Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Chapter 4 Part 7


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist, Editor: Krizzeir

Chapter 4: Let’s Raise the New Demon Lord, Part 7

Aur, Yutsu and Spina took the right path at the crossroad and were walking along the corridor with magma filled walls. The road was wide enough not to worry about anything falling at them from the ceiling, but it was so hot that they had to wipe the sweat off their faces every few minutes.

Yunis and Mari were always chatting about insignificant things when they were still together, but now that they have split, there was a dreadful silence filling the air around them. It was daunting, and awkward. So, so very awkward.

Aur glanced at Yutsu, who was wiping her forehead with her hand again. She might’ve been young, but it was obvious that she was strong, and it showed in her behavior. Now Spina, on the other hand….

She was a tough nut to crack. There were times when he just couldn’t understand what she was thinking.

When it came to fighting, even Aur could say that he had some sort of ambition, a drive, if you would, not to lose to anyone and to always emerge victorious from a battle. But Spina had none of that. She had no abilities, nor the will to fight. And that left Yutsu as the only effective close-ranged fighter of their group. If anything, she was inspired to protect Aur at all costs.

At that time.

With a loud thud, a knife was driven into Spina’s chest.

Without any emotion, she looked down. A short blade small enough to be concealed in one hand was stuck exactly in her heart.

When she touched it to pull it out, countless other blades erupted from her body and she fell onto the floor.

「Lord Aur, behind you!」

Yutsu shouted as she turned her tail into a naginata. But despite them turning around, the enemy’s appearance could not be seen anywhere.

「Can you sense the enemy?」


Yutsu hanged her head apologetically. But there was no need for her to do that, as she was not the person that the Demon Lord asked that question.

「The enemy is not here anymore. He or she is falling back.」

Hearing the emotionless voice behind her back, Yutsu’s eyes were wide open.

Because Spina just stood there as if nothing had happened, with blades coming out of her entire body. Moving as if she was shaking dust off of herself, she removed them one by one. There was not even a drop of blood, and no scars on her.

「Over there.」

She turned back pointing in certain direction, only to have her head cut off from her shoulders.

And out of thin air appeared a young woman with a dagger clad in bright red clothes. It was a perfect camouflage for the environment covered by lava, making it difficult to distinguish her exact silhouette.

「I’ve got you!」

The woman, Hoseli, picked Spina’s head as it was rolling around the floor and held it in front of herself with an ecstatic expression. But that expression was soon replaced by the startled one.

「Wh, What?!」

Spina’s headless body reached forward with its hand and grabbed Hoseli’s leg.

「Feel free to kill her. Just looking at her makes me want to vomit.」

「As you wish, Master.」

While Aur was conversing with spina’s severed head, Hoseli dropped it to the ground and raised her dagger to cut off her arm to free herself.

「I am not that good at combat, so I would be extremely grateful if you could just die here and now. Can you please do that?」

Spina asks indifferently as her body picks her head up with its remaining hand.
She must’ve been quite shocked. After all, you don’t see someone who will not die if he is killed every day. Thankfully, Spina was no longer “normal”, therefore concept of dying no longer filled her with dread and fear as it used to before.

Sensing that she was a real bad news, Hoseli changed her target and threw another dagger at Yutsu. Or at least she planned to do that, but her arm was severed just as she was about to make a move with it.


Hoseli was unable to understand what just happened. All she could do was to just stare at her mutilated hand and its remains that were lying on the ground. She tried to suppress the bleeding with her left hand, but it was obviously not enough.

「Don’t worry about it. I’ll help you.」

Terrified, Hoseli could only watch as Spina scooped magma from the walls as if it was water and smeared it all over her wound. After that, there was only a blinding sense of excruciating pain. She felt as if her whole body was on fire, like her arm was stabbed with a million needles and them crushed into paste with a smoldering hammer. Faced with such torture, the only things that left her mouth were vomit and indistinguishable screams.

「How about it? You ready to die now?」

「Go… f*************ckkkk…. Your… self…..!」

「I would very much like to, but it is not for me to decide.」

Throwing swear after swear, Hoseli somehow managed to jump away in an attempt to run as far away from this witch as possible.

And then her right leg also fell to the ground.


「No, no, no, you can’t run away now.」

Spina scooped some more magma from the walls and approached the girl, who could do nothing but writhe miserably on the ground and squeal in terror.

「Stop… stop it please, have mercy!」

「The blood vessels situated in the legs are quite thick, you’ll die instantly if the wound is not closed properly.」

The magma was also burning her hand, so much that it was charred black. Nevertheless she remained quiet, as if she was unable to feel anything.

Hoseli thought she was crazy.

Spina spreads magma on the wound on the girl’s leg, just like you spread butter on a piece of bread in the morning. “STOP IT! STOP! JUST KILL ME ALREADY!” Those were the only sane thoughts in Hoseli’s head, but even they were being drowned in an ocean of pain.

Her creams were no longer that of a person, but of a wild beast, each of her fingernails was ripped from her fingers as she tried to claw her way out of this living hell, but it was all for naught.

There was just so much pain that she was unable to faint. Any other person would have lost their mind a long time ago. However, her spirit that was polished by unwavering discipline wouldn’t even allow her to go crazy.

「I will ask again. Are you ready to die?」

Pina looked straight into Hoseli’s eyes. She was still trying to move forward, even with her body in such an agonizing condition.

The witch only sighted, flew lightly into the air and disappeared in a wall of boiling magma.

The other two… no matter what happens, I have to… kill the other two.」

Pushing aside the pain and the thought that she’s going to be a cripple, Hoseli managed to stand up despite having only one leg.

「Such strong willpower.」

Aur said that out loud. Even among his subordinates, a few could still move when subjected to such pain.

「But we are just getting started.」

There were those who could bear it, of course. One such person emerged from the magma.

「I’m sorry, Master.」

Spina said as her whole body was burning with fire.

Even though she does not feel pain, her body would still burn and melt.

As a slime she was resistant to most types of damage, but there were still ways to kill her.

Aur was worried that magma might be one of those things, but apparently his worries were unnecessary.

「I was worried about you for a second, you know?」


He omitted the fact that he was not worried at all. It would not change much. Because Spina was a woman that would do something as outrageous as diving in lava if it was for her husband and master.

「Well, you seem to be more energetic than I thought, so I guess I will take another one of your limbs.」

Spina said as she tilted her head slightly to the side.

By observing her closely, Hoseli was finally able to determine how did she managed to cut off her limbs without touching her.

A thin thread was spreading from Spina’s fingertips. Hoseli, who specialized in surprise attacks had something similar at her disposal, a wire so thin that it was impossible to spot it with the naked eye until it was too late. But Spina’s thread was so sharp that it could cut through meat and bones like they were nothing. Just what exactly was it made of?

But what good was that knowledge now? By the looks of it, the whole area was covered with that thread, leaving not even a slightest opening to escape. She was the spider, and Hoseli was like a fly that realized too late that she was captured in the spider’s web.

「Umm, didn’t you said that you were bad at direct combat?」

Unexpectedly, Yutsu asked while she tried not to listen to Hoseli’s screams.

「Because I am not good at it.」

Spina replied to her, smearing the magma over another wound.

She can’t fight like Yunis or Lilu does.

She was unable to do something as sublime as living her life while competing with others.

「But I am good at torture and merciless slaughter.」

Yutsu trembled when she saw that Spina’s lips have been slightly raised, forming a haunting, yet alluring smile.




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