Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Chapter 10 Part 5


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Chapter 10: Let’s Challenge the Emperor of Sands , Part 5


Mari screamed as she spread both her hands and feet while falling down from the cliffs.

Then the Shadow she was casting at the mountain grew and extended itself until it became a four-armed demon and it embraced her.



Logan flew at extremely low altitude and gave chase after Sofia’s kidnapper as it approached the Saharan forces.

「Mari, I’m fine with chasing them like mad, but what if the enemy uses some crazy attack like before?! If something like that hits us, we’ll die for sure!」

「The enemy leader’s target is Sofia, so as long as she’s flying straight ahead, he won’t be able to use such techniques!」

「If that’s the case, then I can go all out without reservations!」

The red devil whistled happily and ten roared deafeningly as he sped up his flight towards the enemy forces. The dead bodies wrapped in cloths stood in their way after letting the silver demon through.

「Mari, together!」

「I know!」

The four flaming arms and four swords dance in the air just like a tornado, chopping the undead into tiny pieces. Logan’s flames light them up on fire, and it gets spread further thanks to Mari’s magical wind. Their enemies were weak, but they were just keep on coming.

「Tch, there’s just no end to them!」

Their numbers were the real problem. No matter how many they defeated, more just took the place of their fallen comrades, if you could even call them that.

They did their best to cut through them, but finally they were overrun and forced to fight back while losing their momentum.

「Logan, can’t you fly any higher?!」

「I could, but there’s a possibility that we’ll be aimed at…. Ah, screw this!」

Logan tried to gain altitude, but the moment he did that, a big shadow appeared and blocked their path.

「What is this sh*t?!」

Logan opened his eyes widely as he lost one of his arms in an instant.

It was an Immortal Sand Soldier on a horse who wielded a spear. His steed was also dead just like its rider, with only bones and no meat left whatsoever. Its henchmen were the same size and build as the others, but the atmosphere that surrounded them was clearly different.

「Man, this is getting bothersome!」

Even with the big guy present, the others did not stop their attacks, and the rider used them as moving shields to avoid getting harmed himself while also taking advantage of the long reach of his spear. And for someone who was already dead, his movements were quite fast.

「This is bad!」

If we’re talking one on one fighting, it probably was weaker than Mari. But unfortunately he was not alone.

They were now in a situation in which their movements were restricted and they couldn’t even fight how they want.

「Goodness gracious, you seem to be in quite a pinch.」

Then Mari heard a familiar cool voice coming from between her breasts.

「Elder sister?」

It was a small version of Spina that could fit into the palm of Mari’s hand. She must’ve hid in her chest during that earlier commotion.

「Throw me at them.」

「Ah, o-okay.」

It was a little strange, but Mari did as she was told and threw the Spina in her hand as hard as she could towards the enemies. They attacked her immediately, but their attacks just washed off of her.


Upon making contact with the enemy grunts, she turned into her usual slime form, but instead of her typical blueish color, she was blood-red. Whoever got splashed with a fragment of her began to scream in a hollow voice void of emotion that sounded like snapping of the barks of a rotten tree.

「What in the screaming f*ck is she?」

「I don’t know but I am glad as all hell that she’s on our side.」

Mari and Logan both exchanged their scared comments as they witnessed the massacre Spina’s clone was doing among the enemy ranks. The undead soldiers were all melting and shrinking, until all that was left of them were the cloths they were wearing. And from under them, a little lumps of red emerged.

They all converged on one location and gradually changed their colors to transparent white and pitch black, until they formed Spina in her usual attire.

「Uhm, elder sister, was that…?」

「I modified myself.」

All the denizens of the New Continent did not possess a shred of magical power. The spiritual power they had instead was difficult to analyze and work with, and Spina’s attempt to create a slime tat devoured it were unsuccessful. Henceforth, she decided to take another approach.

「I called this a meat-devouring slime.」

A slime shaped like a serpent crawls up Spina’s legs and pierces the surrounding enemies, melting their bodies and their bodies alone without damaging the surroundings with its venom. As it devoured them, it grew up in size and divided into more separate serpent heads, until there was eight of them. Mari knew that she has seen it before.

「This is… Yamata no Orochi!」

「Yes, I used him as a reference.」

Spina calmly replies as the snake tentacles rampage all around her.

The large number of enemies made Mari and Logan exhausted, but with Spina, it was the other way around. The more of them came at her, the more her slimes were feeding, and they grew bigger and bigger.

「Now, as for you guys…」

She couldn’t finish her sentence because the spear of the undead horseman pierced her head.

「Now that was rude.」

But she just grabbed it and ordered her tentacles to move without batting an eye. They all tried to escape, but the slimes just mercilessly pierced through them and melted them into nothingness. All that was left were the bones that her slime could not digest.

「You guish jus….. leave thisz plasze to mhe and…. Go aftee Szofia.」

Spina ordered Mari and Logan with the blade of the spear still in her mouth, which made understanding what she was saying somewhat difficult.

But as more of the soldiers flocked to her like moths to the flame, she just continued to absorb them and grow bigger, until she was the size of a giant.

「I will carve a path for you.」

This was no longer a battlefield where soldiers fought soldiers. This was now Spina’s very own all-you-can-eat-buffet, where the Immortal Sand Army was the dishes, and she was a starved guest of honor hell-bent on consuming everything that was before her.

「Go Mari, don’t keep your daughter waiting.」

「All right! But you know what Sofii?」

Spina tilted her head, puzzled, while Mari and Logan prepared to resume their chase as they trembled in fear at the sight before them.

「「You really scare the living sh*t out of me right now!」」

Because Spina was smiling. And not in a creepy or sadistic way, but in a genuine, heartfelt manner. That she was capable of doing something like that at all…

Now that, that was scary as f*ck.


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