Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Chapter 3 Part 5


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Chapter 3:Let’s Establish Peaceful Relations with the Native Tribes , Part 5


Tena woke up to a strange feeling.

「What is going on?」

Before she knew it, she was lying in an unfamiliar room.

The walls were made out of red bricks, there was no windows, and there was only one way out of the room. Unable to sleep on stones, she raised herself up.

「This is strange.」

She murmured to herself as she was making her way down the dimly lit aisles. She was unable to predict what this place was, nor what she should be doing to get out of here. Has her ability been sealed by some unknown means? But when she was predicting the future earlier she didn’t saw herself being thrown into such a place. So that left only one possibility.

「A dream, huh?」

「I’m afraid that it won’t be anything this pleasant for you.」

When she spoke out loud, a voice answered her back. A familiar voice.

At the end of the corridor was the room similar to the one in which she started. There, she saw the figure of the Demon Lord Aur.

「What do you mean?」

At the same time as she asked him that, she was granted an abrupt vision of the future. In it, she saw herself standing in front of a big mirror, but she couldn’t recognize the image reflected in it.

The skin of the girl in the mirror wasn’t that of an old woman, but a smooth one belonging to a young lass.

「Prediction is an amazing ability, wouldn’t you agree? I mean just look at it.」

The image was that of a beautiful girl with black eyes and silver hair extending all the way to her waist.

That girl looked very similar to Yutsu.

「You can see into the future, but not into the past, correct?」

Said Aur.

「The passage you walked down earlier was a gateway to turn back time, but you obviously didn’t know what was going on.」

「What is the purpose…?」

「I just want to know.,. that’s all.」

Aur held Tena closely to himself.

「What exactly are you planning?」

「I believe I have already told you that.」

「Ah, good, so I don’t have to tell you anything.」

But Aur only swings his head to the sides.

「You don’t have to tell me anything. I will ask your body directly.」

「So you would willingly lay down with an old hag like me?」

Aur gently laughed at her words.

「Oh, you’re so funny.」

「Do not concern yourself with your age. Now, in this moment, you’re just the same as you were during the prime of your youth.」

Saying that, Aur pushed Tena onto the bed that appeared out of nowhere.

Even though he was gentle, his arms gripped her with unparalleled strength, and completely covered her with himself.

「Now go ahead and use that prediction of yours to guess what am I going to do to you.」

Of course she was already doing that. She saw Aur as he violently stabbed her with his thing.

「I can’t say that I’m all that fond of engaging in sexual intercourse with you.」

Even though her body has been rejuvenated, her spirit was still that of an old woman, tired and decayed.

「In that case let’s stop this now.」


Together with his words, the future that she saw changed drastically.

「Now then, tell me, what do you see?」

She saw a future in which he was raping her mouth and flooded her mouth with his sticky whiteness.

As she was unfamiliar with the culture of oral sex, she was shocked beyond belief and opened her eyes widely.

「You… just what are you going to…?」

「You better watch the next one.」

Following his words, she received another vision.

Because of Aur’s inaction, the possibilities flashed before her one by one like in a kaleidoscope, and her body reacted accordingly.

In those visions, she was being f*cked in every possible hole for thousands, tens of thousands of times, being corrupted and humiliated beyond belief.

「Haa… haaa.」

This was the first time when the prediction changed in the middle of another prediction, making Tena’s head dizzy with the amount of information that passed through it. Her breath was all ragged and she was sweating profusely, no longer knowing if it was a dream or not.


Aur invaded her with his fingers, making her scream loudly.

She was moaning as his fingers were going wild insider her. It was not a part of the prediction, those were his actual fingers penetrating her actual womb. He then proceeded to kiss her all over her body.

「Tell me, what are we going to do next? I’m all ears.」

The line between the present and the future began to blur. Hundreds of thousands of fingers were violating her at the same time, bringing her to the brink of losing her mind from the pleasure. And not only the fingers; Aur used everything at his disposal to torment her exactly in the way her body wanted to be tormented.

It was the most intense pleasure she has ever felt in her entire life, and a long life it was.

「N, nooo, s-stop… please.」

She begged in a weak voice.

「What are you saying? I haven’t done anything.」

Then all visions have disappeared. As he was saying, he didn’t even touched her yet. It was all an experience from the realm of possibilities.

「Not yet, that is.」

And all of those moments now converged into one.


Aur has penetrated Tena’s secret place with his meaty spear.

She felt an intense pain between her legs.

Since she had a granddaughter, it was obvious that she’s experienced pregnancy and birth, but right now her body was that of her old virgin self.



The pleasure was mixing with the dull pain inside of her.

Her flesh, deprived of the man’s taste for so long lusted greedily after him as he was thrusting forward and backwards in a rhythmical fashion.

「What do you want me to do next?」

He whispered into her ear. Under the assault of his skillful movements, Tena had trouble with putting words together into sentences.

「Ah, so that’s it. I understand.」

Somehow, his member managed to trace back and recreate all the movements it made in her predictions, bringing back all the sensations that she felt back to the surface from the back of her mind.

「Wh… Wha…. ish thish?!」

She tried twisting her body to escape from Aur and his caresses, but he just grabbed her butt and brought her back to him, pumping himself into both her holes from behind, to which she did not protest.


Little by little, she wanted to become his personal plaything.

After what seemed to be an infinitely long amount of time, Tena’s violation had finally ended.

She was now lying on the bed, covered in juices, sweat and semen. As she was lead to climax many times, her whole body was hurting.

「Well, I guess it’s time for you to wake up now.」

She looked at Aur weakly, not being able to twist her head for long.

「When you wake up you will forget all that has happened here, and return to being an old woman again. But before that happens, try and guess how many time have you heard me say those words today.」


「Did you remember? When you leave this room, you’ll be old again. It is inevitable, just as the fact that the rock thrown into the air must fall back to the ground. That is how fate wills it.」

And with that, Tena’s memories began to fade and she lost consciousness.

「Grandmother! Grandmother, please wake up!」

「Mmmmm… just a few more minutes.」

Tena closes her eyes again after she heard her granddaughter’s voice.
Her body felt strangely weak and she had trouble getting up for the past few days.

And even when she was sleeping for long hours, she was only waking up feeling more tired.

Maybe it was because she was worrying too much. About the matter of the Demon Lord, that is.

It would be best for them if he agreed to help them, but if he refuses, there will be no hope left for this village and everyone living in it.

Filled with such grim thoughts, she got up with some difficulties.


She groaned when her feet touched the ground. It was a sharp, pulsating kind of muscle pain. And strangely enough, there were some unknown wounds and scratch marks all over her lower body. She wondered how in the world did they got there.

Then an idea came to her. She used her prediction to see into the day after tomorrow. And when she did, she saw that the wound disappeared and reappeared in another place and a different shape, almost like a letter.

She noted them all on paper in a hurry.

「This is…!」

It was a message, containing exactly two, simple words.


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