Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Chapter 3 Part 2


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Chapter 3:Let’s Establish Peaceful Relations with the Native Tribes , Part 2

As the girl took Aur’s hand, he stared at her and wondered.

Why did she look like that? Was it due to some kind of curse?

Lots of questions were going around his mind, but he brushed them all aside when he saw that the girl began to tremble in his arms.

「The questions can wait, I guess.」

He picked her up and carried her over to the bed.

「Standing in this cold is bad for your body.」

He declared as he took his coat off.

「Well, that should do it for now.」

Feeling somewhat indecisive, Aur covered her with his coat. At the same time, he scanned her entire body with is magic, but he found no traces of poison, hidden weapons, or any magical tools, so it was not an assassination attempt, and even if it was, Lilu and Marie were both right in the next room.

Putting his thoughts in order, Aur spoke to the girl, Yutsu, with a soft voice.

「Don’t be afraid.」
But then he remembered that the girl did not understand any of his words.

And she was trembling all over.

Unless she was an actress capable of deceiving even a demon lord, she was just a simple girl that probably had not many occasions to get herself acquainted with men. He didn’t know it for sure, but he assumed that must’ve been the case after witnessing her reactions.

「You must’ve went through quite an ordeal to get here, huh?」

Yutsu gave him a strange look.

In order to help her calm down, he gently patted her head, and hugged her tightly. Her shoulders were so thin that they might’ve broke even under the slightest of touches, but they fitted comfortably into Aur’s hands. The temperature of her body was high, just like a small animal, and her heart was beating so fast that it might as well pop out of her chest at any moment.

「There, there. Feeling calm yet?」

When he asked her that, she nodded her head as if she understood what he was trying to say to her. But she jumped up like she was struck by lightning because he slipped his hand between her legs.

Slowly and delicately, Aur was rubbing the secret place of a girl who probably was never touched by anyone. Her secret garden was completely void of moisture.

「Hmm, you should be fine as you are.」
With his other hand, he stroked Yutsu’s throat and slid it down to her chest. She shivered under his rough touch.


When his fingertips reached the top of her chest, she moaned quietly for the first time. It was due to shame and tension rather than pleasure, but at the very least she did not try to hide it.

「You don’t have to hold your voice back.」

He whispered into her ear with a soft breath. As he moved his hand, her honey pot got increasingly hotter.

「Fu, uuuuh.」

With skilled and experienced movements, he was caressing her entire body.


Feeling all weird and fluffy, she accepted Aur’s tongue into her mouth as he slowly kissed her. Their soft, wet tongues were dancing around their mouths, pleasuring each other. As they did, a flaming hot sensation pierced her at the bottom of her stomach.


Prying her legs wide open, Aur shoved his big, reddish meat rod inside of her.

Due to all the caresses that she received, she felt almost no pain as he slid into her rather easily. Yutsu felt a strange kind of warmness spreading throughout her entire body.


She strongly felt his every thrust as he was pumping his thing in and out of her. Without any pain, the only thing Yutsu experienced were the waves of pleasure that up to this point was unknown to her.

「Fuh, uaaaaah!」

As she flailed her arms around, she found Aur’s back and wrapped them around it. With each and every one of her limbs, she was now clinging onto the man she didn’t even knew.


She cried out, feeling him penetrating her all the way to her womb.

「Hiiiiiii, Aaaaaaaah, hah, aaaaaahnnn!」

A girl who never knew man and never even pleasured herself before could not even begin to grasp what that fever that caught her entire body was.

She was afraid of that unknown heat, but the longer she experienced it, the more she craved it, to the point where her hips began shaking on their own, as if they were hypnotized. This feeling was frightening and scary, but she could not help herself.

Fear, separation, dependence, want, all those feelings were mixed inside of her now.
And finally, after being assaulted by all those sensations, she felt that something strange was welling up inside of her.

「Aaaaaa, haaa, aaahahhhaaaaa!」

She tried to tighten her lips to not allow those shameful moans to escape her throat, but she was unable to. But then Aur gave her a helping hand. He sealed her mouth with his own, preventing any voices from ringing out.


Her whole body burned. Her face, her hands, her legs, everything was being swept away by this overwhelming feeling that took a firm hold over her.

「Nggggghhh, uaaaaaaaa!」

Aur’s penis was pounding mercilessly at the girl’s vagina as she was about to reach her climax. In order to help her endure her first ever orgasm, he place one of his hands on her chest and absorbed a part of the pleasure into himself, just like a sponge that absorbed water into itself.

The girl was no longer afraid, and she was ready to accept Aur and his overwhelming desire. She was prepared to reach the peak of ecstasy thanks to that strange man whom she did not know.

「Here I go! Cumming!!!!」

She had no idea what he just said. But by the way her body was reacting, she was sure that something amazing was coming.
A man’s desire to spill his seed inside a woman, and pass on his genes. She decided to take it with her whole being.

「Ah, ah, aahhh, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!」

As Aur’s white, cloudy stickiness filled her entire body, she felt that her consciousness was slowly drifting away.

* * *

「Was it successful?」

「Yes, that was indeed a success. A resounding one, if I were to say so myself.」

Lilu nodded deeply, seeing Aur laying on the bed.

Hearing the voices of two people, Yutsu slowly opened her eyes.

「Do you understand what I’m saying?」

「Yes, I understand.」

Yutsu answered Aur’s question. Some of her words were still illegible, but now at least he understood the intentions clearly.

「I’ve connected a part of my soul with your soul, so that we could understand what the other one is thinking.」
He is an expert when it comes to soul manipulation. With a little help from Lilu, he created a magic that allowed him to combine a part of his soul with the other person through the means of sexual intercourse, using the ejaculation and semen as a medium.

With their souls now connected, the language barrier was not that big of a problem anymore, because their meaning was being transmitted directly.

「You seem to be a bad person, but I guess I’ll help you, at least for now.」

「Yes, you do that.」

Yutsu agreed to Aur’s suggestion, although she was clearly reluctant about it. Due to their connection, he knew that she wasn’t lying.

「Even thought I have yet to explain what I would require you to do?」

「Yes, of course.」

She smiled and nodded gently.

「It is my duty as your wife, oh honorable hero, to assist you in every way possible.」

She said something like that.

「Wait, run that by me again? What was that about a hero and his wife?」

「Since we joined our bodies together, it is now my sacred duty to be by your side at all times, and do everything that you require of me. It was a little scary at the beginning, but I’m glad that you were so gentle with me, oh hero.」

There was no embarrassment nor puzzlement in Yutsu’s voice. She believed what she said from the bottom of her heart.

「Eh, once again, step by step. Explain it to as if I was an idiot.」

「It is what the great shrine maiden foresaw, that I am to become the great hero’s wife.」

Foresight. Not predicting or assuming, but knowing for sure what will happen in the future.

The kind that Aur sometimes used showed him the steps that he had to take to achieve the future that he desired. It was like twisting and bending one destiny to create another one. Therefore, he didn’t placed much faith in something as pretentious as prophecies.

But predictions were another thing entirely. To know the future that should not be known. That was something that neither magic nor laws could achieve.

「And what was that foresight about?」

Apparently it was about a brave warrior of great renown and immense power. Since the only heroes that Aur knew were the ones governed by Heaven, then perhaps here this “Hero” was someone else entirely. So a little clarification might be in order.

「So, who exactly is that hero supposed to be?」

And Yutsu happily explained.

「Someone who will struck down the Devil Lord.」

Aur had to try his hardest not to laugh.

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