Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Chapter 6 Part 4


Translator: Jay_Samuel, Editor: Krizzeir

Chapter 6: Let’s Defeat the Ancient One, Part 4

Inside a dark cave, clashing sounds of flesh and splashing sounds of water echoed, and a dense horny scent of male and female having sex envelope within.

「Aah, yes……there, stick it in more……」

At this point, the kimono was no longer worn as a garment, but barely just coiling around the sleeves on the arms.
Several sweats like beads emerged on Sainokami’s skin which are exposed from her slender throat to her breasts aloofly facing upwards, and all the way to the bottom of her smooth belly, and a smooth belly, her flushed cheeks and blurry eyes deeply sunk in pleasures stares at Aur.

「I am cumming……!」
「Ahh, cum, pump your semen deep inside me……!」

When Aur’s piece of meat swells up inside her, she squeezes with impeccable timing like a bell that rings after being hit. She certainly lived up to the name of a natural-born harlot, one would be hardpressed to believe her disorderly manner a while ago was that of a virgin.

As he forcibly pushes his waist all the way deep down the tightning bewitching flesh, the tip kisses the womb that had lowered down as if it desires a child. Her movements as if her whole body is seeking a man, Aur released all his piled up semen without saving any.

「Ahh……uh, ahhn……hnn, ah, that’s, great, t……!」

Every time Aur spews his white murky liquid intermittently, Sainokami cums twitching her body. Each time her vagina tightens in undulation to squeeze out semen, Aur further ejaculates due to that pleasure.

While exchanging pleasures back and forth like a pendulum, at the end of their long, long orgasms they were both out of steam and collapsed on top each other.

「Are you satisfied with this……?」
「Yea……your superb thing is quite magnificent. Even after cumming this much, it’s still pulsing inside me」

When he asked Sainokami who was lying wasted on the bed, she smiled happily while exerting force and started to move her hips loosely.
This is bad, as the warning alarm rang inside Aur’s head.

It wasn’t an act or a mimicry, Sainokami definitely got aroused, and she also cummed many times over.
But her energy and stamina seem almost inexhaustible, and no matter how much he made he climaxed, or pump semen inside her, she just instead asks for even more.
And Aur too couldn’t stop responding to it.

It is not that he was afflicted with a magical …… or some kind of celestial technique.
It was purely because Sainokami’s body just felt too good.

Every time he thrusts, the hunger-like desire only increases, no matter how many times he bangs her, he doesn’t get enough of it. The pleasure of pinning down that tender body, violating, and dominating it was almost like narcotics.

If this were an ordinary man, he would have fallen down completely from exhaustion after ejaculating two, to three times. But unfortunately for Aur, he had remade all the passages they passed through till now into his own dungeon, so there is a path of magical power stretching all the way from the Mountain of trials.

The red lava which contains plenty of underground magic, though it’s almost like dragon veins, and it gives an infinite amount of energy and vitality. But now, it has come to bite him in the ass. There is a possibility that parties who both have infinite physical strengths can continue to copulate with each other indefinitely.

「Hey, you’ve done it ten times already? For how long do you intend to continue!?」

After perceiving it, even Lilu barged in.
Though It’ll be a problem to be unable to enlist Sainokami’s assistance, it’s better than having Aur taken.

「No worries, I have no intention of doing it forever. It’s just until I am satisfied」
「And how long will it take you to be satisfied」

When Lilu asked putting her hand against her waist overbearingly, Sainokami nodded and responds.

「A year. Naturally I would have settled for every night, but if it’s with this man, then we can keep going like this and copulate for a whole year」
「Are you stupid!?」

Lilu yelled at that response.

「Won’t I dry up completely and die by then!」
「Alright……then, will you mingle with us too?」
「Eh, Really?」
「Of course not, fool!」

Aur in turn involuntarily shouted at Lilu who asked encouragingly and was about to be won over.
Lilu’s questionable words were probably just reactions and not based on calculations or anything, but putting it another way it means to some extent she was able to free Aur’s spirit that is enchanted by Sainokami’s charms.

「Something like a year, I haven’t heard anything about that. As if I will go along with that」
「Oh. Are you saying that you you no longer want to relish my body anymore……?」

Sainokami squint her eyes, while asking seeming sad, she once again exposes her naked body to Aur in a natural motion. Suddenly, in Aur’s mind he is pushing her down, and the the desire to f**k her senseless started to boil strongly within.

「There’s something I have to do. I have no spare time to spend a year leisurely」

When he restrained himself against it and replied, Sainokami opens her eyes widely seeming surprised.

「To push aside my affection. What strong willpower」
「Sorry to break it to you. He’s already used to Succubus’ kinds」

While hugging Aur’s head tightly, Lilu brings her tongue out.
With the sensation of soft flesh enveloping the back of his head, Aur screamed in his inner-most mind that it was having the opposite effect.

「Succubus……are there beings like that in a foreign country too. However, I said it didn’t I. I am the most perfect woman in this world. In other words, abandoning the sexual union with me is tantamount to giving up sex with all women. The more abundant the affection, the more difficult to escape from it」
「Do you mean to say that the more lustful the man the more difficult to quit」
「And Lord Aur is awfully lustful」

Mari agrees with Lilu’s words, and even Yutu nodded deeply.
He wanted to yell at them, but Aur too doesn’t exactly have much leeway to say anything.

Thinking about it carefully, this is a very serious situation.
If Aur’s mind is being enslaved by a bewitching art or some kind of ability, then it would be possible to lift it. However it’s a different story if the origin stems from Aur’s very own mind.

It means without an unwavering determination to let go of Lilu, Mari and every other women he has ever had sex with from the bottom of his heart, he will not be able to leave Sainokami. To Aur it’s not something that could possibly be acceptable.

Even if he is to be forcibly pulled apart with the help of Lilu and the rest, it’ll still be the same.
Losing his wives due to the influence of external forces is the one thing that should be avoided by Aur the most. It won’t just end as just a symbolic event, but there was a feeling that it would wound and damage Aur’s soul.

Just like Yamata no Orochi who bites off even the soul, the god of this land probably possesses such power. Even if he had no hostility towards the other party, he shouldn’t have been careless. At this stage, late in the game, Aur now wisened up.

「……I understand. I’ll keep you company until you are satisfied」

The only relief is that, just as Sainokami said herself, it does not last forever. Once she is satisfied, it will end.

「Oh. You can f**k me as much as you like. Pound me with those carnal desires of yours to your heart’s content」

Sainokami partly closes her eyes seeming very happy. Is there really no malice or hostility.
Which is exactly why Aur couldn’t see through the possibility of her being an obstacle.

「I’m going to f**k you from behind, so turn your butt towards me」
「Oh-ho. It’s almost like the mating of beasts, but it’s not bad」

As Sainokami pulled out her hands from the sleeve of the kimono, she became stark naked, and faced her small-sized butt towards Aur. Aur grabbed it with both hands, and thrust in all at once.


At that moment, when Sainokami opened her eyes wide, she let out a confused voice.

「Wa, wait……that place, is wrong……?」

It wasn’t inside the genital but in the upper part of the genitalia that Aur plunged his rigid rod.
Because it was the dirty hole.

「What do you mean wrong」
「I’m gumming!*」 TLN: She was cumming from her a** she literally said that ^^

As Aur repeats the pelvic thrust, Sainokami raised her voice loudly. It was a completely different kind of voice than the satisfied voice from earlier.

「There, look at the way you’re wriggling twitchingly with pleasure」

Sinokami’s body which has been overwhelmingly stimulated at the first round of sex, now easily swallows Aur’s flesh spear that is smeared in semen and love juice deeply, and is inevitably climbing the stairs of pleasure.
However, from that point, something akin to her composure which didn’t lose no matter how disorderly she got earlier, is now being lost gradually.

「Yo, wrooong! In such, in such a place, I……! Aaahh!」

Sainokami’s face and facial expressions were filled with confusion, and she is being made to gasp in such chaos, and forced to moan loudly.

「Don’t worry. You said earlier that you had just been born. Then, without having eaten anything, even your stomach is quite clean」
「That iss, not the issue, uh, Aaahh! 」

By pulling Sainokami’s arms as she tries to escape, Aur violates her rectum.
As expected of a woman, even as a god her arm strength was just that of a woman.
She is unable to best Aur who is a man, but she is just being raped as he pleases and unable to escape.

「Aaaahh! No, NOoo!」
「Aren’t you starting let out some nice sounds」

The sensation of the butthole was quite different from that of the vagina.
Unlike the front hole, which she cleverly tightens and squeezes by conforming with Aur’s movements, the back hole however, even Sainokami herself trembles from the imperceptible movements, she contracts, and demonstrates very honest reactions.

「No way, such a thing, can’t be called sex……Ughnn!」

When he inserts his finger inside Sainokami’s vagina opening who was already swinging her neck from disapproval, her vagina swallowed it with pleasure as she twitches while drooling.


While doing so, he continues bore and move around her asshole, and then she raised up her voice and screamed like a shriek, and while squirting out like a fountain Sainokami twitches her body as she reached climaxed.

Even a god, the power they wield is not infinite.
This was what he realized from his relationship with Sakuya.
Even if she wields as much power as she does, if they sleep together, she will get tired just like a human, and also deeds like eating and sleeping are also indispensable.

So, where does the Sainokami’s inexhaustible Stamina come from?
Aur guessed that it might be related to the power she governs.

Boundary, love, and fertility.
The three things that Sainokami governs are seem unconnected to each other at first glance, but a certain something does connect them.
It is pregnancy and childbirth.
Childbirth lies in the border between life and death, the result of sexual love, and the very symbol of fertility.

Then during sexual intercourse, if it is a kind that is unable to bear a child, then recovery wouldn’t be impossible.
It seems like Aur’s conjecture hit the mark dead on.

As he continues to ravish her asshole, Sainokami started losing power in her voice gradually, and her movements starts to get sluggish.

「I can’t go on anymore……please spare me……」

By the time he cums in about three more times, Sainokami already fell on the bed with her face down, and announced her surrender thus while gasping heavily.



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