Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Chapter 4 Part 8


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist, Editor: Krizzeir

Chapter 4: Let’s Raise the New Demon Lord, Part 8

「Now this is awesome!」

Passing over the body of the unconscious Hoderi, Yunis was marveled by the waterfall of lava that awaited them in the next room.

「Looks like there is no way to proceed any further.」

Mari looked around suspiciously, but if there was another path forward, Tena would have surely noticed it by now.

「Sofia, you understand what’s going on?」

When Mari asked her daughter that, she made a gesture like she was stretching her hands and stroking the air. The exposed rocks accompanying her movements were covered with bricks. It was a sign that this room has already become a part of Sofia’s territory.

「No, not at all.」

But she shook her head, deeply troubled. It was understandable. She thought that Aur would be disappointed if she doesn’t find the way forward.

「Now wait just a second!」

Tena tried predicting the future again.

Yunis hugs her and teleports. But after that, the future was foggy and unclear. At the very least, it would seem that her future was not going to stop then and there. Fragmentary information were coming to her, but they were like the moon reflected on the surface of the water inside a bowl, constantly rippling, fluctuating and hard to see.

「Sofia, maybe try and stop this waterfall. Can you do that?」


Mimicking Aur’s movements, Sofia stretched her hands towards the waterfall. Bricked blocks began to emerge from the walls, blocking the lava flow.

「I can do it!」

「Yes, very well done. Good girl!」

It was somewhat clumsy, but at least the waterfall’s movements were stopped. Mari looked at Tena, who was preparing another prediction.

「Nothing’s happening?」

「Almost there. Just give me some more time.」

「If we just wait a bit then the road further should reveal itself to us.」

「That’s great. I may be a spirit and all, but walking on burning lava is still not my favorite pastime.」

When Tena glanced at Yunis as she was walking past her, her future was once again clearly visible. Apparently the only thing she was unable to predict was whether or not she would use her spiritual powers. Should she just ask her about it?

「Ah, Lord Aur!」

As Tena was worrying, Mari shouted and happily ran forward, because she saw Aur’s figure at the end of the aisle.

「So you’ve made it as well!」

But just before she hugged him, Mari’s feet stopped in their tracks.

「Who are you?」

She pointed to the woman in red clothes who was clinging to Aur for some reason.

「She must be Hoseli, the one who Hoderi was talking about.」

「Ah, mister Hoderi’s sister.」

Yunis crossed her arms.

「So like… why’s she with you guys?」

「I was defeated by Lady Spina and offered to guide her in exchange for sparing my life.」

Hoseli’s body was completely healed, there wasn’t even a scar left. It must’ve been one of Spina’s abilities as a slime. After all, healing the body was easy as pie for her unless the target was already dead.

Treatment and healing of the mental damage was a little too difficult for her, but fortunately that was Aur’s field of expertise. The whole procedure even made him feel somewhat nostalgic.

But Mari was still watching them with a clueless expression.

「Looks like you went a little overboard, sister.」

「I was merely trying to do all that I could, to follow the orders I was given.」

「I also think that you went overboard, not that it changed very much.」

Spina chastised Hoseli with her usual emotionless voice, but the girl cowered in fear and hugged her arms as soon as the words left her lips.


「Spina, what on earth did you do to her?」

Tena was worried when she saw that Yutsu tried her best not to look at Hoseli. She also looked like she was pitying her for some reason. As much as she wanted to know what that reason was, she was able to only see the future, not the past.

「Well then Hoseli, what is waiting for us ahead?」

They were now at the junction of two aisles, in front of a huge door.

「My master awaits there. But I do not know what are his plans regarding all of you.」

Hoseli answered with as few words as possible.

She submitted to Aur, but she still seemed to be loyal to her original master.

「Good. We’re going to disturb him now.」


But Aur didn’t blame her for it. He respected those who remained loyal more than those who would betray their lord at the first time of danger.

When they passed through the door, they ended up in a huge hall.

A beautiful woman clad in luxurious dress was sitting on an extravagantly decorated throne on a raised platform in the middle of the room.

「I congratulate you for reaching this far. My name is Sakuya, and I am the mistress of this mountain.」

The woman looked at Aur and his group and spoke with a polite tone.

「Oh brave hero, may I ask you to state your name.」

「Demon Lord Aur.」

“Again with this hero crap?” Aur thought.

「Brave Hero Aur, you have overcome the trials imposed upon you by myself, and you have proven your strength to me. As a reward, I will grant you any wish of your choosing.」

「A wish?」

「Oh, what’s this? Have you come here without knowing anything?」

Seeing Aur’s puzzled expression, Sakuya hid her smiling face behind a fan.

「This mountain is a place of sacred trials, where the soul who overcomes them is allowed to have one wish granted. Whatever you might desire, just say a word, and by the sacred right, it will be granted to you.」


Sakuya nodded to his question.

「Anything you might want, my power will grant to you.」

「Then here is what I want: Please grant me the sovereignty over this mountain and all that is within it, including yourself.」

When she heard his request, Sakuya’s eyes opened wide.

「Greed will prove your undoing, oh Brave Hero.」

「You said it yourself: Whatever you might desire, just say the word, and by the sacred right it shall be granted to you.」

If those were negotiations, then they must choose their words carefully. Angering the mountain’s mistress was the last thing they wanted to do now.

「Leave now, oh impertinent Hero, and be thankful that in respect for your prowess I will not
claim your life as penance for your limitless greed.」

Aur was frustrated at her arrogant tone.

「And if I refuse?」

「Then I will use every means at my disposal to make you leave.」

As Sakuya waved her fan, countless flames bloomed around her like scarlet flowers.



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