Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Chapter 8 Part 3


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist, Editor: Krizzeir

Chapter 8: Let’s Witness the Fight Between a parent and Child, Part 3

Waaah, this is like, so amazing!」

The grand blue ocean was on their right side, and the endless sea of trees on their left. Yunis was getting overly excited as they were gliding ahead with amazing speed.

「Are you really sure this is safe?!」

Hoderi screamed as he was trembling all over.

「Brother, this is really pitiable.」

Hoseli sighted at her brother’s laughable appearance.

「Do not worry about it, you’re not going to fall off.」

Aur says as he controls the reigns weaved from magical energy.

They were riding on top of the giant centipede like a horse.

Insects didn’t possess astounding intellect, and thanks to that, dominating them with magic was quite easily achievable.

At first Aur was a little worried that he’d have to manipulate each pair of legs separately to make the swift movement possible, but fortunately that was not the case. Once the centipede bend to his will, it dashed forward almost without a sound. Its front half is raised above the forest level, enabling Aur who was sitting near the head to have a nice view of the surrounding area.

Contrary to what one might have expected, the ride was surprisingly pleasurable. They were going at a decent speed, and thanks to the cube that surrounded the beast no harm would come to them from the outside, and there was also no danger of being knocked off.

And above anything else, they could have a view on the state of the Dungeon that was unavailable while walking on the ground.

「Looks like we don’t have to worry about our way getting obstructed.」

As they were looking down, they saw various beasts and demons running away from the advancing centipede. Among them were ordinary animals, wolves, small and medium sized demons, but also a lot of thing that Aur saw for the first time in his life.

「When I explored here with Mari before, only those treants looked unfamiliar to me.」

「Many of those probably settled here only recently. The places where God’s dwell tend to draw monsters like that.」

「Is that so?」

Aur does not seem to grasp such a concept in its entirety. And speaking of concepts, Gods should be incompatible with demons. It was strange that the two seemed to be coexisting here, but maybe it had something to do with the fact that on this continent the rules that governed magic were slightly different.

「Hmm, looks like we still have some ways to go.」

Aur looked over at the place in which he once found Sofia. It was the center of the Forest Dungeon, where the Dungeon Seed was once planted.

「You think she moved towards the volcano?」

「I wonder about that.」

Aur carefully considered Yunis’ words.

Usually, the rulers of the land preferred not to stray too far from the dominions they controlled. The problem is that Sofia is not a ruler of the forest, but the entire Dungeon. As long as it was within its boundaries, she could move wherever she wanted. And if she wanted to separate herself from Aur, then the top of the volcano seemed like the most logical choice.

「Do you have any idea why she acted the way she did?」

「There are only two things that I can think about: One, she got angry at me for being away for so long and neglecting Mari, who she considers to be her mother, or two, she somehow learned that during the period of my absence I was playing around with other girls while neglecting Mari.」

Whatever the actual reason might be, she made it very clear that she didn’t want to see him or talk with him right now.

The centipede quickly left the forest behind them and arrived at the foot of the volcano.

「Okay, that’s far enough.」

Aur patted its head and send it a signal to wait for them near the entrance to the forest. Centipedes are vulnerable to heat, so it would have difficulties with moving around such a terrain. It is strong, so it can still be used as another guardian of the Forest Dungeon.

「Master Aur, you’re amazing, you know?」

Hoseli muttered as she gazed at Aur’s profile when he was sending the centipede away.

「What’s this about now?」

「Aren’t you afraid?」

To her further questions, Aur tilted his head.

「Is this about that centipede? I subdued its will with my magic, so what was there to be afraid of?」

Hearing his answer, Hoderi and Hoseli looked at each other.

「Master, you mean that you weren’t disgusted or disturbed at all?」

「If you’re asking me if I can’t stand insects, then I’m afraid that I’d have to disappoint you. I have no problems dealing with them. To me, the appearance does not matter.」

Aur was slightly annoyed, but at least now he understood why did Hoderi reacted the way he did before. He seemed to be afraid of bugs.

「In that case…」

「Brother, wait.」

But Hoderi ignored his sister’s warnings, and his appearance began to change. The sharp eyes that reminded Aur of birds of prey were now black and sunken in, his lips split all the way to his cheeks and sharp teeth grew out on them. His nose was swollen, and the face had the shape of a cone. He also had scales covering most of his arms.

「Will you still say the same things knowing we’re not human?」

「That form, you…」

Aur murmured as Hoderi asked him a question in a crouch, sharp voice.

「Even though we are hideous, even though we are ugly, will you still say the same thing?」

「Just what kind of animal are you, exactly?」

He had fangs and claws but neither belonged to a wolf or a lion. The scales were neither that of a lion or snake. Aur touched his face while furrowing his brows.

「He is a crocodile, Master.」

「It is a kind of a dragon that living in the watersides.」

The scales were elastic, and their hardness differed when he changed the direction and angle of stroking them. Around the nose and mouth they were soft and smooth, but the rest was as hard as steel.

「Hahaha, this is so intriguing!」

Yunis also got interested in his looks and touched him all over, much to his puzzlement.

「You know, you’re kinda like a shark!」

「A what now?」

Identifying him successfully, Aur gave a satisfied nod and pulled his hand back.

「How could I be repulsed by you when I have a strange aquatic creature in front of me?」

「S, Strange?!」

Hoderi couldn’t wrap his head around all of this.

Aur’s reaction was just so different from what he expected.

「What about me, Master?」

Hoseli also revealed her true form.

Her arms were long and covered with thick fur, ears had a triangular shape, and a long, thin tail stretched out from between her buttocks. Essentially, she was a hybrid of a human and a dog.

「There is nothing revolting about you, Hoseli. In fact, my main Dungeon has hundreds of people similar to you in it.」

She was shocked, but also a little disappointed that her appearance didn’t quite pick Aur’s interest.

「Anyway, you say that you’re brother and sister, but do you mean blood related siblings by that? Because you are of totally different species.」

「Originally we were human, but we got cursed by one of the Gods.」

Yes, that sounded about right. Capricious Gods often did things like that without any good reason.

Then Hoderi proceeded to tell them the story of how it happened.

「So not only humans received that curse?」

Aur asked, looking concerned.

「Humans… so that means… that you consider us as people?」

「Of course.」

Since they were serving a God, our thought about them as angels or devils. But those could hardly be put together next to all the living things, since they were so much more above them. Compared to them, Aur thought that beings like half-beasts and fairies were much closer to being human than them.

「You really are strange, you know that?」

「Why? Because I recognize you as intelligent beings, and not simple monsters? Stop being ridiculous.」

Hoseli wagged her tail happily.

「And you won’t have doubts about embracing something like me?」

「Oh, you don’t have to worry about that! For Aur, as long as there is a hole, it does not matter if it’s a snake, a bird, do, angel, demon, or even a being made of water!」

Aur looked at Yunis with a “WTF was that?” expression. But it was true that he had sex with beings like Harpies, Lamias or Undines, so he couldn’t even retaliate against that.

「I am a Demon Lord, my armies constitute mainly of being different from normal human being. What leader would I be if I was repulsed by my own underling’s appearance?」

Hoderi said nothing to that. He just kneeled, and pierced his sheathed sword into the ground in front of Aur. Hoseli also did the same.

This gesture was known to him, it was an important one where warriors swore loyalty to their master.

Aur pulled the sword out of its sheath and gazed at the blade.

「This is a good sword.」

He said and tapped their shoulders with it. He then put it back into the sheath and returned it.

「I hope you will serve me well.」


Brother and sister shouted as they bowed their heads to him.



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