Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Chapter 6 Part 2

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Chapter 6: Let’s Defeat the Ancient One, Part 2

「……I see」

I would rather not relate. Why did Sakuya utter such a comment.
Why did Thena dodge the question when asked about what the outcome would be after deciding to go.

But the moment he met him, Aur understood everything.

「In a way, the same kind as Lilu uh?」
「Stop it. Even as a joke」

To Mari’s teasing words, Lilu responds in a pissed-off tone from her innermost depth.

「It is quite big……isn’t it」

Yutsu left her mouth wide open, as she looked up staring at it.

If likening it with an animal, then it will be a snake.
A white serpent going in tightly as if filling up a dark and deep cave. But with no eyes on its head, and no scales on its body. Not only that, it has no mouth much less a fang, but only a fissure that stretches from front to back.

If one were to make an analogy aside from an animal, then it is easy.

To put it simply, it was a huge penis.

「It spoo__ookee!?」

Lilu screamed, as the penis slowly lifted its head, and echoed in a deep voice.

「Oh Sainokami. My name is Demon Lord Aur. I have come to borrow your¹ power……No, that’s not quite right. To steal it」

Sainokami raised a delighted voice at Aur’s arrogant words.

「Of course」

The white serpent crawls out of the cave, and then higher and higher it becomes erect.

「Each time his words are so vulgar!」

Lilu’s stone fire arrow² that even pierced through Yamata no Orochi, emitting fire with a roaring sound was aimed and released towards Sainokami.
But the huge snake which stood like a pillar, dodged it by hardly shaking.

「Little Mary, climb up!」

As Yutu pulls out the racoon tail growing on her butt, it turns into a vermillion-lacquered stairway, making a crackling sound as it stretches to the sky.

「Thank you, Little Yu!」

As Mari climbed it and reached over Sainokami’s head, she pulled out a four-pair sword as she leaped.

「Take that!」

But the strike that was even aided by acceleration due to gravity was easily repelled by Sainokami’s head.
Mari, who did not think that even a sword wouldn’t stand a chance was at her wits’ end and she fell.
However her body did not crash into the ground, she slowly decelerates displaying an arc through the air as she settles into Aur’s arms.

「Heh-heh, thank you, Lord Aur」
「Don’t cause me trouble」

Aur deployed a Cube and created a slope in the invisible labyrinth.

The blood vessels on Sainokami’s body got excited and started overswelling into reddish brown.
And then, he bent his body greatly to the back, and strike with all his strength.

「Oh, no!」

Aur promptly activated the teleportation array built into the cube, avoiding the blow.
Although it can only jump a distance of about ten steps away, it is a far enough distance to avoid a crisis.

The moment the shiny head of Sainokami hit the ground hard, the ground ruptured.
The earth and stone are scattered around, and along with the wind came flinging like a sword.
If it were just the accompanying waves after the impact, the wall of the cube shielded against it, but if it had been a direct hit, it likely would have been instant death.

「What absurdly outrageous strength」

Lilu who immediately escaped to the sky, while alighting back to the ground she prepares her stone fire arrow.

「For Mari’s sword to also be unable to make a dent on it……」

While looking at Sainokami’s head that is without a single scratch, Yutsu frowned as if was troubled.

「That head, it felt very jelly-like. It’s more like it’s terribly elastic than hard」

Hearing Mari’s words, the gazes of the women forces were gathered towards Aur.
It is because in regards to that sensation, they are extremely cognizant of the experience.

「Right, as if a sword can repel that!」

Aur reflexively yelled at the rude gazes that were focused on his lower parts

「Since that is the case, the only effective blow against him that deals damage Lilu’s stone fire arrow」
「I can’t hit him unless his movements is somehow sealed. He’s so agile even for a body like that」

If it was a repeating crossbow firing countless shells scattered everywhere it would hit, but this time there is not enough power.
Lilu believes that it would require a stone fire arrow with superior penetrating force to pierce through that skin.

「But how do we go about stopping his movement?」

Aur and Lilu remained silent towards Mari’s naive question.
The both of them didn’t have any means to stop such a big body.


In such a situation, Yutsu suddenly raised her voice.

「I’ll try to see if I can stop its movement」
「Do you have any ideas?」
「It’s not such a big idea or anything but……」

While speaking in a manner lacking confidence, Yutsu nodded swiftly.

「……I understand. I will buy you the time you need, try it」

There is no enough time to hold a detailed strategy conference.
Aur decided to entrust it to Yutsu, and then took a step forward.

Sainokami peeked his head from within the enveloping clouds of sand from the impact he had caused, and he asked thus.

「Just getting started. We are going to distract him, Mari」

Mari carries a sword on both hands and clanged them against each other. Immediately, the sword blades are engulfed in flames.

「If blade doesn’t penetrate, then how about this!?」

As expected as to whether he dislikes high temperature, Sainokami displayed a slightly faltering appearance.

「Mirror House」

As the cube in Aur’s hand deploys, it became numerous unidentifiable paths and started expanding radically.
One of them extended to Mari’s feet, and her appearance appeared in other paths as if it were a mirror copy.

No matter how much their appearances multiplies, he could still see where they were originally.
Even if they erased their real bodies at the same time the phantoms appeared, they couldn’t have gone too far.
Sainokami thinks so, then with his head he mows Mari’s and the others’ figures with a sideways sweep and strike them altogether.

However, there was no tangible feedback³, feeling suspicious Sainokami stopped, and just then numerous numbers of swords enveloped in flames were thrusted at him.

They are not phantoms, but real pain.

The 「Mirror House」 created by Aur using the Cube, when the name is reversed it becomes a labyrinth sorcery that utilizes teleportation instead of phantom. The figures which multiplied at the front of the several paths were images which were projected by repeating the teleportation at high speed, the person who is reflected is present in all of them, and is in a state where it does not exist anywhere at the same time.

If he shifts to defense, he escapes to a safe path and avoids attacks, and if he shifts into offense, he attacks from all the paths at the same time.
It was a substitute that recreated the tactics of Yunis’ teleportation via sorcery.

But still, it only inflicts pain and scratches on Sainokami, and far from defeating him.
Sainokami who became irritated from having being inflicted with heat attack, once again overswells his whole body and bends backwards to strike.


At once, Yutsu’s body puffed up several folds, and using her voluptous pair of hills tucked Sainokami’s body tightly in between.

If this is the first time he sees a female body that fits the size of his own giant body, it is also the first time to see the technique of sandwiching between the breasts, Sainokami’s body involuluntarily became hard.

「Now, Lilu! Please shoot me along altogether!」
「Eh, are you sure?」
「It’s fine. That’s only a phantom afterall」

As Lilu turns her face towards the voice coming from the vicinity of her ears, the real Yutsu was standing nearby.

「Good. Eat this!」

When the shell fired by Lilu penetrated through Yutu’s giant body, it became a lump of tree leaves and dispersed.
And so just like that, it plunges forward towards Sainokami who has become erect at the back.

However, as Sainokami overswells even bigger, he swings his head and repelled the shell.

「Holy shit……」

Lilu was dumbfounded seeing the shell fly across the horizon.

By lifting his head in the shape of a gooseneck, Sainokami directs the hugely hollowed head towards Aur and the others.

A white flame spurt out from the fissure that was torn from front to back.

「What’s this!?」

No matter how you look, it’s not a common flame. It does not disappear as if it had been sprinkled with oil, and doesn’t go out even when it touches the ground, not only that it flows around sordidly and spreads around the surroundings.

「So it won’t disappear until it burns everything thoroughly uh……」

「He is truly the worst!?」

In a sense, it was more severe than burning to death.

Sainokami turned towards Aur.

「Aren’t you way too promiscuous!?」

What would happen if Aur gets pregnant?
It is not as if Lilu had never thought of such a fleeting thing, but of course not as far as to try it out.

「It can’t be helped, let’s retreat for now」

We have no chance of winning if our greatest attack doesn’t work.


Mari stopped Aur who made such judgement.

「I might be able to defeat him」
「Say what?」

The white flame slowly surrounds Aur and the rest.
There was no time to hesitate.

「Do it」
「Thank you, Lord Aur. ……Open up, Tenmon⁴!」

As Mari put her hand up to the sky, her right eye radiates crimson red, and a rectangular pattern appeared around her fingertips.
For magic circles which uses curves as its foundation, it is constructed using straight lines and its shape is called magic array.

「Come forth. Thy ferocious one, guardian of the broken sword, thou unparalleled spirit――」

Mari’s golden hair is dyed red and swells up.
The hair ornament is torn to pieces, and the manner in which the flame-like hair spreads is like the tempest of a lion.

Mari puts three of her swords back into the sheath, and hold out only one sword.

「I don’t know what you are trying, but there is nothing that can cut through this body. Even if it’s a sword of Hihi’irokane⁵.」

Instead Sainokami asserts arrogantly at Mari whose demeanor had evidently changed.
He had absolute confidence in his hardness and endurance.

Without any effort or scheme, Mari’s sword is swung quietly.

And the next instant, both the white flame and Sainokami were divided in two.

Divided into two halves, Sainokami finally falls down to the ground.

「Return, 『Dragon Killer』 Wolff Deal」

As soon as the sword is put back in the sheath, Mari’s eyes and hair returns to normal, and then she collapse where she stands.

「As I thought it’s really tiresome to invoke Uncle Wolff even for a moment」

Marie smiled quietly at Aur who flusteredly caught her in his arms.

「Why did you」
「Since he’s Yunis’ father, I thought if I just asked him quickly, he might lend a hand」

Mari’s answer was not the answer to Aur’s question he was expecting.
He knows that she is learning Shamanism and she possesses the power of 『Immortality』 through Melizand, so it is no wonder if she is able to wield Wolff’s power using the same method.

「Why, did you think that was a dragon?」
「Eh, I mean after all, it looked like a snake, and it also breathed out fire right」

After asking once again, Mari responds as if it were a matter of course.

But that didn’t occur to Aur at all.
The same Aur, who has thousands of Demons obeying him, and is acquainted with tens of thousands of Beasts.

Is it just a coincidence……or is it.

Mari expressed a mysterious smile at Aur who was staring at her.

  1. A derogatory form of “your” was used
  2. A type of ancient cannon
  3. No feeling of having hit something
  4. Heaven’s Gate
  5. Hihi’irokane is a metal that essentially comes with fire aspect, harder than diamond and capable of dealing damage directly to the soul


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