Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Chapter 13 Part 4


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Chapter 13: Let’s Create a Beloved Dungeon, Part 4

「Uhm, Lord Aur? What exactly are we going to do now?」

Sariha lies on the bed in accordance to Aur’s instructions.

Her question was an expression of simple doubt rather than the anxiety for the future.

「The only thing that men and woman can do on the bed. I’m going to make love to you.」

「Make… love?」

Apparently she did not understand what he was saying, that’s why she repeated after him.

「It means something like this for now.」

「Eh?! We’re gonna hug each other?!」

She tilts her head curiously.

「You still don’t understand, do you?」

He the proceeds to grab her small chest.

「Hahahahaha, stop it, Lord Aur, it tickles!」

But her reaction to this move was not disgust, but a pure laughter.

It looks like she still has no knowledge of the sexual acts.

「Okay, seems like we need to start from scratch. Let’s remove this first…」

「L-Lord, Aur, no more, that really tickles now!」

She said that with a tinge of frustration in her voice when he tried to remove her clothes.

「Don’t be afraid, it won’t be tickling you soon. I’m going to do something that will feel good to you.」

She looked him in the eyes and nodded. Showing her complete trust in him, she laid still on the bed.

He flipped her skirt up and reached his hand to remove her panties, and she obiediently assisted him with that. Her skin had a characteristic, brownish color, from the tips of her toes all the way to her young face.

There was not much of womanly flesh on her limbs yet, but her whole body exhibited a healthy beauty. When he stroked her thigs and butt, she was only giggling slightly. When he opened her legs slightly, her secret place entered his field of vision. As one might have expected of someone so young, there was no trace of pubic hair there yet.

「Uhm… Lord Aur?」

Just as he was about to proceed, she stopped him with her worried question.

「Is… is this going to be a massage?」

So she thought this is going to be a massage? Well, if she wants to think that, then he’s going to let her think like that.

「It is a massage, but at the same time it isn’t it. It’s something a little bit more special that might make you feel funny, but I guarantee that it’ll make you feel good.」

「Ah, then by all means, please make me!」

Explaining would be too troublesome, so Aur just decided to go with that.

He dived between her legs with his tongue and gently licked her there.


She did not expect him to lick her there at all. Sariha raised a surprised voice, but due to the fact that he warned her that he’s going to do something like this she raised no objections.

Aur carefully traces his tongue around her slit and slowly pushes it inside her. He also added his fingers to the mix to make her feel even better.

Due to the fact that she was so young and probably never even thought about touching herself up until now, she was so tight that inserting even one finger posed a significant challenge. Instead, he chose to focus on her flower bud, hidden away from the world by a small piece of skin.


Feeling that caress especially hard, a moan escapes Sariha’s mouth. It was a sound that she has never even heard before, one that was totally unknown to her.

To avoid stimulating her too much, Aur focuses on other places as well. In doing so, her vaginal opening loosens, gradually allowing fingers to invade her secret place inch by inch, making her liquids drip slowly onto the bedsheets.

「Nnn, aaah, fuuuaaaahhnn!」

The voice leaking from the mouth of Sariha gradually increases its frequency and it gets increasingly more hot and bothered . Aur thought that she was an obedient girl who must’ve been raised to become a proper lady, hence her lack of knowledge of everything that was related to sex. But is not just about her mindset or inexperience. She was obiediently accepting everything that he was doing to her without complaints.

「Nnn, fuuuu, ghhhh…!」
Continuing the fingering, the second finger was making its way into the vagina of Sariha, making her voice all glossy and sounding more like that of a woman. However, there was no fear or embarrassement in it.

The only thing present in it was the pleasure derived from what Aur was doing to her.

She might grow up to be an outstanding concubine, he thought as he scraped her insides fith his fingernails.


She couldn’t stop herself from moaning caused by the constant, merciless assault on her erogenous zones. Her whole body was becoming hot and tingly, and it all felt the same as that one spot between her legs.

Next, Aur lifted her dress even further, exposing her chest and belly to his eyes. Even though it was small, the cherry-colored tips of her breasts were already stiff and hard.


Her whole body jolted as he pinched them with his fingertips.

「Lo… looooord, Auur…!」

She called out his name in the heat of passion. Did he caressed her there with too much force?

「It feels good, so… so please, do it more!」

But she told him something completely opposite.

「Your breasts only?」

「No, not just them, everything… even my crotch feels so good that I can’t think anymore!」

Sariha says in a hoarse voice, shaking her head.

「You know that there is a more appropriate name for your crotch, right?」

「There is. It’s called a p*ssy. Now, try saying this yourself.」

「P*… p*ssy…」

「Good. Now…」

He took his thing out from his pants and presented it to the girl. It was her first time seeing something so big, so her eyes widened in sheer astonishment.

「Do you know what this thing is called? It’s a penis.」

「A… penis?」

She saw her father’s when they were bathing together, but she had no idea that it was called like that. And this one in front of her looked very different than her father’s. It was small and shriveled, and it was dangling like the tail of a cow and had two wrinkly ball-like things hanging in a skinny sack, whereas the one here right now was big, long, thick and veiny, looking almost like a sword or a club. The tip was also very glossy and shiny.

「Do you want to touch it?」

「Y… yes.」

Sariha nodded, staring at the small opening at the tip of Aur’s thing like it was the most interesting thing in the entire world. Hesitating a little as it was twitching a lot, she slowly touched it with her fingers.

「It’s hard… and hot…」

She strokes it with her hands to confirm its shape, all the while feeling its pulsating hotness through her fingers.

「I want you to lick it now.」

As he gave her the order, the girl slowly got his member near her mouth, and tried to gobble it down in one go.

Helping herself with her small hands, and tried to taste it with her cat-like tongue. Under her rough and unskilled caresses, Aur was not able to hold out for long and unloaded himself straight into her mouth, cumming so much that her cheeks got all puffy.

「Nnnn, nffuuuuu…!」

She did not see that coming, so this sudden eruption took her by surprise, but nevertheless she didn’t let go of his thing, and drank his seed little by little without spitting up anything.

「That right now… that was…?」

「That is the thing called semen. It’s the source of all life produced by man’s penis.」

「The source… of life?」

Sariha traces her fingers around her lips, and gazes at the remains of semen left on her fingertips.

「It was very delicious!」

Of course, it was an illusion placed upon her by Aur without her noticing. Normally a virgin wouldn’t call something as sticky and smelly as semen delicious.

「Do you want to taste more of it?」

「Yes, gladly!」

Taste was the only thing that he altered, the rest remained unchanged, including the fact that it was addicting like a drug, making Sariha crave more and more of it.

* * *

「Ah, Lord Aur, this feels… so good! More, please… give me more! Make me feel…. Even better! Kiss me, please!」

Sariha desires a kiss from him with a sweet voice. When Aur brought his face closer to her, she instantly wrapped her arms around him and shoved her tongue into his mouth. She was as unskilled at kissing as she was at other sexual acts, but her enthusiasm was something that should be praised and admired.

In the meantime, he continued to finger her p*ssy until she was brought to the edge of her climax, until finally she stiffened her whole body and her vaginal muscles clenched around Aur’s fingers so tightly that he felt like she was going to rip them off.

Either way, the deed has been done. Sariha came, and she was still shivering while feeling the aftereffects of her first-ever orgasm, making her honey pot so hot that he could feel her warmth all the way in his shoulder.

But it was about time to kick things into high gear, so he pulled his fingers out of her.


Her expression, however, was screaming that she didn’t want him to stop.

「Do not worry. The real thing starts now.」

「The real… thing?」

「I’m going to put my penis inside you.」

When she heard that, she twitched reflexively. Just by looking at it, Aur’s penis was thicker than three of his fingers placed together. She couldn’t even begin to fathom what was going to happen to her if he was to jam something like that inside of her now.

「Here I go.」

Not waiting for approval from her, he jammed himself in all the way in a single, powerful thrust.


Even with all the preparations to swallow Aur’s meat lump easily and accept it all the way to the deepest place, he could still insert himself about halfway through. When Aur’s penis was buried halfway, it couldn’t go any further, and Sariha was gasping for breath.

The pain and the pleasure mixed together and washed over her like a flood. Even though it hurt, she’s never felt something so good in her entire life.

She unconsciously wrapped her legs around the waist of Aur and embraced his back, clinging onto him with her whole body while pressing her forehead against his chest. Her small body felt so fragile and weak in his arms, but he gently hugged her back and began to move.

「Ah, ah, ah, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!」

Now all that Sariha could do was to surrender herself to the torrents of pleasure that were engulfing her. Every time Aur moved inside her, she felt as if her body was floating up in the air with no means of getting back. It was a strange and alien feeling, but not the one she disliked.



Aur gave a small groan as he felt the vaginal opening tightening around him. The vaginal opening of small and narrow Sariha was not only tightening on Aur’s thing but made him feel numb in the waist.

Moreover, every time Aur pushes backwards, Sariha is tightening even more, which was unbelievable for the one so young and inexperienced.

This is more than he bargained for. While murmuring, Owl pierced the inside of Sariha by twisting the movement of his waist. While being pierced by a thick c*ck, Sariha begins to feel the intensified pleasure of a true woman.

「Ahhhh, Lord Aur, you’re twitching inside me so much! Do you… do you feel good with me?!」

She was no longer a little girl, she has ascended way past that stage. She was now the same as a full-fledged prostitute.

「Can’t hold it…. Any longer! Gonna cum soon!」

「Do it, shoot it all the way into my tummy, give it to me!」

Sariha begs Aur for his sperm in a lustful voice unbefitting of a kid like her. Simoultaneously, she focused all of her vagina muscles to milk him dry out of everything he got, until finally he released his load inside of her with the strength of a raging volcano.


A tremendous amount of semen made its way down Sariha’s womb. Her body violently convulses, and she ended up peeing herself while her tongue is outstretched and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Aur continues to thrust himself into her until every last drop of his seed is spent and poured into her. When he was finished, he layed her on the bed and tried to pull himself out of her, but she didn’t want to let him go, even though she herself lost consciousness.

「A virgin, huh?」

He thought that it was good that he was able to control himself, otherwise Sofia might have ended up in place of that girl long ago.


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