Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Chapter 6 Part 5


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Chapter 6: Let’s Defeat the Ancient One, Part 5

「Pervert ……such a pervert……」

While forming a contorted face and about to cry, Sainokami murmurs such incessantly.

「The asshole, the space between the cleavage, inside the mouth and the hair, and to top it all, even the armpit and thighs…… what the heavens is wrong with your culture……」

It seems that the only thing she knew was real sexual intercourse for making a child.
Every time, place other than the genitalia is used, she is afflicted with a great deal of confusion, and bewildered with the unknown sensations.

「How pathethic. For me, even the holes in my ears and nostrils are game」
「I would like to request you count me out of that one」

Lilu said such in a dismal tone, but even for Aur, that deviated from the allowable category.

「Now then, shall I ask you to lend me your power」
「……It’s impossible」

Aur frowned his face at Sainokami who was shaking her head.
Although it was a verbal promise, Sainokami definitely said that she would lend her power.
A contract with a sorcerer on par with Aur, even a god should not be able to renege on it.

「Even if I wanted to I am low on power. I said it didn’t I. I am one that abides no one, a god that cannot be enshrined. I cannot perform such outrageous deed like bridging a path to a foreign country」
「Now that’s not what we agreed. You said that you could do it, and that shouldn’t have been a lie」

 If it were a lie, Lilu would have seen through it. There is no difference between a man and a god in that aspect.

「Of course. If I was enshrined, such level of power is easy」
「What do you mean by that enshrine?」

 He could understand the literal meaning of the word. It means to show reverence and faith.
 But he doesn’t know the specific means with which it is conducted.

「I said it didn’t I. it means to copulate for a year」

 However, that also melted into Sainokami’s brief explanation.
 Indeed, there will be no better way to express respect for the god of sexual love.

「But that’s one troubling talk……」

 It is a different story if it’s just mere sexual love, but it’s a sexual love which probably contains the nuance of making a child.
 She said that if it was any other man not of Aur’s caliber then she would just make him partner with her on a nightly basis, conversely, no matter how strongly they copulate, the period of one year cannot be shortened. Whether or not a child can be made is not related to the density of the sexual intercourse.

 If so, it would be meaningless to rely on more than one man. If she were a Succubus like Lilu, the more partners she have, the more vitality she is able to steal, but the number of children a woman is able to conceive is not something that will change regardless the amount of men that pairs with her.

 In other words, it was necessary to take a year.

「……Is there no other way?」

 Originally it is still an unexpected condition, but it is useless in this situation where the enemies will attack after one season.

「You are a god of boundary, sexual love, and fertility right. While it is common in the axis of childbirth, each is another aspect as well. Is there any other way to gain power other than sexual intercourse?」
「……not that, there’s none」

 Sainokami responds with a difficult expression to Aur’s question.

「No……accurately, I should say there was」

 Sainokami’s facial expression that murmured was terrible.

「What do you mean?」
「In the first place, the reason I lost my power to such an extent is because, for a very long time nobody paid attention to me. ―― that is, enough to even forget my own name」
「Is Sainokami not a name」

 When Aur asks the questions, Sainokami replies nodding.

「To put it in you people’s words, it is more like a job post. It is a name referring to me, but it is not my own name」
「Should I will ask Sakuya whether she knows?」

 As Lilu said that, Sainokami raised one eyebrows.

「Are you guys acquainted with Princess Konohana Sakuya. But I doubt that person will also know my name. Because she is still young」
「Still young at the age of 12000, what kind of scale is that……」

 And Sainokami herself, how long as she being alive as a god.
 At this point, rather than being surprised the feeling of astonishment is stronger.

「Wh, what?」

 Mari, who suddenly heard her name called by Aur, she wasn’t participating in the flow of the conversation, and just heard the name Mari and blink her eyes in surprise.

「What will you do, if she gives you a name」

 She became perplexed by the additional words he threw at her.

「To name me, you say……?」

 The confusion is identical in the face of others besides Mari.
 Sainokami knits her eyebrows dubiously, and ruminates Aur’s words.

「If no one in this world knows and you yourself don’t remember it, that kind of name is the same as not having right. It is decided what to do when calling something without a name. You name it」
「The name of a god is not such a simple thing. It shows the essence of existence and is fundamental to it. It’s not a dog’s or a cat, as if there will be a meaning to one you decide so crudely」

 It’s probably a very unacceptable conversation.
 Sainokami screams out like a growl in a displeased voice.

「I understand. I too wasn’t suggesting it without having considered it. So, what do you think?」

 Returning again to Mari, she was at her wit’s end and finally thought about it, and the name slipped from her mouth bit by bit.

「Isn’t that a typical Figuria-like name!」
「It’s a name that you don’t hear much around here isn’t it」

 Instantly Lilu made a retort, Yutu also consent reservedly while smiling as if troubled.

「That is, it……」

 But Sainokami open her eyes widely and mumbled with a blurry voice in disarray.

「No……it’s wrong. That’s not it. That is not my name. But, to express my current self, rather than my former name it’s more appropriate……why is that?」

 Sainokami asks herself as if muttering incoherently.

「Is it not because it’s a girl’s name」 If it were that peni……snake, such a name would not suit you, right」
「I see!」

 Mary naturally points out, that it is correct and at the same time wrong, and at that answer, Sainokami came to the realization that it is proper.

「Because I lost half of my body, it’s reasonable that my name be divided in half. Misha……Mishagami! That is my name!」

 At the moment when Sainokami cried so, something overflowed from her body.
 It wasn’t visible to the eyes, no sound, there was no heat nor smell, but everyone present felt that there was a feeling of some pressure that is similar to the wind.

 From Sainokami’s toes to each single hair, it was full of power, and it felt like her whole body was glowing.
 In that appearance, Aur realized the reason why Thena continued calling Yamata no Orochi as “that one”.
 Is a name, such an instrument that bestows such power to a god?

「Young miss, you have my gratitude. For giving me a name」

 Sainokami kneels down in front of Mari with slow motion, and Mari nods momentarily.

「Is calling you Mishaguji……alright?」
「No. You refer to me as Misha……any other any other and it wouldn’t sit well. Just as it is, call me Misha. That is the name befitting of me. Even more than my previous name」

 Sainokami……Misha replies thus to Aur’s question.
 Certainly, if she is going to proclaime herself as a genuine Yamato style name, it would passable if a long sounding name is cut out.
 But at the same time it did not mean that the name that Mari responded with had been shot out of the truth.

「Hey, little Mari, how did you know?」
「I didn’t know anything……I just tried saying what sounded appropriate」

 Mari tilt her head to the side in bafflement, to Yutu’s question.

 The ability to guess the true name of a person――wasn’t what she displayed.
 If she possesses such an ability, then it is a dreadful threat. To a sorcerer, knowing one’s real name is equivalent to grasping the opponent’s heart. Even to an inexperienced practitioner like Mari, it will be a formidable ability.

 But that’s not quite the case. Because even if one is able to guess a name that is close enough, as long as it’s wrong it doesn’t mean anything.
 So what the heck is the power that Mari showed a glimpse of earlier.
 She saw through that the white snake was indeed a dragon, grasped the meaning of the door at the entrance of the cave, and then guessed Sainokami’s half name.

「A naming talent,huh……」

 That was the only thing that could be considered. To see through the essence and perceive it as a sensation.
 Then It would be easy to name something.

「Is that talent useful?」
「I don’t know」

 Aur shakes his head at Lilu’s question,

「For example, if you encounter an unknown monster, she is able to give a name that is appropriate for it. But, the weak point or ability is not something that should be known right」

 What was effective against Sainokami was that the race called dragons is well-known and because by chance Mari had countermeasures against it.
 Even though it is not entirely useless, such an example can be thought of as rare.

 …… But, in truth is that really the case.
 Just a rare talent, The bud of a gift not sufficient for harvest. Then, while feeling remorseful, Aur curiously tilts his head in contemplation and stared at Mari’s face.


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