Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Chapter 11 Part 2


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Chapter 11: Let’s Crush the Foolish Emperor, Part 2

「Now then, I want you to explain yourself.」

When Hoderi brought Zana to the throne room, Aur sat deeply on his throne, put his fingers together, crossed his legs and asked her one, simple question.

「Why did you stayed your hand back then?」

Aur did not blamed her for what she did, he was merely curious about the reason. It was blatantly obvious that she did not finished Uzermart of her own free will.

「Eldav…. That girl is my younger sister.」

Zana answers without showing any emotion.

「Is that so?」

Zana’s body was slender and almost snow-white, while that Eldav girl was rather plump, and her skin was of a deep brown color. If there was something the two had in common, it would be the color of the hair, but Aur was too far away from her back then to tell it for sure.

「Uzermart kidnapped her from my country, took my sun away from me. Also, half of his Omniscience power comes from her. Do you remember the collar she had on her neck?」

「Ah, that one.」

He only saw it for a short time, but it certainly left an impression on him because of how thick and out-of-place it was.

「It has a curse placed upon it. Once you put it on, you’ll never be able to take it off, you’ll lose all sense of self and become nothing more but Uzermart’s puppet.」

Zana explained, gritting her teeth.

He could feel her sadness and anger through the connection of their souls.

「I see. Is that why you hate him so much?」

He thought that she had to have some deeper motive for hating the enemy leader, but he didn’t expect something like that. He was sure that he would’ve felt just the same if he was in her shoes.

「Yes, that’s right. I’m sorry for what I did, but I promise that next time I’ll be sure to strike him down.」

She muttered, filled with determination.

But that was not it, there was something more to it than that. For a brief moment, he saw that in her heart, something…. uncomfortable.

「Aur, we have trouble brewing!」

But before he could grasp what it was exactly Tena run up to the room and disrupted his train of thoughts.

「I saw it! In five days, the Immortal Sand Army will march through the mountains, and in ten days, the Dungeon will fall!」

「What? But it is still too early for the snow to melt!」

The supposed date of the meltdown was not only seen by Tena, they also predicted it themselves by using meteorology and by analyzing the statistics from the past.

It was impossible for them to miss the mark by that much.

「It is, but the snow will melt because of the Emperor of the Sand’s power.」

「So his flames can even do that much?」

Indeed, during the battle his flames were able to obliterate part of the whole mountain. But even if his flames were indeed that powerful, Yaegaki Mountains were still high and wide. One or two flames would not be enough to melt the amount of snow required for the whole army to pass through them.

「A gigantic flame will shine bright like the sun and melt all the snow in the mountains, and most of this Dungeon with it.」
Tena’s four tails danced around her, and small fires danced in the spaces between them. For a moment they’ve all became black as ink, and then the erupted with light and created an image of the mountain range with a large, smoldering hole in it. Out of that hole, lava was constantly oozing out as if it was a freshly opened wound. There was also an appearance of the weeping Sofia, whose skin was burned in exactly the same way.

Aur was so angry that he was at a loss for words. But the vision was not limited to just that. Yunis, Sakuya, Hoderi and all of Aur’s subordinates were being dragged along by the undead soldiers until they died out of exhaustion, and Aur himself was burned by the emperor’s flame.

In the remains of the Dungeon, Uzermart was grabbing Sofia by the hair and threw her to the soldiers. The do not kill her, but it was obvious that they were not going to treat her politely.

「Stop it already.」

「Wait, there’s more.」

Tena stopped Aur, who just wanted to rid himself of this unpleasant sight.

「Why you little…!」

Coated with his flames, Uzermart turned to where Aur and Tena were standing. And he opened his mouth.

「Do you see that, Demon Lord?」
The projection could not talk, so it was doing that through Tena.

「This, is your fate.」

「This is… are you looking at the past?」

「Yes, I cannot see into the future, but I know about the things that happened in the past, and I can follow that.」

It was a strange sight. Prediction and Omniscience. Due to those two abilities, it was possible for the past to hold a conversation with the future.

「It would be a shame to destroy you, so instead, I want to offer you a deal.」

「What deal are you talking about?」

「Yes. The Goddess who commands fire, the horned girl with wings, the blonde who uses four swords, if you swear allegiance to me, I promise to spare their lives.」

He meant Sakuya, Lilu and Mari.

In the future predicted by Tena, they were already killed bu the Immortal Sand Army and were no longer alive. Lilu was burned along with Aur, and ended up the same way as Logan.

「What exactly is your aim?」
But Aur continued to ask questions, not wanting to made hasty decisions.

「Aim? My aim, you ask?」

Tena was unable to reproduce it, but Aur was sure that Uzermart was laughing at him.

「They are simply too good to just kill them. If I keep them alive, I’ll be able to use them as my playthings!」

「Then we have nothing to talk about. With the break of dawn, I will invade that rotten hole you dare to call a Dungeon and will knock that filthy head off your shoulders.」

Along with Aur’s words, the vision was broken off.

This was only that, a vision. It was only one possibility of the future that might or might not happen.

Nevertheless, their opponent intended on going all out. That whole conversation will probably be transmitted to the current Uzermart.

「Hey, Aur, you’re not going to strike any deals with him, are you?」

Lilu knew he was not that crazy, but she asked it either way.

「If he tried to touch me even with just a finger, I would chop his pathetic shriveled baby d*ck into tiny pieces and fed it to him.」

「Ah, if only that was so simple.」

Zana said he had the collars that ensured absolute obedience.

She wasn’t clear on the specifics, but it probably worked against demons. That was one thing. And the other was that Aur was not going to allow other men to touch his women. Never ever, under any circumstances.

「For now, we must begin the preparations. Lilu, Spina, I want you to call a meeting. Yunis, you mobilize out troops, they have to be ready to move out at any time. And Tena, if you see something new with your foresight, anything at all, let me know immediately, even if it was in the middle of the night.」

Aur headed to the conference room while giving instructions.

They have only five days to prepare, maybe even less in the worst case scenario. Tena’s predictions had this one fatal shortcoming that even the smallest thing could change their outcome entirely. If that was the case, are they even going to be useful in such a situation?

「Aur, what about me?」

「About you… it would be best if you stayed at Sofia’s side the entire time. No one is better suited to protecting her than you.」

She was not here in person, but Sofia is the Dungeon. She surely saw Tena’s vision already.

「…All right.」

Mari nodded, feeling slightly disappointed. Aur’s instructions were not wrong, she knew that. Protecting Sofia was pretty much only thing she could do with her limited amount of experience with the matters of war.

But it was so frustrating that she could do nothing to help harm them man who killed Logan.

「Um, if I may…」

Zana suddenly spoke to Mari who was feeling left behind.

「I’d like your help with something that only you can do. Will you help me?」

The Ice Queen asked her with a warm smile.


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