Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Chapter 18 Part 2


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Chapter 18: Let’s Satisfy the Moon’s Demands, Part 2

「I don’t mind. Where’s the bedroom? Or do you want me to take you right here on your throne?」

「Wha…?1 W-Wait, p-please wait a minute!」

The goddess tried to stop Aur, but he already lifted her off the floor and went further into the castle in search of a bedroom, carrying her like a princess.

「What is it? Do you really want to do it here?」

And she glanced at Zana, clearly counting on her help in bailing her out of this.

「Y-You don’t mind?! Are you being serious right now?!」

So Zana tried to do just that, but her red face pointed towards her being just as shocked as Marina was.

「I mean, Lady Marina’s… her chest…」

It wasn’t just the scar. It looked like one of Marina’s breasts have been completely removed. Apparently when she was wearing clothes she was using magic to hide the missing one, but still…

「What is the meaning of this, Lady Marina?! Who did such a horrible thing to you!!!?」


「 I… I’m sorry, Lady Marina… I didn’t mean to…!」

「It’s okay, Zana.」

Marina touched the space where her breast once was and smiled softly.

「I did this to myself.」

When Zana heard that, her eyes opened widely.

「It was after I was deceived by my brother, the Sun God Igaruk. Abandoning my womanhood was the penance I chose for myself, so that it could serve me as a reminder of my foolishness and ensure that I will never be fooled by a man again.」

For a brief moment, her smile became slightly distorted.

「Do you really want to embrace such a failure of a woman who was deceived and used by her own brother and cut her own breast off as punishment?」

She was sure he is going to reconsider, but to her surprise…

「Yes, that is what I want to do.」


Replying without hesitation, Aur kept going forward with the Goddess in tow.

「S-Stop right there!」

「Ugh, what is it woman?」

Irritated, Aur halted his march just like Marina requested.

「I…. uhm…」


He just waits for her to find the right words.

「…. I can walk on my own. And my bedroom isn’t even in this direction.」

「Is that so?」

Aur carefully dropped her back to the ground.

「So can I ask you to guide me there?」

「Y… Yes, of course…」

And she just took his hand, guiding him to her bedchamber.


Left behind, there was only one thing Zana was able to say, and that thing was…

「Can somebody tell me what in the everlasting fuck just happened here?!」

「Well… do you really, truly want to do that with me?」

「How many times must I tell you that I wasn’t joking?」

Now that they were finally alone, Marina asked him that one more time, but this time without even the sliver of her previous confident attitude, and one more time he gave her his reply with a completely serious face.

「Can I take it off?」

「I would rather not if at all possible, but if you insist…」

Marina pressed her hands to her chest, which was again covered with her dress. Aur simply approached her and put his hands on her shoulders.

「Then I will take it off now.」

It was a statement, not an inquiry.

「All right.」

Marina stopped resisting and surrendered herself to Aur’s hands as her silky clothes quietly fell onto the floor.

「It’s beautiful.」

Aur whispered unintentionally at the sight of a naked figure that appeared before him.

「D-Do you really think flattery will get you anywhere?」

「Usually it helps me get to places, so yes.」

Unable to deal with the sudden compliment, Marina looks away shyly.

Marina’s golden hair shine beautifully like the moon in the darkness, and it gently waves all the way to her ankles. Her skin smooth like white porcelain, and her legs that stretch from the tight waist look like they were created by an artist.

She is overall slender, but the thighs and buttocks are covered with fluffy, springy meat. It was as if her nakedness represented the duality of the moon itself.

「So you say that this breast is also beautiful?」

She pointed at the breast which she cut off with her own hands.

「That’s right. If I said that it wasn’t beautiful, I’d be a liar.」

Aur slowly reaches out and rubs his hand where Marina’s breast should be.

「Actually, let me rephrase that. It’s brilliant.」

「You like it that much…?」

All Marina could do at this point was to blush furiously.

「If it’s all right with you, can you tell me about what happened when your brother assaulted you? Did you cut your breast off right before his eyes? What kind of face did he make when he saw you do that?」

「Let’s see…」

Marina leans back to remembers the happenings from the mythical era long ago.

「I threw my cut-off breast at him and screamed 「If you want it so much, then here, shove it up your own ass and die!」 or something similar. If I remember correctly, he looked like he was about to have a stroke when it hit him straight in the face.」


Listening to it, Aur laughed out loud.

「I would very much like to see that face myself!」

「By the way, what are your thoughts on him? On Igaruk, I mean.」

As far as Zana was concerned, there should be no relationship between Aur and Igaruk whatsoever. To Aur, he should be nothing more but one of the Sun God pillars. But to Zana’s surprise, Aur’s voice when he replied to the Goddess’s question was filled with pure, unrestrained malice.

「I only heard his voice, but it gave me a distinct impression that he is like an insect. A good-for-nothing pest that should have been killed the moment it was born.」

「And why do you think that?」

Marina squinted her eyes and observed Aur very carefully. She thought he was going to say 「Because he wanted to make a woman his plaything on nothing more but a whim」.

Aur himself realizes that he has done just the same many times, and even though there was no girl who was dissatisfied with that in the end, the act of raping them was in and out of itself unforgivable. In that regard, he and Igaruk were not that different, which Aur himself would probably deny very quickly. Male pride when it came to the matters of sex was something that Marina was never able to fully understand.

「Because he didn’t give Zana his blessing.」

But once again, Aur’s answer was something that Marina was not expecting.

「That… is probably my fault.」

The female members of the royal family of Himuro always developed splendid breasts at a very young age. However, only Zana’s growth was, and admittedly is still poor.

Maybe it was because Zana’s small breasts reminded Igaruk of the incident with Marina, but whether that assumption was true or not, the fact remained that he gave his blessing not to Zana, but her younger sister Eldav.

「As the Sun God he was probably furious at his would-be vessel being so small. He had no reason to do so, but he took that as a personal insult.」

Neither being born as an older sister nor failing to grow up is a problem that Zana was responsible for. But she was still blaming herself for being a failure both as a priestess and the leader of a nation.
What a miserable life she must have had.

「She is a smart, noble and beautiful woman, and yet her whole life has been ruined because her breasts weren’t big enough. She deserved so much better in life than this.」

Marina thought that with how much passion he poured into that speech he should become a spokesman or an actor. If that was how he was when he was genuinely angry, then he should have no problems with acting it out for money.

「And I think the same applies to you, Moon Goddess Marina. I just can’t put up with the fact that the woman like you continues to be unhappy.」

「… unhappy?」

Marina blinks her eyes. She never thought of herself as unhappy.

「The moon is always supposed to be beautiful. And yet you are unhappy, all because of one man who hurt you in the past?」

Touching Marina’s chest, Aur frowned. Not because of an aversion to ugly wounds, nor out of pity for her circumstances. It was because he also knew the pain of having your life destroyed by others.

「Then can I ask you to show it to me? The happiness of being a woman?」

「Of course.」

Aur nodded to Marina’s request as she smiled slightly.

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