Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Chapter 13 Part 3


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Chapter 13: Let’s Create a Beloved Dungeon, Part 3

Wet and dirty sounds reverberated in a narrow stone room.

Those were the sounds of a man caressing a girl’s secret place, and a girl whose mouth was full of the man’s c*ck.

Sariha lies on the bed with her head between Aur’s legs, helping herself with her hands to amplify her mouth service. At the same time, Aur used his hand to play with her secret place, making it overflow with love juices.

「Nnn, fuuuu, aaaaahhhhhh!」

Her young body sucks the pleasure in like a sponge, and uses the sensations running through it to serve him more eagerly.

「Aaaahh, you’re good!」

Aur thinks so as he caresses her dark blue hair.

He was also wondering how on earth thing ended up the way they did.


「Yes, that is what I want to teach me about.」

It was three days after Aur refused Sofia’s request that she came to him with such words. She was spreading parchment after parchment on the table, paying no heed to Aur, who was quite puzzled.

「Just what kind of Dungeon do you want to make?」

What was written on those papers was a proposal to turn the pyramid into a big entertainment facility.

「I think that we could leave all the traps as the main attraction, but maybe we could add some monsters or demons to spice things up… but first we need to clean all the dead bodies up.」

「Wait, wait, wait a moment. Calm yourself down, and start from the beginning.」

Aur stood up to stop Sofia, who was spreading even more papers on the table.

When it came to Dungeon building, Aur could proudly declare that there was no one who knew more about the matter in the entire world than him. But he did not understand a word of what Sofia was going on about.


「Allow me to explain.」
Appearing behind Sofia, Toscan offered an explanation to the Demon Lord.

「Here in Sahara, the difference between the rich and the poor is very prominently displayed. Basically, those who live near the river live a carefree and comfortable lives, whereas all the people living away from it struggle to get by day-by-day, having problems with procuring even something as necessary as clean running water.」

「Which is why I was thinking of taking advantage of the tourism industry to relocate our wealth…」

So far Aur was roughly able to understand what her intentions were.

「By having rich people explore the Dungeon!」

Not eliminate them and claim their wealth, but rather use the Dungeon to extract their wealth from them under the guise of an entertainment attraction.

「That’s right. And mommy said that you’re a man for the job when it comes to organizing dungeons.」

Indeed, there was no lie in that statement. The thing is, he usually used his knowledge to create traps and obstacles with the intention of laying waste to potential intruders. He has no experience whatsoever in the entertainment industry, and he doubted that the rich people would want to spend their money on risking their lives in a life-threatening activity like that.

「It’s useless if I can’t kill them.」


「Yes, useless.」

Just to be sure, Sofia stares back at Toscan, and he nods eagerly.

There was certainly truth in that. Aur was always so serious that he would not even think of doing anything that was, purely for fun. On the other hand, if they wanted to explore a Dungeon, then those with money would surely do better by hiring adventurers to do so on their behalf. As long as they had them, there was no reason to get themselves directly involved in something so dangerous.

But Sofia’s idea was to change that exact prejudiced viewpoint by managing the Dungeon in a totally different way than Aur did up to this point.

Whether it was food, entertainment or anything else, success could not be achieved without money, which was the undeniable fact. But when it came to tourism and sightseeing, the only costs would be that of maintenance of the site, and if the pyramid’s repair would proceed as planned, it could be restored to full functionality really soon.

And that’s not all. The pyramid was used to catch and gather all the magical energy that was flowing down the river. This means that everyone who’s traveling by the river is bound to reach the pyramid by some point. And since river basins were bastions of the rich, it was important to have the proper means of transportation ready at any time.

If the pyramid, which served as a seat of the Emperor and his lackeys up until now, will be opened to the general public, it will be a great display of what kind of ruler Sofia wanted to be. There are bound to be some problems of course, but with enough teamwork between her and Aur, there was nothing they couldn’t do.

… Those were the circumstances in which the “Dungeon Capturing Experience Plan” was created.

It turned the Dungeon into a recreational facility remodeled with usage of Lilu’s magic that also utilized the illusion of monsters to make the experience as authentic as possible.

The outcome was unexpectedly good. The whole idea was well received, and it gave them quite a steady source of income.

「Uhm, who… is that?」

Aur was confused by the sight of a little girl who had suddenly stormed into his study, and Sofia’s cheerful voiced offered him an explanation to this peculiar situation.

『This is Sariha, one of my friends. She did something amazing, you know? She cleared the Dungeon all by herself, so I was hoping you could give her some kinda reward for that.』

「A reward, you say?」

『Yup, the one that you always give to moms!』

Sofia blurted something like that so innocently. Eh, something should finally be done with her spying habits.

Now that Aur got a closer look at his unexpected guest, she was indeed cute, so he might as well humor her for a bit.

「You don’t have to be afraid. Have you met Sofia? I am her father.」

「Y-Your Majesty?!」

When she heard that, fear and caution faded away from her face, replaced instead by tension and awe.

「It seems that you’ve braved the Dungeon all by yourself and conquered it, and that’s quite a feat for someone so small, truly an achievement worthy of praise.」

He then gently patted the girl called Sariha on the head, and channels a little magic to it.

「It’s… embarrassing.」

Her eyes became lumpy and moist, and all signs of tension disappeared from her face. It was a simple magic that was supposed to relax the target, but it worked really hard on a little girl without that much magic.

「I will give you a reward for your bravery. Tell me what you want. It can be anything.」

「Well, I, uhm…」

When she was asked what she wanted, she suddenly got all confused. Even if he was just a stranger to her moments ago, she accepted him surprisingly fast once she discovered he was Sofia’s father.

Maybe it was due to the atmosphere around him? Aur did have a distinct air about him that was quite similar to that of the noblemen which Sariha had a chance to meet as a daughter of the merchant. And now, due to the effects of Aur’s magic, all of her doubts have been erased, and she was very excited.

「There’s nothing that I really want at the moment. I had lots of fun just now, and that’s enough for me.」

「No need to hold back, child. You can ask me anything, and if it’ll be in the realm of possibility, I shall grant it to you.」

According to Sofia, this girl was the first one to clear the entire Dungeon, including the last dragon that was guarding the treasure. Many have tried up to this day, children and adults alike, but she was the first one to manage that.

「Well, if you put it like that, Your Highness… then could you give me the reward Sofia was talking about earlier?」

And suddenly she asked for something totally unexpected.

She was born as a daughter of a rich man living in luxury, therefore she had nothing that she desired. If she wanted something, all she had to do was to ask her father about it, and he would give it to her.

But since she lost her mother at an early age, she was always fascinated with the stories about husbands and their wives, and how they interacted with one another.

「Uhm, that could be a little… problematic. Isn’t there really something else that you want?」

Trying to dodge the bullet, Aur strengthen the spell to the point where it was basically hypnosis. Under his suggestion, she should ask for literally anything else but that one thing.

「No, really. I’m curious about that reward that a husband gives to his wife.」


But his magic bounced off of her without any effect, making him scream in surprise in his mind. That he did not expect. To think that such a young girl would be able to unconsciously counter his magic!

『Now now daddy, you need to play by the rules!』

Sofia’s voice sounded in the room again. So it must’ve been her doing, not Sariha’s. To think that she had such a troublesome ability up her sleeve.
He did say that he will grant her anything that she asked him, and he was a man of his word. So if that was truly what she wanted, then he had no other choice.

「All right, I will give you what you ask for.」

Aur touched a wall with his hand, placing the whole room under his direct control. He also cast a few barriers that should prevent any prying (Sofia’s) eyes from spying on them.

「At the very least, I will make sure that you’ll not regret it.」


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