Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Chapter 11 Part 4


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Chapter 11: Let’s Crush the Foolish Emperor, Part 4

「Uhm, well, Mari?」

Yutsu directed her question at Mari, who seemed like she wasn’t quite her usual self.

「I am Logan. Due to some circumstances I ended up hijacking Mari’s body, deal with it.」

「Logan?! For real? But more importantly, is Mari safe?!」

「Yeah, I’m fine.」

「No one but me can hear you. She’s… alright I guess? But we’d better watch out not to get that collar thingy too damaged, or else
something really bad might happen to her soul, and we don’t want that.」

Said Logan as he pulled the sword out of its sheath. The soldier who tried to get too close to Yutsu was cleaved in half and stopped moving.

「We need to scram, I can’t guarantee your safety here.」

「Mr. Logan, you can use those swords too?」

「Who do you think taught Mari how to use them?」

Logan’s ferocious voice really didn’t suit Mari’s voice at all.

「I’m craving some tasty magical energy now!」

Living and the undead, it didn’t matter to Logan, he was slaughtering them all equally.

And now all four swords were dancing it the air.

Yutsu watched that spectacle with her mouth agape.

It was Mari’s body. Strength was the same as Mari’s. Speed was the same as Mari’s. Nothing has changed in that regard.

And yet her current movements were so much different than usual.

It was as if she was observing a fairy dancing gracefully in the air, but with each of her movements, four more corpses fell onto the ground.

「All right, my belly’s full! Now we can finally kick things into high gear!」

As he was fighting, Logan continued to eat souls to get his lost magical energy back. He then used his flames to imbue the Cold Sword with them, turning them into cold air, which he then used to freeze the enemies around them to death.

「So it can also be used in such a way. 」

To put it simply, Cold Sword could only do that: freeze everything that came into contact with it.

But only now did Mari realized that it could also absorb the heat from the air and shoot it back in the form of a cryogenic mass.

「This toy is really fun to use, allowing for so much creativity and ingenuity!」

Logan laughs as he stomps on the frozen corpses.

「Do you know which way to the exit?」

「So you were running around blindly without any plan?」

「Uhm, well, y-yeah?」

So he did just pointlessly run around and killed all of the enemies!

「Peachy, Logan. Just friggin peachy! 」

「Ahahahahahaha, you’re right, Mari, this is not good at all!」

「So what’re we going to do? We barely even managed to shake Uzermart off our tails!」

Yutsu couldn’t hear Mari’s voice from inside the collar, but Logan’s reaction gave her the rough idea.

「Everything will be fine as long as we keep moving….. oh for f*cks sake, are you for real?!」

「That’s as far as you go!」

Logan dropped his jaw at the sight of Uzermart and his soldiers.

「What’s wrong pal? You so gay that you need all your fa*gots to capture two little girls?」

「The likes of me don’t need to soil their hands with the blood of a vulgar being like you! My men are more than enough for i t!」

Despite saying that, Uzermart seemed to be unusually wary of Logan. Even though he had the huge Immortal Sand Soldier with him, none of his men were eager to attack.

「Oh yeah, you need Mari alive, but you can’t do sh*t to her when she’s wearing it.」

Logan strokes the collar in a mocking manner.

As long as she had that thing on, he could attack all he wanted without thinking of defense.

「Why won’t you shoot more of those flames you’re so proud of? Or maybe you ran out of juice for it?!」

「EAT THIS!!!!!」

「N*gga you serious?!」

「He really did it! 」

So they run like hell, turning around the corner to avoid getting roasted alive.

「Well sh*t, I thought the f*cker didn’t had the balls to do it, but I guess I was wrong.」

「Please take better care of my body! I don’t want to be burned to a crisp! 」

「No, I think we’re actually good?」

Yutsu said while being carried under the possessed Mari’s armpit.

「Care to elaborate on that one a bit?」

「Look at the wall that was hit by the flames. Normally it should melt, but it’s still standing!」

That is why they were able to escape.

「Should we take advantage of that?」

「You have an idea?!」

「You’ll see!」

Without stopping, Logan turned on his heel and run back where they came from, straight towards Uzermart who was chasing after them.

「Choo choo! Here come the rape train, mother*cker!」


He opened his eye wide, as that charge took him by surprise.

「And now, Dance, my wind!」

Combining the Wet Sword and the Dry Sword, Logan creates a gust of wind that blew Uzermart away and allowed them to jump over him.

「Come forth, soil!」

Then he used the Cold Sword and the Dry sword to increase the weight of the blade he held in his hand and encase in in stony shell which he used to smash the lowered ceiling in this corridor. It was unable to withstand the impact and fell down, burying the Emperor of the Sands under it.

「It probably won’t stop him for long, we need to go, now!」

「Umu! To the right, Logan, and then turn left at the third crossroad」!

Mari provided Logan with instructions on where he needed to go.

「Thanks Mari, you’re the best navigation a man could ask for!」

「I think so too.」

Yutsu agreed with Logan, wondering when he will finally put her down.

With his omniscience, Uzermart saw that Mari would come to him together with Yutsu, but he failed to see that Logan would come to their aid by hiding in Mari’s sword. In other words, he seemed to be unable to predict the things that were too unpredictable in their nature.

「I guess it was all thanks to the fact that I did not see you entering my sword. 」

「It was just pure luck, so I wouldn’t count on it again.」

It was good to finally know that he had some weakness that they could firmly exploit. All that happened recently only served to strengthen Mari’s belief in that.

「Luck surely is on our side quite often lately. 」

「I don’t know if that is something we should be bragging about.」

While listening to Logan’s voice, Mari thought that this whole situation reminded her of something.

「Ah, I see, it’s just like with Yunis. 」

Aur once told her that Heroes are characterized by the fact that they are always miraculously saved from every pinch they find themselves in and that everything works in their favour. Always. Until they meet their end in some gruesome fashion.

Even so, Mari was not a Hero. If she was, then she’d have some amazing superpowers.

Even if she’s stronger than other girls her age, it was only because she was blessed with best teachers in the worlds. But just because she studied under the Hero didn’t mean she was a Hero herself.

「Well, now that I think about it, you have good luck since long time ago.」

Busting down the door, the entered Uzermart’s private chambers.

「Tch, that b*tch.」

A beautiful, half-naked girl with face covered by the veil, Eldav, awaited them.

「Wait, you’re in the same boat as Mari, so doesn’t that mean that technically you’re not our enemy?」

Yutsu directed her question at Eldav since she was no longer carried by Logan like luggage.

「She must be programmed not to respond to the enemies. But that actually works in our favor.」

Logan’s upper body emerged out of Mari. He’s eaten so many souls of the soldiers that all of his arms managed to recover to a sufficient degree.

Eldav used flame magic to counter his claws as they came towards her, but she did that in a mechanical manner. She burned all four of them by manipulating the flames around her whole body and using them like a shield.

「Damn it, this fire is not normal!」

He raised an irritated voice.

「But I will not lose against some soulless doll!」

Logan left Mari’s body and forcefully entered Eldav’s body.

「Let’s go. Time to get some space to breathe!」

He pointed Eldav’s hand towards the ceiling and blew a hole in it while Yutsu took Mari’s collapsed body and went right after him.

At the top, the vivid blue sky was waiting for them.

「Pyramid my ass! Dungeons are much better than this flaming pile of sh*t!」

If this was Aur’s dungeon, there would be no easy way to break through the ceiling.

「It really is useless. 」

「It really is.」

Logan took Mari and Yutsu back in his arms, and turned in the direction of their Dungeon.

「Aren’t you going to come with us?」

The question was thrown into the empty space, and was left unanswered.

「Logan? What’s wrong? 」

「No, it’s nothing.」

Logan shook his head at Mari’s question.

It was fortunate enough that they were able to escape as easily as they did. Apparently Mari and Yutsu failed to notice it, but there were definitely too few enemies around. Apparently there was someone out there who eliminated most of them for them.

Either way, they had no obligation to take that someone with them if he didn’t wanted to go, that is what Logan decides as he jumped into the air. Once they leave the pyramid’s vicinity, it’ll be safe too teleport.

And as they were leaving.

「I cannot… leave here…. Just yet.」

A cracked voice sounded from within the shadows.


When Aur received the report that Mari came back, he stormed out of his office and immidaitely whacked her in the head with his fist upon arrival.

「It hurts! Boss, currently I’m possessing Mari’s body, so I’m feeling anything instead of her! If you want to punish her, do so when I’m not around!」

Demonic sense of pain is dulled so that they wouldn’t have to worry about getting hurt or scarred in battle. But once they possessed someone, their sense of pain was the same as the possessed person. Right now Logan felt so much pain that he wanted to cry.


Aur was so pissed that he barely controlled himself. It was the first time when Logan saw his express such anger.

「What did I do to deserve this?! I helped Mari when she was in a pickle! Mari, you apologize to him too!」

Fearing any further pain, Logan hurried Mari along.

「I am sorry for my selfish actions. 」

「She says she’s sorry for her selfish actions.」

But Aur still showed no signs of calming down, and Logan was literally on the verge of sh*tting his (Mari’s) pants.


Aur raised his arm to prepare for another strike.



Logan could not understand what was going on, but all that mattered was that Aur stopped beating the living daylights out of him.

「 You’re just so unreasonable that it should be criminal! What the hell is this, surviving from just one arm? That’s totally, completely, utterly…. Kukukuku, hahahahahahahahaha!!!!」

Aur just couldn’t stop himself from laughing.

「O, ooo….」

Not knowing how to respond, Logan only nodded like a dumb idiot.

「I’d like you not to do this possession thing anymore, but this time, I have to praise you for what you did.」

Anger was completely gone from his face, replaced by a sly smile and fiery eyes.

「Now, we can finally go f*ck that bastard up for what he did!」


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