did it only five times. He wanted to do it more, but he was unable to because at that point Zana had already fell unconscious and didn’t woke up for quite some time.

「And I even fainted because of you! Kill you! I WILL ABSOLUTELLY KILL YOU!」

「What was that you just said?」

「That I want to have a long and fruitful relationship with your master.」

She replied to the question of Spina who appeared by leaking through the ceiling.

Of course, no one was really fooled by her sudden change of attitude.

「Master, I’m ready.」

She told that to Aur while still looking at Zana with a wicked smile on her normally expressionless face.

Aur made a note to self in his mind: if he’ll ever have some spare time, he should make it a priority to work on changing that stuck up attitude of Zana.

「The Empire of Sahara possesses three major trump card up their sleeve, but the most troublesome of them is Omniscience.」

Everyone in the room frowned when they heard what Zana was saying due to Aur’s translation magic.

「Omniscience, as in predicting the future with the best possible outcome?」

Aur was no longer surprised. When magic was involved, pretty much everything was possible, but this was starting to get out of hand.

「If you say so, but I don’t know if we should trust what you’re saying, considering that you tried to deceive us as to what that ability of yours was.」

Since their souls were connected now, it could be said that Aur knew Zana’s abilities as if they were his own.

Her ability was the protection of the Moon Goddess Marina. It could be best explained as “protection coupled with display of the best course of action”. But it had one major drawback.

Although it showed her the best possible way to achieve a desired result, whether it succeeds or not depends entirely on Zana. The more ways there were to achieve success, the narrower the chance was.

And Zana herself had to decide which choice was potentially the best.

「Of course, their Omniscience is also not without its drawbacks.」

Even with that said Aur was still skeptical about this whole thing. If he had to choose between the two, then he’d have to say that to him, Zana’s ability is seems to be more reliable.

Not because the ability itself was powerful. Because Zana herself was strong.

Even with the ability to know that the surprise attack was coming, it was her own power to instantly create ice around her, not that of the goddess, that shielded her from Yunis’ blow. It was a skillful and well-thought technique, similar to the magic that Aur was using.

And Aur admired straightforwardness and usefulness like that above all else.

(This Demon Lord guy is a vile brute with a few screws loose, but when it comes to magic, he really seems to know his stuff. Maybe partnership with him won’t be so bad after all.)

If Zana’s ability was to create something out of nothing in a flash, then Aur’s ability could be likened to manipulating objects (his stone cube, for example) at will. Both of them were pretty OP in their own right, but Aur’s Labyrinth Magic was more difficult to understand and more along the lines of “Why would you even bother doing something like that?”.

As to why did he chose the stone as his material of choice, the answer was really simple.

Because it was a material used to build Dungeons. And it allowed for application of other materials without breaking the synergy, but primarily because Dungeons were made of it.

His magic was more attuned towards creation, while Zana’s was made purely for battle purposes. It could instantly become a shield that protected from harm or a blade to cut through the opponent, just like she did with Aur and the others when they first met.

「Now, as for their second trump card, it is the Flame Control power wielded by their ruler, emperor Uzermart. It is also the reason why I can’t do anything against them myself.」

「Because your ice is incompatible with flames?」

That would make sense since Mio’s beast’s fire attacks seemed to be somewhat effective against her. If she had more of them, maybe she could’ve even won against her.

「That’s part of the reason, but Uzermart is simply a superior mage.」

Her voice was oozing displeasure and regret, and greatly contrasted with her usual tone.

「But there should be no need for you to fight him personally, right? No matter how strong he is, he is just one man, and a sufficiently large army could probably take him down.」

If Flame Control was his only power, then Sakuya and Logan should be more than enough to deal with him. And even if he was as strong as Wolfe, they just needed to crush him with the numbers advantage.

「It is not that simple, because here their third trump card comes into play: Sahara’s Immortal Sand Army.」

「I have heard stories about it.」

Sakuya commented on Zana’s words.

「They are the sand covered soldiers that are said not to die even when they are killed, and supposedly they do not even feel pain.」

「Doesn’t that just make them the Living Dead?」

Lilu implied while titling her head and playing with her hair.

「Just? So you want to say that such a thing is normal back in your homeland?」

「Well, it certainly is not all that uncommon.」

And certainly not for them, since back when the dungeon was being build, the Living Dead and other undead monsters were a part of their War Potential.

「And besides, are they really that scary? Their wounds don’t even heal and they’re not moving all that fast.」

They’re not even that bad of an opponent for anyone who has some knowledge of battle tactics. They were indeed frightening when they managed to surround their prey, but other than that, they were considered to be small fries.

「What you said is all true, but they are something else entirely. They are normal people born and raised in Sahara, granted immortality and immunity to pain by some sort of vile magic, but that’s not the worst part about them.」

「And what is, if I may ask?」

「Their numbers. There Saharan Immortal Sand Army consists of one billon soldiers.」

「One… billion?」

Hearing that, Aur almost had to do a double take.

「What’s wrong Lord Aur? How much is a billion? Is it really that amazing of a number?」

Mari understood that it was a big number, but she didn’t know how big it exactly was, hence her question.

「You know that Yunis’ home, Grandiera, is called a military powerhouse, right? Well their military potential could be 3 million soldiers at best, and even if we gathered soldiers from all our territories, it still wouldn’t even be close.」

「So they have like…」

Mari counted using her fingers.

「Hundred times more soldiers than we could have?」

「A thousand time more, you fool!」

Aur shouted, and breathed deeply.

They were F*cked. Completely and utterly F*cked, with a capital F.


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