Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Chapter 6 Part 3


Translator: Jay_Samuel, Editor: Krizzeir

Chapter 6: Let’s Defeat the Ancient One, Part 3

「But still, was it okay to kill him?」

 Looking at the dead Sainokami’s corpse with a sidelong glance, Lilu asked Aur.
 It was the same with Orochi too, snake species could still move even when their heads are crushed.
 Although she was being cautious, Sainokami did not show any signs of motion, so he seemed to have died completely.

「Oh. Even though it’s said that he rules over void, he himself doesn’t seem to have the power of teleportation. Rather, he inhibits it. Therefore he is a Sainokami*」 TLN: Traveler’s Guardian Deity
「Hmm. Then, the talk about Aur coming here to steal ……」
「It is this cave」

 Aur points to the cave where Sainokami blocked.

「I do not know in what form the power that is similar to void is. But……」
「You know only how to acquire that power. Is what you’re saying right」

 Nodding affirmatively, Aur linked the cube to the wall of the cave.
 The exposed stone wall turned into a brick structure while watching, and a light turned on allowing one to see the inside.

「It’s a gate」

Then Mari pointed forward, and raised her voice.
 The magic light that was illuminated was a huge double-door unfitting for a cave.


 When searching for dungeon, doors are one of the most alarming things to watch.
 The handle, the door itself, the room on the other side of the door, the floor just before the door, and so on, can be used as mechanisms for traps.

「Destroy it, Lilu」

 But it has nothing to do with the Dungeon Master Aur, who controls dungeons itself.
 Having established control over the area just before the door, he already grasped that there is no opening around there where a trap could be set, and if a trap was placed on the gate itself it won’t be a problem once it’s destroyed.

「Won’t it be better is Lord Aur just open it」

 But Mari raised an objection.

「Although it’s just a feeling」
「What is this feeling. Tell me your reason」
「I don’t know」

 When asked, Mari just kept shaking her head sideways.
 Looking at the faces of Lilu and Yutu, it seemed that they also couldn’t determine Mari’s intentions, and even both of them were puzzled by her.

「……Well, it’s fine. Stand back」

 If it is destroyed, it will just result in making unnecessary sounds, and worst case we can escape using this door as a shield.
 Passing through without breaking it isn’t such an odd option.

 As Aur holds his arms over the gate, the cube deploys and expands, then a human figure formed up and stands behind him. It forcibly opened by Aur putting his hand on the gate in accordance with his movement.

「There…… seems to be no trap」

 Because of its size it felt somewhat difficult to open, but the door without locks or bars opens easily.
 There was no trap beyond it much less guards, not only are there no rooms, only a long avenue of passage that stretches far ahead.

「Let’s go. Even though we’ve defeated the watchdog, we have no idea what could pop out. Don’t let your guard down」
「I understand」

 Mari nodded with enthusiasm, and Yutu replied with a solemn expression.

 But contrary to the two people’s thoughts, the search was extremely boring.
 Inside the cave, not only there were no enemies or traps, there is not even a single branched path, only a straight passage.
 Aur and the rest silently proceed down the loose downhill.

「Hey, what’s this……」

 The moment Lilu said something.

「It’s a room」

 Mary raised her voice, as she could see a room just ahead of the passage.

「There is nothing here……」

 Peeping through the room, Yutu murmured.
 Just as she said, the large room was empty, but there are two passages leading left and right.

「What a strange structure. For there to be no traps, no assembled guards, but only a room」

 Aur couldn’t help but think and hope that it is just an ordinary three-forked road.
 It is clear that it is not a natural cave.
 If so, then it should be ones where numerous tunnels extends quite variably.
 If it is not natural, then it should contain some kind of intentions, but he couldn’t determine it in the slightest.

「Well. Now, which one should we proceed……」

 There was a similar place in the mountain of trials, but unlike then, the participating forces are limited this time.
 Foolish ideas such as dividing into two groups are to be avoided.

「I don’t think we need to proceed」

 As Aur seemed troubled, Lilu said that.

「What do you mean?」
「If there is indeed something, then it’s probably in this room. I’m sure it’s all the same even if we proceed」
「How do you know that」
「Well, this is a womb after all」

 As Lilu said, Aur soon belatedly realize.
 If Sainokami who had been protected it was shaped like a male genitalia, then this cave is a female genitalia.
 The passages which had been passed through until now is the vagina, and the oviduct is up ahead.
 So does that make the first gate the hymen. No wonder it let Aur penetrate it open.
 But then, Aur wondered, how come Mari knew about that.

 Besides the fact that she also has it within her body, the womb is essentially an internal organ. It’s not what you can see from the outside.
 Aur has some knowledge of medical science, and Lilu is a succubus so it is not surprising if she knows.
 But Mari shouldn’t have had any way of acquiring such knowledge.
 In the first place, that would mean that until we got here even Lilu didn’t notice, but Mari had already noticed it at the entrance.

「That’s right」

 Alomg with a dry sound, Aur noticed the figure of a woman.
 There was no way else to describe it except to say, he noticed her.
 The woman stood at the back of the empty room where there was no place to hide.
 But she didn’t just suddenly appear. He didn’t realize that she had been there since.

「Who are you」
「To ask who am I, that’s quite rude」

 She was a pure white woman. But it is different from the whiteness of Melizand or the heroic spirits.
 It is such a whiteness that accompanies the beauty of flesh.

 Her glossy black hair is cut evenly to the shoulders and her long slit eyes.
 Although her body which was covered with a Yamato costume called kimono not only covered her body but even masked her figure, and yet there was still an attractive charm reflected.

「The one who killed me, in addition to making me a woman, is all you isn’t」
「Say what……?」

 The one agreeing to the words of the beautiful woman and laughing in her throat, he could only think of one person.
 But because the appearance was completely changed, Aur doubts his own thoughts.

「I am Sainokami. The master who is protecting this cave」

 But Sainokami said that as if she was substantiating those thoughts.

「You won’t die when killed, is that it……」
「No. Certainly, you lot killed my half body. But life originally is a pair, that appearance is none other than an aspect of me」
「In other words, because Mari cut you into two, you became a woman?」
“It’s not quite correct……but you can also take it like that」

 Sainokami responds in a somewhat astounded tone to Lilu’s words.

「The crucial point is……I am able to wield the power you desire」
「That white skin, blonde hair, long nose and blue eyes. I can surmise you are not of this land. My guess is you would like to return to your own country」
「Well that’s about it. But not only to go back, but we also need to come back to this place again」

 Sainokami nodded very deeply at Aur’s words.

「If it’s me, I’m capable of doing that. As many times as you want at that」
「What is the price」

 Aur asked frankly.
 It’s because even if it is a half-body a person who was killed doesn’t just appear with a proposal for cooperation without seeking any kind of compensation.

「Price? You say some strange things. I said it didn’t I. I am a god who is not enshrined. I abide no one. I do not need to fulfill human wishes to procure nourishment」

 If so, do you mean to start a fight, as Aur and the rest prepare their stance to square off.

「But it is a different story, if I were to be your possession」

 Sainokami laughed lightly and replied thus.

「My possession? In what sense?」
「Just exactly as it sounds. From time immemorial there has always been only one way in which a man makes a woman his own right?」

 Sainokami’s breath that whispered to so, was thoroughly captivating.

「……Is it alright to consider you a woman?」

 But what lies behind Aur’s mind was a manly erected penis that had just been killed.

「Ridiculous. There are no other women more woman than I am」

 Indeed, there is no hint of masculinity in the appearance of Sainokami before his eyes.
 Nevertheless the reason the appearance of the white snake overlaps with hers is likely because, their aura is exactly the same.

「All living things alive possesses the nature of both male and female. Gender is nothing more than which of those appearance it takes outwardly」
「Oh. Then, do you mean that I also have a part of me that is woman?」
「Yea. Because all living things are born from both father and mother」

 Aur silently hummed at Sainokami’s words. Certainly it does have some logic.

「However, you lot killed my male. The me left behind is a genuine female. Meaning I’m the most complete and whole woman in this world」
「……Alright then」

 As Aur taps his feet, the floor beside him rises, and a stone bed is created.
 When the surface was stroked, it suddenly became a soft bed with a canopy.

「Wait, Aur」

 Lilu pulled Aur who was heading to the bed.

「That, is probably……」
「I know. She is like your kind right」

 The way a man makes a woman his, is certainly through sexual intercourse and make her submit.
 But the way a woman captivates a man is also through sexual intercourse and instead make him drown himself in her body.
 That is to say, this battle is one which replaces sharp swords with soft pieces of flesh.

「Don’t be anxious. I’m used to it thanks to you」

 The sex with Lilu is tied with a contract on the premise that she isn’t allowed to inflict harm upon him.
 If a Succubus seriously with all malicious intent means to squeeze you dry till death, even Aur might not be able to endure it.
 Of course, even Aur himself knows this, but he couldn’t afford to retreat.

「Sorry for the wait」
「Please, I don’t mind」

 Aur shook himself off Lilu’s grip and proceeds towards Sainokami who was already lying in wait on the bed.

「You are going to entertain me from now right?」

 Sainokami who was lying on the bed acting flirtatiously, unfasten the sash of her kimono smoothly.
 The coupling around the chest collapsed, and the white skin fleetingly peeks out of the gap, seeing that Aur gulped.

 Even though they are similar, it is a totally opposite concept from Lilu whose skin is exposed and spreads her charm.
 The woman’s body that peeks from within the kimono that covered the whole body without gaps and even concealed the body outlines, greatly stimulated the desire of the man.

「Of course」

 As Aur presses down Sainokami, he inserts his palm gently through the tenderly loose coupling.


 Aur involuntarily let out a moan at the touch feeling of breast.
 It is so soft that it does not seem to be the of this world, and the skin that seems as if sucking in the hand.
 Though the size is just enough to completely fit into the palm of his hand, but it was so soft that he would like to grope it in his hand forever.

「I don’t mind if you just skip and put it in directly you know」
「That won’t do」

 Aur responds so to Sainokami who whispered in his ear.
 Half of the reason was to feel around and probe for his partner’s response, but the other half was because of Aur’s own pride.

「Hmm ……that’s good. Aah……」

 He further opened the lapel and kissed around the breast, while fiddling with the tender flesh, and stroking the tip with his fingertips, the small bud started to swell and become hard.
 Sainokami skillfully exude a sweet breath, but her skin betrayed her as it turned peach color, then splitting the hem of the kimono he creeps his fingers in between her legs, the dripping honey made a swishy noise.

 Turning his eyes towards Lilu, she nods back at him.
 And now even with a Succubus’ judgement there is no doubt that Sainokami is feeling it. It is not a performance or a mimicry.

「Here I come」
「Ah…… use your thick hard thing, to penetrate me」

 While leaving the disorder kimono as it is without taking it off, Aur pushes himself through inside Sainokami.


 However, although there was a lot of moisture, but for some reason he couldn’t penetrate any further. Is the entrance narrow, when tip attempts to penetrate further, there is a strong feeling of resistance.|

「Your penis appears to be big for me. What, don’t mind me so just push it through all at once」

 Despite embracing the strange feeling of discomfort, Aur grabs Sainokami’s waist and exerts more force.
 The only resistance was at the entrance, once passed, Aur’s flesh spear smoothly penetrated Sainokami’s thing all the way to the root.

 At the same time, the impact from the smooth sailing left Aur eyes widely open.

 Sainokami’s vagina was astonishingly warm so much, so that he thinks he might get burned in conjunction with the temperature of her cold skin.
 The vaginal walls coil around Aur’s thing tightly, and the refreshing wriggling sensation of the surface is almost like that of a hundred women giving him a blowjob.
 Although he had only just inserted it, it was so comforting that he felt his waist would crumble.
 If he had not been trained through his sex with Lilu, he would have released with that alone.

「Oh. For you to enter inside me and not release semen」

 Sainokami made an expression of admiration from the bottom of her heart.

「You*……」 TLN: Derogatory form of you, like “you bastard” or “you son of a bitch”

 Aur was glaring at her, and speaks as if he is being squeezed out.

「What is the meaning of this?」

 His line of sight was fixed towards the area where their genitalias are connected.

 scarlet red was spreading around there.

「It’s just as you see it. Is it strange that I am a virgin?」

 Sainokami replied as if it was natural.

「You do not appear so is all」

 That attitude, that emanating allure, one wouldn’t believe those attitudes were that of virgin.
 Much less Aur, even Lilu didn’t see through that.

「It’s probably so. Besides being a god of boundary, at the same time I am also a god of sexual love and fertility. In other words a natural born harlot. But, even harlots have something called a first time」

 As if to support her words, Sainokami’s vagina doesn’t show any sign of faltering from pain, and tightens Aur’s piece of meat.

「I have been a Sainokami for long, but you are the first person to kill my male counterpart and enter into this cave. Therefore, to my woman counterpart also, it’s my first time experience with a man」

 As Sainokami puts her arms around Aur’s neck, , she whispered around his ears in a tickling manner.

「Come on. Oh my beloved man, who made me a woman in two senses. The night has just begun. Please entertain me to the fullest」


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