Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Chapter 16 Part 1


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Chapter 16: Let’s Make a Foolish Decision, Part 1

「Is the water hot enough for you, master?」

「Yes, it is hot just right.」

Two days have passed since Aur got Hoseli back.

Aur was resting in the hot spring on the volcano, healing the tiredness and weariness accumulated throughout the course of all the recent events.

The volcanic hot spring water had various medicinal ingredients mixed into it. In his opinion, it was almost as good as the hot spring in his original Dungeon on the Old Continent.
「You know, you’ve been coming here pretty often lately.」

With a smile, Sakuya took some more healing oil, and poured it into the water.

「I’m going to miss those visits of yours.」

It was no exaggeration to say that Aur has achieved quite a lot in a relatively short period of time. Killing Yamata no Orochi, conquering Sahara, establishing an alliance with Himuro and getting Hoseli back. There was literally nothing else for him to do here, so he decided to rest for a few days before returning back home.

「With Misha’s ability, you can return home pretty much anytime you want.」

Sakuya thinks out loud.

Just as Sofia was the heart of her Dungeon, Sakuya was the heart of the entire volcano. She knew it like the back of her hand, and could clearly sense and detect anyone who entered her domain, and as of late, the Demon Lord was her most frequent guest.
It will be terribly lonely without him around, but she chose not to talk about that matter, knowing that it would only annoy Aur.

「I shall wash your back for you now.」

Instead, Sakuya declared so.

「Please do.」

And since he understood the intentions behind her words, he had no reason to decline her.

As he sat on a bath stool, Sakuya kneeled behind him and pressed her chest to his back while her hands caressed him from the front.


As her fingers slid lower and lower, they finally happened upon Aur’s stiff member, making Sakuya exhale in amazement.

 Hot and hard ones touched her hand in front, Sakuya let her lips collide.

「Has gazing upon my lacking body made you feel so excited?」

「Where and how is your body ”lacking”?」

Aur turned backwards and grabbed one of Sakuya’s breasts with his fingers. Hers were one of the most beautiful breasts among all of Aur’s mistresses, fitting perfectly into the palm of his hand.


Not disliking it in the slightest, a sweet moan escapes Sakuya’s mouth, and she entrusted her body completely to her lover, as she turned her face towards his, closing her eyelids and awaiting a kiss while he put his hands around her waist.

Their mouths and tongues slowly collide and entangle around one another in a deep, passionate kiss, filling the entire spring with lewd, wet sounds.

「Please, wait, no more.」

Before Aur could push her on the ground, Sakuya grabbed his hands, stopping him in his tracks.

「What’s wrong?」

「Master, I… I want you so bad that I just can’t hold myself back anymore.」

Since she started talking about something like that out of the blue, Aur just stared at her with a question mark floating clearly above his head.

「But I’m not so selfish as to only think about myself, so I thought long and hard about what might bring you the most pleasure.」
As she finished speaking, the door to the outdoor spring opened, and quite a number of people entered the bath.

Yutsu, Tena, Tatsuki, Misha and Hoseli, and even Zana and Eve, they were standing naked in an orderly row. But they were not all. The core members of Aur’s main Dungeon: Lilu, Yunis, Mari and Spina were also present.

「That’s why I decided to gather all of your consorts here.」

Sakuya smiled with satisfaction when she saw Aur’s astounded expression.

「You’ve been so busy lately that we didn’t even had much time to have some fun.」

Lilu flew next to Aur and rubbed herself against him like a playful cat.

「I will serve you as much as you need, master.」

Eve took Aur’s hand and placed it in the valley of her breasts.

「I will also do my best for you, Aur!」

Yutsu hugged the arm on Aur’s opposite side.

「First of all, I’m going to do it with my breasts.

Lilu declared boldly, squeezing her voluptuous twin hills together.

「Is it just me, or are you way greedier than usual?」

「Ara, what was that? Don’t you like my titties, Aur?」

Aur could only remain silent to that statement. Of course he liked them.

However, now that they were all naked and the differences between their bodies were clearly visible, Zana was staring at Lilu’s breasts with the eyes of a dead fish. If she decides to do something rash as a member of the {Big Tits Go Blow Yourself Up Alliance}, then this whole hot spring orgy could go very south very quickly.

「Stop worrying about others and focus on feeling good. All you have to do is to look only at me.」

Whispering such sweet words into Aur’s ears, Lilu buried his face between her breasts.
Her breasts were in perfect shape, springy and perky as if they were unused for the last ten years. That’s her traits as a Succubus for you. They were just so incredibly soft that he felt like drowning in pleasure just from having them pressed against his face.

「Excuse us.」

Together with Lilu’s, there were four pairs of breasts of different shapes and sizes covered with soap and rubbing against him.

Eve was washing his palms with her tanned boobs. Her nipples were so hard and erect that they were getting stuck between his fingers, making her moan each time he was pinching them.

On the contrary, Yutsu’s chest was fluffy and soft, just like the clouds in the sky. Having his arms cleaned by them felt very relaxing and comfortable.

Just like before, Sakuya took care of his back. She used it in its entirety to slide across the whole space of his back to leave not even one spot unattended. At the same time, her hands were massaging his chest with delicate, sensual movements that caused jolts of pleasure to run across his whole body.

「Well? Feeling like cumming with that big, fat c*ck of yours? Sorry, but not yet!」

Lilu realized that Aur was on the verge of cumming without her doing anything at all, and she quickly coiled her tail around his d*ck to prevent that from happening. To put it mildly, she was pissed, and she didn’t even try to hide it.

「All right, my dear husband, if that’s how you want to play it, then so be it. Go ahead and get excited by other girl’s breasts to your heart’s content, but as punishment I will be taking all of your sperm for myself! Seriously, you have me, the world’s most splendid semen-toilet, and you’re not even going to use it?! Don’t get cocky with me!」

And with that, she gobbled his thing up all the way to her womb in one go.
Having his penis choked by the p*ssy of a first-class succubus was too much even for someone as ferocious as the Demon Lord, hence he could only moan and try to resist as Lilu’s womb opening attacked his tip with kiss after kiss, and her fleshy walls coiled around him as if they were all slimy tongues with a will of their own.

Unable to hold out any longer, Aur came with the force comparable to the lava gushing out of the erupting volcano. The look on his face as he did that was truly irresistible, rendering Lilu unable to tear her eyes away from him.

「Let me clean it up for you master.」

When he finished cumming from Lilu’s service, Spina emerged from below the water, and took Aur’s meaty spear into her hands with a gentle gesture.

「Tena, you can help me out here. Come and lick it.」

Tena followed her suggestion and sucked on Aur’s nipples.

「… …. You like … … how I’m using … … my mouth?」

 As opposed to her granddaughter who approached him rather aggressively earlier, Tena offered a timid sweetness. When Aur nodded, confirming that he feels good, she hit him on the cheeks with both her hands and placed a gentle kiss upon his lips.

The tongues of the three women crept around different places of Aur’s body respectively. Spina licks the flesh rod like it was the most important object in the entire world, Tatsuki licked his balls sweetly with her tongue and lips with a tangy sound, and Tena was busy with exchanging her saliva with that of Aur.

The thing that is common to all three of them was that they tasted Oulu as if he was some kind of supreme cuisine.

Owl stretched his free hands to add a little spice to the taste. While kneading the breasts of Tatsuki that were hanging in a forward leaning posture, he stroked Sakuya’s buttocks where the tail of the fox grew.

「Um …… No …… Aur, you can’t, if so rough, Tatsuki …」
「Oh, Oh … … Oh, you like … … teasing my tail that much? C-Cut it out please, it’s too sensitive!”

They were telling him to stop, but the truth was that they enjoyed every second of it. Seeing Aur enjoying the two of them at the same time Spina got all stiff as if to oppose it.

Even though she was swallowing Aur all the way to the base, and mind you, now he was longer, bigger, and thicker than any ordinary man, she still tightens the grip of her throat without twisting it. To that dedicated movement, Aur grabbed the head of Spina with both hands and pushed his waist impatiently.

It was a rough movement, but Spina looked happy and narrowed her eyes. Her mouth turns into a soft viscous body, so no matter how intensely you do deep throat she didn’t have to worry about hurting Aur’s penis.

「Mmmmmmnnn, gh, guuuuurrggle, nnnnnngghhhh….!」

Her mouth and throat are fucked with selfish movements, and cloudy liquid is poured inside of them. It is an act that seemed painful and humiliating, but it was not so in Spina’s case. She enjoyed being treated like that, because she knew that Aur meant no harm to her and that was his way of showing affection to her.

「……Are you okay?」

「Yes … … It was very nice … ….」

He pulled out the penis from inside of Spina’s mouth and asked, but she just replied with a bright expression.

“Well then we’re the ones who!”

Switching again, Yunis gently hugs Aur.

“You promised … this time was not supposed to be any fighting, right?”

She pinched Oulu’s chest with her fingertips while Zana reluctantly kept her distance.

“Come, my lord, it’s been such a long time!”

The Goddess of Fortune, Misha, was full of motivation.

“Well then … the three of us will be your opponents this time. How about it?”

The three beautiful girls crawl together and turn their butts to him.
Zana with white skin, Yunis with tanned brown skin, and Misha with her light yellowish skin. Those three exotic flowers were now right in front of Aur

When Oulu grasped the waist of Yunis first, he did not hesitate to enter into her.

「Ahhh ……, huh … Aur, oh …」


Aur smiles bitterly to Yunis who mutters like confidence.

「Fuck me hard, Aur. Fuck me and lose yourself in your desires so much that I won’t be able to walk from all of your hot seed inside my stomach!」

In the words of Yunis, Aur nodded silently. He had a similar feeling that after giving birth to a child Yunis’s sex drive skyrocketed to unimaginable heights.

「No, today … …. compare the taste of our p*ssies, all right?」
Heeding Yunis’ words, Aur grabs the waist of Zana next

「Go ahead, you can do as you like.」

「Are you really sure?」

Although it surely gets wet enough if you touch the secret place, Zana still has little experience. And he did not think that she would like to be treated like that, and that’s why he asked.

「I … … because I am your slave … right?」

Somewhat embarrassed, but clearly Zana says so. As a reward, he gave her his spear.

Even though her inside is still unfamiliar enough to say that it is wet, I will tightly tighten it, leaving its initial feeling to the extent that the taste of vagina meat is different from that it was familiar with.

「I can’t wait anymore!」

 After fully enjoying the inside of Zana, Oulu pushes into Misha. It is unnecessary for her to have an extra caress aside from foreplay.

「 Oh … this is it, as usual your thing is so wonderful …」

Misha trembled with joy and exhilarated her ragged breath. Right now, her vagina was nothing more but a cock sleeve that was greedy for his semen, and it did not intended to share.
Aur attracts the three bodies and holds them together and embraces them, and enjoys himself as he succumbs to desires just as Yunis said. The vaginas of Yunis, Zana and Misha, even if they were all different, they all tasted great.

「I’m cumming soon …!!」

「Yeah, come on! Just do it, give it to me!」

 To Aur’s declaration, Yunis keeps jumping on his cock. Next, he takes his fingers and shoves them up Zana and Misha’s secret places.

「Ah, ah, huh, fuwa! So good, Aur!」

「Duwaaaah, ughhha, aaaaahhhh!」

「W-with your fingers, such a thing, Oh, not there, not in my child making hole!」

While raising the cries, the beautiful girls get together and trembling with their respective orgasms. When Aur took out a meat spear from Yunis, a lot of it spilled on her buttocks.

「Oh …… Aur … … so warm …….」

Despite falling down with no strength left in her legs and abdomen, Yunis muttered so happily.

「Master, I….」

And now for the last two people.

Pushing Mari back, Hoseli stepped out steadily.

Owl waited quietly for her to say something.

Apologies and regret have already been expressed many times over. Hoseli wanted to say something else entirely.

「I ……. my curse, I broke free of it」

The power of the Beast God and the Hero was weaker than the Sun God. That is why she was able to disperse her curse by becoming his vessel.
「… … I’m sorry.」

Hoseli looked a little surprised at that sudden apology. It is a big change for compared to her usual absent-minded expression.

「I could not answer you last time.」

Would you embrace the beast? That was the question that Aur was unable to answer properly. No, he probably would be unable to do so even now, as he was still unsure of how he felt about a woman who was half-beast.

「Do not worry about it. My actions are my responsibility. I understand that you’re angry at me for betraying you, and I’m ready to accept the consequences.」

「Such a thing……」

Hoseli turned his eyes down. All the misfortunes that happened to her were essentially caused by her desire to find a cure for her and her brother’s predicament. On the other hand, however, it could also be said that she did that out of her selfish desire. And that was probably what she was unable to forgive herself for.

「Aur is not angry at you.」

Mari tells that to the worried Hoseli. She understood that her story was not that simple, but even knowing that, she still told Hoseli her honest mind.

「It’s like she says. Just say the word, and I’ll do whatever you want with you.」

Hoseli thought about that proposal for a while until she finally spoke while looking at Aur.

「Then I want you to bless my womb with child, master.」

「If that is what you truly want.」

When Aur nodded to her request, Hoseli positioned herself on the warm floor.

「Then make love to me, master.」

And as she opened her legs before him, he shoved his burning hot member inside of her without any warning or further foreplay to cover his consternation at doing everything his concubines asked him for. It was a nice thing to do from a human standpoint, but kind of lame from the perspective of a Demon Lord.

「Mmmmnnn, uhh, haaaaaa….」

It’s been some time since he last did that with Hoseli, but the fact that her secret place seemed so different surprised even him.

「Aur, please take a proper care of me too!」

When he was spreading Hoseli wide with his meat, Mari came to him and playfully rubbed her cheek against his. Instead of answering her verbally, he simply kissed her with tongue, penetrating the inside of her mouth.

「Masteeeeeeeer, I……… I………..!」

Being continuously pierced by his piston-like movements, Hoseli guides Aur’s other hand to her breast.

「Ah,ah,ah, ahhhhh, ooooooooooohhhhh!」

「Hey, mnnnnch, chyu, muchyu…..」

The voices of Hoseli, who’s being f*cked senseless, and Mari, who kisses Aur feverishly with her hot tongue and exasperated breaths began to merge into one, filling the Demon Lord’s ears with nothing but pure ecstasy until he found himself on the brink again.


Hearing that, Hoseli tightened her vaginal muscles around Aur’s d*ck and wrapped her legs around his waist in a leglock to ensure that her p*ssy accepts all of his child-making milk.

Cumming inside her was not his original intention, but he ended up doing it anyway. He already did it with all ten of them three times, and even though all of them were on the brink of exhaustion, his stamina showed no signs of diminishing. He flooded Hoseli’s vagina with his seed over and over again, until it could store it no longer, and spilled out of her unto the bedsheets.

「「So cloudy and sticky… it’s hard to believe that this is what babies are made with.」

Mari scooped a little on her finger, licked it, and smiled. Aur thought that this child-like curiosity of hers was adorable, even if it was somewhat immature

「Shall I cum inside you then? So you could know how it feels like?」

「Yes, Aur, I’d like that very much.」

Mari says that to Aur with the wet, glossy eyes.

「But you know?」

As soon as he tried to embrace Mari, she placed her hands on his chest and pushed him down.

「Today, there is someone else who I want you do it with first.」

Aur looked around, thinking that there was someone he’s forgotten about. Generally he tried to love all of his mistresses equally, but with their numbers steadily increasing, the possibility of something like that happening was not zero.

On the other hand, Ceres, Ellen and Melizand were supposed to return to the Heavenly Dungeon, but it would be no surprise to actually see them here.

「I want you to do it with her first.」

And Mari pointed to the entrance with her head.

A beautiful girl was standing there.

「Dad, please!」

He does not know her, but she called out to him in a way that only one person did.

「I want you… I want you to embrace me too!」

「No way… Sofia, is… is that you?」

Seeing Sofia, who turned into a beautiful woman, Aur was absolutely stunned.

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